Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Years 2016!

Happy New Years 2016!

Well, I succeeded in finding employment.  For the time being, I'm no longer mooching from the government at maximum capacity.  This is important for you to know as a tax payer, because I hit rock bottom once.  The unemployment office and tuition waiver program deemed beneficial for me as an individual in a society ill fated with a surplus of unemployed people out there.  Now, it's my time to pay the taxes and help the society out.  Not everyone who receives government benefits try to ride the system as for long as they can and for as much as it will allow them to.  I'm the perfect example of how the government unemployment and tuition program can help out an individual in need of help.  Like many young people out there, I too have a college degree.  Sadly, I saw how many students were being buried alive in student debt over the years trying to get that piece of paper that sadly means very little in the real world of the job market.  My message to the world is for people to realize that grades and pieces of paper from an accredited school are not everything.  Having good interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, leadership, passion, joy, interest, fun, love, and a sense of belonging is much more important in regards to your humanity than some cookie cutter all around bullsh*t education.  The national student loan debt is toppling over 1 trillion dollars.  Customers at grocery stores complain to the manager about being charged one dollar or two more; people will bend over for a quarter that just dropped on the street; they'll even fly down to the store right after Christmas to return the gifts they don't want.  So how is it that no one is paying attention or doing anything about the student loan debt crisis?    

I know it's not my responsibility to give a crap about the student loan debt crisis.  I'm obviously not the one in power in charge.  My only job here on Earth is to not be suckered into this vortex of calamity.  No, I do not want to go to your God damn accredited college that costs $10,000 a semester.  Who the hell around here makes that kind of money?  Are you serious?  Have you ever even tried making $10,000 in one quarter of the year?  EARNING MONEY IS HARD, but spending money is easy.  How dumb do the school system think we are?  Hell no, I'm not falling for this bullsh*t.  You can keep whatever false promises of an accredited school degree will entitle me.  Next, I'll jump on the magical train ride with you.  Seriously, MONEY IS HARD TO MAKE.  It comes for the working arms and hands of the people.  You either offer services or goods in exchange for money that all consumes your time.  Your time on this planet is limited.  No, I don't want to spend all my God damn time in some artificial school environment that has very little or nothing to do with actual work that'll promise me a paycheck at the end of the week.  I await for the schools to be closing down because they can't afford to operate anymore.  With very view job prospects, who will believe in the school system anymore?  How will they be getting their funding?  Who the hell would donate if students have had a horrific time finding jobs?    I know I sure as hell don't have donations for my school.  I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people like me out there who has lost faith in the school system.  Just get a job and start working!

Well, that's what I'm currently doing and continuing to do.  The money I make is all from hard work.  School or no school, working hard is how you get ahead in life.  This week, I was putting in a lot of hours.  There's no magic or secret formula to success.  You have to sleep early, wake up early in the morning, and put in the time and effort.  If you think some magical fairy or college degree will pave the wave for you, you're dead wrong.  Everything takes hard work, time, and effort.  If you're lacking in any of these areas, you know something is wrong or will fly out of course real fast.  Get rich quick schemes will only lead you down the wrong path.  Rome was not built overnight.  Time will catch up and bite you in the ass.  It's also essential to stay away from negative people.  It's not easy as they are apart of the community as everyone else.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you want everything to be picture perfect than don't do anything.  Go sit on the sidelines and don't do anything if you don't want anyone to judge or criticize you or your work.  Whenever you create something, you open yourself to constructive criticism.  It's important that you keep going and not respond to the haters or naysayers out there.  Yes, negative people are out there hiding behind every corner to verbally attack you for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than it being a projection of the reflection of their owns selves onto you.  That is why it's so important for you to believe in yourself.  Try not to respond to the critics and just keep going.  Deep down inside, the haters just want you to do better.  Yes, we all suck at doing something.  They just want us to do better.  Yes, most of us take it the wrong way and get offended too easily.  It's also important to know how to take in and deal constructive criticism.  If no one ever tells you how bad you're doing, how else would you ever get any better than where are you now?  As for me, I just try to take things likely with a grain of salt and move on.  These are just some of the important lessons in life I've learned.  I hope to learn more next year as well and stay employed.

Happy New Years!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Santa Claus Comes to the Ghetto

Well, I have nothing else to say but Merry Christmas.  I know I won't have time further down the road this week, because I will be working.  I guess this is where most of my tax money is going to.  Sigh, no wonder why he's so fat.  There you have it people, it's Santa Clause.  Ho ho ho, ha ha ha.
Damn, I'd be happy like that too if I'd be getting paid like you off of the work of people who actually do something for a living.  At least the kids are loving it.  When you're an adult and you know too much about where things come from, you kind of ruin things.  Ignorance is bliss.  Not knowing about finance and being completely ignorant of the amount of effort people put into these things makes everything a whole lot of fun.  That's why being a kid is great.   You're not concerned about anything else but having fun at the moment.  Everything else is just the responsibility of the adults around.  Yup, I definitely wish I was a kid again.  No, I didn't want to know about where taxes come from.  No, I didn't want to feel the burning sensation of how hard people need to work just to keep up with making ends meet.

With the nonsense and holidays aside, I have a full work schedule ahead of me starting Monday to Thursday.  Sleeping early, drinking plenty of fluids, and eating all help me prepare and function throughout the week.  I hope you all enjoy Christmas and the holidays off.

Thank you for coming and Merry Christmas!  

Friday, December 18, 2015


Well, here's my biweekly paycheck.  No, it doesn't come from youtube or google adsense.  I hauled ass shooting mobile x-rays for patients.  No, it's not easy.  No, you can't sit on your pretty ass all day and expect money to come to your doorstep without doing anything.  No, you can't pretend you are a beautiful woman and every one wants you.  No, there is no amount of schooling that can magically grant you a job that you want just because you have an expensive degree.  Yes, you have to work hard and feel the burning sensation coursing through your body.   Yes, you have to sleep early.  Yes, you have to wake up early to get your sh*t together.  Yes, you have to drive.  Yes, you have to be careful of rules, regulations, and laws all the time.  Yes, you have to fuel your body with food and hydrate yourself.  It's called responsibility.  Welcome to the real world kids.

So is overtime and killing yourself over more hours worth it?  If you don't have kids to feed, it's not worth it; because 1/3 of the money you makes goes straight to TAXES.  Yes, you get taxed up the butt hole for just about everything.  Hell, I have to pay both New Jersey and New York taxes.  I have not come home to $2000 a paycheck simply because the taxes always rape me.  If I want to see $2000 in my hand per biweekly paycheck, I would need a new job that pays $30 an hour.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of companies out there willing to pay you anything but peanuts.  The economy is bad and will always be bad as long as I'm alive just because I was born.  Sorry no, money does not grow on trees.  If you really want something in this world or the next or wherever the hell you find yourself, you need to work hard to obtain whatever it is you freaking want.

  So is there anything else left in people's lives that worth anything except working all day and coming home to a paycheck that's been raped by taxes?  Nope, not at all.  This is why most of us are alive today.  We have to continue to work just to survive and make ends meet.  Has anything ever changed over the past hundreds, if not thousands of years?  Nope, we just continue to keep pumping out paychecks and keep on working:  Rinse and repeat.  Once in a while, you'll see people play the lottery or go gambling.  It's rare to see anyone accomplish something big or establish a successful homegrown business.  Congratulations to those who have made their dreams come alive!  In a world like this where everyone is out to stab you in the back for a dollar, reaching your goals in life is the most anyone can ever accomplish.  As for me, I feel as though I'm suppose to find stability.  Striking it rich overnight is just not in my ballpark.  Staying afloat and taking care of myself seems like all I need at the moment.  Staying out of trouble also seems like another one of my to-do-list.  Appreciation and showing gratification is what it boils down too.  All the money in the world can't buy you love or your health back from the brink of self destruction.  So be kind to yourself and others.  Thank you for reading.  I hope to post again!      

Sunday, December 13, 2015

My Dream Job for the Weekend

Well, screw my day job for the weekend.  I guess I can work here on my time off.  No, it's not a real gig but "my home office".  This is what I anticipate on doing secretly, away from normal people work.  I sell toys and hobbies on Amazon.  Yes, it's true.  The money has been coming in steadily like a real job.  The problem with starting, maintaining, and keeping up my business is and always has been the level of consistency and the retainment of new and old customers.  Good thing Amazon does a good job at that.  I just have to pay the seller fees whenever something gets sold.  Unlike the vast majority of my schooling, it's a brilliant system that works and is catered towards someone like me.  Yes, I'm out there for blood.  No, I'm not here trying to impress anyone else but my customers.

