Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Old Habits Don't Die

After being conditioned to work everyday like a slave,  what do you do with your time off!?  It's incredible that you are finally "free"!  So, what do you do with your time?  What do you really want to do?  Having time off from work is just the beginning.  For me, I still wanted "to work".  Wait, what!?  Yes, you become the habits that you form during your lifetime doing whatever it is you've been doing.  We are whatever habits we form.

So what have I been really doing after I left my 24/7 mobile x-ray job?  I've been sleeping late and waking up late.  Whatever I transformed myself into during my job hours, I'm back to where I started from, a homeless.  Without money, cash, credit, coupons, treasure, pirate booty, or any kind of incentive for putting effort into something; I don't care.  Literally, I don't care nor do I want to care; but I still have this pulsating vibe in my soul to be doing something productive.  Other than to acquire more money, I don't know what that "doing something productive" is quite exactly.  I would like to know what that something is, but it's like I'm not suppose to be aware of what it is.  As a result, whatever the hell it is I'm doing right this instant is that something productive I'm suppose to be doing.  With a little bit of imagination and creativity that something could be anything really.  I'm not limited or bound by any field and/or subject matter.  I'm basically here to discover and learn new things.  It's like being "Jack of all trades, master of none."  Yes, I know these kinds of people don't make as much money as specialists do; but this is who I am basically.      

Without any external devices, societal controls, or emphasis on acquiring acquisitions this is what I do for the vast majority of the day that I would normally do without much effort or having to think twice about it:

    • GAMING 
As you can see, other than to take care of myself mentally, physically, and spiritually; I naturally don't care much about anything else.  Who am I really?  I'm just someone who wants to take care of myself.  Being on television and showing off my acting skills has never been my thing.  Networking and going out to talk to people about business has never been my thing either.  All of this power tripping and making money stuff has been brought on by societal conditioning over the years.  If all of this bullshit is taken out, I'll be back to my normal, homeless ass self.   

So what's missing in this whole picture?  Where is the growth?  Where is the learning?  Where is the productivity?  Where is the meaning?  Where is the essence?  Well, if you're happy all the time; you can't grow.  You have to challenge yourself everyday.  You have to embrace the failure and negativity in order to succeed.  So yes, always develop the skill sets and have experience to solve difficult problems and managing potentially hostile situations.  No, being a homeless is not the answer.  Being able to grow, learn, solve problems, and experience new things is always going to be a thing and you can only get there through hard trials, failure after failure, and going through tough shit.  

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you learned something.  I'll see you next time! 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Retired Mobile X-Ray Technician

Hello my readers, I've quit my job August 31, 2017.  I held my mobile x-ray technician job for 2 full years without any real vacation time or sick days.  I was making about $21 - $23 an hour.  I would make about $32 an hour for overtime.  After paying two state taxes New Jersey and New York, I would only take home about $1400 on average (bi-weekly paycheck).  If I was lucky, I would be seeing $1500.  If I covered for someone else's day(s), the most I would see is right under $2000.  Long story short, it's about $50,000 - $55,000 a year.  

