Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Expected to Work the Next Day When I'm Suppose to Be Off

Well, I got called to work on my day off.  The worst part was that I had to wake up around 6:30 AM.  I got called in at the last minute.  I got just enough sleep in to properly function.  Yes, once again it's the dreaded morning where everyone is struggling to get out of bed.  What can be more realistic than having to wake up in the morning?  Nothing was over the top crazy but having to wake up early in the morning.  If I could wake up in the morning I could conquer the whole day with ease and confidence.  Unfortunately, waking up in the morning is the greatest of my struggles in life.

Yes, I did do the work.  I got up, put on my professional attire, and proceeded to drive off all the while navigating my GPS, making sure I had my car parked in a safe spot and all kinds of other crazy stuff to make sure my day went smoothly.  I drove a lot.  I had to go all the way down south, pick up another vehicle, and  shoot some x-rays.  Nursing homes are not fun and will take a toll on you if you stick around for too long which is the very same reason why I would never be a nurse.  I don't like it.  No, I would not want to be a nurse ever.  I do not qualify.  Nurses need to be patient and loving people.  They need to be able not to discriminate or judge anyone else simply, because they are sick or elderly.  You really need to know yourself before getting into nursing just because it pays well and "everyone else is doing it".  Regardless, parents and grownups still try and influence kids to become nurses, doctors, and lawyers.  Find your own path that suits you.  No one else is going to do the work except you.  Yes, it's real work and you'll feel the repercussions and ramifications of the environment of the job and the work flow.  To just ignore these things and look at your paycheck is just blatantly
The other face of life is the money you'll receive for working these long hours and crazy shifts.  Yes, you need the money to put a roof over your head.  Yes, there is a bigger picture to realize other than hiding inside of your own comfort zone.  When you care about someone, you'll do whatever it takes just to get by.  Who knows?  I don't know why anyone would want to take care of someone else other than it was themselves or a family member except for . . . money.  The vast majority of us do things, train, or go back to school for no other purpose but to make money or in the hopes of making more money.  It's rare to find someone who's both passionate and makes money off of their personal interest.  Finding your passion and making money is a brilliant idea but very few will ever find it.

I do x-rays for money as of now.  Do I like it?  Do I care about my patients?  Or do I just do it for the money?  Look, no one wants to work for more than eight straight hours a day and then be told to work another shift.  At the same time, you're making that money.  It has pros and cons.  Long hours is hell for just about anyone in any field that makes money.  Is it ever fun?  Does anyone have a good time on the job?  Well, it's completely psychological.  If you decide to care less inside and not let things bother you, the day will go on.  If you can't let go of hating on someone, hating your job, hating a particular person/coworker/boss, things will be much harder.  I simply decide to leave everything at the door step once I'm back inside my house.  Yes, separating your work life and your home life is very important.  You don't want anything nasty spilling over from one place back into your home.  As a child, I never understood my grownups would be so nasty all the time.  Now that I'm older, it's probably because they had a rancid time at their job.  If such is the case, I try to not confront these kinds of people and continue to carry on.  On the other side of the spectrum, some people are very needy for attention.  "Help me" . . . no I'm sorry I don't want anything to do with you. All of these forces are continuing to fight each other each day.  I choose to hermit as much as possible.  I don't care nor do I wish to care.  The more I have to care, the more risk I have at getting in trouble.  I don't like adding on baggage.  Everyone should be able to take care of themselves.  When everyone is able to carry their own weight, only then is it safe to "be friends".  If you have someone who needs too much help or someone who's just a blatant jerk hole there creates an imbalance.  I probably wouldn't like either type of personality and will just move on doing my own thing.  I will hermit myself out of a situation if I have to.  If you want my help you better be able to pay for it.

Well, today it's raining outside.  It's actually raining pretty hard.  With with wind blow and cold air skidding off the surface of my face, I wish for nothing else but to find warm shelter and a safe place to relax.  My needs are safely met, and I'm calm.  I'm free to write and nothing crazy is going on.  I have the whole day to myself.  It sounds selfish right?  Yes, I'm being selfish for my own sake.  I worked yesterday, and I want to take the day I have off.  I don't want to feel some kind of guilt trip for negligence.  I'm free to do whatever I want.  This is what I want.  I don't want to be bothered with having to pay thousands of dollars in doing something crazy or traveling somewhere.  I decided I don't want a debt filled life of responsibility.  I'm more of a wandering homeless man.  Bills?  What bills?  Kids?  What kids?  Zero is the balance I want to have at the end of the month.  Less bills; less drainage on society:  Less is more.  Remember, less is always more.  It'll save your ass.

Thank you for reading!  I hope to see you next time!


Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Day, Another Dollar

Well, here it it is, another one of my astonishing paychecks.  During the time I was earning this paycheck I was working hard and sweating my ass off hauling around a 140 lbs. x-ray machine.  I need to meet the orders on time or the owners' of the nursing homes get mad.  Yes, trouble arises from time to time regarding, the vehicle I drive, the equipment, electricity concerns, and even the patients.  Most of the problems that arise on the job can be fixed by vising the x-ray repair shop that's thankfully not too far away in some weird, remote location in the middle of nowhere.  As long as there are repair services around, the business can be functioning.  Another thing that is important is AAA and other car repair services.  Yes, the van does break down or the wheel blows out from time to time.  I should probably get myself my own personal AAA card in the event something weird should happen.  Having a tow truck saving your ass when you're on the job is a life saver.  It's well worth the money.  Well, I got this job out of my county college.  No, my state college with a big name "Rutgers" has done nothing in helping me find a job.  Somewhere along the lines of "I have kids to feed" doesn't make sense to prestigious colleges.  What expensive colleges do know how to do real well is charge you thousands upon thousands of dollars in tuition until you are forced into a repeating cycle of crippling student debt each month until it's paid in full plus 8%-10% in interest.  The price I paid for community college, going through the unemployment tuition waiver program, was a far better outcome than going through the name brand school of Rutgers.  "Buy low and sell high" is the name of the game.  If you're paying $200,000 for a school that gets you nowhere after you graduate, guess what? You bought high and didn't sell sh*t, which is a very real reality for a lot of suckers out there.  "Buy low and sell high" is the only way you can get out of this kind of mess.  With the national student debt toppling over 1 trillion dollars, things are going to hell in a hand basket real quick!  No one likes debt!  If a company has an overwhelming amount of debt, it's BAD.   You probably don't understand why they're in so much debt nor are they doing anything to help themselves get out of even more debt.  It's not worth the time or money to invest in a debt ridden company that can't seem to pull their shit together!  Get your shit together and make some dough!    
If the company or school is too complicated and doesn't make sense to you, it probably doesn't make any money either.  For your own sake don't invest in it!  You should only invest in what you can comprehend and understand on your own.  If you need a lawyer to understand what you're signing forget about it.  Something overwhelmingly complicated is in that can of worms that you don't want to open.  As soon as your gut instincts trigger "bullshit" that's why you should just leave.  You'd rather get sleep at night than to have to deal with even more complicated shit in the morning.

Keep things simple and work hard.  If you're putting that 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of work in you're doing something right.  Some how I'm pulling 3 day weekend shifts and still making good money.  Whatever school and training I had to go through I did it, so I can get paid.  Long story short, it worked.  Get your paycheck and go home.  No, you don't need to kill yourself for a Master's Degree or Doctorate.  It would be nice for someone like me to have such an opportunity, but I played the hand I was dealt.  $1000 a biweekly paycheck is really good for me.  Yes, it's real and not covered in someone else's lies and false promises.  The money is there and that's a fact.  Should you tell me something like go back to school and you can be making $2000 a week!  I would think you're full of shit, and you have absolutely no idea what it's like to be a normal, regular person trying to survive.  Well, whatever happens all you need to do is wake up early, get your gear on, and work really hard.  Maximize your rest time with plenty of sleep and be sure to eat healthy.

Thank you all for reading!  I hope to enjoy these up coming days off.    

Friday, October 23, 2015

My First Blue Tooth - The Year 2015

Yes, I've never needed blue tooth before for my cellphone.  Why do you ask?  Because there are a shit load of cop cars who have nothing else better to do but watch people, especially me.  No, you seriously don't have anything else to do but watch me use a cellphone on the road.  I am to a hot girl in a bar as the police are always up the ass of an innocent black man walking down a street in the city.  I purchase this piece using  There was even a $15 coupon for new customers.  Long story short, some of the deals on are actually better than Amazon believe it or not.  Yes, I'm skeptical as well but it's true. prices are a bit cheaper a dollar or two than Amazon.  Of course, it may not be cheaper 100%, but a lot of the times it is.  The bad news is that my blue tooth set came in a factory refurbished looking brown box that said "Made in China".  No, I didn't need another fancy over packaged consumer product that's vacuum sealed in shiny plastic to attract my attention.  I freaked out because it didn't seem to work with my cellphone at first, but after I charged it things started rolling.  The annoying part is that things take "beep" or "clicks" to activate.  Don't expect things to be lightning fast.  The voice command options and answering phone calls all require voice activation or clicking on the main button.  There's also a volume control button.  With only 1 real button, a volume control, and an on/off switch; you have to hold down a few things to get the voice command working and listening to the beep.  If anything is off, it'll just try to reconnect with the cellphone.  It says it's good up to 33 feet.  Returns are always "free".  You just have to print out the label and ship it back.  I guess this is it, my first blue tooth.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Being a Big Fat Nerd

Well, here's a casual picture of me in "my office".  Nope, there's nothing spectacular going on at the moment.  I'm not displaying any kind of aesthetic look although I very well have the potential to nerd things up.  Do I want to spend the money on it?  I sure wouldn't find it a waste of time to spruce up things up around here.  It would actually be kind of fun for me to add some more electronics and robot models, but is it profitable in any way?  Of course not, it's just to keep me busy and inspired.  Most people would just say it's a "hobby".  Welcome to my hobby hour I guess.  I have definitely  made some extra cash here and there online from selling old clearance toys and collector's items, but people wouldn't classify it as "a job".  Still, everything that I've done productively in my home is still considered at the hobby level.  The average person wouldn't even dare to classify my operation as a business model, but hey isn't this how Apple and Google started?  Didn't all the greats start out of their garage at home?  Why?  Because of low overhead.  I mean you don't need to pay extra for anyone else to be at your property other than whatever you're paying at the moment for yourself.  Just think about how much money you'd be saving without having to pay for extra property per square foot, additional utilities, property taxes, rent, parking spaces, handicap laws, and all other kinds of crazy nonsense from owning an actual brick and motor business.  Yes, saving money and being cheap is all that some of us are good for.  If the all mighty God wanted me to have money, I'd have money but obviously things have gone for the worse.  There's very little or no money, and I have to make the best of things.  

