Monday, September 28, 2015

Pay Day! The Birth of A New Life!

Well, there's my new pay check.  Yes, I am proud of it.  Unfortunately, I have to pay $520.52 in taxes after making $1860.38.  So, I only get to take home $1339.86.   Well, at least it's a lot bigger than my unemployment checks.  I have no complaints here.  I went in each morning on my days of work and did my job.  I made sure to go back if I needed to.  I tried my hardest not to leave any of my patients behind.  Well, now I need to maintain and be better at my craft in the medical field.  It's no laughing matter.  They do check your work, and you have to listen.  Failure to do so can cost you severely.  If you know me, I've been in hot situations before.  Shit happens but that is all the reason to stay on your toes and be careful at all times on the job.  Sometimes they'll want you to work on the days you are off.   In such an event, they can catch you off guard.  While you think you're doing the company a favor, you are actually risking your ass going back in the field where you are constantly critiqued and judge.  Based on my experiences, it's much safer to just stay home and not come in if you're not schedule.  Of course, the company is desperate and will try and pull you in.  Just remember, they'll try to throw a low blow at you regardless.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.  I worked hard for this piece of paper.  I stayed up Monday and Thursday shooting x-rays in the hood.  I had to drive down south and back north 1 hour each way.  I had to deal with the elderly, sick, and the bed ridden.  Without a doubt, I saw some pretty hard to deal patients that week.  It was not funny at all.  I'd stay the hell away unless I was getting paid for my time.  Well, there is one inspiring member of the human race "The Pope" that the patients generally like to watch on TV.  He came this week and everyone tuned in.  I felt that they really appreciated someone who has the capacity to care about them, the elderly and sick.  Taking care of people in any way is no easy task.  It requires a lot of confidence and communication skills to say the least.

So what will I be doing with my new found fortune?  Well, I hope to reinvest it into stocks and education.  I'm not such a big spender after seeing how so many people go nuts and lose it all so fast.  People accuse me of being cheap, and they're absolutely right; but it's for the safety of myself/family/community as a whole.  I don't want to be a financial fugitive with all kinds of crazy spending habits.  I'm more about saving, investing ,education, and learning.  Well, thank God my paycheck came in this week.  I can stop worrying.

Thank you for tuning in and reading!  I hope to write more!

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