Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Welcome Back to Unemployment!

Well, it just happened 3/2/2018!  I'm back at the unemployment line again and of this time it's no fault of my own!  My urgent care could not financially support itself anymore and the boss just admitted defeat after 6-10 years contributing all of his time and energy into.  You can hear on the phone the tone of his voice of exhaustion and how upset he was.  Without him, there is no business.  Without a top notch 24/7 asshole on top of the power chain of command, things will fall apart.  The little people who work for him will go down with him.  What it comes down to is are you an employer or an employee?

Employers typically have a lot of money backing them up and can run operations just fine with a brick and motor storefront/facility/land/building/office/etc.  If you live in your parent's home and trying to do business in their garage, it's more than likely you're going to work for someone else unless your name is Elon Musk.  If you think you can, go ahead and do it.  Be your own Steve Jobs, but for the rest of us it's very unfortunate but we actually need that 24/7 asshole watching over our shoulder, commanding us what to do each second of the day; otherwise the business may fall apart like a cheap Chinese motorcycle.     

I'm officially currently unemployed.  I've just spend yesterday filling out my online application, going over my options, and now I'm waiting for my first NJ UI check in the mail.  I have been working the past 2.5 years and paying my taxes, but I never thought this would happen.  My urgent care that I was working at actually closed down!  I was offered 1-2 jobs during my 7 months on duty.  I should have jump the boat.  This job was just too good to be true.  It's only 15 minutes away from my home and right next to Lifetime fitness gym where I signed up.  Now, I have to unsubscribe because I can't possibly afford any gym membership expenses, especially $60 in addition to all the crap I have to pay for the car and utilities/food/internet/housing/insurance/etc.  Like any other business in this world, it all adds up.  No one likes to think about it, so I just be Jewish as all Hell at times of need.  I'm sorry but I didn't win the lottery; and I don't have a sugar daddy to save my ass from financial Hell.

So this is it!  It's like life telling me to DO SOMETHING ELSE or GO BACK TO SCHOOL or STOP BEING A LAZY ASS BUM.  I've sent an email contacting the school for computed tomography with my application and credentials.  I have yet to hear back from them.  Anyways, the CT program is just $2,249!  I can definitely do that price.  The school is less than 30 minutes a day, so I definitely have to put in the effort everyday to DRIVE.  I've been driving for a mobile x-ray company for 14 hour shifts, I think I can manage 30 minutes of driving a day.  Yes, I have to pay for my own gas, food, tuition, etc.  Thank God for 26 weeks of unemployment insurance before I have to go back and ask for an extension or whatever.

I am here.  I am unemployablex.  I remain and continue to be unemployed.  There is no doubt in my mind God has put me on this Earth for any other larger than life purpose.  Jesus Christ, did I get the short of the stick or what?

Well, thank you for dropping by.  This is what I spewed all over my desk today.  I appreciate the fact that people come here and read my stuff even though maybe 1 or 2 of you are actual, real people.  The rest of the viewers I get may just be moderators or admins.  Anyways, I appreciate any of the help I can get.  I hope to keep you updated about my unemployment situation or if I'm just going to ride out my unemployment like a true homeless man.  See you next time! 

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Hello there!  Do you have stacks of books and magazines you never read and just leave on the shelf for decades for no reason at all but to collect dust!  Do you feel that insecurity of having to throw something out?  Do you just like to hoard things?  Or maybe you think that piece of junk will go up in price if you don't throw it away just yet.  The years go flying by and what you have left is a bunch of crap.

