Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Crazy Week Trying to Get Hired

Hello my readers!  I've been gone for such a long time, but I'm back.  Where have I been exactly!?  I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone of course.  Random companies call me, and they want to see me for an interview.  The catch is the only kind of companies that ever deploy this kind of aggressive strategy is sales.  Basically, they want you to sell their "product" door-to-door, face-to-face.  They even give it special jargon "direct sales".  The first company wanted me to sell them "energy".  Of course no one wants to discuss their PSEG bill with a strange salesman.  The idea is to establish trust with the owner of the small business and proceed to convince him/her to reduce energy bill by buying their energy directly through whole sale through the company, whatever that means.  If everyone has had a bad experience with scam artists and confusing paper work, why would anyone wall for this kind of trickery?  Well, they throw in a fancy business term call "the law of averages".  You go around and ask 50 people to signup for your product; only 2 of those people will ever say yes; 10 maybe interested; and the rest of the people will tell you to get the hell out.  To be a salesman is to play the game.  If you don't play the game, you'll never sell their product; hence you'll never make any money.

So the next company that called me was Verizon.  Much like the energy company "Hess" that wanted me to sell their crap, Verizon wanted me to sell their Triple Play package door-to-door.  The good news about their management was that they only target the houses that's on their master list, residents who have shown interest in the past; but because a lot of people are already happy with their existing cable company it makes it a lot harder to sell them Verizon.  Hence, Verizon has deployed all these bundle packages, special limited time deals, gift cards, reduced pricing on installment, and all this other crazy shit to convince people to switch.  You have to learn their product and tell your audience that Verizon gives you faster speed, better image quality, and more channels.  It's a lot to learn, but it's not rocket science.  There's also a billion channels and to make matters worse there's another billion more channels involving sports.  Sports this, sports that, sports, sports, and more sports @_@.
"The law of averages" also plays a vital, key role in Verizon sales as well.  They want you to knock on 60 select homes and sell their product.  The average salesman will get about 1.  If they are lucky maybe 2.  If it's me, probably 1 ever other day.  You earn about $100 each time a person signs up for the Verizon package.  Ultimately, the company wants to train you to be a manager.  They emphasize how managers last a lot longer than the player.  Their teachings and philosophy seems to be accurate, but what happens if there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians?  Not everyone is cut out to be a manager.  It's definitely a lot hard and takes on more responsibility.  It requires experience, time, and persistence as with anything else in life.

Out of the blue I get a call from my x-ray mobile company to start working, because the other guy left.  Wow, great finally here's my chance to work.  Well, I listened and had to drive all the way down New Jersey for my interview and introduction.  Because my manager believed in giving people a chance, he gave me a chance!  Someone gave him a chance, now he feels that it's only right to give others a chance as well.  My manager is a great leader.  He hired me, because he trusted me with responsibility.  We met in person and eye-to-eye.  There was nothing to hide.  A resume is just a piece of paper, but when the time comes you'll have to meet face-to-face with your employer.  So I was patient enough to spend the next 2 days with him.  He agreed to pay me for training and everything.  He even provided me with food.  Wow, what a great boss!  Of course, he was older but held a sense of responsibility like a father figure.  You just have to get over the fear of meeting someone new and respect them for who they are.  I knew I was in good hands.

During the week of training and working, I got a phone call from downtown hospital. They invited me in for an interview for the very first time.  I was going to go to them first, but I never made it because of my laziness.   Any who, I knew the supervisor/boss there; and they needed a full time employee.  Although they were confident in my abilities to perform, hospital jobs are very political and there's always a laundry list of people of applicants because they desperately want the state benefits associated with working in a hospital.  They recommended me highly, but at the same time it wasn't even their call.  The human resources department makes the final decision.  So I can keep calling them or whatever, but I would probably never get a honest response simply because of the messy, political nature involved.  They like to hire people from the inside who are per diam who want to be full time, or like everyone else they hire a blood relative.  Either way, the job is a big responsibility.  Not everyone can work in a hospital.  It requires patience, smarts, communication skills, a degree, hard work ethic, and networking skills.  Some of the patients weight in at over 300 pounds, so the nature of what you'll be dealing with from the start is pretty damn hard already.  Yup, it's an emergency room kind of hospital.  The first ebola lady was even sent here.  As x-ray students, we had to intern here all the while she was being kept in the secret basement somewhere in the other building.  Well, it's tough out there.

So I get Mondays through Thursday off.  I only work Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  That means I have to find something to do with myself from Monday to Thursday.  I'm an adult now, but I still feel like a kid.  I go food shopping a lot.  I even buy toys sometimes for my hobby shop.  I called Costco the other day to see if they have any jobs available.  The lady was nice enough to tell me to call back mid-September/October for seasonal work and whatnot.  It sounds like a plan.  Of course I've been trying to apply for other x-ray jobs, but you really need to have "word of mouth connections".  It's hard is all I'm going to say.  Sometimes they want you, sometimes they don't, sometimes they'll hire someone else, a lot of times they'll never even bother, and a lot other times it feels like it's 100% up to you to find employment so you keep calling and doing followups in the most annoying way possible.  Well, that's it for me today.  I came, I saw, I got overwhelmed with the shit I had to deal with, and I'm going to say my good byes until next time.

Thanks for reading all!

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