Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Well, here are my digits girls.  Yup, you know you want me baby.  Seriously, how am I to survive blogging and writing?  Is it even worth it for me to even give a damn?   This is what I have to deal with everyday.  Do my actions even have any remote value or the slightest impact to someone else and/or economy?  If I didn't do anything, I'd get the same results as working my ass off.  So why bother to do anything?  

I'm not really into spamming and posting nonsense for the soul purpose of acquiring more views and audience but I guess that is what the higher ups call "marketing".  I get it:  You have to selflessly just go in, market, and sell yourself regardless of the haters and negativity out there.  Whoring yourself out is fundamentally and essential in making money.  Well, it's not fun not making and I am human so this does bother me.  Sorry, I don't live in some kind of magical 5th/6th dimensional plane of existence where money doesn't mean shit.  As long as we continue to live, we need money to survive.  

So the problem is what can I do to generate more income for my Google AdSense?  Do I pay for ads?  Should I go on Twitter and start spamming every post?  Should I just produce a book, sell it on Ebay, and ask people to check out my blog?  Should I go on YouTube and reference my website if they are interested in what it is like to be a homeless?  All of these questions are right in their own way, but it takes effort and the courage to implement and do any of it.  

Do I even take myself seriously enough to move things to the next step?  Am I even concerned about my online presence and/or brand name?  Does it always have to be about making money?  Well, I tried to do a few things; I guess this is all I got on me.  Welcome to the Hell!    

Who knows if I'll ever get off the couch?  I keep saying things and dreaming big, but in reality I probably won't do much or if I do manage to pull something off it probably wouldn't have a big enough impact to the point of seeing actual growth of any kind.  I know the odds are stacked against me.  In the end I just didn't care enough or didn't even bother with achieving something larger than life, because I couldn't see through the veil of darkness.  It would also help if there was a support team.  Hell, if I was a natural leader, things would be rolling in with dough already.  I see the person that I am.  I see the person who I want to be.  Don't you see how much more work I would have to put in to be somebody?  Don't you know how hard it is to buildup a name for yourself? 

Without continual creative content and posting stuff consistently, you'll become like me.  Please, don't be me.  You want to use your time wisely and earn money blogging and posting videos on YouTube.  You want to make sales.  You want to reach out to people.  You want to network!  You want to be connected!  Don't be like me, a hermit.  Go out there and just do it.  

Thank you for stopping by and coming.  I appreciate the company.  I hope to be back and post soon with whatever comes across my mind at the time!       


Monday, May 21, 2018

The Lazy Man

Well, I'm back.  Yes, I'm still continuing with my journey and struggling to complete the Unemployment WIOA grant to go back to school and all; but I would like to keep it real while I'm at it.  I've been watching and reading OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK, and it seems like EVERYONE ELSE is prospering and succeeding.  How come everyone else seems to have tons of continuing views, followers, subscribers, audience, customers, listeners, etc.?  What the hell is it that I am doing wrong all the time?  Well, I just don't seem to care to go the extra mile I guess.  I don't promote myself through social media, I don't bother to tell people to subscribe or like my channel, I don't voice myself and tell people to donate to my Patreon/Gofundme, I don't actively network with people, and it's just a whole lot easier if I don't do anything.  This is exactly what is wrong with me:  Not doing doesn't work.  Instead, do something and be an active, productive part of society.  I'm the perfect example of WHAT NOT TO DO.  Don't just sit back and just chill there in the corner.  The masculine energy of the universe needs to be fully utilized and actually functioning for things to physically/actively manifest for things to happen and be accomplished.  Things just don't happen out of thin air.  You are much more likely to get results if you are being PROACTIVE about something.

I do not like being that guy who complains all the time about why things aren't working out.  If you know what you are doing, you won't be complaining about the lack of money, customers, audience, subscribers, viewers, resources, job offers, etc.  Of course, the only way to learn the right way to do things is by EXPERIENCE.  Life is the ultimate teacher.  Again, I do not want to be Negative Nancy or Debby Downer; I want to be the guy who gets shit done the right way and gets results.  No, it's not easy.  Yes, it takes a lot more work to achieve any kind of result than to be doing nothing.  The person who is comfortable doing nothing will not achieve anything but perpetual, continual existence thereof of not caring.  If you don't want to give a crap, you don't have to.  If you want to evolve and grow, that option is also available as well.     