Who am I kidding?  I always leave so many boring old books on the shelf that no one reads.  Where is the passion, the excitement, the joy, the mystery, the enlightenment, the inspiration, the art, the science, the madness, the energy!?  What is the value of keeping old books no one reads on your shelf that takes up so much space!?  I could be using that same space for much more practical thing suitable for my bedroom.  Make no mistake these books and magazines are not for resale purposes and offer very little or no monetary value.  All some of them do now is collect dust.  A lot of the information inside the books can just be found on the internet somewhere.  No one wants outdated business magazines.  Things change all the time.  It's kind of sad, but people don't even like to read anymore.  They have everything on audio now.  What's it worth to me now that my schooling and education days are dried up.  Yes, I'm 33 years old now.  I'm not a little kid anymore.  Jesus Christ, lugging a big backpack and textbooks are a thing of the past.  I don't think anyone wants these books.  Again, everything on my shelf can just be found on Google anyways.  Welcome to the age of information where everything is just a finger tap away on the keyboard.

I just don't see a need to be keeping around old school text books and magazines anymore.  It's archaic and taking up too much of my limited space.  Those business magazines are the first to go.  Those old school computer coding and DOS books can all go to Hell.  Technology and coding updates so fast in industry these days it's not even funny.  What do I want?  I want space.  I want functionality.  I want stuff that works.  If you don't use it, you lose it.  I'd rather keep an 8 GB external hard drive on the shelf worth of old pictures, random home videos, and pictures of cats.  Yes, some text books are timeless pieces worth tons, but it's just not for me.  All I see is wasted space that can be used for something more modern and practical.  No one likes to see their money go down the train nor their precious, limited space in the home.  No, there's no mansion or monthly storage unit downtown to put all of this crap in.  It's time to go.

"Value" is the world I'm looking for here.  Does whatever product provide "value" for how much space it occupies?  Does it provide you with important information or entertainment?  Does your job depend on it?  Does anyone pick it up and use it day to day?  Or has it been collecting dust for the past year?  If the answer is "yes", then please throw it away or donate it to your local library.  I am guilty of hoarding such things.  There's just no end to the amount of baggage we acquire over the years.  There are a few exceptions somethings are actually worth money but that's a totally different topic of discussion.  If you're not out and about journeying the world, then you're probably in your home somewhere burring yourself under a complete mess of random, old shit.  There's a difference between selling stuff and hoarding shit.  I'm talking very specifically about hoarding shit.  I guess I'll make a video of it.  I don't want to keep dirty, old magazines no one reads around on my shelf.  There's just much more opportunity finding opportunity keeping other worldly things that provide much more value on my shelf.

Some may argue of even keeping old, dirty books, because you can read and reread them again and again.  That just doesn't work for me.  I only read things that actually interest me or because I have to for school.  It's kind of sad how my brain chooses to operate but it's true.  I don't read all the time.  I know it's important.  But do we really reread old magazines?  Hell no, that shit is old and no one touches it anymore.  It's just taking up space on the shelf.  If you really want to read something, go to the library!  There's literally one up the hill a mile away.  Keep everything electronically.  There's no space left anymore.  We have bookstores, libraries, and even Starbucks to hangout.  You don't want to be sitting at home and feel trapped all the time.  You also don't want to foster a lazy ass environment at home.  It's important that you actually go out and do stuff.  I wouldn't be able to just stay at home and read all day.  There's just so much more I can find outside.  I do buy books from time to time if they're super cheap and provide technical information or stuff that I'm into.  None the less, I don't ever seem to sit down at home and actually read unless it's there's an exam or something.  I wish I could just read a book by myself for the sake of learning and being enlightened, but the school system seems to have splashed so many rigorous exams at my face I don't even care anymore.  Can't we ever just be happy reading and learn on our own accord instead of having to achieve some passing test score?  The education system thought over wise.  I know that for sure as I've experienced the worst of it.  Please don't drain the fun out of learning.                   

Well, I go back to work Monday.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.  Thank you for stopping by.   See you next time!       


