Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm Back After Working Sales for 2-3 Days

So they want me to sell Verizon Fios to people door-to-door.  The good news is that they only contact the customers that show some kind of interest.  They have a list generated each morning/week for the salesman to go out and knock on their doors.  Is it really that simple?  No, the job is OUTSIDE.  It was literally 98 degree outside today.  You are also not allowed to wear sunglasses nor hat while on the job.  One important aspect of the sales position is that they train and retrain you each morning.  You basically practice what to say and how to act.  The rest of the day they send you off to the "nice" neighborhoods.  This is an important aspect because Verizon fios, fiber optics, is not a cheap service. It costs a million or two to have set up in a basic neighborhood.  They want to make business with quality people.  Of course there's competition with other companies like Time Warner Cable, Optimum, and all sorts of other cable/internet services out there.  Wow, I mean it's crazy out there.  It's like everything and everyone faces fierce competition out there.  Long story short, they need sales people to train, retrain, and sell door-to-door each day in the out door weather.

Sales was bad before and it's still bad.  People have to make their money selling stuff.  That's just the way life is.  How else can people survive?  "Sales whores" that is what you call them.  All you need to do is sell crap in life, and you're good to go.  If to teach a man how to hunt, he'll never go hungry.  That is what it exactly is hunting game.  It's modern day hunting skills put into action.  You need to rehearse and practice product knowledge everyday to ensure that you're confident enough to offer someone your service that you are trying to sell.  Should you fail to convince or project the confidence needed for someone to be interested in or buy your product, you'll grow hungry.  

 Up top is just another one of my Heartstone games with Leoric.  I had one subscriber for a brief day or two, but then he left.  Well, I'm back to zero subscribers.  I don't know how I did it, but I have ZERO subscribers once again.  

Will I also have zero sales?  Well, this promotional company I'm currently working for is actually training me.  No, it's not easy.  As I said before, you get 2 hours of practice each morning.  Thank God, it starts at 10 AM; but will last up to 8:00 PM.  That's basically 10 hours each day of being in sales.  If you make one sale a day that's about $100.  In retail, I would make about $50 a day.  They are both shitty jobs.  The plus side about retail is that you get to stay inside and don't have to worry about the weather.  The bad side is that they don't pay you crap and is super boring.  Working outside can take the time out away at a much faster pace; or it can work against you if it's super hot or cold.  Either way, it's not a hopeful experience.  Being in sales is God awful to be honest.  Some people will love it, some people will learn to love it, some people are just amazing, and some people just hate everything.  Poor me?  What am I suppose to do for myself?  I can't even achieve the most basic of needs like having enough money to put food on the table or a roof over my head.  Forget about everything else, I just want three meals a day.  At least I'm not in jail for not paying child support?  I'm thankful for that much.  

Well thanks for reading,

I hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Just Another Day of Randomness - Sales - Marketing

Hello my faithful readers.  I had time to post today.  Yes, I passed my interview.  Well, I passed it; which means I have to work @_@.  I have to come in and punch out like normies!?  What ever happened to my leisure life style!?  Well, if I have to get the f*** out of there; I just have to make sure I don't sign any weird papers.  Do I want to be there?  DO I REALLY WANT TO BE THERE!?  Well, I need to be there.  I need to make money for myself and the company.  To whom else would I be a good fit for?  Eventually, I would be in a sales position or customer service job any how.  Did I try and use my x-ray technician license?  Yes, I did; but healthcare is EXTREMELY HARD to get into.  You'd have to be blood related to someone or have sex with the manager.  Either way, you'd have to do some down right dirty things to get in the business.  From day one, I already had an inkling the health care field was just about as corrupt and hard to get into as any other field.  THEY WANT MONEY.  IF IT ISN'T MONEY; THEY WANT GIRLS.  Just like the strip club, all the people in power want is money and girls.  Me, being none of the above, am automatically excluded.  I'm not surprised.  They would want me if I was a doctor or nurse, but who has $100,000+ lying around?  I sure as hell don't even have $50,000 lying around for school.  Sorry pops, I have to go back to work.  I can't afford to keep up with your medical school bills.  Med school this and law school that; I don't have that kind of money.  If God wanted me to be some professional healthcare doctor; he should have been smart enough to have me born in some rich ass family.  I'm just as screwed as the blacks and Mexican population.  It's like I'm preordained not to care and to immediately stop trying.  I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY.  Society wants doctors?  Sure, everyone loves doctors; but do you know how much it costs?  Would you like to spend $500 on two books; only to have them reduced to $10 on ebay the next year when you're done with it!?  The whole medical school business has been turned into a scam.  LONG STORY SHORT, I DON'T HAVE MONEY!  