I guess that's it.  My time is up.  I've done what I needed to do, made some sales, and everything vanished right before my eyes.  How long can I keep this gig up?  Life is short.  Live your dreams. Pursue your passions.  School will only get you so far as it is only a tool.  No, school is not the ultimatum and trump card of things.  You literally have to wake your ass up in the morning, get your sh*t together, and get your voice heard out there.  Should you believe school alone will save your ass, you'll be in surprise.  Hard work, persistence, eating right, sleeping, and waking up fresh in the morning are some few life hacks that will actually do something good for you.  You can keep trying to cheat the system, but one day things will catch up to you and bite you in the ass.

Thank you for reading.  I hope I don't get swarmed with too much work over the holidays.
Merry Christmas if I don't get back!        

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Hello my readers!  I have reached 1000 page views thus far.  I've been very persistent for you to come and read my material.  No, it's not perfect but I've been trying to keep the authorities from black listing me like last time.  I hope no one is offended by my reading material.  I love to blog just as people love to sing or dance.  I find grace in typing and writing down my daily thoughts and ideas.
Thank you for visiting even  though it may just be accident, late night blog walking, a random drive by, stalking, spying, random entertainment purposes, or whatever the hell.

Nothingness, the great feeling of not having to work after four brutal days of working on the job.  Serving your community isn't the most funnest thing to do but that's where the money comes from.  Believe it or not, you need to be proactive when everyone else seems to be down in the dump.  The money needs to come in somehow.  Ultimately, that's all they want:  Money.  Serving others is one way to get there.  If you want one million dollars - Serve one million people.  Don't have a million dollars?  It's probably because you haven't been doing enough.  Sitting back and letting life pass by is great and all; but if you really want to accomplish something it's going to be a lot of hard work.  Talent will get you there but the other part of the key is always hard work.  When you've reached the paramount peek and you're dead tired that's when you know you have to go down the road just a little further to reach success.

As for me, I can keep huffing and puffing about all the fluff in the world but what I really need to do is go to the gym, workout, take a shower, and relax.  Do I have plans of going out and having fun?  Spending money and going out isn't all that is important to me at this moment as I know being well rested and doing your time exercising is vital in staying healthy for the work week to come.  This is a very important topic for me as well as many others.  You don't want to be a lazy bum, but you also don't want to be a workaholic who does nothing else but spend time working.  

Well, I'm just doing some daily maintenance.  Things are going dandy.  I'm just making sure I stay ou of trouble.  Thank you dropping by today.  I hope to post something more creative for content next time.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The End of My 3 Days Off

Well, this is my most recent and current paycheck that just came in the mail.  No, I'm not going to sugar coat anything or add magical sprinkles to every little bite to make grandma happy.  This is what a paycheck looks like.  It says that I've worked 111 hours within a 2 week period.  I make $20.50 an hour for up to 80 hours.  After the 80 hour mark, I make time-and-a-half:  $31.  In total, I've made $2593.25!  Sounds awesome right!?  But wait!?  There are TAXES!  Yes, taxes will take its toll on you.  You only take 2/3 of what you make; the other 1/3 is for taxes to help pay for the cops that are hiding in the bush to pull you over for a speeding ticket; the roads; schools; hospitals; army; firemen; welfare participants; unemployment; and all kinds of other crazy.  In my personal opinion, it would be ridiculous for someone like me to strive and extend my hours beyond overtime simply because I would just be paying more taxes!  No, I don't like the cops who pull me over for traffic violations; no I don't like the school system; and no I don't like hospitals because they're generally creepy and scary.  As one can see, I'm not very fond of our government.  No, I don't think a lot of us are too happy with our government.  The roads have potholes and traffic all the time.  They have just raised the Holland Tunnel to $15!  It doesn't take a genius to know that all they want is our money.  The hell with having two jobs.  I don't like our government nor do I think they're doing a good job.  No, it's not easy to get a government job either.  I've tried getting hired by the government; and it's just as hard as anywhere else.  You have to be blood related to the people in charge or have a perfect passing score on whatever test they throw at you.  Taxes, taxes, and more taxes.

It's hard for someone like me to be in a position of power, because I'm out of touch with the politics involved.  I'm just a tax payer.  I have no idea or control as to where the money that comes out of my paycheck is being spent.  Because I make so low in comparison to everyone else who seems to be more hooked up than Donald Trump, I'm mostly likely to get all my work related taxes back in April.  It's clear to me that $2000 every two weeks is as much money someone like me can possibly make.  Therefore, spending $100,000 for a Master's Degree would be a waste of time and money.  You're telling me there's a company out there who is willing to pay their employees serious money!?  You have to be shitting me.  Long story short, I don't believe in the system.  I do believe people are fundamentally cheap and stingy.  They will deny you jobs and not care about giving you benefits for working full time.  It's a miracle that I've found some kind of job to be able to support myself for the time being.

Is this what ISIS is about?  Is this why all these terror attacks are going on in America?  People don't believe in the system anymore?  Work hard and pay more taxes for the people who don't?  Yes, the rich will always pay more taxes than the poor.  Yes, Western Imperialism is all about the money.  No, it's not fair to everyone.  I can see why so many other countries and individuals maybe wanting to terrorize America.  America wants to police the world, harness the power of big oil companies; and earn big money!  Not everyone wants their land taken over.  Not everyone wants to learn and speak English.  Not everyone sees eye to eye to America.  Well, America is all I have right now.  It's a love, hate relationship.  No one likes to pay taxes, but money is a fundamental evil that is necessary to keep the world to spin around.  Maybe it's just New Jersey that charges the hell out of people in taxes?  Florida isn't so bad with the tax situation.  Whatever the hell it is, they're going to want money for taxes and will take it from you regardless.

My viewer rates are now going to jump in record numbers, because I've mentioned key words such as "ISIS" and "terrorism".  Well that is one positive note about this blog in particular.  I invite you to  keep reading my stuff.  I want the audience.  Right now my audience is a bit low in numbers.  No, I'm virtually making nothing in Google Adsense or youtube.  In essence, I'm just writing for fun.  I won't be paying tax money any time soon.  I just don't make a dime off of this.  Paranoid?  No need to worry.  There's no money coming in.  With no money coming in, people are much less likely to give a f*ck as to what you're doing.  Things can only have if there's money coming in.  Once again, it's all about the money.  It's like a broken record, it just keeps repeating and always along the lines of nothing else other than "money".

I have to go to work tomorrow.  My schedule starts early off in the morning and ends at night time.   I have a ten hour shift.  Unlike school, I actually get paid for working.  Be thankful I guess.  Work hard and be persistent.  Taxes are just a part of living that society will never be able to be set free of.  I'm powerless and dreadful of Monday mornings, because I know that's when everyone has to go work.  What I can do is sleep early, get my outfit ready, and be prepared to rush out in the morning.  In terms of saving our own humanity having a positive attitude and outlook on life is more important than intelligence.   Show gratitude and appreciation for everyone's hard work.

Thank you for coming and stopping by.  I hope to see you next time!        


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Free Blogging Without the Writing

Video Time

Well, here's a video of me in my true form.  I was just posing I guess.  I edited the video just a little to make it look more natural as in cutting out anything unnecessary.  No, I'm not acting out a script or adding drama into the video.  It's just for modeling and video editing purposes.  No need to get excited.  It's just a small demonstration of what I can do with a camera.  Yes, I have the option of video, sound, and even lighting.  So I'm given the basic tools, so why can't I make anything of it?  Oh right?  Because of the school bullshit again.  Once again, school has nothing to do about following your dreams and passions about becoming a great film maker.  Well, f*ck the school.  I want to film God dammit!  If you can't handle it, go make yourself a new child and try and brainwash them so you can pet your arrogant egotistical ways.  That's a whole other issue:  People don't like being told what to do unless they're getting paid for it.  Well, I'm here on my free time off of work.  I love filming, and I'm going to do it.  Why fight me about it?  Why continue to argue with me?  Why?  Why must you try and step on me?  What do you get out of it?  I just want to try and enjoy life.  Why can't you let me do what I want?  Does it hurt you that I'm doing what I love?  Does it hurt you that I don't do what you tell me to do?  For weak minded people, learn how to say "NO" when confronted with manipulative people.

