Monday, August 10, 2015

Just Another Day of Interviewing

Hello my readers!  Today, I'm just going over an interview I had.  It's a typical day.  There's nothing irregular going on.  A lot of people who study business have management jobs or sales positions.  Selling goods or services is what a vast majority of people do.  "Business" is very typical and has been around since forever.  If someone has a product, they will want to sell it.  Of course, all the way up there are corporate levels.  They just want to grab one of us who will be willing to sell stuff door-to-door on their behalf, because it's not easy.  If it was easy, they wouldn't need anyone else working for them.  On the bright side, they offer training.  As long as you put in the hours and are willing to drive, knock on fifty random residential doors a day, and/or advertise at event plannings; you're a good fit.  Out of 50 doors you knock on; only 2 will ever say "YES" we want to BUY.  This is called the law of averages.  That's the most important thing.  You just rack up the number of doors you knock on and get a minimum of ONE sale per day or whatever.  God bless you if you can actually get more than one sale; but it's hard out there.  Depending on how physically attractive you are or how much of a good talker you are, your sales numbers will go up.  Work ethic and being consistent also plays a large part.  All in all, this is what most people do and will hire you for.  They need people to be able to sell their product.  No sales, equals to profit.  I will keep you guys posted.

Thank you for watching!

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