So instead of investing in the stock market and getting hammered, I could put my money sprucing up "my office".  Again, it's like God's rule of thumb that I don't have money.  So the likelihood of money favoring me is not in my ballpark at all.  In fact, it's  against me.  The odds are very well against me that I can go home at night and sleep with a great big pile of money.  After a while, people favor health over money.  Yes, if people get sick or get old they tend to concentrate more on health than believing in acquiring a fortune that they can't even use because they're bed ridden.  You would sure as hell know if "GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE MONEY".  Whatever the hell it is I'm suppose to do in this life it's definitely not to have money and live within my budget.  Also, if I want to "upgrade" I'd have to work like hell to get whatever it is I want like my own home or brick and motor business.  All these big ticket items cost a lot of money.  They also cost a lot of time to manage, upkeep, maintenance, and repair.  You also can't forget to check the Yellow Pages to see who can come over and fix whatever for the cheapest price possible, which you already know is impossible because as soon as they see your face at the door they''ll charge you 200% more just for having to show up when they could be at home being fat and watching television.  

So this is my life.  You are my readers.  You are important to me.  

Well, I hope for the best and wish everyone a happy weekend!    

Your Time

What is "your time" exactly?  Well, I spend most of whatever "my time" is on sleeping, eating, and surfing the internet.  No, I have never done anything spectacular nor am I super great at a particular area of study.  You read about "everyone else's success" on TV, on the internet, and in the newspapers/magazines but whatever the hell happened about you!?  Did someone like me ever stand a chance in becoming someone important to an organization?  Could have I created something that would generate a lot of revenue and create jobs for others?  Was I just growing up to become just another "somebody" in the world?  At the end of the day it dwindles back down to "Who cares?".  Well, I cared enough to push myself through college and get my degree.  I quickly got washed away with the millions of other job applicants trying to reach the same goal in mind, a day job.  With that in mind what is really important and what actually works?  First, you need to find your own passion in life.  "I graduated college and got my degree in ___", because I'm passionate and interested in the field as opposed to "I want to make lots of money".  This is the first and foremost important thing to an individual, but wait didn't the public school system just try and develop you into a "well-rounded individual"?  This is the second problem.  While you are trying to find your niche, your specialty, the school system is trying to make you into someone you're not.  I was never interested in a lot of the stuff they taught at school but was just wired to get "A's", because it looks good on paper and above all else "get into college".  This is the next biggest problem "college".  If you don't know what you're interested in or want to do for the rest of your life don't go!  There are plenty of cheaper alternatives that won't encase you in thousands upon thousands of dollars in student debt.  For me, not being buried in whatever debt is critical in building the most solid of foundations because I want to get 8 hours of sleep at night.  No, it's not important that I get a B- on my stupid weekly exam that I have to take every week.  It's important that my health is intact and that I'm recharged.  Report cards and grades are just real bullshit.  Job employer's don't even care what your report card looks like.  They'll freaking hire if YOU ARE GOOD.  You think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Shack, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, etc. ever gave a shit about their "report card".  No, they never gave a shit about their grades in school because THEY ARE GOOD at what they do.  Whatever the hell it is, you better be damn good at doing it.  This is what will separate you from the crowd, being good at something.

Have you ever wondered why you didn't get hired?  Have you ever wonder why they don't even bother looking at you resume?  It's because you're probably a cookie cutter, you look like every other one thousand applicants who has applied.  For me, I don't have to be amazing.  I already know I'm screwed and have to deal with "whatever I can get".  But for those who stand a chance, you need to be good at your craft.  You need to invest in yourself.  You need to improve your business.  All these little, microscopic things add up to the bigger picture of things.  If you keep mastering your craft and building the right skill sets, "THEY" will  eventually look at you.  So instead of focusing on achieving the best grades possible and trying to make yourself look good on paper, do something for yourself and better your craft.  Trust me, BEING GOOD at something will work wonders.  


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sign Up for Defensive Driving Class to Get 2 Points Off

Well, here is another one of life's hacks.  You can get 2 points off your driving violations by taking a defensive driving course.  I took one last time and got some defensive driving course car insurance reduction rate:

Long story short, I pay an average of $350 for car insurance every 6 months.  I try to keep it down as low as possible, but it's hard.  Now that my job requires that I drive much more often between New Jersey and New York, I have to safeguard it all.  With cops up my butt 24/7 keeping a clean driving record is no easy task.  I'll do whatever it takes to keep costs down.  There we go again with the money thing.  Well, that's what a lot of our hard earn money goes into driving and car repairs.  There's no other easy explanation or answer other than as people we need to get from point A to B and transportation is always costly and/or time consuming.   

Another Day in the Ghetto

Well, I have 4 days off.  I used one of the days off.  I have accomplished nothing as of yet except SLEEP.  I definitely need some rest after working 3 days straight.  Sleep?  Yes, people need to sleep.  The brain and the body need to rest and recover, so why was the first thing I've stated something along the lines of "accomplished nothing but sleep".  Is sleeping not an accomplishment?  People NEED SLEEP.  I'm not exactly sure why sleeping is looked down upon like being lazy or passive.  I value sleep.  It helps me not only pass time but recover.  I feel much better getting sleep in, but there still remains the question of "productivity", "marketing", "sales", "revenue", etc.

Show me the innovation!  Where is this "business" I'm happy to wake up to.  Is this my company?  Is this my idea?  Where is the foundation?  Who is the target customer?  What is the product?  What is the industry?  Who else is connected?  Where's the network?  Who is the manufacturer?