Unfortunately, I can't distinguish myself from friend or foe.  I don't know if someone is trying to help me with their criticism or trying to derail me into another direction into the armpits of hell.  It's best if everyone steps out and let me do my own thing.  Why people are so passionate about telling others what to do and not doing it themselves is a consist problem.  "Mind your own business" is something I would hear a lot growing up.  At the same time, maybe there are people who actually care.  A lot of times, we take constructive criticism the the wrong way.  Personally, I feel like I'm getting attacked.  Over the years, I've learned that people have a weird way of expressing themselves.  Sometimes, people usually mean the opposite of what they say.  It's a hate and love relationship between words and feelings.  As for me, I have to ignore the naysayer and just continue with what I'm trying to accomplish otherwise I won't get anything done, good or bad.  In the end I just want to release something worth while, a product.

Further down the road, I need an actual script.  I need something I've created to actually work off of and not just some randomness I made up on the spot.  I don't even know what I like yet:  Horror; romance; comedy; or just a good story?   But much like every other day, nothing ever gets done.  I'm striving to proceed with the baby steps.  I need to take it one foot at a time.  Be persistent and don't give up!    

Sugar Coating 101

Even after all my years in school and being told that I'm a special snow flake, I have $0.12 in earnings on Youtbe.  Welcome to the real world kids.  As I've stated before, school is a lot of bullshit.  It's just for baby sitting until you get kicked out into the real world when either time or money dries up.  No, I'm not defining one's worth by the number of views or audience they get from youtube or whatever social media; but I am pointing out the fact that there is much need for improvement.  I want to have an audience.  It's not funny to be making 12 cents.  Yes, it is kind of funny.  But of all honesty, people want to make money!  Telling me someone that they have potential or that they're good looking isn't enough!  You have to f*cking do something about it!  You have to be proactive!  You need to be creative and active.  You need to be thinking and making creative content persistently.  Just believing you're good isn't enough.  You need video, you need product, you need samples, you need something to share!  For f*ck sake, I'm dying out there.  I need an audience!  Why the hell am I shooting video if only grandma and grandpa is just watching  because we're family!?  I want more than that!  I want the criticism!  I want the nasty, arguing, and rotten comments!  Whenever you create something, you open yourself to constructive criticism; because deep inside THEY WANT YOU TO DO BETTER.  This is what happens when you sugar coat things!  You don't' get the audience!  You don't get the money!  You don't have the creative content, because you're too f*cking afraid of criticism!  You need to open your mind!

Yes, something is bloody wrong!  I've tried to some extent to reach out and get viewers.  I agree that my content isn't all that great, but I tried for starters.  Yes, I'm working on it or at least thinking about it.  Do I want to do better for myself!?  Yes, I do!  Perhaps I can include song?  Maybe, I can rap?  I have to be doing something or else I'll keep seeing these low ratings.  Could have I been a professional film maker or great actor just because!?  No!  You actually have to go out there, expose yourself, and share it with the world.  It's a great challenge and requires some degree of talent and hard work.  You want to be a lazy bum like me?  You'll get 12 cents in earnings and a few views.  
Wake up!  Wake the f*ck up!  I'm tired of being a bum!  Get talented already, work hard, and share!

Friday, December 4, 2015


No, this is not photoshopped.  I actually have seven of these in "my office" right now.  It's the remake of the Transformers Decepticon Trypticon!  As a toy and hobby reseller, yes the prices of these babies will hit big as they've previously.  I got them off of Amazon's Lightening Deals and Black Friday.  Tyrpticon has always been one of my favorites.  He's a self sufficient, mobile city that can transform into a giant dinosaur with lasers shooting out of his mouth.  In terms of business, I was just a bit younger and saw New York City's Toys R Us selling Grimlock for $100 each.  Now, the resell prices on eBay and Amazon are skyrocketing at a minimum of $300 each.  I have no doubt in my mind that Trypticon will do just as well as an investment.  Any who, I made my investment and hope it follows up for the years to come.  I've sold so many toys and games in the recent years that I believe and have the confidence to consult about such a niche in the market.  No, it's not a million dollar idea; but it gets me excited and passionate about something I care about.  I've been searching for Trypticon for a long time now.  Yes, I finally have him under my wing.  As a matter of fact, Trypticon is one of the few things I actually want to hold on to.  It's true!  He's a powerful, big dumb robot dinosaur that can transform into a city.  It's absolutely brilliant!  On the other hand I have old college and high school text books that do nothing but collect dust.  Hell, no one even wants to buy them, because they're outdated.  At least with Transformers, you can sell them for more than you bought them for, especially when they stop mass producing them from China (hopefully not the knockoff versions).

Well, that's my 2 cents for tonight.  As long as I continue to work hard and keep myself update; I'm good to go.  Thank you for reading!  I hope to write and see you tomorrow!   



Well, I once dropped off a letter in the Macy's Santa Drop Box asking for money to pay down my child support; but I know that's not how it works; so my company bestowed upon me a new portable digital x-ray machine and invited me to work full time hours and even max out overtime.  

No, I wasn't out partying or wishing that I had been born into a better life.  I was out there working hard.  I know success doesn't come easy.  "Hell" is exactly the word to describe it.  You have to sleep early, getup early, and be able to head out the door!  Getting out of bed in the morning is one of the hardest things to do.  In fact, Earth's gravity is even at it's highest peek in the morning time!  I cannot emphasize how much you need to be able to master the art of getting out of bed in the morning.  It's extremely important to not be tied down to your bed.  Once you're up, you're much more likely to be able to achieve your goals throughout the day.

Through the my harsh days of working, my company actually gave me a digital machine.  No, it's not the heavy CR cassettes they use.  The boss trusted me and spent the time and money to upgrade my equipment.  This is a breakthrough in my level of humanity!  I think this is the first time something like this ever happened!  Someone had faith to invest in me!  I was so proud that day.  I was also worried about the new level of responsibility I had to take on as well, but none the less I earned the trust of the company.   

I hope I continue to be a hard working employee and contribute back to the society.  Being a homeless bum isn't exactly what I wanted in life, but hopefully my job will provide me with much needed guidance.
Thank you for reading!     

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another Day; Another Dollar

Well everyone, here it is: My most recent paycheck.  So is all the stuff I'm blogging about bullsh*t?  Am I just trying to sell you something like everyone else is?  Between you and me, I'm being honest as possible.  Everyone has their own unique point of view but this is my point of me.  This is how I function in the world.  I believe there are many other people just like me who can use the extra support or knowledge to help see the whole picture of things.  There is no right or wrong; it's just hard work.  You need to spend the time and have patience to get what you want.  No, I'm not super talented in any particular field or subject manner; but I know hard work is the secret to success.  If you put in the time and effort in whatever the hell you're trying to hold down, good things will eventually come together.  No, it won't happen overnight.  The process may take years of learning, trial and error, and experience.  Growing up is no easy game.

For me, at the most basic level:  I want money.  No, I don't believe in winning the lottery and my odds of landing a lead role in a multi million dollar film is even slimmer.  As a result, I'm just like most people try to get by.  I'm being paid $20.50 an hour, which is more than enough I need to survive at the moment.  Yes, I would like more money.  Why not go ahead and rip right through and break through the money making speed barrier?  Because I want to continue to qualify for medicaid.  I can't make more than $15,000 for the rest of this year.  I'm already up to making $8000 since I started doing x-rays in the late summer.  Holy hell!  $8000 in 2-3 months!?  That's a lot of money to me.  That would take me about 10 months of work in some boring retail job no one really cares about.  Yup, I've been rolling it in just working Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays!  I averaged about $1000 a biweekly paycheck!  Unfortunately, I work only Saturday and Sunday now.  I would like that extra Friday but good things don't last.  Well, at least I'm not overworked and have ill feelings towards having a job.  Thank God I still have a job with all the crazy crap I had to go through.  Yes, there has been a sh*t load of trial by fire but somehow it all passes with due time.

I'm thankful for having maintained my x-ray job thus far, and I hope to see a bright future in the field.  Thank you everyone for reading.  I hope to see you all next time!

Monday, November 9, 2015


Well, it's apple picking season.  They always come around in the Fall or at least what's left of it.  Yes, Halloween has already past and it's almost time for Thanksgiving!  Can you believe it!  Time has flew by real fast.  I'm not sure if being in school is a good or bad thing this time of the year, but I am making money.  Yes, the money is rolling in.  As long as I get up in the morning, start the car up, and complete my route; it'll be raining cash.  Unfortunately, my hours have been reduced down to Saturdays and Sundays only.  Whatever financial curse has been inflicted, I'm doing whatever it takes to earn a dollar.