Well, the truth is it was really something.  It was Hell on Earth to have to wake up, get out of bed, drive to some random nursing home (30 min - 3 hours) and take some x-rays for a patient or two.  You think that's all?  Nope, sometimes the same facility would call up to 3 or 4 times in any given day.  Basically, the company has clients to serve that is a laundry list  of over 1000 different doctors and nursing home/private home/apartments locations.  I've spent 14 hours driving around from nursing home to nursing home both New Jersey and New York.  They don't care if you burnout and die over this job.  It's just another day, another dollar to them.  To make matters worse, you're dealing with patients and the social environment is always set on SENSITIVE.  Patients have family, nurses, doctors, etc. surrounding them all the time.  You have to be very careful not to upset anyone or else they can kick you out.  In a nut shell, you have to possess all the time in the world, be able to work with people and patients, take x-rays, drive around everywhere in all kinds of unimaginable weather and conditions, take care of the van and equipment, and come home late at night.  They also wanted us to perform EKG's as well.  Unfortunately, some of these nursing homes don't have EKG's onsite and will hire a mobile service.  For whatever reason, they don't want an EKG onsite probably because they want to rack up more charges on the patient's medicare/medicaid bill to make more money for business expenditures.  Whatever the reason is, it's really f*cked up.  I would drive up to 11 different locations in any given day of the week.  On average, it's about 8 nursing home.  If I was really lucky, I'd only have to do 6 minimum.  Each destination can vary from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour, 2 hours, and even 3+ hours.  Driving around Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Astoria, Uptown, and then back here to New Jersey is no easy task.  After a while it makes you really, really want to quit this job.  The money is decent for a recent grad, but it's just not worth it anymore.  I've paid all my student loans and the mortgage for the home I'm currently residing in.  No, I may not have my own place; but I can get out and find an apartment for about $1000/month here for myself if I really wanted to.  Sometimes they would send me to a place and the patient wouldn't even be present.  Basically, I would drive around, sit in traffic, and look for someone who didn't even give a f*ck.  I'm sorry, but I can't do a job where the other person doesn't even care about himself/herself to even show up.  To make matters worse, the roads and the traffic are just bad.  It's New York traffic, the worst on the planet.  I just couldn't deal with all the drama and baggage anymore.  I'm glad I left.
I am thankful that I wrote my letter of resignation.  I am thankful that I submitted my letter of resignation.  I am thankful that I executed a prompt exit strategy without anything or anyone blowing up.  I am grateful for such an opportunity, the bounty I have received with having a job, and continuing with my life having just quit after two years.

So what's life after you quit the grind?  I mean, I've been so accustomed to just wake up, walk out of the door, work all day, and come home late at night.  I've been conditioned to be a robot and respond to text messages on my phone for assignments.  Well, it looks like it's up to me to use my imagination and creativity to figure out how I want my "new life" to be setup and lived accordingly; or would I just prefer spontaneous randomness?  I guess it's a mixture of two as life is always changing.  What I don't want to see myself doing is playing video games all day that is unless I'm streaming, amass a large audience, and make money off of it.  Yes, back to making money.  What the hell am I going to do for money?  Now, I work at a local urgent care center, not to far from my home.  I have been given only 2 days a week, but I'm happy with my hours for now.  No, I'm not making mad money as I use to; but I feel much more comfortable and caring for my situation.  There's a large deal of emotional intelligence that goes into all this that needs to be respected.  Do you want a job that pays a lot of money but will make you miserable; or do you want a job that pays less that you'd actually enjoy or at a minimum "like".  I wouldn't know that myself unless I've actually done it, and I have.  My last mobile x-ray job did give me a jolt of more money for what it's worth, but I hated it.  I hated waking up to any given day when I was on call.  Spending my time to drive to some dingy nursing home was the last thing I ever wanted to do on this Earth.  I don't even like visiting my grandma, how is it possible I'd enjoy seeing other elderly people?  It was a living hell hole.  I'm glad I'm gone.  

So I left my old job that was paying me a livable wage, and now I'm currently working at a local urgent care center for two days a week.  Please, enough with the make more money thing 24/7.  I hated it okay?  If I can provide a service or product to potential customers and buyers that I actually like doing, it'd be well worth my time.  I really want a positive attitude facing the challenges of holding onto a job.  I don't want to step into a nursing home for work and be like "I don't want to f*cking be here".  I want to play things off my positive emotions and attitude and not have to be so disgruntled and negative towards my job environment.  I would have a much better time and life doing something I like than doing something I hate.  What is money worth if you are miserable doing the job you hate?  I'd use that money to find or educate myself to do something I prefer and/or actually like doing.  I'm very grateful for leaving my old mobile x-ray job.  I am thankful for the paychecks that have come in for the past two years.  I will try and make the best of my time here.  I will not consider going back into a field I'd hate just for the money.  I want to have a positive attitude and make money all at the same time.

Thank you for coming and reading my blog.  I can't thank my audience enough.  Until next time!      

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Well, here we are just me and you.  I've spent the past two weeks working.  I've only taken off on Saturdays, because I have two jobs now.  Somehow, I've been able to manage and continue to survive without any crazy shit raining down on me to hard.  Yes, I've gotten yelled at by THE MAN and other such things.  Whatever you do in life, you're probably going to get yelled at anyways so just keep on trying.  What separates those who are fortunate to have a roof over their head from those bumming around on the streets?  Neither is better than the other and are just two different complete perspectives of life.   For me, I just want options.  I want the ability to choose.  Having money isn't the real solution as we all know you're just kidding yourself, trading your time for money is not fun.  The greats will tell you to never trade your time for money.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are doing exactly that.  We want to do smart things like start our own business.  We want to earn and streamline multiple forms of passive income, so we don't have to work in some rat race hellhole of a job.  We all want to be big real estate agents and just win it big just by buying and fixing up houses.  We just don't do these things, because it's just hard and overwhelmingly complicated to handle all on your own.  One key human ingredient is confidence and the other is creativity.  Good luck finding your genius.