Everyday, parents are kookoo krazy for their kidz to become doctors and lawyers.  If you want your dreams to come dream make sure to HAVE A LOT OF MONEY.  If you don't have the money then simply knock it off.  It's a lot of hard work and sacrifice.  There won't even be time in the day for you to take care of yourself like going to the bathroom or even taking a shower.  How the hell are you suppose to take care of a random patient if you can't even take care of yourself?  That is why I said good bye to such a dramatic occupation.  Look, I don't have $100,000 lying around.  It's that simple.  I just have to get a job like normal people.  I do have good grades, but I don't have the money to back it up.  Grades will only make you look good on paper; but people skills and communication is much more important.  I wish the school and books wasn't full of some much bullshit.  They're always trying to make you pay more and more money.  I don't have time to play games.  I don't have money for your schools and your teachers to rip me off.  You'd have to hold me up at gunpoint if you want me to go back and pay a shitload of money for more schooling.  

Well, I have to go for training tomorrow since they "hired" me.  It was a desperate call.  They called it an "opportunity".  Either way, I'm not going to be making any serious money any time soon.  I'll just give this a try.  Lord have mercy.  I wish there was a God that will help me shine some light on all this bullshit that's going on with schools taking everyone's money and leaving them cold turkey when they come out.  Thanks for reading and have a good night!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Purchasing Management

Good lord, how do people out there have such great purchasing power and purchasing management skills?  Where do businesses keep getting their products from?  Well, I know how I've been doing it.  Buy low; sell high.  That's the general rule of thumb for the commoner.  I frequent large retail stores and buy things off of the clearance racks.  I work with a minimum of 50% off, up to 90% if I'm lucky.  Of course, I only buy the stuff that looks like it can be resold for me.  Eventually, these expired clearance items will become collector's items over time.  Most people will not believe me; but it happens.  Much like "Toy Hunter" or "Pawn Stars" an individual can turn out a lot of money on old toys/games.  It's just something you have to experiment on your own with.  No one can tell you what something will be worth down the road.

This model of buying of clearance racks is not by any chance a sustainable business model.  It's either a hit or miss kind of a thing.  It's a great hobby that will fill your shelves in your home with delight; but it would be super hard to run a real brick-and-motor store based off of it.  It's a scary thought to think that 9/10 businesses will fail in the first year or two.  After that, new businesses take a stab at it.  Without making connections, contacting clients, direct marketing, billboard signs, networking, forum writing, blogging, and just reaching out to people/potential customers; keeping up your business is impossible.  You need all the marketing and networking skills under your belt to stay afloat.  The pros make it look easy, but there's a lot of dirty work that needs to be done to help reach out to customers and retain them for the long run.

Just Another Day of Interviewing

Hello my readers!  Today, I'm just going over an interview I had.  It's a typical day.  There's nothing irregular going on.  A lot of people who study business have management jobs or sales positions.  Selling goods or services is what a vast majority of people do.  "Business" is very typical and has been around since forever.  If someone has a product, they will want to sell it.  Of course, all the way up there are corporate levels.  They just want to grab one of us who will be willing to sell stuff door-to-door on their behalf, because it's not easy.  If it was easy, they wouldn't need anyone else working for them.  On the bright side, they offer training.  As long as you put in the hours and are willing to drive, knock on fifty random residential doors a day, and/or advertise at event plannings; you're a good fit.  Out of 50 doors you knock on; only 2 will ever say "YES" we want to BUY.  This is called the law of averages.  That's the most important thing.  You just rack up the number of doors you knock on and get a minimum of ONE sale per day or whatever.  God bless you if you can actually get more than one sale; but it's hard out there.  Depending on how physically attractive you are or how much of a good talker you are, your sales numbers will go up.  Work ethic and being consistent also plays a large part.  All in all, this is what most people do and will hire you for.  They need people to be able to sell their product.  No sales, equals to profit.  I will keep you guys posted.

Thank you for watching!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Hobbies - Game Recording - Heartstone

Hello my readers!  Today, I've managed to post something on a Sunday.  Well, it's not suppose to be the best of content but it's something none the less.  It's better than nothing I guess.  Every other Sunday in the whole history of the universe, I've never done anything; so let this be the first Sunday ever I posted a video!  See combating your own inner laziness and struggles is something that needs to be constantly worked on until it becomes one of your habits and/or daily rituals to the point it no longer feels like work.  It just feels like something you do everyday like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.  That's how most pro athletes and professionals learn and training.  Look, everything in life is hard; but you can manage if you practice everyday.  Soon, things will get easier for you.  If you keep doing something, eventually you'll learn how to do it.  With time, you build up your confidence.  With that established base of confidence, you no longer worry about messing up; you just go out there and do it.