Speaking of apple, I've recently seen Steve Job's film.  My opinion is that he was a shrewd businessman.  He had the talent of implementing complicated, risky business offerings to actual people.  Jobs definitely knew how to squeeze the lemons out of people.  He could not of had functioned on his own without the help of his jolly fat, technical friend Woz.  Jobs was definitely more of the administration and marketing expert.  Although he did not know what the hell coding and programming was; but he made sure he got the person who did.  Jobs was the perfect model for a leader.  His role was to hire people and pay them.  More importantly he wanted something created that would sell.  Obviously, he was using whatever time and resources he had to be able to sell his product.  Genius, Steve Jobs was a pioneer entrepreneur.

As for me, I'm just trying to hang in there.  No one here is exceptionally talented in technology and gadgets.  We're all just a bunch of sales people in my opinion.  If you have something that can be sold, I will sell it just to maximize profits.  "Made in China"seems to be one of the few options I have access to as my main source of product line.  Pawn shops, eBay, etsy, Amazon, etc.  all these outlets for sales can be used.  I believe there's a large whole in America for the manufacturing industry.  Everything just seems to be outsources by "Made in China", which means less jobs here in America. You find a vendor, buy the product(s) for cheap, and then you sell it back to people and offer customer service.  There's not much else to it here.  If there was a big game changer, I would definitely be writing about it.  Unfortunately, no one has been winning the lottery lately.  It's all the same baloney since the beginning of commerce.  No, I never had the money to be manufacturing my own product line.  No, I never had the vision nor resources to believe someone like me could pull something of great magnitude and add value to the community.  In a nutshell, I fall under the vast majority of people who are just trying to survive.  This is far from Silicone Valley.  Welcome to the ghetto.

Thank you for reading.  I hope to post something more inspiring next time.  It was very cold and bleak today.  I could feel the wind pressing up against my face while riding my bike back and forth to the library.  Stay warm!  

Friday, November 6, 2015

Rules and Regulations - Ethics

There are no other rules around here more strict and enforced than for driving.  Allow me to give you my opinion:  THEY WILL PULL YOU OVER FOR ANYTHING; THEY WANT YOUR MONEY.  If it isn't adding points to your license; they want to give you a ticket.  No, they don't have anything else better to do.  They need your money to survive.  It's not even about keeping drivers safe anymore; they need to make quota.  They are waiting for you.  They are hiding around the corner.  No, you are not safe from them.  As tax payers, we shouldn't be fearful of the people who are suppose to protect us.  Like most people, I don't like police.  They're never there when you need them, but they're always there hiding in the side of traffic to give you a ticket.  What a cowardly, sneaky way of making money.  Try catching a drunk or reckless driver for a change.  Nope, they don't go after the big game.  They hunt down the weakened animals like grandma, parents, and drivers who just don't know better.

It's bad out there.  Sometimes, I just go ride my bike.  I don't want the heartache of giving them a chance to pull me over.  As long as you're not physically in a car, you can't get in trouble.  Once you're in driver's seat that's when they go ape sh*t.  Seeing you in that car is like a potential lottery ticket for them.  They don't care what kind of ticket they give you.  They just want to make that money.  I don't appreciate this kind of service whatsoever.  We're talking about $100 a ticket for just about anything: Turn signal, headlights, tinted windows, inspection sticker, registration, license, insurance, stop signs, speeding, driving too slow, carpool lanes, parking, double parking, fire zones, handicap parking, commercial license, commercial vehicle, marking you're car as commercial, seat belt, leaving kids in the car, etc.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  The list of problems they have with you can go on and on.  At the top of the pyramid is the car insurance bill you have to pay every 6 months.  Yes, each and every petty ticket you get is recorded and documented into their system through your license number.  Whatever car you jump into, you become automatically responsible for that vehicle and the contents inside the vehicle.  Yes, you can get a ticket for driving someone else's car.  No, they won't care if the car is under someone's name.  Somehow, they have to extract that money from your pocket.  The more and more petty tickets you get; the more your insurance company will charge you over time.  I believe it's 3 or so years depending on your insurance company.  No one is entirely sure what insurance companies have a stick up their butt or which was are good.  They all have their own rules and regulations.  Whatever it is, the numbers keep adding up for xyz years until it goes away after 3 or so years.  "Driving is a privilege" as they would put it.

There's no other money making business that annoys the hell out of your average citizen other than driving tickets.  The next up on the list includes alcohol and drugs.  Having an open bottle on the streets of New York can get you a ticket.  Anything that will attract cops, you should get rid of or not mess with simply because they have nothing else better to do with their time but crawl up your butt when you are in need for a good night out or just coming home after a long day.  No, these kinds of people do not possess the level of intelligence or fun factor to be doing anything else other than to harass their own citizens.  Law enforcement do not make people happy.  Unfortunately, no one is happy to see you guys that is unless they called you for actual help.  "The law" and "the authority" is responsible for crawling up people's asses.  It's their job.  I guess there's no other way around it.

Whatever rule or regulation you violate, they want money.  To help remedy the problem you have to pay money or your company has to pay the money to get whatever problem corrected or fixed.  You get in trouble for whatever petty rule/law; they will want money.  If you don't use your money for anything else, it can sure be used for dumb driving ticket violations.  If your money isn't being used for driving related issues, it can be used for healthcare.  There has also been shit loads of laws broken about healthcare businesses taking advantage of health insurance policies and trying to cash out big doing illegal things with patient's insurance policies.   Wow, what a shit storm.  Law enforcement and healthcare both have it bad.  There are just too many things that can go wrong that fall under every rule and regulations handbook.  Guess what?  Someone wants money, your money from your pocket.  Although the general idea is for everyone to be safe and healthy, there's just a whole mess of a business trying to keep everything intact.  Because someone wants more money than the other, things just go south of the border.  Everyone in the society will eventually encounter one of these money making mechanisms in action.  Whatever it is, one thing I do know is that they want your money.

As for owning my own business like an actual store, restaurant, gym, office, etc., I can't relate too much except I've seen people get in trouble from time to time.  Someone will always complain about the maximum of people a commercial property can hold, because it's a fire hazard.  You also have to follow a whole slew of laws, rules, and regulations.  You'll probably even need to hire your own lawyer just to defend yourself from all the vultures hovering over your head.  Restaurants get in trouble a lot with the cleanliness of the place.  The health inspector always leaves a letter grade posted outside the window indicating how dirty and nasty the place is.  There's just so much a business owner has to do to run their organization and keep it kosher.  Inspections and fines are issued all the time like a running water faucet.  So this is where your hard earned money is going?  Yes, not a lot of people are ever making money these days.  I'm estimating that most of the money earned is just used to keep their business up-to-day with the rules and regulations.  They need to get their old equipment updated, clean, repaired, fixed, etc.  Sometimes, they'll even fine you for not having handicap access.  The list of crap just keep going on and on.  I'm not a fan of upholding the law.  No one likes the law, but it's something that everyone has to deal with.   Can you just imagine how many people must be in prison these days?  With all the laws out there, there must be a hell a lot of people whom have broken the law for just being themselves.  There's some scary stuff out there.  You have to fight for your right to live and not let all these rules and regulations bother you.  We want to be free and have fun, but "the law" will just have you be paying more fines.  As for me, I will continue to stay low key.  With added attention and wild noise making, "the authority" can't help but to crawl up your butt.  They have nothing else better to do and that's their job.  I don't have anything else better to say, but I'm getting the hell out of here.  I don't want to deal with it.  I don't want to see the judge, have to pay lawyers, get into accidents, be involved with random ass people in suits, have to do this, have to do that, phone call after phone call, money, money, and more money.  Go crawl up someone else's ass for a change.  If I don't do anything stupid, they won't come to me.  If I continue to do the right thing(s), they won't come to me.  Let us be happy.

Well, thank you all for reading.  I hope they don't chase after you for a petty vehicle ticket.                    



Thursday, November 5, 2015

Buffet Time

Well, welcome to my travels of eating.  Today, I have selected to go to an all-you-can eat Indian cuisine buffet.  It's about $11 from 11:30AM-2:00PM.  In a nut shell it's like pizza, it's only good if you're hungry.  I went in there and started to engorge myself like an animal.  I ate plate after plate.  I attacked the protein dishes head on.  I didn't want to load up on cheap carbs.  It was delicious; it was wonderful.  They even had a television with Bollywood on.  It was fun until the food started soaking in.  As I started getting full, I realized that I was in for more than I bargained for.  My savage eating habits lead me astray to a tummy ache.  My gorging had left me with a stomach ache.  I ate too much!