Ultimately, it's easy to call yourself a homeless, not care, nor lift a finger; but it takes actual effort and drive to create something.  The doer will always achieve more than the intellectual.  The person who attempted and published a book has achieved far greater than the person who possessed the knowledge but didn't care to write their own book about the same topic or just wrote a shitty review about the book they just read.  I cannot stress this enough:  I want to be the author and not the person who just reviewed the book and gave it a 1 out of 5 star rating.  This is the same exact reason why I don't watch television.  I want to be on the creative, production end of the content, not just the audience member.  Yes, this is a complete leap and jump in the evolutionary process to realize your autonomy to create your own content.  You are your own creator, a cocreator of the universe in all of its entirety.     

You are a creator of things.  You have a very powerful imagination.  You have intuition.  You have access to your third eye.  You can dream.  You can think.  You are a cocreator of the universe.

Therefore, it is only inevitable that you run into trouble of established and enforced power structures watched over by not only your parents but the government and such.  "Suppressed" is the word I'm best looking for.  You were meant to be so much more, but all the higher ups want is more power and control.  Do THEY want anything more than total and complete "CONTROL"?  It's a sad state of affairs, but we must do our best to live.  With all the hospital and pharmaceutical companies injecting inoculations and vaccines into newborn babies, it's no wonder there continues to be so much disease in the world.  I too have received these injections; do you think I want to be a homeless?  Have I not received this kind of treatment, I (along with thousands of others) may have turned out completely different.  Sorry, we are just told to do things and those things that they try to enforce upon us are usually just control systems.  Again, I'm your typical average kid who went to public school, got the flu shot, got all the vaccinations, etc.  Sorry, I hope I don't burst your bubble; but the only thing I've accomplished is surviving the control system society that we live in.  Still, I guess it's just me that I'm a bum.  Regardless, there are still neighboring school children whom are vaccinated, continue to have their annual flu shots, and still become engineers, doctors, and lawyers.  Again, with the WHY EVERYONE ELSE IS SUCCESSFUL BUT ME victim mentality.

With all the bullshit flying around and out of the way, how is the lazy man ever to get off the couch and move on to the next step?  Writing and publishing a book can never be any easier with today's technology.  We have Amazon and Create Space to self publish a book.  Yes, you don't need the middle man or a crap ton of hungry money people around to publish your book these days.  You can just do it yourself.  They also have vlogging, blogging, making your own website, podcasts, affiliate marking, google adsense, youtube, LegalZoom to start your own business, etc.  Now, the playing field is more leveled and within the reach of the lazy man.  They even have Alibaba and Amazon's FBA for anyone who is into a drop shipping business.  So you see there is a way for even the laziest of men to achieve something in life worth while of holding onto.

Thank you for visiting!  I appreciate you much, because I literally have less than 10 people visiting me on a continual basis!  I hope to see a lot more of you next time!  I promise to improve by challenging myself a bit more and stop being so God damn lazy and uncaring!  Thank you for your support and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE my blog!               



Wednesday, May 16, 2018


WIOA stands for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and is a grant that you can get to go back to school/training while collecting unemployment insurance.  Although there are a dozen rules and regulations you have to comply with, I've prepared my entrance and paved the way for receiving such a grant.  Look folks, applying to scholarships has never worked out so well for me.  Yes, I've won 1 in my lifetime in which I've had to write an essay about being a minority in America.  Long story short, you have to take the time and and apply.  No, you can't just go back to school for anything.  This is not liking winning the lottery where you can do whatever you want with the money that you've won, aside from paying taxes.  The only thing that will gripe most people is that the list of schools and training courses must be "IN DEMAND" and must eventually lead to a positive job outlook otherwise it's not worth pursuing with government funding.  The grant only covers up to $4000 in total.  Thank God, my CAT SCAN program at a nearby community college is covered under their list of criteria.  There's a lot of hoops and hurdles they make you run and jump over.  Hell, I'm still in the process of making it all happen. 

In any event, I just past the TABE Test they require every adult to take regardless of their educational background and prior merit.  It's a bunch of question regarding reading comprehension and math skill.  They give you over an hour to complete the test.  The tricky part is to do everything within the time frame they give you.  The trick is you must answer 1 question within 1 minute.  I was in the library and book store the previous week "studying".  Well, I passed it but don't be fooled; the test was tricky.  Yes, I tried; and I did study for it.  I've never been guaranteed 100% on any standard test.  My life would be very different if every time I took a standardized test I were to achieve 100%.  I get it; I'm not gifted. 

