Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm Back After Working Sales for 2-3 Days

So they want me to sell Verizon Fios to people door-to-door.  The good news is that they only contact the customers that show some kind of interest.  They have a list generated each morning/week for the salesman to go out and knock on their doors.  Is it really that simple?  No, the job is OUTSIDE.  It was literally 98 degree outside today.  You are also not allowed to wear sunglasses nor hat while on the job.  One important aspect of the sales position is that they train and retrain you each morning.  You basically practice what to say and how to act.  The rest of the day they send you off to the "nice" neighborhoods.  This is an important aspect because Verizon fios, fiber optics, is not a cheap service. It costs a million or two to have set up in a basic neighborhood.  They want to make business with quality people.  Of course there's competition with other companies like Time Warner Cable, Optimum, and all sorts of other cable/internet services out there.  Wow, I mean it's crazy out there.  It's like everything and everyone faces fierce competition out there.  Long story short, they need sales people to train, retrain, and sell door-to-door each day in the out door weather.

Sales was bad before and it's still bad.  People have to make their money selling stuff.  That's just the way life is.  How else can people survive?  "Sales whores" that is what you call them.  All you need to do is sell crap in life, and you're good to go.  If to teach a man how to hunt, he'll never go hungry.  That is what it exactly is hunting game.  It's modern day hunting skills put into action.  You need to rehearse and practice product knowledge everyday to ensure that you're confident enough to offer someone your service that you are trying to sell.  Should you fail to convince or project the confidence needed for someone to be interested in or buy your product, you'll grow hungry.  

 Up top is just another one of my Heartstone games with Leoric.  I had one subscriber for a brief day or two, but then he left.  Well, I'm back to zero subscribers.  I don't know how I did it, but I have ZERO subscribers once again.  

Will I also have zero sales?  Well, this promotional company I'm currently working for is actually training me.  No, it's not easy.  As I said before, you get 2 hours of practice each morning.  Thank God, it starts at 10 AM; but will last up to 8:00 PM.  That's basically 10 hours each day of being in sales.  If you make one sale a day that's about $100.  In retail, I would make about $50 a day.  They are both shitty jobs.  The plus side about retail is that you get to stay inside and don't have to worry about the weather.  The bad side is that they don't pay you crap and is super boring.  Working outside can take the time out away at a much faster pace; or it can work against you if it's super hot or cold.  Either way, it's not a hopeful experience.  Being in sales is God awful to be honest.  Some people will love it, some people will learn to love it, some people are just amazing, and some people just hate everything.  Poor me?  What am I suppose to do for myself?  I can't even achieve the most basic of needs like having enough money to put food on the table or a roof over my head.  Forget about everything else, I just want three meals a day.  At least I'm not in jail for not paying child support?  I'm thankful for that much.  

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