Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sign Up for Defensive Driving Class to Get 2 Points Off

Well, here is another one of life's hacks.  You can get 2 points off your driving violations by taking a defensive driving course.  I took one last time and got some defensive driving course car insurance reduction rate:

Long story short, I pay an average of $350 for car insurance every 6 months.  I try to keep it down as low as possible, but it's hard.  Now that my job requires that I drive much more often between New Jersey and New York, I have to safeguard it all.  With cops up my butt 24/7 keeping a clean driving record is no easy task.  I'll do whatever it takes to keep costs down.  There we go again with the money thing.  Well, that's what a lot of our hard earn money goes into driving and car repairs.  There's no other easy explanation or answer other than as people we need to get from point A to B and transportation is always costly and/or time consuming.   

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