Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Drinks! China Seeds? Kombucha!? $1 Each!?

So aside from trying to make and hoard money as badly as I do, I like to sample different drinks from around the world.  Today, I have Kombucha!  I heard that it's great for your health, especially with added chia seeds for fiber.  Well, they just add in chia seeds and let it soak in the drink.  It has a strange, fluffy taste to it.  I don't recommend chia seeds at all, but it's good for nutritional benefits apparently.  The sugar content remains low at 4g per servering.  The smallest bottle ranges from 10 oz and the largest to 16 oz.  They had a wonderful $1 sale on all drinks.  I've never seen such a great deal before, so I wanted to sample everything on the menu!  With the low sugar count, it's a good buy!  A lot of the fruit flavored drinks out there and even the higher priced juices contain A LOT OF SUGAR.  "All natural" and "organic" can never be trusted these days, because of the soil.  Yes, the soil maybe contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals, but everyone still labels their produce as "organic".  In any event, I like the ones without the chia seeds to be honest.  I know chia seeds mean well, but they taste too funny and chunky.  So far I only tried out two of the flavors.  I want to know what the tumeric one taste like.  I selected it specially, because of the tumeric label on it.  It's suppose to be especially good for your brain!

So I've spent a total of $10 on drinks, and I have no regrets.  I love to try out new things that are pleasant.  As long as it's on sale for $1 each and not $4.99 I'll buy it!  I have yet to try all the flavors of the rainbow.  I hope to post an update when I'm through with all 10 bottles!

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