It's obvious that the rest of us are simply LEFT BEHIND, but how do we simply SURVIVE and stay afloat so we don't go any deeper?  We have our rat race jobs.  We keep our mouths shut and continue to work for that money or get hammered by THE MAN.  We trade our precious time for pieces of paper.  We get that part, so what's the next quantum leap of our average Joe existence?  Most people just point to saving up for early retirement by maxing out every possible retirement plan, pension, IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, company match, annuity, social security, medicare, etc.  By the time you're old as hell, you'll be able to leave the unforgiving, dreaded rat race of the job you hate that you had to work everyday.  Congratulations!  You've reached retirement!

Is being homeless a solution?  Is being on welfare and medicaid the way to go if I don't want to work?  If your answer is YES, you have to find a job you like or at least work towards a job you think you'll like.  The truth is everyone hates to work and is unforgiving at times, but it's certain things like completing goals and overcoming challenges that keep people going.  Instead of thinking about how shitty my job is, I think about investing my money into companies I like that will have a huge impact in the world like Google, Amazon, or even Facebook.  I know my odds are like the biblical story of David and Goliath, but I believe in compound interest.  If you keep investing in quality companies, you'll eventually see big results down the road.  People don't operate like the way you want them to like programming a robot.  The mind needs to be tricked into believing whatever they're doing is fun! So I want to reach my goal of having a minimum investment portfolio of $100,000 within the shortest amount possible.  That means I have to create and reinvent new ways of doing things and develop certain strategies that'll help me progress towards achieving my goal.  Like I said rat race jobs suck, but if you have something you really want to achieve in life you'll work towards meeting your goal.
It's like playing with Lego, you just keep building and stacking up the blocks.  Things will eventually fall and break but that doesn't mean it's the end of the world.  Just keep trying, and you'll create the life you want.

Thank you for reading my article.  Until next time!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Map Awareness - Finviz

Expose yourself to not only what you know now, but to the entire world!

With the single click of a button, you are now connected to the entire globe!  You now have full, complete map awareness of what is going on.  This is simply what all the other ETFs look like.  Yes, I've emphasized the importance and ease of use with Vanguard but there are others competing on the market as well.  Long story short, you can see what's doing good and what to stay away from.  Is Vanguard the best out there with the greatest gains ever!  Of course not, but it comes close with low fees and good returns.  The good news is you can actually see who's doing the best out there!  No, you're not going to be overwhelmed with boring information and hard math problems.  Finviz makes it very easy to follow with it's color coordinated charts.  No more complicated pieces of garbage.

Long story short, you only have one tool under your belt that actually works: Buy low, sell high.  What the hell does that mean!  What you need is foresight.  You need to have the guts to invest what the market will be 5 years down the road.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.  By reading and carefully analyzing what will be the next Apple, you have to select the right company and put your pennies into it.  For most of us, we have absolutely no idea and obviously need help from gurus.  You might miss a lot of the winners, but don't miss all of them.  This is why ETFs and mutual funds are so important, because they track a laundry list of different assets.  This leads us to international stocks!  Not only international stocks have been doing quite well lately; but they're pretty much half the price of American stocks.  Yes, people are seeing value in investing in other countries because it's much cheaper than USA.  Are we not off shoring our jobs to other countries?  People like cheap!  Yes, they kill each other and are at each other throats all the time in the name of being cheap and stingy!  To capitalize on this global activity all you have to do is invest in international ETFs and mutual funds.  VEA, VWO, and VGK are all great places to start.  You'll have a wide range of exposure of Asia, Europe, and even Canada at unbeatable low prices.  According to the data, things have definitely been growing and building up momentum!  Yes, buying on momentum and when things are going up is an actual strategy some of the pros use.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but at least now you have a greater awareness of what is going on in the world and a bigger pool of diversification for investments.  I feel excited!  I love exploring new things!  You never want to be bogged down by the same, boring old stuff.  The only thing that ever remains constant in the universe is change.  Well, tomorrow is the start of another one of my work weeks!  I know I will have to push and keep pushing until the weekend.  I know business is not easy.  I know what it is like to sweat.  I know what it is like to work in the rain.  I know what it is like to work in the snow.  I know what it is like to work in the heat.  I also know what it is like to be fat and lazy.  Good luck everyone!