I was a bit worried after paying and walking out.  I took two different dumps and went to the bathroom frequently to detoxify myself.  I should have stopped after my second plate, but I just kept going.  It left a horrible after taste!  I couldn't believe how bad I felt after leaving the buffet.  I thought all that protein and curry would leave me being happy.  Unfortunately, I felt like a truck ran over me and needed to call an ambulance for food poison.  I was imagining the doctors having to use a pump to get this toxic food out of me.  When I burped, I felt the burning sensation of all the spices and curry used in the sauce.  In no way, shape, or form felt healthy.  With a bloated stomach, I just dragged myself to walk around the mall complex.  I pretended to shop around for chairs and couches, but I was really just trying to find a safe place to rest.  All that Indian food left me in shambles.  It wasn't until a good hour or two that I felt like I could get myself back up and walk normally.  Wow, it wasn't a good experience at all.  Now, I know not to overeat all the time!?  Other factors could have contributed like eating too fast, being overwhelmed with all the choices, trying to get my monies worth, and loading up on protein.  I learned a very important lesson:  Everything in moderation.  Trying to load up on something in a short amount of time and trying to take advantage of the system usually ends up in bad results.  Things are best done over a long time at a steady pace to establish balance.  

Wow, I'm not going back there again.  Next week, I might try a sushi buffet.  I hope I don't fall into the same trap hole.  I sure don't want to do that again.  I don't want to be left with a horrible after taste or worry about having to catch an ambulance for food poising.  Well, today is still another one of my days off.  I'm going to venture out to the stores and buy some stuff to fix up my place.  I hope to maximize the best use of my coupons.  I have to be enjoying life and doing things I like as opposed to drift around and complain about things I can't change.   

Thank you for reading!  I hope to post next time!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rinse, Repeat, and Recycle

Well, thank you everyone for stopping by today.  I was looking at the number of page views I get per day. So, if I get more than 10 view pages every post and if I keep posting each day; I'll be getting rolling in the page views in a matter of no time.  Things like search engine optimization (SEO), creative content, social networking, Twitter, Facebook, marketing yourself, etc.  All these tools can be used to expand "my business".  This is something I want:  More audience, more page views, new customers, old customers, the retainment of customers, more creative content, etc.  It always sounds easier than it looks!  That would mean I would actually have to work it some!  "Marketing" is 100% something that needs to be done for your product to be able to launch.  If no one knows who you are or what you're about, nothing will ever get done.  You always want to grasp the attention of your potential customers.  At the very tip of the iceberg, you'll reach a sale.  Sale?  What sale!?  No worries, you can just advertise like what I'm' doing here on blogger.  Unfortunately, I've never made real money from advertising using adsense or youtube.  A lack of original content?  No one wants to visit my site?  There seems to be a whole slew of problems why I never made money from xyz.  I can even narrow it down to a lack of consistency.  It's no different than playing a video game.  You just have to keep hacking away until you level up.  I believe we all have the capacity to create great original content but making money off of it is a whole different story.  Why try if you're not even going to get views or make money off of it?  My answer:  Because you love doing it.  Whatever it is, we all love to do something in particular that's worth sharing.  It may take what seems to be forever, but you'll eventually get views.  Who the hell would look at my stuff?  For me, I get random audience from all over the USA, Canada, China, Russia, and a few other random countries.  I have no idea where my readers come from, but there are blog surfers out there just like there are people walking into your store at random times during the day making purchases for just about anything.  Yes, it's weird and random but that's how business is sometimes.  You just grab someone's attention, and they'll run to you for entertainment or for a sale.  In a nut shell that's how business operates for the most part.  Of course once you have these customers, you want to be able to retain them for the long haul.  So, you have to be of a certain level of quality.  You can't just take their money and bounce.  You need to keep going with your idea: Rinse, Repeat, and Recycle.  Whatever just worked for you to earn that target audience or sale, you just have to keep doing it again and again until you have a clear mastery of it.  I would like to tell you that school teaches you all this or that business will happen overnight like magic, but it takes time.  Eventually, everyone has to find their own niche and be making their own money.  Failure to do so would cause economic collapse and catastrophe.  If you want to coast through life and not give a damn that's fine too but be warned that being a bum is not what it's all cracked up to be.

I thank you all for coming.  I will continue to post as this is my mission statement.  I want your views; I want to succeed.  Thank you for reading!  Hopefully, I'll see you next time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Good Morning!

Good morning!  Here is to another day.  Thank God I do not have work today until Friday when my 3 day weekend shift starts.  Great, I have time to "do whatever I want".  Why worry about working and making money until I'm actually working on Friday?  Right now, my stress level is at an all time low.  I should go out and enjoy my time.  In fact, I was just at the mall yesterday cruising around and window shopping.  So is there a need to add anymore competition and business plans in my daily life of not working?  In terms of fundamental, daily finances, I've realized that I eat too much to be ordering off of your average restaurant menu.  I need to hit the buffet lines.  At $7-$12 for a regular sized meal, I could be eating like a king at a buffet for a similar low affordable budget.  Yes, it's the buffet food is probably loaded with a lot more sodium and/or sugar than normal, but I don't care.  As long as I don't get diabetes or food poisoning, I'm good to go.  Most men are pigs, and I'm no exception to the rule.  Buffets market well to individuals like me who are overwhelming fat and don't care about counting calories.  My diet plan is the exact opposite of Weight Watchers.  I do believe in eating healthy and nutrition, but I also believe in not feeling like you're going to starve to death.

So what else is on the menu for today?  I'll probably be forcing myself to the townhouse gym today where it's "free".  No, it's not fun there.  If you want a fun gym, you'd need to pay not to mention drive each time you go.  Going to the gym and working out is hard enough for most people, but to be spending a lot of money paying for it makes things even worse.  I'll go to the gym as long working out remains"free".  All I'm missing in my "free" gym package is a pull up bar.  Everything else I can work off of by switching up exercises and routines.  I don't recommend using a gym that is "free", but if it's free it's for me.  There also lacks social support and network.  At a real gym that you pay for, people maybe more willing to have classes and social support.  If you're a social butterfly it's going to cost you to maintain a network of contacts going on.  You also get to see a diverse portfolio of different gym goers.  There is a certain glow and energy present at a gym that may lure you there to begin with.  It maybe the atmosphere or the people that you like.  Either way, it's going to cost you.  I don't know how much you or any other individual will front for a gym, but it's usually not free.  Yes, it's well worth the money to go to a nice environment and be able to workout with like minded people around.  Unfortunately, it sucks to be adding up another bill at the end of the month.  In my opinion, a good gym member ship with the whole package of having a sauna, steam room, pool, showers, etc. is well worth it.

Money again!?  Yes, nice things cost a lot of money.  Anything worth having is going to cost you.  There's no secret to it.  If you want something, you have to work hard for it.  Time after time again; I come back here and reanalyze the situation and try to make things better.  The main problem is none other than what everyone else is probably thinking about . . . money.  Money this; money that.   It never gets old.  How can we get more money!?  It's the most simple and basic of all business models that drives us all.  The only two other options is working hard or time.  Time and/or working hard are your only other two options to get ahead.  There's nothing here for me to say.  I'll just keep repeating myself until it's drilled into you, because there's no other magic behind it.  I've been hoping to find something new and exciting, but it all goes back to these 3 basic principles:  Hard work, time, and money.  These all go hand in hand.  Once you have these 3 fundamental things rooted deep into your core, you'll be prepared for life.

Well, thank you all for coming here and reading my work.  I hope to see you next time!  

Monday, November 2, 2015

Business 101

Business?  What exactly is a well oiled, run business look like?  It's boring and it sucks to the untrained eye.  Anything worth investing in is suppose to be boring.  If it's not a boring, mundane looking company that does the same thing day in and out, it's probably just a fad or huge risk that'll soon get sunk faster than the titanic.  Your business has a pool of customers, and you service them.  The formula to success never changes.  If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.  When you first walk into a Walmart or Target, you know something is not right about their employees.  They have tired looking eyes, and they've been standing up too long.  This is exactly what I am talking about.  That mundane, "I've been here forever" look is a sure fire giveaway that a business will succeed.  When the employees have that look in their eye like they are completely drained and bored out of their minds that is when you know you're in the presence of a successful company that can survive the long run!

Time after time again, I've walked into every different possible store only to see the same people over and over again; year after year.  Business does not get old.  The formula of success does not change.  If you're trying to make a quick buck, it'll only be for a short term, a one night stand if you will.  Finding that boring, repetitive company is right up your alley.  At the same time, it's a living nightmare.  You either work for the company or study hard in school to latch onto something better.  Being sure not to fall into the false promises of a higher education is also something to be aware about.  Not everyone will find success going to school.  Hell, a lot of the greats are actually college dropouts.  Out of thin air, everyone with money these days seems to have spawned a great amazing product that just hatched out of their ass overnight.  God bless if you are one among the greats of our time.  We really need someone like you to lead this world.  We can all use that money to better ourselves.  Unfortunately, many will abuse the very same money that was suppose to be used for education, job training, and business purposes. Again, we are reduced back to the beginning of being poor.  Less money; less problems.  No money; no problems.  The constant struggle to survive and finding balance remains in the balance.