Well, here's my video today.  I took the time to prepare it.  Well, it maybe a bit wack with me watching youtube in the back; but none the less it gets the game play with some decent quality.

Thanks for watching
I hope to be back with more material!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'm Getting Better at Recording Footage

Well, not only can I record using a camera; I can record whatever is on the computer screen as well.  I have mastered the technique by just looking it up on youtube.  Should I apply my new skills to my blog or anything else in life is up to me.  Blizzard games work real well with the recording devices, because the graphics don't kill your computer as much as first person shooters.  Heart Stone, Heroes of the Storm, and even League of Legends run smoothly in comparison to the first person shooters.  Well, I guess I have to stay away from graphic intensive games then.  So with this newly discovered skill I have what should I be doing with it?  Compile a bunch of game reviews like the Angry Video Game Nerd?  Or just be another World of Warcrack fat nerd online?  How do these guys get so many views and audience?  Forums?  Networking skills?  Specialized nerd communities?   I guess it's all the above.  You need to network and type in forums everyday of the week like my actual nerd friend who does "daily" events and quests on Guild Wards and Kingdom of Loathing everyday, not to mention several other games that I don't play because, well they're all too nerdy @_@.

The word I'm looking for I guess is "Super Nerd".  It's been another full week, and I feel that I haven't gotten much done that I was suppose to have gotten done; but I did learn much about shooting and filming footage.  What's next?  Well, I wanted to add in special effects like laser rifles.  I would only use the laser effects of my nerf gun videos.  I would also like to add explosions if it works out.  I guess everything else I can pull off like lighting or moving around with a camera.  You'd also need manpower for actors, but I'm not at that level yet.  I'd just shoot footage of myself first.  I don't want to have to pay and/or feed anyone.  Maybe, I can ask someone in the neighborhood to volunteer if need be.  But we all know, I'm fairly passive in comparison to everyone else out there trying to make a film.  I could shoot better film with better resolution and detail, but going up higher quality also makes the upload time MUCH LONGER.  I guess time is something I have to work with.  I need to sacrifice to get my "work" out there.  Jesus, I have no idea how people be filming and posting up new content all the time.  Maybe, they have a team of people working for them.  According to the Angry Video Game Nerd, he did everything by himself when he first started out.  He also lacked the basic resources I have access today.  In comparison, I have it much easier than the AVGN; and yet I still can't produce dog doo.  How's he so successful?  What puts THE NERD over the top.  Why is he so much more important than all the other game nerds out there?  How did he make such a name for  himself?  He even has in own catchy theme song.  Is it possible that I can also make my own person?  My own brand name?  Be my own brand ambassador?  Am I actually able to cash out a minimum of $100 on youtube video ads.  How can I put all my ideas together and make a product that works?  How do I reach self actualization where I become my own person and stop depending on everyone else to take care of me?

What do I lack?  How can I achieve my goals?  How can I be somebody?  When will I become someone to somebody else?  Not having a name and only being a familiar face isn't the way I want to live life.  Homeless people do that; and I don't want to be no homeless.  I will have to go as far as writing my own book.  Right now, everyone I do is so random; just a learning experience.  There seems to be no set discipline to follow; just random patterns of thought only to be put on a blog.

How to help?  My footage needs to stop looking like ass.  It looks like a 90's home camera.  Well, a new DSLR camera I researched costs about $500 used - $1000 new.  Regardless of the equipment, I need good content.  I should probably work on my voice as well.   People like hearing male voices that are low and deep in pitch.  A high pitched voice just won't do.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I have a high pitched, squeaky Mickey mouse of a voice.  But, hey, wait a minute, how come Mickey and other cartoon characters with funny voices do so well; but not in human form?  If I keep working on something, maybe one day I can see what my final product aught to look like.

Right now, I'm so young and people have been encompassed to be just like everyone else; do normal things; be normal people; get normal jobs; and the rest of the same old.  Being just like everyone else?  It's my life.  It's me who wants change.  It's me who wants to be different.  It's me I should blame.  It's me who decides how I want to spend my time and money.  I shouldn't blame it on the school and/or parents.  Ultimately, I have to decide.  

Friday, August 7, 2015

Yes, I can record games now!