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Anal Mindset - Why You Have a Job

Well, who can survive in this kind of economy where industry pretty much dictates who lives and who dies?  From my point of view as a normal person, the ones who make it out as the boss or owner of the company are the personality types that gravitate towards anal rententiveness and control freak.  These are the two most important and precious ingredients in becoming a boss/manager position in a company.  If you are not mentally there 100% all the time to dictate and enforce your company's strict as all hell rules/regulations/guidelines 24/7, nonstop, 365 days a year; you won't last very long.  No, no one likes these kinds of people.  Yes, it's very common for us normal people to work and/or to be enslaved by these kinds of business models and/or personality types.  For example, a lot of women are victimized by over the top controlling and abusive relationships cocreated by their husband/boyfriend/significant other/etc.  And let's not forget the 9-5 rat race we've all been experiencing.  Long story short, it's a vicious cycle. 

Back to the most basic, fundamental human question, so can there exist a company/group of people without a bosshole power tripping all over the place on top of the pyramid schematic?  Yes, a coexisting community of people with equal power/neutrality and say is fundamentally possible but is very rare.  You definitely won't be seeing too many companies out there here in the USA, but they do exist in more city places.  A good example of somewhere that remains neutral as possible maybe something more European like Switzerland.  So things probably have not changed since forever. There have also been feuds over well, just about everything imaginable between two people, like children fighting over a toy.  Expect to see and follow a lot of rules, regulations, laws, codes, licensing, tests, quality control, someone hovering over your shoulder, Q/A, etc.  People who just don't give a f*ck, either become homeless or get placed somewhere in an adult home/shelter.  A lot of us just don't blatantly care about someone else's rules and regulations until something happens, until someone tries to enforce them upon us. 

Congratulations!  You are now a stiff!  You are forbidden from doing anything but work 24/7.  I guess that's the meaning of "work" in America.  A lot of people find themselves in the same boat.  There's no way out unless you continue to work or drop dead.  That is exactly what happens to some of the retirees that have been overly conditioned to work like a stiff 24/7.  Guess what they do soon after retirement?  They drop dead. 

Ultimately, the universe is about balance and duality.  There is a time to work, there is a time to not a give a crap, there is a time for leisure, there is a time for vacation, there is time to do whatever, there is a time for family, there is a time for fun, there is a time for pain, there's a time to pay the bills, there is time for birth/death, etc.  Yes, having to work pisses us all off, especially how it is structured but for now that is all we got.  That bosshole that you hate is keeping the company alive, which in return allows you to have a job, which ultimately leads to your biweekly paycheck.  Seldom does anyone just win the lottery and get away without having to live some kind of hellish life style dictated by some asshole on top.  It takes a special kind of asshole to be a boss.  Management, business, dealing with customers, and politics is just not for everyone.  I don't expect someone like myself to be a manager or director of an already established company.  I wouldn't even do it if they paid me more, because then I would just be paying more taxes and having to work even harder.  The amount of hell they put you through with all the rules and laws to follow is just not worth it for me.

In summary, here's a short list of functioning things you can do in this life:

  • Be a homeless and not care
  • Have a 9-5 rat race job; go home; not care until it all starts over again tomorrow morning
    • Graduate from being a 9-5 rat racer and be a 24/7 bosshole/manager of the company  
    • Retire and drop dead 

Thank you for stopping by and reading my most inner and private of thoughts!  Just don't tell your boss or he'll "fire me".  Like I would care anyways.  I'd be thankful collecting unemployment for the next 6 months.  I appreciate your company though.  See you next time!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Daily Wisdom

Well, I just worked 4 days straight again for about 12-13 hours max a day.  Yes, this is quite normal in the rat race of the industrial world of America.  There has been no permanent solution for the average person to be able to survive and not have to work thus far.  No, I still do not win the lottery or get rich from cryptocurrency or whatever the hell investment is out there that I've put actual money into.  Because this is America, people don't want to know the how or the why of things!  They just want everything now!  Unfortunately, this is still reality we live in and you almost never get rich quick overnight.  Why is it so hard for people to understand to take your time?  As they say "Life is a marathon, not a sprint".     