There's no easy answer to any of these questions.  I would literally have to bootstrap everything I can get my hands on.  Buy why even try?  All that effort; all of that time used to grab sales from customers?  Why not just spend my time sleeping?   This is something I have to decide for myself and move forward with.  Vision is what I'm aiming for.  Vision is all that I have as of now.  There is a beginning and an end.  "Homeless" why not just be a homeless and not care?  Having your own store will cost a lot of overhead.  You'd need to keep renting out space.  It takes a significant chunk of money each month for business space.  Not a lot of businesses can even survive their first year out on the streets, so how is anyone able to get ahead these days?  Are we just all doomed to work for someone else or for the government?  It's easier more than ever today with kickstarter and gofundme to get people to invest in your startup.  Is this what I must do?  If I don't start somewhere I have no one else to blame but myself.  Write a book?  I have this blog going on.  That's the closest thing to "writing my own book", my own product.  They even make is easy to sell on Amazon.  Everyone has access to these tools, but it's up to someone like me to get off the couch and actually go do something.

So how the hell will I write my own book?  Remember, this is the only product I have that I can create myself that doesn't require whole lot of material and resources.  It can either be fictional or nonfiction.  Where would I start?  Is it for kids or adults?  Who is the target audience?  Will anyone be interested in reading this?  Would anyone ever dear to purchase my book?  Marketing and sales is a key component to the success of my book.  My book . . . my book?


Thursday, October 15, 2015


So . . . you think you just go to school and work?  Where is the fun?  Where is the excitement?  This is America.  No one has a life.  They stay inside their homes or work all day.  Butt still I'd rather work than go to school.  Nothing is worse for me than to think about paying student loans.  With very few jobs out there I would not invest another dime into my education until the job market comes flooding in with new jobs for people that don't pay you shit.  Jobs?  Not paying people shit?  These are all new terms for me.  Minimum wage, working like a dog, having kids to feed, putting food on the table, and having a roof to put over your head is all too common.  It has never changed.  It's always been like this and will continue to be like this.  There's no such thing as a free lunch.  "Free money" or "winning the lottery" are just terms used to scam people.  The bottom line is you have to earn it.  Whatever the hell it is, you have to earn it.  If it isn't earned by the individual, whatever was obtained will be quickly pissed away.  It could be time, money, food, starting a business, school, girls, a new car, clothes, an iphone, an experience, travel tickets, or whatever.  The devil is always in the details.  If it's too good to be true; it probably is!

Things take hard work and there's no such thing as a free lunch.  As soon as you think you won the lottery or the government is giving out free money, guess what!?  They probably want something from you in exchange.  It may not be apparent at first, but it'll eventually bite you in the ass down the road.  So what if you won the lottery!?  Guess what the government still wants a chunk of it for taxes.  Going back to school for that bachelor's in nursing!?  Guess what!?  You have to take out more student loans, and they work you like a dog treating patients who are going to puke all over you the moment you walk in.  You think that's fun!?  I sure as hell don't want in any part of business of having direct contact with someone who's first potential thing they're going to do to me as either puke or poop on me!  No, no, and noooooooooooo!   Having to take out all that money and being exposed to such a hostile and embarrassing work environment would turn someone like me into an even bigger asshole.  By the time I'd be done with the medical program, I'd want to move to Hawaii.  Forget it lady!  I don't care.  I don't want to care.  I'm happier leaving and living my life as a homeless than to be cooped up in some squatted hell hole of sick people.

Moving on, I want the leisure time to be able to eat, take naps, and sleep.  No, I don't want to be constantly on the move or being told what to do with someone hovering over me with a stick up my ass all the time.  It's not worth the money for someone like me.  I'd prefer a much less stressful work environment with less pay.  Taking on an overwhelming amount of responsibility for a weak individual is not something you want to advise anyone.  "Not qualified"  is the term I would use.  I'm not qualified so don't tell me what to do.  Would it kill you not to encourage children to be a doctor or lawyer just because they make tons of money?  If an individual wants to achieve or be someone, they'll do it on their own.  You cannot force something on someone they don't want to do or be.  Manipulative people will try and try again but will ultimately fail as the individual will decide for himself/herself their own course of action.

 At the end of the day, it's just more paper work.  I'm a minimal list.  Unless I'm making money off of it, I prefer not to have all this shit piling up.  As a result, I would keep expenses and overhead as low as reasonably achievable.  I am sure as hell qualified in the department of saving money and reducing cost!  If you don't need it; don't buy it.  Of course, there are people out there who will flood their space with piles and piles of garbage.  Whatever they do is their own business.  As for me, the less stuff I have the less I have to be responsible for and don't ever need to worry about.  Being able to sleep at night is my medicine.  If I had three cars in the driveway, a house full of furniture I never use, and all this random crap lying around; something would just feel wrong. It would no longer be MY HOUSE.  It'd be instinctual of me to know that it's probably not my house anyways.  I'm a homeless after all.  I'm probably not even paying the bills.  Maybe there will be a time in my homeless life I'd have the legal opportunity of owning my own home.

As you can see, I'm a homeless.  Owning my own home is definitely out of my range unless I take out a mortgage or man up to buy a multiple family home and rent out the remaining units.  Being a minimalist and having the leisure time of eating/napping/sleeping are at the core of what I want in life.  With that said, be well to my readers.