Thank you for reading.  I hope you come back soon!                            

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Diversify, Diversify, and Diversify

Well, just as I was saying to invest in the technology sector of the economy, it goes bust as in the whole mess dropped down 2.77% or about -$4.10 for everyone one of your shares in information technology.  The other sectors did fine and managed to survive, but the technology sector had a really bad day.  For opportunists, it's a great time to buy now as there's an obvious reduction of prices.  Is it life changing?  Nope, not at all; it's just another day in the office.  I'm very use to prices drop in the stock market due to my frequent exposure for such a long time.  I'm 32 years old now, so I've seen quite a lot of craziness happen already.  Ups and down don't move me as much as I've evolved to be less emotional and more reasonable about my wins and loses.  Being able to handle and deal with your loses is much more important of a skill than knowing what to do when you do make bank.  Once in a while, you'll win, but a lot of times the world is full of losers.  It's like playing the lottery.  Success and wins comes through practice and patience.  It's much harder to win than to lose all the time.  In any event, we always want more wins than loses.  There's no way anyone can time the market or predict what's going to happen with stocks.  We are reduced and watered down to diversifying!  Diversity is the key to survival in the stock market.

 Sometimes you just have to let go and aim higher.  You have to reach for the stars.  You have to takes risks.  Making baby moves and trying to minimize risk all the day will only result in small wins.  People are more impressed with something more life changing and revolutionary, like a new home.  Even I'm stuck making baby moves and taking in small wins here and there.  Let me tell you something, no one is impressed.  When you put your big boy pants on, then someone will turn their head and pay attention.  You have to be good at what you do.  You have to accomplish something big.  No one is impressed with a small, one bedroom apartment in the middle of nowhere.  It takes initiation and guts to get to the next level.  You have to have balls.  You can't just be like the everyone else.

As you can see, I have a lot of growing up to do.  I am here to learn from the greats.  I am here to experience and try new things.  I'm not paralyzed by fear or failure.  Respecting other peoples' time and networking is also vital to any business or lasting relationship that you can't just hide from.  Getting people together has never been my thing in life, but I know it's fundamental to the well being of any functional organization or just basic human survival.    

Saturday, June 3, 2017

What to Do with $10,000!?

We are here on this day to discuss how I have $10,000 just floating around, so what should I do with it?  If you had $10,000 how would you make the best of it?  Would you just obsess over it?  What are the best options?  From personal experience and how people live, I would definitely to play keep away immediately!  Human beings are fundamentally flawed and money just magnifies it when left unmanaged.  Sorry folks but paying for overpriced college degrees hasn't helped much in alleviating the pain of economic troubles, and young adults are still moving back in their parent's home.  Starting your own business and/or real estate is awesome, but what if you just can't?  Well, the next best thing to do is invest!  Long story short, it's Vanguard who remains one of the very view who has the potential to ultimately save your ass from financial meltdown.  No, it's not that brand new car; it's not that shiny piece of paper hanging up on your wall; it's Vanguard!  My confidence and conviction in Vanguard is off the charts!  These guys definitely know what the hell they are doing and should be paid a pretty penny for it.  

So what to invest in is the next big question.  Step one, you need to specialize in one particular area.  Being a jack of all trades or a well rounded individual will only land you a job as a barista at a local Starbucks.  A perfect example is Michael Jordan.  He is only well known for his basketball career, period.  Although he tried many other things like baseball, he failed miserably on a professional level. Long story short, you have to stick to one major.  What you specialize in naturally becomes your main source of income down the road.  Look, I really don't want to be poor.  I know the feeling of working a job you hate.  I know the feeling of having to get out of bed for something you give zero shits about but you do it anyways because that is what your paycheck entails what you have to do.  I know what it feels like to have to drive somewhere you hate.  I know much about the disgust people hide who work retail jobs.  There's a whole lot of hate harbored inside, and I just want to reduce the level of toxicity in the world by enlightening not only myself but others to spend their time and money more wisely on things that they can actually do that'll impact their life in a more positive manner.  

