Thursday, August 6, 2015

gofundme - Desperate as All Hell

Well, here's my gofundme:
If anyone ever wants to give me a penny or two.  Will it ever happen?  I doubt anyone would ever give me money unless I worked for it.  Begging for money has never worked for me.  I've sold candy for donations to the soldiers in Iraq that worked, but people rarely ever give me money for a campaign.  It's virtually nonexistent.  Politics is pretty much impossible for anyone who's Asian basically.  It's a whole lot easier for people whom are white.  I'm not white.  Therefore, I probably won't see any money coming in from "gofundme".  My donation bar exists if anyone is ever interested.  I would buy a new camera, like a DSLR, if I get any support.  You don't have to curse me out with negative comments; I've pretty much seen and heard all of the crap that goes on out there.  

A dollar?  Is that too much to ask?  This is the same exact reason why it's almost impossible for me to start my own small business.  I don't get external funding unless it's from a loan form a bank or something.  I don't get support for family, neighbors, or even friends if any.  It's like I've burned down all my connections.  Either that or I've never even tried.  Who's my big brother?  Who's there to give me money?  Big brother where are you?  I need help.  I need that money.  I want to give back to the community as well, but I'm not seeing much moral support.  No, I don't like asking people for money but that seems to be the momentary solution to how to get the most help the fastest way possible.  

There's this one elderly white man, Kevin, whom I've met.  He introduced himself to me at the gym.  He was impressed with my physical appearance, but when he talked to me he discovered that I was a child.  Kevin told me that because he was white, things were a lot easier for him.  Acquiring money, homes, cars, women, etc. were all much easier for white people than any other race, but he also told me he was homosexual.  Because he was gay, he was treated differently culturally like how Indian people who spit on his feet.  Being spat on wasn't something that Indian people directed personal attack towards him; it's that they were cultured in such a way to do such.  None the less, he gave me $20 just to drive him down the road to his temporary hotel where he stayed for the night until his home was fixed.  He also told me that his other Irish relatives were all lawyers, doctors, and congressmen.  Talk about the luck of the Irish.  Kevin was definitely born into a grade A family.  With such power, he said that it comes with responsibility.  He has the need to help others with his wealthy background.  He even said he treats his nieces and relatives as though they were his own children.  He would spend a lot of money on them and love them.  Kevin gave me his phone number.  But because I was so worried that he was gay, I lost it over the days and months.  Kevin told me to treat him as though he was my mentor/teacher.  He certainly sold himself to me as though he was much more experienced and talented in the areas of bullshit.  I really thought Kevin was a class A kind of guy.  He presented himself to me as an older man like a Bill Cosby, but I could have told you that he was one of the good guys.  

Other than money, how could Kevin have helped me?  I never felt like convincing him to give me any more money unless I gave something in exchange.  Hopefully, it wasn't sex.  What could have Kevin done for me?  He told me that he saw my soul trying to come together with my physical body.  Kevin has this gift you see.  He sees people's aura alignment with their bodies.  I mean the guy is a great bullshitter.  Children would surely believe whatever came out of his mouth.  Well, I wish the best for Kevin.  Kevin wishes the best for me in Kevin world.  

But what can I tell you guys? I don't have the proper funds to go on.  I need a job soon.  David who made Kung Furry, actually shot the film before hand and needed the thousands of dollars for production, only after the film was completed.  He made the film, showed people online, created an audience out of nowhere based on his original content, and behold people loved it and started donating the necessary money so he can complete his film.  David is the man.  He did the necessary studying in school for film, and he went through with his project.  Of course, there was much doubt; but he did everything right with hard work.  I couldn't be more proud of David.  Unlike David, I'm much more random and only care about getting the money.  I guess I need to work on my trust with people.  My audience needs to know that I care about my work and what I'm doing is for them to experience or learn from.  Well, that was a big log.  I'm going to bed.  I had a great stretch of mind tonight.  It wasn't all too easy filming and writing today.  I tried to get out of my comfort zone to gain some experience.  I know it's just homemade stuff; but hey I learned a lot more than I started.  

Thanks for reading, 

I hope to see you guys next time!   

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