Tomorrow, I will be working my 3 day weekend shift doing x-rays.  With the machine breaking down and needing to go to the repair shop every so often, things are more hectic than ever.  Sometimes, I even have to drive to New York and back in heavy traffic.  Do you think "going to school" will save me from this kind of reality?  Nope, the high traffic roads have nothing to do about school.  In fact, a lot of the schools actually cause the traffic in the first place.  But what other options do the young people have?  I went to school myself and nothing much came from it.  I still have some kind of horrible, God awful job.  What's the point of it all?  We're all in the same boat.  Patience is the key to surviving.  I hope that my work flow isn't as hellish as it has been the previous weekends.  Something always seems to be broken or needs fixing.  I prey to God that my work is as hassle free as possible.  I prey to God to find work that doesn't suck.  But if the work was easy, everyone would be doing it.  Everyone would be making mad money and calling it vacation.  The only reason why this is even classified as "work" to begin with is because it's "HARD".  Yes, real people will only pay YOU money if the task at hand is HARD.  If the job was easy and the individual could do it all by themselves in bed they most certainly would.  Thousands would be out of work and have no jobs.  When you hear "job" or "work" you can bet that it's going to take effort and that you'd definitely need to apply yourself.  No, a college degree will most certainly not save your ass.  Regardless of your educational level, work is work.  You will sweat and feel overwhelmed by pressure.  There's no way out.  Being persistent and working like hell is all that there is left in the world.  

Another Morning: Rise and Shine

As you see folks, the morning has come again without any bias or discrimination.  The morning doesn't care what you look like, what you do, how much money you make, how much money you don't make, or how bad your day was yesterday.  It's ruthless and will continue to go on without you.  Now, the secret here is to prepare the night before.  No, this is not a joke.  Failing to prepare for the morning time will cut you open a new one.  Make sure you have anything ready such as the clothes you'll be wearing, food, drink, equipment, car, phone, computer, backpacks, identification, resumes, portfolios, whatever.  The more you are prepared for the morning time; the better your day will flow.  Failure to prepare for the morning will have its consequences.  Hell, I had today off but I still felt the need to go to sleep earlier and eat breakfast.  Trying to master a consistent time of waking up in the morning makes it easier on the body.  It's like running or doing a sport.  The more time you invest in training, the better and easier it feels for you.  Eventually, you'll feel more confident about how your day goes.  You'll be more prepared for whatever situation arise.  You'll be able to read that book, you'll be able to answer those phone calls, you'll be able to solve problems, and you'll be able to workout at the gym.

So I walked around the Short Hills Malls yesterday, which is the third most expensive mall in the United States.  I longed to have a nice day just walking somewhere nice.  It was great to see the nice stores and different businesses.  Although I was never interested in buying anything expensive for my fat self, I just wanted the experience of window shopping.  It was great to just walk around and see what I could buy with my money.  Unfortunately, I don't spend money like that "at the mall".  I recycle my money into companies that have promises of making even more money.  Does investing in other companies always work?  No, a lot of times the stock market can fall dramatically.  It maybe worth spending that $500 on a new coat, so you don't lose it all in a failed business partnership.  Either way, the money was just going to disintegrate into nothingness.  Because of this fear, a lot of people just want cash and hide it under the rug in their home.  Do I have a solution as to where you should put it once income starts flowing!?  I would recommended to just continue paying your everyday utility home bills and/or student loans.  The only thing I would upgrade heavily on would be food.  There's nothing else to it:  Food, shelter, and to a less extent clothing.  Okay, you'd also need health insurance and a car.  So these 4-5 things right here are the most important.  Clothing?  I'm not even sure you need that much money for clothes.  You can just keep washing your preexisting clothes or find something for cheap on eBay/Amazon.  So it really comes down to food, shelter, health insurance, and car.  Food is expensive, because it comes in one way and out the other.  What you make goes straight right into the toilet.  Yes, my biology teacher was a doctor and told us exactly that our hard earn money would just be flushed right into the toilet.  As human beings or any other living animal needs to eat to survive.  There's no way around getting the proper nutrition, vitamins, and supplements other than to take a bite out of something.  Food bills add up and need proper management.  Shelter is also another constant issue.  An apartment in the ghetto can cost about $400 a month.  In a nonghetto area, it can go $800 a month.  The average is about $1000 a month.  Another thing I would spend money on immediately is shelter.  Whatever the hell the commercials are trying to sell on TV, you need a place to sleep at night.  You need a place of your own just to chill and get away from everyone else that you can call your own home.  I wouldn't mind converting my vehicle into a bed, I'd only do that if I were truly homeless and desperate enough.  Fortunately, I have a place without too much drama for now.  Next, there's always health insurance to worry about.  If you make less that the $15,000 you can get Medicaid.  I'm currently on the Medicaid plan right now.  Eventually, I'll surpass the poverty line threshold; and I will no longer be able to qualify.  They want you to keep updating your income voluntarily each year; or they'll find out when they keep sending update request forms if you're still eligible.  It's a great feeling that I know how the Medicaid system works because I have actual experience!  I don't recommend trying to cheat the system, but if you need government help go for it.  "Everyone" pays taxes so why not take advantage of it?  I mean it's really sad if a person is unable to help themselves and earn a living for themselves.  But there are a lot of people out there who fall in this category.  I was a college graduate and even fell into the pits.  Yes, there are decent people out there trying to improve but hardships are well, hardships.