Of the 11 different sectors and specialties offered by Vanguard, ideally I would major in information technology.  As you can see from the chart about, it has the highest growth potential out of all the other options.  The numbers do not lie but people do.  Information technology encompasses all the hardcore nerdy aspects of business, including Google, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, Cisco, etc.  Investing in things like artificial intelligence is just perfect for someone like me.  Earning money is a cold, calculating system.  I want the brains of the operation.  Be ruthless!  Although I do not discredit any of the other sectors, I just want the quickest and shortest path to victory.  I've wasted enough time exploring and just want to go straight to the goal.  With the greatest amount of risk, there is also the greatest amount of return.

Thank you for reading!  I hope you learned something from my mistakes.  Until next time!    


Friday, June 2, 2017

Having an Impact on the World

Well, it's clear to me that I need to be worth a damn if anyone out there is ever going to take me serious or be interested in my content to the point that I would have a large, actively involved audience who'd be more than interested in seeing me because I have some value to offer.  Feeling useless or not knowing what you want to do or be is not something you want in life.  You always want know what you want to do or not to do.  I need to set goals and standards as a way to feel more like a productive, evolving human being.  No, it's not fun being stuck in the process of growing and change.  Taking risk and learning from your mistakes is all apart of learning and growing.  Without pain, there's no gain.  Your comfort zone is going to be one of your biggest enemies ever.  Just don't be lazy.

In any event, if I can turn a homeless person into a hardworking, productive individual I would be happy.  If I can turn a middle class hard working man who's trapped in the rat race into someone  who can make sufficient passive income without having to work so hard, I'd also be happy.  Hard working or not, the end goal always leads to money.  Basically, we  still live in  times of the ancient Babylonian magic money slave system.  To counteract such a powerful method of mass, incarcerated slavery, we have coinbase.  It's basically where you can buy/see alternative forms of currency beyond what we are use to like the US dollar.  It's a fundamental that people will try to short sell all day long using this platform - buy low/sell high.  But did you do it?  Of course not, it's too late in the game.  Would you buy Litecoin at $28 a pop?  You probably think that's crazy, so you'd never do anything.  Have you been an early investor of Bitcoin, you'd be a millionaire by now.  But does anyone you know ever take that risk!?  At $20 a share, did anyone believe in Google, Apple, Amazon, Tesla, etc.? If you put the effort into investing in those particular companies in their time of need and uncertainty; you'd be rich right now, not having to work that job you hate and have the money to buy a home for yourself!  Did you do it!?  Did you put in the effort to do what was necessary in such a time of risk!  If you did congratulations!  For the rest of us, we have Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs.
Invite a friend who buys or sells $100 of digital currency or more, and you'll both earn $10 of free bitcoin!

So you find yourself late in the game, right?  Amazon and Google is approaching $1000 share.  Facebook and Apple are $150 or so.  I mean, how in the hell are you going to catch up to these cooperate giants taking over the world as we speak!?  We have Vanguard to thank for all that.  I have put thousands of dollars inside my Vanguard just so I can stay afloat.  What I'm trying to say is you don't want to trade your time for money.  If you don't own and run your own business, the next best thing to do is invest!  Owning your own business and investing trump trading your time for money. 
I provide nothing of any greater advice that has the capacity that can change the course of your history and have an actual, positive impact to someone else other than to invest in Vanguard funds. With the national student loan debt approaching $2 trillion, the average student is not making the cut. The educational system is just not working anymore.  In fact, it's broken.  Something is very wrong.  Someone is lying.  Some money making marketing machine is dispensing very harmful information to lure kids to buy a product that sucks.  Having student loans grossing $80,000+ is not an easy task to pay back if you're only going to make about $50,000 a year on average!  Even if you lived in your parent's basement, you'd still have a hard time pulling it off.  Invest early and often.  Spend your money on index funds instead of a new car.  You don't want to be working forever.  You don't want to be stuck in a dead end job.  I'm not against the idea of materialism, but I am strongly opposed to slaving your life away at a job you hate.  Only 1% of the population will ever find a job they like!  Just make sure you're apart of that 1%!    

Thank you for stopping by and reading my content, which I have created from my own two hands.
I appreciate your company.  Until next time!