There is no right or wrong answer in life, but I do know you have to work your ass off if you want something.  You have to take that risk, you have to stand up for eight hours a day, you have to get out of your comfort zone, you have to hustle, you have to be making connections, you have to be serving others, you have to be pushing forward!  If you're happy with what you have then guess what?  You're just adding another layer of frosting to your comfort zone!  Challenge yourself!  This is all so much easier said than done.  This right here is why you see that homeless man outside everyday.  No one wants to get out of their comfort zone!  You have to get out of your comfort zone!  I HAVE TO GET OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!  I WANT THAT MONEY!  I WANT TO WRITE MY BOOK!  I WANT TO ENJOY LIFE!  I WANT IT!  I WANT IT!  I WANT IT!

Well, thanks for reading.  I hope to post next time.  Be safe and stay out of trouble.  


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Yup, it's me in costume.  I came back from work and just did a small photo shoot of me in my costume.  Although I had some plans to go out and go clubbing, I just felt really tired after work.  Yes, I forfeited the night and just went to bed.  None the less, I still had enough juice to dress up and take a few shots of my costume.  I dolled things up and have this awesome picture.  With work shoved up my butt and kids running around on Halloween, the day just flew by.  I woke up real early and just started off the day working.  Thank God I didn't get pulled over by any cops today.  Jesus, cops have nothing to do these days but pull innocent looking people over for just about anything from driving 10 miles over the speed limit to forgetting something as simple as a turn signal.  Just be sure to turn your head lights on if you have your doubts.  Cops will fly up your ass behind you for just about anything just because they're desperate to meet their monthly ticket quota.  We all have our bills to pay, but traffic ticket cops are the worst.  You'd think they have something better to do like chase bad guys and solve crime; but that is only far from the truth.  When they don't have anything else better to do, they just pick on the public for petty traffic tickets.  My only word of advice is to drive slow, make sure to use turn signals, and watch out for them hiding on quiet local roadways and highways.  I've never seen any kind of people so desperate for money.  At least homeless people don't chase after you for very long.

So yes, I'm back from work again.  It's a Sunday night.  I'm suppose to have the next four days off.  After feeling the grueling, abusive slave laboring world of the work force, I'm probably just going to head to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet.  I will be trying to enjoy my free time to do some worth while things.  Eating is one of them.  Although spending money is not my cup of tea, eating big is definitely something I believe in.  

Well, thanks for reading!  Be safe everyone!  I hope to post next time!   

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Expected to Work the Next Day When I'm Suppose to Be Off

Well, I got called to work on my day off.  The worst part was that I had to wake up around 6:30 AM.  I got called in at the last minute.  I got just enough sleep in to properly function.  Yes, once again it's the dreaded morning where everyone is struggling to get out of bed.  What can be more realistic than having to wake up in the morning?  Nothing was over the top crazy but having to wake up early in the morning.  If I could wake up in the morning I could conquer the whole day with ease and confidence.  Unfortunately, waking up in the morning is the greatest of my struggles in life.

Yes, I did do the work.  I got up, put on my professional attire, and proceeded to drive off all the while navigating my GPS, making sure I had my car parked in a safe spot and all kinds of other crazy stuff to make sure my day went smoothly.  I drove a lot.  I had to go all the way down south, pick up another vehicle, and  shoot some x-rays.  Nursing homes are not fun and will take a toll on you if you stick around for too long which is the very same reason why I would never be a nurse.  I don't like it.  No, I would not want to be a nurse ever.  I do not qualify.  Nurses need to be patient and loving people.  They need to be able not to discriminate or judge anyone else simply, because they are sick or elderly.  You really need to know yourself before getting into nursing just because it pays well and "everyone else is doing it".  Regardless, parents and grownups still try and influence kids to become nurses, doctors, and lawyers.  Find your own path that suits you.  No one else is going to do the work except you.  Yes, it's real work and you'll feel the repercussions and ramifications of the environment of the job and the work flow.  To just ignore these things and look at your paycheck is just blatantly
The other face of life is the money you'll receive for working these long hours and crazy shifts.  Yes, you need the money to put a roof over your head.  Yes, there is a bigger picture to realize other than hiding inside of your own comfort zone.  When you care about someone, you'll do whatever it takes just to get by.  Who knows?  I don't know why anyone would want to take care of someone else other than it was themselves or a family member except for . . . money.  The vast majority of us do things, train, or go back to school for no other purpose but to make money or in the hopes of making more money.  It's rare to find someone who's both passionate and makes money off of their personal interest.  Finding your passion and making money is a brilliant idea but very few will ever find it.

I do x-rays for money as of now.  Do I like it?  Do I care about my patients?  Or do I just do it for the money?  Look, no one wants to work for more than eight straight hours a day and then be told to work another shift.  At the same time, you're making that money.  It has pros and cons.  Long hours is hell for just about anyone in any field that makes money.  Is it ever fun?  Does anyone have a good time on the job?  Well, it's completely psychological.  If you decide to care less inside and not let things bother you, the day will go on.  If you can't let go of hating on someone, hating your job, hating a particular person/coworker/boss, things will be much harder.  I simply decide to leave everything at the door step once I'm back inside my house.  Yes, separating your work life and your home life is very important.  You don't want anything nasty spilling over from one place back into your home.  As a child, I never understood my grownups would be so nasty all the time.  Now that I'm older, it's probably because they had a rancid time at their job.  If such is the case, I try to not confront these kinds of people and continue to carry on.  On the other side of the spectrum, some people are very needy for attention.  "Help me" . . . no I'm sorry I don't want anything to do with you. All of these forces are continuing to fight each other each day.  I choose to hermit as much as possible.  I don't care nor do I wish to care.  The more I have to care, the more risk I have at getting in trouble.  I don't like adding on baggage.  Everyone should be able to take care of themselves.  When everyone is able to carry their own weight, only then is it safe to "be friends".  If you have someone who needs too much help or someone who's just a blatant jerk hole there creates an imbalance.  I probably wouldn't like either type of personality and will just move on doing my own thing.  I will hermit myself out of a situation if I have to.  If you want my help you better be able to pay for it.

Well, today it's raining outside.  It's actually raining pretty hard.  With with wind blow and cold air skidding off the surface of my face, I wish for nothing else but to find warm shelter and a safe place to relax.  My needs are safely met, and I'm calm.  I'm free to write and nothing crazy is going on.  I have the whole day to myself.  It sounds selfish right?  Yes, I'm being selfish for my own sake.  I worked yesterday, and I want to take the day I have off.  I don't want to feel some kind of guilt trip for negligence.  I'm free to do whatever I want.  This is what I want.  I don't want to be bothered with having to pay thousands of dollars in doing something crazy or traveling somewhere.  I decided I don't want a debt filled life of responsibility.  I'm more of a wandering homeless man.  Bills?  What bills?  Kids?  What kids?  Zero is the balance I want to have at the end of the month.  Less bills; less drainage on society:  Less is more.  Remember, less is always more.  It'll save your ass.

