Thursday, October 22, 2015

Being a Big Fat Nerd

Well, here's a casual picture of me in "my office".  Nope, there's nothing spectacular going on at the moment.  I'm not displaying any kind of aesthetic look although I very well have the potential to nerd things up.  Do I want to spend the money on it?  I sure wouldn't find it a waste of time to spruce up things up around here.  It would actually be kind of fun for me to add some more electronics and robot models, but is it profitable in any way?  Of course not, it's just to keep me busy and inspired.  Most people would just say it's a "hobby".  Welcome to my hobby hour I guess.  I have definitely  made some extra cash here and there online from selling old clearance toys and collector's items, but people wouldn't classify it as "a job".  Still, everything that I've done productively in my home is still considered at the hobby level.  The average person wouldn't even dare to classify my operation as a business model, but hey isn't this how Apple and Google started?  Didn't all the greats start out of their garage at home?  Why?  Because of low overhead.  I mean you don't need to pay extra for anyone else to be at your property other than whatever you're paying at the moment for yourself.  Just think about how much money you'd be saving without having to pay for extra property per square foot, additional utilities, property taxes, rent, parking spaces, handicap laws, and all other kinds of crazy nonsense from owning an actual brick and motor business.  Yes, saving money and being cheap is all that some of us are good for.  If the all mighty God wanted me to have money, I'd have money but obviously things have gone for the worse.  There's very little or no money, and I have to make the best of things.  

So instead of investing in the stock market and getting hammered, I could put my money sprucing up "my office".  Again, it's like God's rule of thumb that I don't have money.  So the likelihood of money favoring me is not in my ballpark at all.  In fact, it's  against me.  The odds are very well against me that I can go home at night and sleep with a great big pile of money.  After a while, people favor health over money.  Yes, if people get sick or get old they tend to concentrate more on health than believing in acquiring a fortune that they can't even use because they're bed ridden.  You would sure as hell know if "GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE MONEY".  Whatever the hell it is I'm suppose to do in this life it's definitely not to have money and live within my budget.  Also, if I want to "upgrade" I'd have to work like hell to get whatever it is I want like my own home or brick and motor business.  All these big ticket items cost a lot of money.  They also cost a lot of time to manage, upkeep, maintenance, and repair.  You also can't forget to check the Yellow Pages to see who can come over and fix whatever for the cheapest price possible, which you already know is impossible because as soon as they see your face at the door they''ll charge you 200% more just for having to show up when they could be at home being fat and watching television.  

So this is my life.  You are my readers.  You are important to me.  

Well, I hope for the best and wish everyone a happy weekend!    

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