Thursday, September 24, 2015

Welcome to the Pits

Well, it's the last day of my Monday-Thursday off.  Yes, I get 4 days off to do whatever.  I mostly spent my time organizing my room/office, eat, sleep, workout a bit, listen to music, watch some videos, and constantly enjoy whatever time I have on my computer reading random articles online about business, how to be more productive, and trying to earn a buck or two.  Have I once made money during my stay at home and "doing nothing"?  Yes, I have actually.  I sold a few items using Amazon Seller central.  No, I did not have to go door-to-door and talk to people in person.  No, I don't believe or ever want to do in "direct marketing".  Having to meet someone face to face to buy something is just primitive to me.  I don't like the extra, added attention of having to drive and meet someone in person.  I believe that everyone is perfectly safe and fine to be purchasing stuff online without having trust issues.  No, everyone does not agree with me on this and will always promote direct sales.  Well, I hate meeting up with people to sell them something face to face unless it's a big purchase item like a house or car.  Sure, we all have trust issues when it comes to spending money, but Amazon is a safe company to make transactions with.

Journeying further down the road, I still can't seem to make up jolly and full of heart in the morning.  I make sure to gulp down some fresh water and lemon.  The only time I ever need to spring out of bed is when I'm called in for work!  They text me orders, and I need to respond as soon as possible.  My work hours always begin at 10AM, but I'm encouraged to wake up much earlier and drive to my designated sites at least thirty minutes before!  When I start work earlier in the morning, I know I'll make it home at a reasonable hour.  I hate working past 9PM because that's when everyone locks their doors.  You usually have to ring a bell and talk through the intercom, which means you have to wait for a live person to respond.  This whole locking the door thing at night time drives me nuts, but they have to ensure the bad guys don't get inside their business as well.

So during my 4 day "staycation" I had this urge to apply myself to do MORE.  I emailed the other x-ray company to try and see how my interview went.  I also reapplied to Costco.  I just wanted to do MORE with the time I have.  Well, I did what I could.  This is the best I can do.  Yes, I'm fully aware that being a bum is not the way to go but that's how life is a lot of times.  Companies will not reach out to you EVER.  You have to go out there call like a maniac and grab their attention.  You need to know names, numbers, and most importantly ask who's the boss/manager to speak to.  No one else can do anything but the boss in charge.  It's not like a movie or TV show.  You just keep calling and calling.  If you don't know, just ask.

Well, I've also tried to organize my own business seeing how hard it is to get into someone else's.  I've tried listening to some pod casts and reading up on some recommended business books that can be downloaded for free.  All fingers point to finding your passion and working hard!  Time after time again, there's no cheap substitute for hard work.  I also personally believe in sleep so you can absorb the information you've learned and rebuild the body.  Successful people often don't sleep much often.  They wake up very early in the morning and do their thing.  I guess that's my downfall.  I'd rather sleep than work really hard in the early morning.  Is it possible for someone who sleeps all morning find my own company and make things work?  There must be a million and one things I'm doing wrong to promote growth within my own organization and business and that's why I constantly try and learn from others through books, internet articles, and whatever podcasts that  I come across about super successful people.  At this rate, I'm better off working for Costco as a stock boy than to be serious about my first startup.  IT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE LAZY.  This is why I don't have my own book published; this is why I don't have my own successful startup business; this is why I don't have a lot of fancy things for myself that I want.  One day, I hope to be able to take the baby steps I need to ensure that I can do something BIG.  

Thank you for reading!  I hope to see you next time!        

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