Friday, October 23, 2015

My First Blue Tooth - The Year 2015

Yes, I've never needed blue tooth before for my cellphone.  Why do you ask?  Because there are a shit load of cop cars who have nothing else better to do but watch people, especially me.  No, you seriously don't have anything else to do but watch me use a cellphone on the road.  I am to a hot girl in a bar as the police are always up the ass of an innocent black man walking down a street in the city.  I purchase this piece using  There was even a $15 coupon for new customers.  Long story short, some of the deals on are actually better than Amazon believe it or not.  Yes, I'm skeptical as well but it's true. prices are a bit cheaper a dollar or two than Amazon.  Of course, it may not be cheaper 100%, but a lot of the times it is.  The bad news is that my blue tooth set came in a factory refurbished looking brown box that said "Made in China".  No, I didn't need another fancy over packaged consumer product that's vacuum sealed in shiny plastic to attract my attention.  I freaked out because it didn't seem to work with my cellphone at first, but after I charged it things started rolling.  The annoying part is that things take "beep" or "clicks" to activate.  Don't expect things to be lightning fast.  The voice command options and answering phone calls all require voice activation or clicking on the main button.  There's also a volume control button.  With only 1 real button, a volume control, and an on/off switch; you have to hold down a few things to get the voice command working and listening to the beep.  If anything is off, it'll just try to reconnect with the cellphone.  It says it's good up to 33 feet.  Returns are always "free".  You just have to print out the label and ship it back.  I guess this is it, my first blue tooth.

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