Well, here's a 1 minute test of my video game quality.  It shouldn't be all that impressive, but I've learned something today.  Should I go all excited and start posting half-assed projects online or should I wait until the whole thing is complete?  Quite frankly, I don't care.  I know something I will release it.  A lot of people make stuff, but they only release the final product when it's done; when it's perfect.  A prototype you can save for yourself and your partners to review.  PEOPLE want to see the FINAL product and be inspired by it.  Well, I guess I'll just make this my testing phase.  People just want to see the final product really.  They don't want to see your cheesy makeup practice.  They want to see it when it's complete!

I actually condensed this 2 times; and now it's in really bad quality but hey it uploaded.  It would have taken 20 minutes for 1 minute of footage have I not done so.  Any who, it's up there; and I know how to upload video game content in combination with live footage if need be.  It's a great life skill to have.

Well, thanks for watching.  I hope my quality and technique gets better over time.  Now, it's crap because I'm working at night or doing things at random times during the day.  I need to work on my discipline and establish good hours and work ethic.  I'm pretty much going all over the place without proper time management skills either.  Well, good night.

See you tomorrow!

Morning Ritual

Hello my readers!  There are very few of you, but you are all special to me just because of that.  Here's a new video post.  I'm still working on my filming skills as you can see.  I am taking this one outside at the community pool.  I wanted to see what I do on a daily basis without any sort of getting out of my comfort zone kind of a thing.  Ideally, I would go swimming given the fact that the weather is nice and is legal.   Yes, I love swimming.  I don't swim to compete.  I swim for health, body, and fitness.  Competing with anyone else is the last thing on my mind.  I would rather teach people how to swim or exercise in the water for health.  With all that said, this will be my morning post for the day.  The fact that I will come back and post more content is very random at the moment.  Depending on how lazy I feel, I will do it or not.  I wish I had more discipline or set schedule to do things.  None the less, I'm still trying to learn how the pros do it.  One day, I hope to have content that looks really good.

Thank you for watching!

See you next time!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

gofundme - Desperate as All Hell

Well, here's my gofundme:
If anyone ever wants to give me a penny or two.  Will it ever happen?  I doubt anyone would ever give me money unless I worked for it.  Begging for money has never worked for me.  I've sold candy for donations to the soldiers in Iraq that worked, but people rarely ever give me money for a campaign.  It's virtually nonexistent.  Politics is pretty much impossible for anyone who's Asian basically.  It's a whole lot easier for people whom are white.  I'm not white.  Therefore, I probably won't see any money coming in from "gofundme".  My donation bar exists if anyone is ever interested.  I would buy a new camera, like a DSLR, if I get any support.  You don't have to curse me out with negative comments; I've pretty much seen and heard all of the crap that goes on out there.  

A dollar?  Is that too much to ask?  This is the same exact reason why it's almost impossible for me to start my own small business.  I don't get external funding unless it's from a loan form a bank or something.  I don't get support for family, neighbors, or even friends if any.  It's like I've burned down all my connections.  Either that or I've never even tried.  Who's my big brother?  Who's there to give me money?  Big brother where are you?  I need help.  I need that money.  I want to give back to the community as well, but I'm not seeing much moral support.  No, I don't like asking people for money but that seems to be the momentary solution to how to get the most help the fastest way possible.  

There's this one elderly white man, Kevin, whom I've met.  He introduced himself to me at the gym.  He was impressed with my physical appearance, but when he talked to me he discovered that I was a child.  Kevin told me that because he was white, things were a lot easier for him.  Acquiring money, homes, cars, women, etc. were all much easier for white people than any other race, but he also told me he was homosexual.  Because he was gay, he was treated differently culturally like how Indian people who spit on his feet.  Being spat on wasn't something that Indian people directed personal attack towards him; it's that they were cultured in such a way to do such.  None the less, he gave me $20 just to drive him down the road to his temporary hotel where he stayed for the night until his home was fixed.  He also told me that his other Irish relatives were all lawyers, doctors, and congressmen.  Talk about the luck of the Irish.  Kevin was definitely born into a grade A family.  With such power, he said that it comes with responsibility.  He has the need to help others with his wealthy background.  He even said he treats his nieces and relatives as though they were his own children.  He would spend a lot of money on them and love them.  Kevin gave me his phone number.  But because I was so worried that he was gay, I lost it over the days and months.  Kevin told me to treat him as though he was my mentor/teacher.  He certainly sold himself to me as though he was much more experienced and talented in the areas of bullshit.  I really thought Kevin was a class A kind of guy.  He presented himself to me as an older man like a Bill Cosby, but I could have told you that he was one of the good guys.  

