Thursday, October 22, 2015

Your Time

What is "your time" exactly?  Well, I spend most of whatever "my time" is on sleeping, eating, and surfing the internet.  No, I have never done anything spectacular nor am I super great at a particular area of study.  You read about "everyone else's success" on TV, on the internet, and in the newspapers/magazines but whatever the hell happened about you!?  Did someone like me ever stand a chance in becoming someone important to an organization?  Could have I created something that would generate a lot of revenue and create jobs for others?  Was I just growing up to become just another "somebody" in the world?  At the end of the day it dwindles back down to "Who cares?".  Well, I cared enough to push myself through college and get my degree.  I quickly got washed away with the millions of other job applicants trying to reach the same goal in mind, a day job.  With that in mind what is really important and what actually works?  First, you need to find your own passion in life.  "I graduated college and got my degree in ___", because I'm passionate and interested in the field as opposed to "I want to make lots of money".  This is the first and foremost important thing to an individual, but wait didn't the public school system just try and develop you into a "well-rounded individual"?  This is the second problem.  While you are trying to find your niche, your specialty, the school system is trying to make you into someone you're not.  I was never interested in a lot of the stuff they taught at school but was just wired to get "A's", because it looks good on paper and above all else "get into college".  This is the next biggest problem "college".  If you don't know what you're interested in or want to do for the rest of your life don't go!  There are plenty of cheaper alternatives that won't encase you in thousands upon thousands of dollars in student debt.  For me, not being buried in whatever debt is critical in building the most solid of foundations because I want to get 8 hours of sleep at night.  No, it's not important that I get a B- on my stupid weekly exam that I have to take every week.  It's important that my health is intact and that I'm recharged.  Report cards and grades are just real bullshit.  Job employer's don't even care what your report card looks like.  They'll freaking hire if YOU ARE GOOD.  You think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Shack, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, etc. ever gave a shit about their "report card".  No, they never gave a shit about their grades in school because THEY ARE GOOD at what they do.  Whatever the hell it is, you better be damn good at doing it.  This is what will separate you from the crowd, being good at something.

Have you ever wondered why you didn't get hired?  Have you ever wonder why they don't even bother looking at you resume?  It's because you're probably a cookie cutter, you look like every other one thousand applicants who has applied.  For me, I don't have to be amazing.  I already know I'm screwed and have to deal with "whatever I can get".  But for those who stand a chance, you need to be good at your craft.  You need to invest in yourself.  You need to improve your business.  All these little, microscopic things add up to the bigger picture of things.  If you keep mastering your craft and building the right skill sets, "THEY" will  eventually look at you.  So instead of focusing on achieving the best grades possible and trying to make yourself look good on paper, do something for yourself and better your craft.  Trust me, BEING GOOD at something will work wonders.  


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