I have 2 days off until I go back to work Thursday and nothing else really urgent that matters to me right now.  I'm just using my time off to laze around the computer and seeing what foods are on sale at the local supermarket.  As long as I was not forced to wake up early in the morning and jet off somewhere, I'm good to go.  Although I'm still not rich, I can at least do the things I need to get done like drive to places, look for other jobs if I need to, buy food, go to some place quiet with free internet, go to the gym with a pool in it, pay for gas, and still have enough to maintain my car.  Well, it's all fun and games until THEY START WITH YOU.  Look, no matter how you see or who you are FEMALES ARE EXPENSIVE AND COST MONEY.  Guys can get away with being cheap and stingy, but it there's a woman to please in the relationship on whatever level someone is going to get burned.  You either live as a cheap, stingy single guy; or you have to work your ass off to not only pay for yourself but also your girl.  An apartment costs about $2000 to rent for a month!  A barebones house here costs $300,000!  Without government subsidies, I'm screwed!  I'll be working my ass off until I'm 100 years old at this rate.  I already feel economically hindered and drained.  As one can see, I have chosen to be the cheap, stingy single guy.

Be cheap, appreciate what you have, and express gratitude for the things in your life.
Well, I guess that's it.  That's my 2 cents.  This is my all before leaving and doing whatever it is I do.
Thank you all for visiting!  I hope to see you next time!     

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Working for 4 Days Straight! Somebody Save Me!

Well, I have the rest of today and tomorrow off after having worked 4 days in a row since a long time.  After all my crazy investments and experiments, I still have a long way to go.  Yes, I have to continue to work a normal, livable wage paying rat race job like 99% of the rest of the population just to put a roof over my head and food on the table.  There's nothing out of the ordinary about my life thus far.  On the bright side, my work is providing me with health insurance $79.30/biweekly paycheck.  I was paying $274.62/month for the cheapest, bronze package with Obamacare.  You cannot get any cheaper than what I'm use to.  I cheap out on everything.  I'm surprised I'm not even on Medicaid as of today.     

Yes, it's common knowledge that we are all just a bunch of hardworking wage slaves here but is there more to life?  We've all been there trying to win the lottery or gambling in a casino.  Well, the newest thing is the crptocurrency trend.  Yes, the market has rebounded since the last red carpet was rolled out.  Yes, government regulators and CEM/CBOE future trading have been manipulating the markets like the corrupt wealthy investment bankers on Wall Street.  What else is new?  Get a job that doesn't suck, stick with it for a long time, and invest wisely.  Now, the cryptocurrency markets are soon to go back up real soon as the future tradings are set to expire towards the end of January.  You can either continue to hold whatever or buy whatever is left as the cryptocurrency market are still of a bit on sale.  No one knows everything, so who knows?  Maybe you'll strike it rich?  Otherwise, it's back to the rat race, again.  

Thank you for dropping by and reading my stuff.  I hope to see you next time!      

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bitcoin Sale! Up to 25% Off!

To the the trained eye and investor, this is what it's like to buy on a dip.  Yes, the red carpets are all here pulled right out in front of you.  Everyone gets that chance to buy and get rich quick, but guess what?  You were broke last year, you were broke the year before, and you've always been broke since forever, so why in the world would things be different this time around?  So what do millennials do?  They buy Bitcoin with their credit cards and hope for the best that some day they'll get rich off of buying cryptocurrency like some kind of magical lottery, much like what happened with the 2008 housing bubble crisis.  The previous generation bought houses, took out large mortgages and loans, had trouble getting their debt paid back, and one day everything just came crumbling down in September.  The economy this, the economy that, blah, blah, blah.  We've all been there before.  