Thank you for reading!  I hope to see you next time!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Day, Another Dollar

Well, here it it is, another one of my astonishing paychecks.  During the time I was earning this paycheck I was working hard and sweating my ass off hauling around a 140 lbs. x-ray machine.  I need to meet the orders on time or the owners' of the nursing homes get mad.  Yes, trouble arises from time to time regarding, the vehicle I drive, the equipment, electricity concerns, and even the patients.  Most of the problems that arise on the job can be fixed by vising the x-ray repair shop that's thankfully not too far away in some weird, remote location in the middle of nowhere.  As long as there are repair services around, the business can be functioning.  Another thing that is important is AAA and other car repair services.  Yes, the van does break down or the wheel blows out from time to time.  I should probably get myself my own personal AAA card in the event something weird should happen.  Having a tow truck saving your ass when you're on the job is a life saver.  It's well worth the money.  Well, I got this job out of my county college.  No, my state college with a big name "Rutgers" has done nothing in helping me find a job.  Somewhere along the lines of "I have kids to feed" doesn't make sense to prestigious colleges.  What expensive colleges do know how to do real well is charge you thousands upon thousands of dollars in tuition until you are forced into a repeating cycle of crippling student debt each month until it's paid in full plus 8%-10% in interest.  The price I paid for community college, going through the unemployment tuition waiver program, was a far better outcome than going through the name brand school of Rutgers.  "Buy low and sell high" is the name of the game.  If you're paying $200,000 for a school that gets you nowhere after you graduate, guess what? You bought high and didn't sell sh*t, which is a very real reality for a lot of suckers out there.  "Buy low and sell high" is the only way you can get out of this kind of mess.  With the national student debt toppling over 1 trillion dollars, things are going to hell in a hand basket real quick!  No one likes debt!  If a company has an overwhelming amount of debt, it's BAD.   You probably don't understand why they're in so much debt nor are they doing anything to help themselves get out of even more debt.  It's not worth the time or money to invest in a debt ridden company that can't seem to pull their shit together!  Get your shit together and make some dough!    
If the company or school is too complicated and doesn't make sense to you, it probably doesn't make any money either.  For your own sake don't invest in it!  You should only invest in what you can comprehend and understand on your own.  If you need a lawyer to understand what you're signing forget about it.  Something overwhelmingly complicated is in that can of worms that you don't want to open.  As soon as your gut instincts trigger "bullshit" that's why you should just leave.  You'd rather get sleep at night than to have to deal with even more complicated shit in the morning.

Keep things simple and work hard.  If you're putting that 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of work in you're doing something right.  Some how I'm pulling 3 day weekend shifts and still making good money.  Whatever school and training I had to go through I did it, so I can get paid.  Long story short, it worked.  Get your paycheck and go home.  No, you don't need to kill yourself for a Master's Degree or Doctorate.  It would be nice for someone like me to have such an opportunity, but I played the hand I was dealt.  $1000 a biweekly paycheck is really good for me.  Yes, it's real and not covered in someone else's lies and false promises.  The money is there and that's a fact.  Should you tell me something like go back to school and you can be making $2000 a week!  I would think you're full of shit, and you have absolutely no idea what it's like to be a normal, regular person trying to survive.  Well, whatever happens all you need to do is wake up early, get your gear on, and work really hard.  Maximize your rest time with plenty of sleep and be sure to eat healthy.

Thank you all for reading!  I hope to enjoy these up coming days off.    

Friday, October 23, 2015

My First Blue Tooth - The Year 2015

Yes, I've never needed blue tooth before for my cellphone.  Why do you ask?  Because there are a shit load of cop cars who have nothing else better to do but watch people, especially me.  No, you seriously don't have anything else to do but watch me use a cellphone on the road.  I am to a hot girl in a bar as the police are always up the ass of an innocent black man walking down a street in the city.  I purchase this piece using  There was even a $15 coupon for new customers.  Long story short, some of the deals on are actually better than Amazon believe it or not.  Yes, I'm skeptical as well but it's true. prices are a bit cheaper a dollar or two than Amazon.  Of course, it may not be cheaper 100%, but a lot of the times it is.  The bad news is that my blue tooth set came in a factory refurbished looking brown box that said "Made in China".  No, I didn't need another fancy over packaged consumer product that's vacuum sealed in shiny plastic to attract my attention.  I freaked out because it didn't seem to work with my cellphone at first, but after I charged it things started rolling.  The annoying part is that things take "beep" or "clicks" to activate.  Don't expect things to be lightning fast.  The voice command options and answering phone calls all require voice activation or clicking on the main button.  There's also a volume control button.  With only 1 real button, a volume control, and an on/off switch; you have to hold down a few things to get the voice command working and listening to the beep.  If anything is off, it'll just try to reconnect with the cellphone.  It says it's good up to 33 feet.  Returns are always "free".  You just have to print out the label and ship it back.  I guess this is it, my first blue tooth.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Being a Big Fat Nerd

Well, here's a casual picture of me in "my office".  Nope, there's nothing spectacular going on at the moment.  I'm not displaying any kind of aesthetic look although I very well have the potential to nerd things up.  Do I want to spend the money on it?  I sure wouldn't find it a waste of time to spruce up things up around here.  It would actually be kind of fun for me to add some more electronics and robot models, but is it profitable in any way?  Of course not, it's just to keep me busy and inspired.  Most people would just say it's a "hobby".  Welcome to my hobby hour I guess.  I have definitely  made some extra cash here and there online from selling old clearance toys and collector's items, but people wouldn't classify it as "a job".  Still, everything that I've done productively in my home is still considered at the hobby level.  The average person wouldn't even dare to classify my operation as a business model, but hey isn't this how Apple and Google started?  Didn't all the greats start out of their garage at home?  Why?  Because of low overhead.  I mean you don't need to pay extra for anyone else to be at your property other than whatever you're paying at the moment for yourself.  Just think about how much money you'd be saving without having to pay for extra property per square foot, additional utilities, property taxes, rent, parking spaces, handicap laws, and all other kinds of crazy nonsense from owning an actual brick and motor business.  Yes, saving money and being cheap is all that some of us are good for.  If the all mighty God wanted me to have money, I'd have money but obviously things have gone for the worse.  There's very little or no money, and I have to make the best of things.  

So instead of investing in the stock market and getting hammered, I could put my money sprucing up "my office".  Again, it's like God's rule of thumb that I don't have money.  So the likelihood of money favoring me is not in my ballpark at all.  In fact, it's  against me.  The odds are very well against me that I can go home at night and sleep with a great big pile of money.  After a while, people favor health over money.  Yes, if people get sick or get old they tend to concentrate more on health than believing in acquiring a fortune that they can't even use because they're bed ridden.  You would sure as hell know if "GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE MONEY".  Whatever the hell it is I'm suppose to do in this life it's definitely not to have money and live within my budget.  Also, if I want to "upgrade" I'd have to work like hell to get whatever it is I want like my own home or brick and motor business.  All these big ticket items cost a lot of money.  They also cost a lot of time to manage, upkeep, maintenance, and repair.  You also can't forget to check the Yellow Pages to see who can come over and fix whatever for the cheapest price possible, which you already know is impossible because as soon as they see your face at the door they''ll charge you 200% more just for having to show up when they could be at home being fat and watching television.  

So this is my life.  You are my readers.  You are important to me.  

Well, I hope for the best and wish everyone a happy weekend!    

Your Time

What is "your time" exactly?  Well, I spend most of whatever "my time" is on sleeping, eating, and surfing the internet.  No, I have never done anything spectacular nor am I super great at a particular area of study.  You read about "everyone else's success" on TV, on the internet, and in the newspapers/magazines but whatever the hell happened about you!?  Did someone like me ever stand a chance in becoming someone important to an organization?  Could have I created something that would generate a lot of revenue and create jobs for others?  Was I just growing up to become just another "somebody" in the world?  At the end of the day it dwindles back down to "Who cares?".  Well, I cared enough to push myself through college and get my degree.  I quickly got washed away with the millions of other job applicants trying to reach the same goal in mind, a day job.  With that in mind what is really important and what actually works?  First, you need to find your own passion in life.  "I graduated college and got my degree in ___", because I'm passionate and interested in the field as opposed to "I want to make lots of money".  This is the first and foremost important thing to an individual, but wait didn't the public school system just try and develop you into a "well-rounded individual"?  This is the second problem.  While you are trying to find your niche, your specialty, the school system is trying to make you into someone you're not.  I was never interested in a lot of the stuff they taught at school but was just wired to get "A's", because it looks good on paper and above all else "get into college".  This is the next biggest problem "college".  If you don't know what you're interested in or want to do for the rest of your life don't go!  There are plenty of cheaper alternatives that won't encase you in thousands upon thousands of dollars in student debt.  For me, not being buried in whatever debt is critical in building the most solid of foundations because I want to get 8 hours of sleep at night.  No, it's not important that I get a B- on my stupid weekly exam that I have to take every week.  It's important that my health is intact and that I'm recharged.  Report cards and grades are just real bullshit.  Job employer's don't even care what your report card looks like.  They'll freaking hire if YOU ARE GOOD.  You think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Shack, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, etc. ever gave a shit about their "report card".  No, they never gave a shit about their grades in school because THEY ARE GOOD at what they do.  Whatever the hell it is, you better be damn good at doing it.  This is what will separate you from the crowd, being good at something.

Have you ever wondered why you didn't get hired?  Have you ever wonder why they don't even bother looking at you resume?  It's because you're probably a cookie cutter, you look like every other one thousand applicants who has applied.  For me, I don't have to be amazing.  I already know I'm screwed and have to deal with "whatever I can get".  But for those who stand a chance, you need to be good at your craft.  You need to invest in yourself.  You need to improve your business.  All these little, microscopic things add up to the bigger picture of things.  If you keep mastering your craft and building the right skill sets, "THEY" will  eventually look at you.  So instead of focusing on achieving the best grades possible and trying to make yourself look good on paper, do something for yourself and better your craft.  Trust me, BEING GOOD at something will work wonders.  


