Thursday, October 15, 2015

Another Morning: Rise and Shine

As you see folks, the morning has come again without any bias or discrimination.  The morning doesn't care what you look like, what you do, how much money you make, how much money you don't make, or how bad your day was yesterday.  It's ruthless and will continue to go on without you.  Now, the secret here is to prepare the night before.  No, this is not a joke.  Failing to prepare for the morning time will cut you open a new one.  Make sure you have anything ready such as the clothes you'll be wearing, food, drink, equipment, car, phone, computer, backpacks, identification, resumes, portfolios, whatever.  The more you are prepared for the morning time; the better your day will flow.  Failure to prepare for the morning will have its consequences.  Hell, I had today off but I still felt the need to go to sleep earlier and eat breakfast.  Trying to master a consistent time of waking up in the morning makes it easier on the body.  It's like running or doing a sport.  The more time you invest in training, the better and easier it feels for you.  Eventually, you'll feel more confident about how your day goes.  You'll be more prepared for whatever situation arise.  You'll be able to read that book, you'll be able to answer those phone calls, you'll be able to solve problems, and you'll be able to workout at the gym.

So I walked around the Short Hills Malls yesterday, which is the third most expensive mall in the United States.  I longed to have a nice day just walking somewhere nice.  It was great to see the nice stores and different businesses.  Although I was never interested in buying anything expensive for my fat self, I just wanted the experience of window shopping.  It was great to just walk around and see what I could buy with my money.  Unfortunately, I don't spend money like that "at the mall".  I recycle my money into companies that have promises of making even more money.  Does investing in other companies always work?  No, a lot of times the stock market can fall dramatically.  It maybe worth spending that $500 on a new coat, so you don't lose it all in a failed business partnership.  Either way, the money was just going to disintegrate into nothingness.  Because of this fear, a lot of people just want cash and hide it under the rug in their home.  Do I have a solution as to where you should put it once income starts flowing!?  I would recommended to just continue paying your everyday utility home bills and/or student loans.  The only thing I would upgrade heavily on would be food.  There's nothing else to it:  Food, shelter, and to a less extent clothing.  Okay, you'd also need health insurance and a car.  So these 4-5 things right here are the most important.  Clothing?  I'm not even sure you need that much money for clothes.  You can just keep washing your preexisting clothes or find something for cheap on eBay/Amazon.  So it really comes down to food, shelter, health insurance, and car.  Food is expensive, because it comes in one way and out the other.  What you make goes straight right into the toilet.  Yes, my biology teacher was a doctor and told us exactly that our hard earn money would just be flushed right into the toilet.  As human beings or any other living animal needs to eat to survive.  There's no way around getting the proper nutrition, vitamins, and supplements other than to take a bite out of something.  Food bills add up and need proper management.  Shelter is also another constant issue.  An apartment in the ghetto can cost about $400 a month.  In a nonghetto area, it can go $800 a month.  The average is about $1000 a month.  Another thing I would spend money on immediately is shelter.  Whatever the hell the commercials are trying to sell on TV, you need a place to sleep at night.  You need a place of your own just to chill and get away from everyone else that you can call your own home.  I wouldn't mind converting my vehicle into a bed, I'd only do that if I were truly homeless and desperate enough.  Fortunately, I have a place without too much drama for now.  Next, there's always health insurance to worry about.  If you make less that the $15,000 you can get Medicaid.  I'm currently on the Medicaid plan right now.  Eventually, I'll surpass the poverty line threshold; and I will no longer be able to qualify.  They want you to keep updating your income voluntarily each year; or they'll find out when they keep sending update request forms if you're still eligible.  It's a great feeling that I know how the Medicaid system works because I have actual experience!  I don't recommend trying to cheat the system, but if you need government help go for it.  "Everyone" pays taxes so why not take advantage of it?  I mean it's really sad if a person is unable to help themselves and earn a living for themselves.  But there are a lot of people out there who fall in this category.  I was a college graduate and even fell into the pits.  Yes, there are decent people out there trying to improve but hardships are well, hardships.

Success is no accident.  It takes dedication, the right mind set, planning, and going all out.  It all starts in the morning.  There is no mistake about it.  If you don't know what you'll be doing in the morning then it's time for you to invest in yourself.  I take some long walks just to know and feel who I am.  Trying to keep up with the Kardashians or taking out more loans to go back to school doesn't make much sense to me or ever will.  No, I don't want to be in debt.  No, I don't believe working 1000% harder after I graduate just so I can repay the student loan debt I borrowed in the first place.  I'm sure I'd be a lot happier NOT GOING THROUGH the hell of more school and making less money than going to school and feeling the burden of carrying $200,000 in student loan debt and having to pay it back.  I'm not superman, I know I'm not superman, nor do I want to add 1000% more responsibility and crazy to my life.  These things they never tell you.  All they tell you as a child is "doctor", "lawyer", "nurse", "astronaut", "scientist", . . . Making all that money my ass.  It sounds like I've given up on my dreams already.  Wow, school and making your dreams come true is no joke.  I know where my place is in.  I do not want anything that will cause anymore drama or heartache.  I'm thankful of where I'm now and will continue strolling on.

Thank you for reading.  I hope to post next time.

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