Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Earning Money!

Well, here is my newest paycheck of a total net pay of $1,113.21.  Yes, I worked hard and earned it.  I need to sleep early, wake up early in the morning, check my phone, eat breakfast, get my outfit on, and startup the van.  No, it's not as easy as 1,2,3.  Remember, before you spend that hard earned dollar make sure it's worth it.  It's easy to spend money, but it's hard as hell to make money.  Even looking to where you invest your money requires a lot of homework.  Again, it's very easy for just about anyone, even with 10+ years of experience or Harvard graduate to lose money.  Hell, no one even seems to care about working hard anymore.  All the people on top just want to spend your money, because it's much easier on them.  That is why you need to pay attention to who or what company you're investing your money to.  Because there's a line of trust to cross over, you won't be giving your money to just anyone you can't trust.  Make sure you take time to go window shopping, explore, and do your homework.  If anyone tries to rush you and say "Buy" "Buy" "Buy", you know they're just trying to do their job and earn a buck for themselves.  Does it work for business?  Yes, it does; but for my own sake I would like the experience of not pissing my money away overnight.  

Whatever it is, money or no money, it all comes down to that dreadful time in the morning when you have to wake up.  Are you prepared for the whole day to go out and work?  Do you have enough food and drink to fuel yourself?  Do you have your phone on?  Do you have access to internet?  Do you have your uniform, required documents, and keys with you?  All these small little details add up and make up who you are.  Don't try and cheat yourself.  You want to be ready.  No, I'm not talking about how to be happy or how to live the best life now; I'm just trying to train one's self to be prepared and to be able to survive the dreaded 9-5 job.

To qualify for government benefits, you need to make less than $15,655 single/ $21,187 couple.  From my experience, I got "free" doctor's visits, flu shots, dental, PPD testing, and blood work.  Yes, statistically I've fallen under the poverty line and actually qualify.  No, I'm not trying to play games or mess with what is "free" out there.  Seriously, I qualified and took advantage of government aid to its citizens.  Yes, it works.  I've even went back to school using the tuition waiver program.  The unemployment office has helped me in my time of need.  Although I graduated from a prestigious state college Rutgers, I was hit hard by student loan debt and long unemployment lines in my field, Criminal Justice.  I just wanted a job so I can pay my bills.  During my journey, I realized that what I was doing was just bullshit.  I didn't like it and just wanted money.  I JUST WANT MONEY FROM WHATEVER JOB I CAN GET MY HANDS ON.  This mentality was wrong.  The universe wants us to be happy.  Don't go into a field just for money.  Having a sense of passion, interest, and "looking forward to waking up in the morning" is much more important than trying to get by and what your earning potential will look like on paper.
You have to go inside of yourself and be honest.  If you don't like people, don't try and get a job where you have to work with people!  My teacher recommended that I go into I.T. simply because of my quiet personality.  Although I can perform the duties of a healthcare professional in the x-ray department, I would excel much better in I.T. where I would be away from having to interact with people directly and just plug in numbers and information on a computer.  It all sounds good to me!

Yes, money this and money that needs to be paid.  Invest in solid, boring companies like Pepsi and Nike.  No, do not put your money into some up/down roller coaster new stock concept idea full of mayhem, earning potential, dividends, loans, borrowing, and all kinds of crazy financial Wall Street jargon.  You can only do such a thing if the company is cheap as hell and you can get away with 1000 shares for $100.  Down the road that small cap company could go up in share prices.  Most likely it'll drop and you'll lose money but that is the risk you have to take to learn.  $100 is nothing in comparison to what the sharks spend out there.  Once again, it always goes back to consistency and the same boring routine of not only waking up in the morning but stocks!  All the big companies work off of similar consistent models of doing the same boring thing just to find new, potential customers or to just reestablish trust with retaining the same, old customers.  Big business salesmen do not get discouraged ever.  They will continue with their "pitch" to the next 1,000 people just to find those 10 customers.  It's like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Yes, it's HARD WORK and that is why it's so important not to piss your money away in crappy companies.  No one knows or experiences what it's like to work hard except for yourself.  For me, I have to sweat bullets and feel the burning hells of the fire.  No, I'm not just going to throw my money out of the window to some xyz company.  Of course, I'd spend the extra time to do my research and homework to see if it's a good investment. 

Consistency, not being discouraged, repeating the same "pitch" over and over again, finding that needle in the hay stack, retaining existing customers:  All of these things play a major role in your career, in your job, and in your working life.  Find those boring, consistent companies and invest in them.  Remember, Rome was not built in one day.  Getting rich overnight does not exist.  People perfect doing the same boring task over and over again until they become a grand master at it.  It's hard to wake up in the morning, so try and pick something that will make you excited!  You have to get up and reach for the stars!  Believe in yourself!  

Thank you for reading.  I hope to post a new article for next time!  

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