Wednesday, October 14, 2015


From my point of view, money should be spent on investing in good companies that will make you more money; but what if you don't believe in the economy?  What if you believe that the money you put into those companies will just keep falling down in stock prices?  This is true for many people.  The stock market has taken away a lot of the people's money time after time again.  So what do you do with the pieces of paper you've just worked so hard for?  Go back to school?  At $10,000 a semester no one will be going back to school any time soon, period.  No, I don't think you'll ever earn all that money back unless you are some kind of genuine genius.  If you are a genius or trust fund baby there is no need to be reading my article.  The only reason to go back to school is to advance yourself in a specialty.  So for me, I would only go back to school to further my education in CT, MRI, sonography, mamography, etc.  Will I ever go back to school?  Well, as long as I have an existing job I'm not going back to school unless my company is paying for it.  So what's next?  Save your money in the bank @ 1% interest APY.  Yes, in one year you only earn 1% interest; which is close to about nothing.  Buy a house?  Nope, you'd have to further yourself in debt with having to take out a mortgage.  You'd also be responsible for paying land tax.  You can buy a multiple family house and rent out the units to tenants.  Hell, you wouldn't even need a day job.  You would just take care of your family house that you're renting out to your tenants.  Well, you can't find any other significant source of income without having twenty years of experience!?  There are only a very few places for the average person to make money for themselves which makes the business of making money extremely hard.  With the economy going downhill, I don't know how the vast majority of the people can survive but God bless.  There just doesn't seem to be skilled employees and not enough jobs out there.  My main concern is that public education is absolutely pointless beyond reading and writing.  College is heading the same direction with liberal art majors.  For someone to make money, you would need a skill and/or trade/industry.  Finding a student an industry to work in is usually overlooked by the schools.  Well, I'm not a teach or administrator nor do I wish to care.  I'm just here to earn enough money to survive.  I don't know how the hell the younger generation is going to survive any much longer, but everyone must be buried waist deep into student loan debt by now.  Right, the student loan debt in this country is a whopping 1 trillion dollars.  Well, this country is going to hell in a waste basket.

With school out of the picture, where would I like to spend my time and money?  Well, I would definitely start eating a lot better!  Yes, food makes people happy and is good for you.  Nutrition is very important and when done right will even make you smarter and stronger.  The world is fleeting and food is one of the few things that will ensure that you had a good time, so have a bite to eat.  In my own experience, food has always been something I look forward to.  Food is very important.  Make sure to eat well whenever you get the chance, because nothing else out there will make you happy.  Why not just jump to sex?  Because you have to deal with people.  When you deal with people, a whole lot of shit can arise unless you do it right.  For those who can do it right, great.  But for those who accidentally burn down the kitchen all too quickly, need a little more time investing into something else.  Money can always help you get there but will cost you a pretty penny.

The last thing on my list to spend money on would just be to "save" for car maintenance purposes.  The car is expensive to maintain.  Not only do you need oil changes, tires rotations, gas; you have to watch out for getting tickets.  These things add up.  I try not to drive unless I have to.  Yes, they're always pulling over just about everyone who innocently went over 5 mph.  Are you serious?  Don't they have bigger fish to fry than pulling grandma over for driving 5 mph over the speed limit?  No, usually they don't.  They want to dish out as many tickets as they can to meet quota.  Hence, I would never donate money to such an organization.  Now that is a pain in the ass.  Why help and save people from violent criminals when you can be making mad money pulling over innocent drivers for a speeding/wrong turn signal ticket?  What a bullshit township that just needs money . . .  Well, welcome to the hell people.

What else is there for me to do as of right now?  Go out to the mall and go shopping!  I'm going to be windowing some fancy stores and checking out nice things.  Sometimes I just go out and exercise, but you still need the day off for rest.  I even go to the library and research the stock market, but what is the point of all of this homework if I'm not out there having fun!?  I deserve to eat good and travel.  I deserve a better life.  I deserve to enjoy my hard, earned money . . .

Well, thanks for reading.  I hope to post next time.


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