Success is no accident.  It takes dedication, the right mind set, planning, and going all out.  It all starts in the morning.  There is no mistake about it.  If you don't know what you'll be doing in the morning then it's time for you to invest in yourself.  I take some long walks just to know and feel who I am.  Trying to keep up with the Kardashians or taking out more loans to go back to school doesn't make much sense to me or ever will.  No, I don't want to be in debt.  No, I don't believe working 1000% harder after I graduate just so I can repay the student loan debt I borrowed in the first place.  I'm sure I'd be a lot happier NOT GOING THROUGH the hell of more school and making less money than going to school and feeling the burden of carrying $200,000 in student loan debt and having to pay it back.  I'm not superman, I know I'm not superman, nor do I want to add 1000% more responsibility and crazy to my life.  These things they never tell you.  All they tell you as a child is "doctor", "lawyer", "nurse", "astronaut", "scientist", . . . Making all that money my ass.  It sounds like I've given up on my dreams already.  Wow, school and making your dreams come true is no joke.  I know where my place is in.  I do not want anything that will cause anymore drama or heartache.  I'm thankful of where I'm now and will continue strolling on.

Thank you for reading.  I hope to post next time.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


From my point of view, money should be spent on investing in good companies that will make you more money; but what if you don't believe in the economy?  What if you believe that the money you put into those companies will just keep falling down in stock prices?  This is true for many people.  The stock market has taken away a lot of the people's money time after time again.  So what do you do with the pieces of paper you've just worked so hard for?  Go back to school?  At $10,000 a semester no one will be going back to school any time soon, period.  No, I don't think you'll ever earn all that money back unless you are some kind of genuine genius.  If you are a genius or trust fund baby there is no need to be reading my article.  The only reason to go back to school is to advance yourself in a specialty.  So for me, I would only go back to school to further my education in CT, MRI, sonography, mamography, etc.  Will I ever go back to school?  Well, as long as I have an existing job I'm not going back to school unless my company is paying for it.  So what's next?  Save your money in the bank @ 1% interest APY.  Yes, in one year you only earn 1% interest; which is close to about nothing.  Buy a house?  Nope, you'd have to further yourself in debt with having to take out a mortgage.  You'd also be responsible for paying land tax.  You can buy a multiple family house and rent out the units to tenants.  Hell, you wouldn't even need a day job.  You would just take care of your family house that you're renting out to your tenants.  Well, you can't find any other significant source of income without having twenty years of experience!?  There are only a very few places for the average person to make money for themselves which makes the business of making money extremely hard.  With the economy going downhill, I don't know how the vast majority of the people can survive but God bless.  There just doesn't seem to be skilled employees and not enough jobs out there.  My main concern is that public education is absolutely pointless beyond reading and writing.  College is heading the same direction with liberal art majors.  For someone to make money, you would need a skill and/or trade/industry.  Finding a student an industry to work in is usually overlooked by the schools.  Well, I'm not a teach or administrator nor do I wish to care.  I'm just here to earn enough money to survive.  I don't know how the hell the younger generation is going to survive any much longer, but everyone must be buried waist deep into student loan debt by now.  Right, the student loan debt in this country is a whopping 1 trillion dollars.  Well, this country is going to hell in a waste basket.

With school out of the picture, where would I like to spend my time and money?  Well, I would definitely start eating a lot better!  Yes, food makes people happy and is good for you.  Nutrition is very important and when done right will even make you smarter and stronger.  The world is fleeting and food is one of the few things that will ensure that you had a good time, so have a bite to eat.  In my own experience, food has always been something I look forward to.  Food is very important.  Make sure to eat well whenever you get the chance, because nothing else out there will make you happy.  Why not just jump to sex?  Because you have to deal with people.  When you deal with people, a whole lot of shit can arise unless you do it right.  For those who can do it right, great.  But for those who accidentally burn down the kitchen all too quickly, need a little more time investing into something else.  Money can always help you get there but will cost you a pretty penny.

The last thing on my list to spend money on would just be to "save" for car maintenance purposes.  The car is expensive to maintain.  Not only do you need oil changes, tires rotations, gas; you have to watch out for getting tickets.  These things add up.  I try not to drive unless I have to.  Yes, they're always pulling over just about everyone who innocently went over 5 mph.  Are you serious?  Don't they have bigger fish to fry than pulling grandma over for driving 5 mph over the speed limit?  No, usually they don't.  They want to dish out as many tickets as they can to meet quota.  Hence, I would never donate money to such an organization.  Now that is a pain in the ass.  Why help and save people from violent criminals when you can be making mad money pulling over innocent drivers for a speeding/wrong turn signal ticket?  What a bullshit township that just needs money . . .  Well, welcome to the hell people.

What else is there for me to do as of right now?  Go out to the mall and go shopping!  I'm going to be windowing some fancy stores and checking out nice things.  Sometimes I just go out and exercise, but you still need the day off for rest.  I even go to the library and research the stock market, but what is the point of all of this homework if I'm not out there having fun!?  I deserve to eat good and travel.  I deserve a better life.  I deserve to enjoy my hard, earned money . . .

Well, thanks for reading.  I hope to post next time.


Earning Money!

Well, here is my newest paycheck of a total net pay of $1,113.21.  Yes, I worked hard and earned it.  I need to sleep early, wake up early in the morning, check my phone, eat breakfast, get my outfit on, and startup the van.  No, it's not as easy as 1,2,3.  Remember, before you spend that hard earned dollar make sure it's worth it.  It's easy to spend money, but it's hard as hell to make money.  Even looking to where you invest your money requires a lot of homework.  Again, it's very easy for just about anyone, even with 10+ years of experience or Harvard graduate to lose money.  Hell, no one even seems to care about working hard anymore.  All the people on top just want to spend your money, because it's much easier on them.  That is why you need to pay attention to who or what company you're investing your money to.  Because there's a line of trust to cross over, you won't be giving your money to just anyone you can't trust.  Make sure you take time to go window shopping, explore, and do your homework.  If anyone tries to rush you and say "Buy" "Buy" "Buy", you know they're just trying to do their job and earn a buck for themselves.  Does it work for business?  Yes, it does; but for my own sake I would like the experience of not pissing my money away overnight.  