So I have to go back to the Unemployment in the neighboring town because that is where the school is and my county doesn't have a current contract with them.  Yes, I'm facing a few roadblocks and problems.  Apparently, I just missed the Wednesday cutoff for walk-ins.  Have I called in yesterday, I would have an appointment setup already.  In life, the point is to be sure to CALL EARLY as soon as possible to get an appointment going!  Now, I have to "wait" until next Wednesday for an appoint and to do everything @_@  All One Stop Career Centers make you signup and register all over again.
I'm not even sure if they all requiring you to visit and fill out a small documentation worksheet for 3 potential schools you want to enroll in.  It's work having to call and visit each school to talk to admissions and/or the instructor(s)!   

I'm paranoid about the timing of things, because I am leaving and going on vacation to Hawaii next month!   Thank the Lord, I have the opportunity to visit Hawaii next month!  

Well, I just have to continue with what I'm doing.  I will definitely have to read out of my comfort zone by making phone calls and meeting people.  I hope to keep posting.  Thank you for dropping by, and I'll see you next time!


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Well, here is to yet another generic Happy Mother's Day post.  I wish MOM health, love, wealth, and happiness.  

Back to my life, I feel that I just needed to take a long walk around the neighborhood.  Well, it's spring time.  There are trees and wild life abound.  The neighborhood I live in is well pretty kept in comparison to the city.  I am thankful I don't live in the hood.  Although there is more of a social life with people living closer to each other, it also gets more over crowded.  Whenever there are a lot of people living close together, it can get ghetto really fast.  The garbage starts piling up and spills all over the streets.  It's as though everyone is either mentally of physically handicap to cleanup after themselves unless someone else does it for them.  Seriously, there are only two kinds of people in this world. Those who are clean freaks or those who literally roll around their own filth.  

I took a walk.  It was simple.  I liked it.  That was pretty much my Sunday afternoon.  Not much else happened except the same old everyday stuff.  I'm guessing if I were to travel or move somewhere else, I'd enjoy walking around the neighborhood a lot unless it was really ghetto.  Again, the same old stuff going on in the hood.  Not much to see here really.  It's a nice refreshment to just take a walk outside.  And yes, I do purposed try to avoid people on my walks to enhance the experience.  Sometimes, I say "Hi" to those I've met before and are familiar with; but nothing out of the ordinary.  These people do have money and stuff, but it's none of my business nor do I want to care.  I just wouldn't want to approach and hangout with someone just because they are rich or have nice thing.  I do have interest in talking to people about what they do for a living, what kind of school they went, and what is their career like.  None the less, I haven't met anyone in person with too much of a crazy story.     

Well, thanks for stopping by.  Happy Mother's Day out there!  I hope to see you next time!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Unemployed - The Continuation

It is now May, and I'm still collecting unemployment insurance.  The last time I reported in was March.  Yes, I have had the chunk of March, April, and May off and devoid of actual work thus far.  "What do you do all day!?" people exclaim to me, because seriously the average person does not know what on Earth to do with their time on the weekdays besides work!  I know it sounds weird, but not working on the weekday is a very strange and alien concept to the common person.  No, I do not just disappear to another dimension.  Other than to keep applying and interviewing for jobs, I've been continuing to go to the gym on a daily basis and attempt to hold onto whatever positive habits I have left in me.  With or without a job, you are vastly defined by your habits as a human being; which means you'd have to train and/or retrain if you want to adopt and internalize a new habit or whatever thing you want to do in life.  Old habits do not die.  Just because you don't work anymore or don't have a job doesn't mean all you do is just sleep and watch television on your couch all day.  To branch out and continue to grow as a human being, I need to be constantly putting myself under pressure,  learn new things, reading books, watching videos/tutorials, and/or consult with other people about stuff I'm interested in.  The consequences of stagnating in your own filth can be very detrimental to your very being to the point you are paralyzed by fear and/or trapped inside of your comfort zone.

