Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Happy Labor Day! Wait what? No such thing as Labor Day?

Well, welcome back to the fatness.  I thought I'd have Labor Day off, but they called me in for work.  They want me to do a better job and spend better quality time with my patients if I have to.  Doing the job and running out of there will not do it.  I am trained to stay with the patient as long as it takes to get a diagnostic x-ray image for the doctor at hand.  Yes, I have to run back and forth using locked doors, elevators, stairs, ramps, sidewalks, more doors, asking people for directions, and watching out for random people who can easily slip or fall.  Long story short, I have to do the job right the first time or go back out and repeat whatever for them to not yell at me.  Well, the yelling may not even be towards me; it maybe done towards the management.  The yelling of course is triggered by the doctor who is responsible for ordering the x-ray images for their patient, so they can take care of them.  The whole business model in the healthcare industry involves the doctor on top making orders and yelling at everyone and of course we're the ones on the bottom of the totem pole who just carry out the orders and get shat on.

From my standpoint, business is crazy.  You constantly have to reach out and retain existing customers.  You can't be passive, and you can't ever expect free handouts.  You have to be proactive, show initiative, be aggressive, and confident at all times.  There's no such thing as a free lunch.  You also have to be able to establish trust.  Being good at what you do will definitely put you over the edge and on top of the competition.  I guess that's something I need to work on.  Being good at what I do and establishing trust are my priorities.  You'll attract more audience being really good at something like how children are drawn to the class clown.  It's something that just happens naturally when you're good a something.  People will be excited and interested in what you do.  Of course there are also a handful of trolls and haters out there, but the point is that you keep going and being persistent no matter who doubts you.

JUST KEEP GOING!  Be persistent and keep doing what you're doing until the next big thing decides to show up on your lap.  Grit and working on your craft each and everyday will help set your shit straight.  Just keep doing what you're doing, and eventually you'll see success roll in.  It's a basic universal concept, but overtime it actually works.  One day, all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place; and you'll be able to see the bigger picture.

Thanks for reading!  I hope to post more original and better content next time!

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