Whatever it is, money or no money, it all comes down to that dreadful time in the morning when you have to wake up.  Are you prepared for the whole day to go out and work?  Do you have enough food and drink to fuel yourself?  Do you have your phone on?  Do you have access to internet?  Do you have your uniform, required documents, and keys with you?  All these small little details add up and make up who you are.  Don't try and cheat yourself.  You want to be ready.  No, I'm not talking about how to be happy or how to live the best life now; I'm just trying to train one's self to be prepared and to be able to survive the dreaded 9-5 job.

To qualify for government benefits, you need to make less than $15,655 single/ $21,187 couple.  From my experience, I got "free" doctor's visits, flu shots, dental, PPD testing, and blood work.  Yes, statistically I've fallen under the poverty line and actually qualify.  No, I'm not trying to play games or mess with what is "free" out there.  Seriously, I qualified and took advantage of government aid to its citizens.  Yes, it works.  I've even went back to school using the tuition waiver program.  The unemployment office has helped me in my time of need.  Although I graduated from a prestigious state college Rutgers, I was hit hard by student loan debt and long unemployment lines in my field, Criminal Justice.  I just wanted a job so I can pay my bills.  During my journey, I realized that what I was doing was just bullshit.  I didn't like it and just wanted money.  I JUST WANT MONEY FROM WHATEVER JOB I CAN GET MY HANDS ON.  This mentality was wrong.  The universe wants us to be happy.  Don't go into a field just for money.  Having a sense of passion, interest, and "looking forward to waking up in the morning" is much more important than trying to get by and what your earning potential will look like on paper.
You have to go inside of yourself and be honest.  If you don't like people, don't try and get a job where you have to work with people!  My teacher recommended that I go into I.T. simply because of my quiet personality.  Although I can perform the duties of a healthcare professional in the x-ray department, I would excel much better in I.T. where I would be away from having to interact with people directly and just plug in numbers and information on a computer.  It all sounds good to me!

Yes, money this and money that needs to be paid.  Invest in solid, boring companies like Pepsi and Nike.  No, do not put your money into some up/down roller coaster new stock concept idea full of mayhem, earning potential, dividends, loans, borrowing, and all kinds of crazy financial Wall Street jargon.  You can only do such a thing if the company is cheap as hell and you can get away with 1000 shares for $100.  Down the road that small cap company could go up in share prices.  Most likely it'll drop and you'll lose money but that is the risk you have to take to learn.  $100 is nothing in comparison to what the sharks spend out there.  Once again, it always goes back to consistency and the same boring routine of not only waking up in the morning but stocks!  All the big companies work off of similar consistent models of doing the same boring thing just to find new, potential customers or to just reestablish trust with retaining the same, old customers.  Big business salesmen do not get discouraged ever.  They will continue with their "pitch" to the next 1,000 people just to find those 10 customers.  It's like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Yes, it's HARD WORK and that is why it's so important not to piss your money away in crappy companies.  No one knows or experiences what it's like to work hard except for yourself.  For me, I have to sweat bullets and feel the burning hells of the fire.  No, I'm not just going to throw my money out of the window to some xyz company.  Of course, I'd spend the extra time to do my research and homework to see if it's a good investment. 

Consistency, not being discouraged, repeating the same "pitch" over and over again, finding that needle in the hay stack, retaining existing customers:  All of these things play a major role in your career, in your job, and in your working life.  Find those boring, consistent companies and invest in them.  Remember, Rome was not built in one day.  Getting rich overnight does not exist.  People perfect doing the same boring task over and over again until they become a grand master at it.  It's hard to wake up in the morning, so try and pick something that will make you excited!  You have to get up and reach for the stars!  Believe in yourself!  

Thank you for reading.  I hope to post a new article for next time!  

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I got the Job at Amazon!

Oh my God!  I got the job at Amazon!  Congratulations!  
Well that's something I would be saying if we lived in a virtual reality world.  
In fact, I did get the job; but when I called up they don't have hours for you to work.  
Much like a lot of the jobs already taken out there or want in any way, shape, or form; they only want you to work on the weekends!  Long story short, Amazon has very few or a limited amount of hours set for their employees.  The starting pay rate is $12.25/hour although they advertise $13.25/hour.  The videos they displayed at their temp agency all showed honest reviews of employees of what it's like to work at Amazon.  They all said it was a lot of work, and you need the time and commitment.  No, it's not easy.  Some of them have to walk up to 20 miles a day.  If it's not walking than it's standing all day.  They each admitted that it would physically hurt to go home and sleep at night, because it was just so much work.  After three weeks of brutal, slave labor the pain usually subsides and becomes a daily routine.  Amazon has a lot of trusted customers and that's what they want.  They want to retain and attract new customers who'll keep on trusting them for business.  It has very little or nothing to do with school or education.  You just need to put in the time for Amazon as though it was your baby.  IT'S A LOT OF WORK, AND YOU WILL FEEL THE PAIN OF WORKING AT A WAREHOUSE FOR AMAZON!  