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sign Up for Defensive Driving Class to Get 2 Points Off

Well, here is another one of life's hacks.  You can get 2 points off your driving violations by taking a defensive driving course.  I took one last time and got some defensive driving course car insurance reduction rate:

Long story short, I pay an average of $350 for car insurance every 6 months.  I try to keep it down as low as possible, but it's hard.  Now that my job requires that I drive much more often between New Jersey and New York, I have to safeguard it all.  With cops up my butt 24/7 keeping a clean driving record is no easy task.  I'll do whatever it takes to keep costs down.  There we go again with the money thing.  Well, that's what a lot of our hard earn money goes into driving and car repairs.  There's no other easy explanation or answer other than as people we need to get from point A to B and transportation is always costly and/or time consuming.   

Another Day in the Ghetto

Well, I have 4 days off.  I used one of the days off.  I have accomplished nothing as of yet except SLEEP.  I definitely need some rest after working 3 days straight.  Sleep?  Yes, people need to sleep.  The brain and the body need to rest and recover, so why was the first thing I've stated something along the lines of "accomplished nothing but sleep".  Is sleeping not an accomplishment?  People NEED SLEEP.  I'm not exactly sure why sleeping is looked down upon like being lazy or passive.  I value sleep.  It helps me not only pass time but recover.  I feel much better getting sleep in, but there still remains the question of "productivity", "marketing", "sales", "revenue", etc.

Show me the innovation!  Where is this "business" I'm happy to wake up to.  Is this my company?  Is this my idea?  Where is the foundation?  Who is the target customer?  What is the product?  What is the industry?  Who else is connected?  Where's the network?  Who is the manufacturer?

There's no easy answer to any of these questions.  I would literally have to bootstrap everything I can get my hands on.  Buy why even try?  All that effort; all of that time used to grab sales from customers?  Why not just spend my time sleeping?   This is something I have to decide for myself and move forward with.  Vision is what I'm aiming for.  Vision is all that I have as of now.  There is a beginning and an end.  "Homeless" why not just be a homeless and not care?  Having your own store will cost a lot of overhead.  You'd need to keep renting out space.  It takes a significant chunk of money each month for business space.  Not a lot of businesses can even survive their first year out on the streets, so how is anyone able to get ahead these days?  Are we just all doomed to work for someone else or for the government?  It's easier more than ever today with kickstarter and gofundme to get people to invest in your startup.  Is this what I must do?  If I don't start somewhere I have no one else to blame but myself.  Write a book?  I have this blog going on.  That's the closest thing to "writing my own book", my own product.  They even make is easy to sell on Amazon.  Everyone has access to these tools, but it's up to someone like me to get off the couch and actually go do something.

So how the hell will I write my own book?  Remember, this is the only product I have that I can create myself that doesn't require whole lot of material and resources.  It can either be fictional or nonfiction.  Where would I start?  Is it for kids or adults?  Who is the target audience?  Will anyone be interested in reading this?  Would anyone ever dear to purchase my book?  Marketing and sales is a key component to the success of my book.  My book . . . my book?


Thursday, October 15, 2015


So . . . you think you just go to school and work?  Where is the fun?  Where is the excitement?  This is America.  No one has a life.  They stay inside their homes or work all day.  Butt still I'd rather work than go to school.  Nothing is worse for me than to think about paying student loans.  With very few jobs out there I would not invest another dime into my education until the job market comes flooding in with new jobs for people that don't pay you shit.  Jobs?  Not paying people shit?  These are all new terms for me.  Minimum wage, working like a dog, having kids to feed, putting food on the table, and having a roof to put over your head is all too common.  It has never changed.  It's always been like this and will continue to be like this.  There's no such thing as a free lunch.  "Free money" or "winning the lottery" are just terms used to scam people.  The bottom line is you have to earn it.  Whatever the hell it is, you have to earn it.  If it isn't earned by the individual, whatever was obtained will be quickly pissed away.  It could be time, money, food, starting a business, school, girls, a new car, clothes, an iphone, an experience, travel tickets, or whatever.  The devil is always in the details.  If it's too good to be true; it probably is!

Things take hard work and there's no such thing as a free lunch.  As soon as you think you won the lottery or the government is giving out free money, guess what!?  They probably want something from you in exchange.  It may not be apparent at first, but it'll eventually bite you in the ass down the road.  So what if you won the lottery!?  Guess what the government still wants a chunk of it for taxes.  Going back to school for that bachelor's in nursing!?  Guess what!?  You have to take out more student loans, and they work you like a dog treating patients who are going to puke all over you the moment you walk in.  You think that's fun!?  I sure as hell don't want in any part of business of having direct contact with someone who's first potential thing they're going to do to me as either puke or poop on me!  No, no, and noooooooooooo!   Having to take out all that money and being exposed to such a hostile and embarrassing work environment would turn someone like me into an even bigger asshole.  By the time I'd be done with the medical program, I'd want to move to Hawaii.  Forget it lady!  I don't care.  I don't want to care.  I'm happier leaving and living my life as a homeless than to be cooped up in some squatted hell hole of sick people.

Moving on, I want the leisure time to be able to eat, take naps, and sleep.  No, I don't want to be constantly on the move or being told what to do with someone hovering over me with a stick up my ass all the time.  It's not worth the money for someone like me.  I'd prefer a much less stressful work environment with less pay.  Taking on an overwhelming amount of responsibility for a weak individual is not something you want to advise anyone.  "Not qualified"  is the term I would use.  I'm not qualified so don't tell me what to do.  Would it kill you not to encourage children to be a doctor or lawyer just because they make tons of money?  If an individual wants to achieve or be someone, they'll do it on their own.  You cannot force something on someone they don't want to do or be.  Manipulative people will try and try again but will ultimately fail as the individual will decide for himself/herself their own course of action.

 At the end of the day, it's just more paper work.  I'm a minimal list.  Unless I'm making money off of it, I prefer not to have all this shit piling up.  As a result, I would keep expenses and overhead as low as reasonably achievable.  I am sure as hell qualified in the department of saving money and reducing cost!  If you don't need it; don't buy it.  Of course, there are people out there who will flood their space with piles and piles of garbage.  Whatever they do is their own business.  As for me, the less stuff I have the less I have to be responsible for and don't ever need to worry about.  Being able to sleep at night is my medicine.  If I had three cars in the driveway, a house full of furniture I never use, and all this random crap lying around; something would just feel wrong. It would no longer be MY HOUSE.  It'd be instinctual of me to know that it's probably not my house anyways.  I'm a homeless after all.  I'm probably not even paying the bills.  Maybe there will be a time in my homeless life I'd have the legal opportunity of owning my own home.

As you can see, I'm a homeless.  Owning my own home is definitely out of my range unless I take out a mortgage or man up to buy a multiple family home and rent out the remaining units.  Being a minimalist and having the leisure time of eating/napping/sleeping are at the core of what I want in life.  With that said, be well to my readers.

Tomorrow, I will be working my 3 day weekend shift doing x-rays.  With the machine breaking down and needing to go to the repair shop every so often, things are more hectic than ever.  Sometimes, I even have to drive to New York and back in heavy traffic.  Do you think "going to school" will save me from this kind of reality?  Nope, the high traffic roads have nothing to do about school.  In fact, a lot of the schools actually cause the traffic in the first place.  But what other options do the young people have?  I went to school myself and nothing much came from it.  I still have some kind of horrible, God awful job.  What's the point of it all?  We're all in the same boat.  Patience is the key to surviving.  I hope that my work flow isn't as hellish as it has been the previous weekends.  Something always seems to be broken or needs fixing.  I prey to God that my work is as hassle free as possible.  I prey to God to find work that doesn't suck.  But if the work was easy, everyone would be doing it.  Everyone would be making mad money and calling it vacation.  The only reason why this is even classified as "work" to begin with is because it's "HARD".  Yes, real people will only pay YOU money if the task at hand is HARD.  If the job was easy and the individual could do it all by themselves in bed they most certainly would.  Thousands would be out of work and have no jobs.  When you hear "job" or "work" you can bet that it's going to take effort and that you'd definitely need to apply yourself.  No, a college degree will most certainly not save your ass.  Regardless of your educational level, work is work.  You will sweat and feel overwhelmed by pressure.  There's no way out.  Being persistent and working like hell is all that there is left in the world.