Things to always be doing if you're not working:

  • Read books
  • Review for tests/exams
  • Go to the gym and exercise 
  • Keep up and maintain your side business/hustle
  • Attempt to reach outside your comfort zone
  • Network with people
In the end when you feel all tired and stringy, why do anything?  The simple answer is because you are not a robot nor an animal.  Having the potential ability of imagination, intuition, reasoning, logic, reading, writing, music, etc. makes you very unique and special.  Essentially, you are a creator.  Change starts from within.  Your thoughts begin with you.  Because you become your thoughts; it's vital and important that you have a positive outlook on life.  Positivity will attract positive outcomes, therefore there's no way around not being positive if you want good things to happen in your life.  So if it's not a question about the constant bombardment of money and time all the time, what remains is your emotional quotient.  To feel happy, you must be able to humble yourself, forgive yourself, be grateful and appreciative with what you have and/or achieved, and be thankful for whom you're around or who's in your life.  If you miss these basic key concepts in life, you'll always be running up an uphill,endless power structure dynamic.

In any event, I'm in the process of activating a grant from the government to go back to school for my Cat Scan school.  I just took the TABE test and will find out my results on Tuesday.  This adult standardized test consisting of basic math and reading questions will determine if I qualify or not.  Also, I've been trying to keep up to date with maintaining a health insurance plan with the health of an applied premium tax credit if your income is less than $51,000/year .  No, I don't qualify for Medicaid (annual income must be around $15,500 or less).  Well, that is my two cents for now.  Maybe, I'll post some footage later.  Yup, such is the life of a homeless. 

Thanks for dropping!  I hope to see you next time!     


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Welcome Back to Unemployment!

Well, it just happened 3/2/2018!  I'm back at the unemployment line again and of this time it's no fault of my own!  My urgent care could not financially support itself anymore and the boss just admitted defeat after 6-10 years contributing all of his time and energy into.  You can hear on the phone the tone of his voice of exhaustion and how upset he was.  Without him, there is no business.  Without a top notch 24/7 asshole on top of the power chain of command, things will fall apart.  The little people who work for him will go down with him.  What it comes down to is are you an employer or an employee?

Employers typically have a lot of money backing them up and can run operations just fine with a brick and motor storefront/facility/land/building/office/etc.  If you live in your parent's home and trying to do business in their garage, it's more than likely you're going to work for someone else unless your name is Elon Musk.  If you think you can, go ahead and do it.  Be your own Steve Jobs, but for the rest of us it's very unfortunate but we actually need that 24/7 asshole watching over our shoulder, commanding us what to do each second of the day; otherwise the business may fall apart like a cheap Chinese motorcycle.     

I'm officially currently unemployed.  I've just spend yesterday filling out my online application, going over my options, and now I'm waiting for my first NJ UI check in the mail.  I have been working the past 2.5 years and paying my taxes, but I never thought this would happen.  My urgent care that I was working at actually closed down!  I was offered 1-2 jobs during my 7 months on duty.  I should have jump the boat.  This job was just too good to be true.  It's only 15 minutes away from my home and right next to Lifetime fitness gym where I signed up.  Now, I have to unsubscribe because I can't possibly afford any gym membership expenses, especially $60 in addition to all the crap I have to pay for the car and utilities/food/internet/housing/insurance/etc.  Like any other business in this world, it all adds up.  No one likes to think about it, so I just be Jewish as all Hell at times of need.  I'm sorry but I didn't win the lottery; and I don't have a sugar daddy to save my ass from financial Hell.

So this is it!  It's like life telling me to DO SOMETHING ELSE or GO BACK TO SCHOOL or STOP BEING A LAZY ASS BUM.  I've sent an email contacting the school for computed tomography with my application and credentials.  I have yet to hear back from them.  Anyways, the CT program is just $2,249!  I can definitely do that price.  The school is less than 30 minutes a day, so I definitely have to put in the effort everyday to DRIVE.  I've been driving for a mobile x-ray company for 14 hour shifts, I think I can manage 30 minutes of driving a day.  Yes, I have to pay for my own gas, food, tuition, etc.  Thank God for 26 weeks of unemployment insurance before I have to go back and ask for an extension or whatever.

I am here.  I am unemployablex.  I remain and continue to be unemployed.  There is no doubt in my mind God has put me on this Earth for any other larger than life purpose.  Jesus Christ, did I get the short of the stick or what?

Well, thank you for dropping by.  This is what I spewed all over my desk today.  I appreciate the fact that people come here and read my stuff even though maybe 1 or 2 of you are actual, real people.  The rest of the viewers I get may just be moderators or admins.  Anyways, I appreciate any of the help I can get.  I hope to keep you updated about my unemployment situation or if I'm just going to ride out my unemployment like a true homeless man.  See you next time! 