Look kids, there's no easy way to tell you this but adults work really hard for whatever life they are holding on to.  In a job market like this you'll see nothing but a large population of blacks and Hispanics.  It's almost like Chinatown:  The ones unloading the carts of grocery food are almost always Mexicans.  It's a lot of labor and not enough pay.  Employers love hiring Mexicans for cheap, slave labor.  Inevitably, you either trap yourself in student debt and continue to go to school; or you become a Mexican.  A few people will find their way around working their way up an already established business.  An even fewer amount of people would be able to start their own business, have their own successful pool of customers, and continue on with their lives running their own show.  Sure we all want to have and make money all the time, but it's really hard.  We want our own businesses and want to be our own bosses, but it all requires a lot of time and money.  If you want something that badly enough in life you have to sacrifice all that you have even if it means you'll be on the edge of self destruction.

Just go out there and work really hard.  Be sure to study something in school that isn't complete and utter bullshit.  Remember, it's the customer that'll ultimately decide how much you're worth.  If your customers don't like whatever the hell it is you're pursing, you probably won't make very much for your efforts.  Someone has to be paying for your goods and/or services.  School is school.  A lot of people feel that academics is bullshit, and they are absolutely right.  In the world of business, you need to possess and deploy a wide range of people skills that just can't be taught in the classroom. 

Thank you for reading!  I'll keep you posted! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Go Work at Amazon or Costco?

Well, the results are in.  I want another job, so I'm going to go out into the world and get one.  Sure, I'd like to start my own big business, be my own boss, and earn tons of money on my free time but guess what!?  This is reality and things look grim.  As a result, I have hand picked 2 companies I would like to work for:  Costco or Amazon.  Well, I called Costco up and to no avail all they do is ask you to apply online.  Yes, I've applied online 3 different times already in my life.  Each time you apply there's only a 60 day period that'll it'll stay up.  Basically, every 60 days you have to renew your application to Costco.  It's an easy process and more friendly user than most companies out there.  The first time they told me to speak to "George" when I asked for advice as to how to get hired, just enough to get my foot in the door.  The best time to get in is through seasonal or to "know someone".  Right, the whole "you have to know someone" thing again.  Once again, school proves to be another huge waste of time and money if all you needed to do in real life is "know someone".   Oh right, all that time spent studying and achieving academic excellent was spent in some quiet library where you didn't get to meet NO ONE.  Yes, for some people being a nerd works but for the vast majority of people IT DOESN'T WORK.  You always have to "know someone".  Being female sure helps if you offer the male manager sexual entertainment from time to time.  Back to real life, Costco is rather hard to get in.  Even if you want to be a bag lady or cashier, you need to prove yourself one way or the other.  It doesn't look easy.  They want you to work.  The hardest part is getting through the opening butt cracks of human resources.  Call and ask for the hiring manager, because that online application or college degree isn't going to do you any good. 

Well, my second choice is Amazon warehouse at $13.50/hour.  No, I'm not a coder or computer engineer looking to upgrade fancy robotics and warehouse machines.  Once again, I fall under the average factory worker.  I've tried educating myself on computer science but guess what!?  IT'S REALLY BORING. I fell asleep numerous times trying to learn about basic code, loops, algorithms, Python, Java, Ruby, etc.  I hit the bed after I heard the teacher online trying to explain things.  As much as I wanted to learn, I just fell flat on my face bored and sleepy.  It wasn't exciting or cool.  It was just MORE WORK.  I hope that others find computer science more interesting and fun.  As for me, I've recently applied.  Believe it or not, I have an interview coming up that I scheduled on Monday.  Yes, well everyone gets an interview as long as you fill out the online application.  No, it's not directly though the Amazon warehouse although the temp agency is right next door to it.  It's about a 30 minute drive.  I'd be really excited to work for Amazon, but the job market out there is always so tight.  I get to tell everyone that I work for Amazon!  To be honest, the reviews online say that a vast majority of current employees don't like it at all.  Although the vast majority of grunt work satisfaction at Costco is excellent, Amazon is very poor.  People generally don't like working for Amazon.  They probably suffer from what other big companies have so before; like cutting down hours, minimum wage, lack of benefits, minimum amount of breaks, not letting you go to the bathroom, too many asshole managers looking over your shoulder every 5 minutes, no health insurance, no room for climbing for the cooperate latter.  Yes, you are a machine at Amazon.  You are less of a machine at Costco, because they give benefits and livable wages like Halloween candy.  Amazon is just one of those Indian slave labor camps for children.  Although I know what I would be getting myself into, working for Amazon seems like a good fit for me.  At least I wouldn't have to speak directly to customers.  That'd take a load off of me as I just like to work with my hands, computers, machines, and vehicles.  No, I don't want anyone nagging or screaming at me.  

Well, I ruled out the good and bad about working for either Costco or Amazon.  No, I still don't have experience for working for either company.  How am I to write anymore if I have no experience in either company?  I could be that person writing about how it's like to work for such companies but guess what?  No one ever hired me, therefore you don't get to read any of the juicy details that goes on in these companies.  Basically, I can't help you, your children, or your friends to get a job!  If the big companies don't even give me a chance, then no one else here will probably get a chance either.  You probably have to be really connected to "the system" to get a job anywhere.  None the less, a lot of black people have jobs all over.  They work day in and day out.  Being more economically disadvantaged, if they can do it so can a lot of  other people.     

Well, thank you for reading!  I hope to post again soon!