Other than money, how could Kevin have helped me?  I never felt like convincing him to give me any more money unless I gave something in exchange.  Hopefully, it wasn't sex.  What could have Kevin done for me?  He told me that he saw my soul trying to come together with my physical body.  Kevin has this gift you see.  He sees people's aura alignment with their bodies.  I mean the guy is a great bullshitter.  Children would surely believe whatever came out of his mouth.  Well, I wish the best for Kevin.  Kevin wishes the best for me in Kevin world.  

But what can I tell you guys? I don't have the proper funds to go on.  I need a job soon.  David who made Kung Furry, actually shot the film before hand and needed the thousands of dollars for production, only after the film was completed.  He made the film, showed people online, created an audience out of nowhere based on his original content, and behold people loved it and started donating the necessary money so he can complete his film.  David is the man.  He did the necessary studying in school for film, and he went through with his project.  Of course, there was much doubt; but he did everything right with hard work.  I couldn't be more proud of David.  Unlike David, I'm much more random and only care about getting the money.  I guess I need to work on my trust with people.  My audience needs to know that I care about my work and what I'm doing is for them to experience or learn from.  Well, that was a big log.  I'm going to bed.  I had a great stretch of mind tonight.  It wasn't all too easy filming and writing today.  I tried to get out of my comfort zone to gain some experience.  I know it's just homemade stuff; but hey I learned a lot more than I started.  

Thanks for reading, 

I hope to see you guys next time!   

The Leisure Lifestyle

Hello my readers!  It's me again, Solomon.  Here's a quick video about me and how my job interview was basically.  My interpretation of the whole job interviewing process and what to expect after.  I just wanted to make a quick clean video.  It's not suppose to expose or call anyone out.  It's just what it is exactly.  Well, I hope to post more.

See you soon!

How I Became a Homeless

This is me in the morning, basically saying how I came to be.  I wanted to be as real to myself as possible.  Of course I want to change.  I want to better myself.  I have to start somewhere.  This is my starting point in the morning.  This is what goes down when I get out of bed.  I hope someone learns from me so that they don't become a bum themselves.  I hope, even I, learn from myself so that my future self won't be a bum.

Much love,

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What Happened Between Me and Bill Cosby

I had to get this off my chest.  I needed to post this.  Sometimes I have an itch to be funny and make people laugh.  Some will find it funny, some people will not.  It's just the nature of comedy.  Well, enjoy!

A Possible New Job!?

Here's me rambling about a job interview I just had.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I went anyways.  I still have to decide if I want to go through with the whole thing.  By the whole thing, I mean the training process and getting paid for commission.  I wasn't too happy with what I need to do to make money.  It was hot outside, and you absolutely need business owners to sign your contract to reduce their monthly energy bill.  A lot of people have had bad experiences with such energy reduction businesses in the past and automatically say "no".  Although it's legit, it's a hard product to sell.  People don't see it eye to eye as a superior product.  Out of 40 or so businesses we kicked the door down, only 4 people said "yes".  For each "yes" you get paid $56.  In a day, you'd make $200+.  As a cashier you'd make $50.  You are making 4 times minimum wage if you execute the salesman training strategy correctly.   The minimum of sales you need is 8.  Worst case scenario, you can have only 2 sales as well, but you'd make a lot less on commission.  Ultimately, they want you to sell as much product as possible.  The energy company has a hell of a lot of their product to sell, and they want salesman who can sell it to business owners door-to-door, face-to-face.

It's sweaty.  It was hot outside.  You have to meet new faces.  You have to talk to people.  You have to be patient with them.  You have to communicate.  You have to raise your voice so that other people can hear you.  It's not easy.  It's a lot of foot work.  It's a lot of walking and talking.  It's hard out there.  I'll keep you guys posted should I enter the field.  If not, it just means that I forgot that the whole thing ever happened.  Overall, it was a good experience to get your feet wet, to get out of your comfort zone, and work on your networking life skills.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Neat, Youtube Link!

Hello my readers!  I know there are very few of you, but I'm doing a piece today about selling yourself.  I wish I was taught to be able to sell myself much earlier in life.  Well, I liked the video I made.  It's short and effective.  It's not the best action film, just an informative about what's going on in everyday life.  Well, watch the video yourself.  See if you like it?  How can I improve!?  I would like to make a real back drop or background eventually.  Now, I'm just starting so whatever happens happens is my attitude.  I'm just trying to learn stuff at this point.  I hope I'll be more entertaining and informative in future videos!

Thank you for watching!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Solomon Shop - Devastator Review

Welcome, this will be my first Solomon Shop toy review.  I hope you enjoy!  Thank you for watching.