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Hello there!  Do you have stacks of books and magazines you never read and just leave on the shelf for decades for no reason at all but to collect dust!  Do you feel that insecurity of having to throw something out?  Do you just like to hoard things?  Or maybe you think that piece of junk will go up in price if you don't throw it away just yet.  The years go flying by and what you have left is a bunch of crap.

Who am I kidding?  I always leave so many boring old books on the shelf that no one reads.  Where is the passion, the excitement, the joy, the mystery, the enlightenment, the inspiration, the art, the science, the madness, the energy!?  What is the value of keeping old books no one reads on your shelf that takes up so much space!?  I could be using that same space for much more practical thing suitable for my bedroom.  Make no mistake these books and magazines are not for resale purposes and offer very little or no monetary value.  All some of them do now is collect dust.  A lot of the information inside the books can just be found on the internet somewhere.  No one wants outdated business magazines.  Things change all the time.  It's kind of sad, but people don't even like to read anymore.  They have everything on audio now.  What's it worth to me now that my schooling and education days are dried up.  Yes, I'm 33 years old now.  I'm not a little kid anymore.  Jesus Christ, lugging a big backpack and textbooks are a thing of the past.  I don't think anyone wants these books.  Again, everything on my shelf can just be found on Google anyways.  Welcome to the age of information where everything is just a finger tap away on the keyboard.

I just don't see a need to be keeping around old school text books and magazines anymore.  It's archaic and taking up too much of my limited space.  Those business magazines are the first to go.  Those old school computer coding and DOS books can all go to Hell.  Technology and coding updates so fast in industry these days it's not even funny.  What do I want?  I want space.  I want functionality.  I want stuff that works.  If you don't use it, you lose it.  I'd rather keep an 8 GB external hard drive on the shelf worth of old pictures, random home videos, and pictures of cats.  Yes, some text books are timeless pieces worth tons, but it's just not for me.  All I see is wasted space that can be used for something more modern and practical.  No one likes to see their money go down the train nor their precious, limited space in the home.  No, there's no mansion or monthly storage unit downtown to put all of this crap in.  It's time to go.

"Value" is the world I'm looking for here.  Does whatever product provide "value" for how much space it occupies?  Does it provide you with important information or entertainment?  Does your job depend on it?  Does anyone pick it up and use it day to day?  Or has it been collecting dust for the past year?  If the answer is "yes", then please throw it away or donate it to your local library.  I am guilty of hoarding such things.  There's just no end to the amount of baggage we acquire over the years.  There are a few exceptions somethings are actually worth money but that's a totally different topic of discussion.  If you're not out and about journeying the world, then you're probably in your home somewhere burring yourself under a complete mess of random, old shit.  There's a difference between selling stuff and hoarding shit.  I'm talking very specifically about hoarding shit.  I guess I'll make a video of it.  I don't want to keep dirty, old magazines no one reads around on my shelf.  There's just much more opportunity finding opportunity keeping other worldly things that provide much more value on my shelf.

Some may argue of even keeping old, dirty books, because you can read and reread them again and again.  That just doesn't work for me.  I only read things that actually interest me or because I have to for school.  It's kind of sad how my brain chooses to operate but it's true.  I don't read all the time.  I know it's important.  But do we really reread old magazines?  Hell no, that shit is old and no one touches it anymore.  It's just taking up space on the shelf.  If you really want to read something, go to the library!  There's literally one up the hill a mile away.  Keep everything electronically.  There's no space left anymore.  We have bookstores, libraries, and even Starbucks to hangout.  You don't want to be sitting at home and feel trapped all the time.  You also don't want to foster a lazy ass environment at home.  It's important that you actually go out and do stuff.  I wouldn't be able to just stay at home and read all day.  There's just so much more I can find outside.  I do buy books from time to time if they're super cheap and provide technical information or stuff that I'm into.  None the less, I don't ever seem to sit down at home and actually read unless it's there's an exam or something.  I wish I could just read a book by myself for the sake of learning and being enlightened, but the school system seems to have splashed so many rigorous exams at my face I don't even care anymore.  Can't we ever just be happy reading and learn on our own accord instead of having to achieve some passing test score?  The education system thought over wise.  I know that for sure as I've experienced the worst of it.  Please don't drain the fun out of learning.                   

Well, I go back to work Monday.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.  Thank you for stopping by.   See you next time!