Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Well, I've been off since Monday.  Now that I have some time to recuperate from my weekend shift, I'm determined to write another article in my blog.  I guess I was restocking my inventory in my private, underground "shop".  Yup, these are the new Nerf Rival guns.  I must have 9 of these things.  I got them on sale.  Hell, I purchased A LOT since my new paycheck.  So this is what I do with my paycheck money?  I restock my inventory for what seems to be a makeshift toy store?  I should write reviews for toys.  I mean I do have access to a lot of the new stuff here in New Jersey.  It's not like I'm in Africa where children are starving.  We have an abundance of resources here.  Why not write reviews for toys given what I have?  It could be because I'm cheap.  It could also be because I don't want to open any "new" and sealed packaging.  I like to display things in their original packaging.  Once I open it, it's no longer "new".  I guess I'm able to operate because there's very little or no overhead.  I don't do anything special but stock the basement up with toys that go on sale or on clearance.  I find customers using Amazon.  I also have ebay as an option, but it doesn't work as well as Amazon.  Amazon does not play games with bidding or buyers trying to negotiate.  Customers see a price and they buy it or they don't.  In terms of operating a business that anyone can do, Amazon is definitely my number one choice.  I don't like things that are overwhelmingly complicated.  I rarely have resort to Craigslist or anything that is too ghetto.  My goal is just to have multiple sources of income.  I would like a steady customer base and to retain existing customers, but my level of product output and management is very limited to what I have in stock that I get from nearby department stores.  No, I don't go over the top and have a super amount of purchasing power like a real company; but I do sell things that are hard to find that retail stores no longer carry.  This is where most of the income comes from.  "Storage" is basically what I have to offer.  I obtain products, store them, and later people will spend premium for whatever they can no longer buy at their local department stores.  It's a simple and basic concept of supply and demand with very little or no overhead.  

So I need something to do professionally MONDAY - THURSDAYS.  I just had a job interview last week.  I was certain that the owner would call me and inform me, but I guess I need to do the calling.  Well, you have to be proactive to get a job.  Even if they say they'll be the ones to first call you, 9/10 times you will have to do the calling first.  Although I do feel tired and worn down working the weekends, I still want to keep working.  I like having my days off, but something inside of me just wants to push it to the max.  More money would mean a lot more options for me to pay student loans, better food, and maybe even my own place.  It would be nice to own my own place, but everything is so expensive these days.  It's a luxury to have your own home.  After seeing a lot of my patients, most people live with other people in all kinds of home property.  It's rare that anyone ever lives alone even if you hate and want to kill your roommate.  It's just that everything is SO EXPENSIVE.  $1000 for rent is the average in an area that isn't overpopulated by hoodlums.  $1000 for rent!?  Do you know how much food, utilities, water, and savings that is?  That's a lot of money per month.  Appreciate what you have I guess.  There's no easy way to explain this, but I really need to work hard if I ever want stuff.  The same rules apply for everyone else.  You need to work hard, sweat your ass off, and be extremely persistent in your field if you ever want something worthwhile.  I'm planning to make some phone calls tomorrow and see if there are any options.  I'm considering COSTCO, because I want a simple second job that won't try to run me over with a tank.  There's no other way around it people, you have to keep calling; making connections; network; be persistent; and be readily available once you get the job.  Sure, we can all recede back in our tight, niche comfort zones but there's work to be done.  It's only until you really want something that something will actually happen!  YOU HAVE TO WANT IT!  When there's a will, there is a way.   

Well, thanks for reading.  I hope to come up with some new material for next time!


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