In any event, this is a great time to buy on Coinbase!  No, do not start selling whatever you have now and don't use that sell off money to buy new coins.  You have to buy with new money either from your bank account or use a credit card.  Ultimately, you just hold until the prices go back up.  There is no guarantee and you may even lose even another 10%-20% off tomorrow.  For more addition protection, split your buying purchases between all 3-4 coins on Coinbase.  Dumping your money in just one coin or investment for that matter just never works out right.  You always, always have to diversify because there's just no guarantee that you'll even make a profit.  In a lot of cases people will actually lose money, because they will only act out of emotion like a chicken with its head cut off.  Panicking, freaking out, and selling off prematurely out of fear is much too all common.  If you still hold on to your coin or investment share, you'll still have it tomorrow.  Again, you were never rich to begin with, so it's not like you're going to go anywhere far selling off too soon either.  If you want to be a day trader and trade all the time that is fine but know that it would b treated more like a real job that takes much more effort and due diligence on your part.  I'm not about straining and stressing the hell out of myself with pinpoint accuracy so day trading isn't for me.  Yes, the risk and reward is tremendous but you also have to have a lot of luck, patience, and initiative to buy/sell on seconds notice.  On the other hand, I am a turtle.  I prefer just to buy whenever the market is low and just hold it out until I see clear gains and stability in the market, at least long enough so I can make a clear decision to sell for actual profit and gains.  

So do you have the guts?  Do you have an extra $1000 just laying around somewhere to invest?  Well, now is a good time to buy into Bitcoin as the prices have never been any cheaper in the past few weeks.  Just be make sure to diversify!

Thank you for dropping by!  I'm not a professional adviser so don't plan on chasing me around.  Yup, I'm just a homeless; but I've seen many things growing up.  Yeah, the adult stuff that only happens behind close doors that they don't want to tell you about kind of deal.  Such is the way of life.  It's all smoke and mirrors.  I hope to see you next time.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New York is in the House!

Hi folks!  Well, I got my opportunity at age 32 working for NYU Langone-Brooklyn.  For $30 an hour, I could be working in Brooklyn right now!  Yes, we've all watched Sex in the City and all those fancy Hollywood movies but is that where you really want to be for work or just play?  Hold the phones, not so fast.  What does this all mean?  It certainly does not mean that all I'll be doing is showing up with an empty sack and holding it out to mooch more money.  Like with any other job, you have to wake up early in the morning, get out of bed, put some clothes on, rush out of the house, and start commuting.  Driving from New Jersey to Brooklyn usually takes about an hour or more depending on traffic.  That's just the first part of the day.  The next shift is actually having to work the job and dealing with patients in the hospital.  From what I gather this is a tier 1 trauma hospital.  Yes, there's a lot of injured and sick people coming in and out of these places all the time.  The biggest hurdle is some of them one speak Spanish or whatever their native tongue is.  It's not all fun and games.  It's not a nice place to be, and you better be on top of your game at all times.  It requires  a serious level of social and physical prowess, which I'm not very into.  Yes, I can train myself.  Yes, I can do the job.  Except?  I already have a job at a local urgent care making $21 an hour.  Long story short, if I make anymore money I'd have to pay more taxes.  My life would be consumed by nothing else but work.  Little would I know, my time is up!

I have chosen a life of less hustle and bustle.  I have selected the job that pays less and is less stressful.  I decided to only have one real job at the moment.  I didn't want to become a workaholic.  I didn't want to come home like an angry asshole having committed all my waking hours to a place I don't care about, just so that I could make some extra cash and find out later I owe even more in taxes.  When people have lived out their youth and become old, who on Earth has ever said they should have worked more hours on their death bed?  Even though we are diabolically tricked into believing money is everything, our time is actually what is the most precious to us as human beings.  I do not want to spend anymore of my time on anything I don't want to.  At the age of 32, I have the full custody and power to dictate where and how I should spend my time.  I'm sorry, but I cannot bang out two jobs.  I'm sorry, I don't want to pay anymore tax dollars than I should.  I'm sorry, I don't want to wake up any earlier in the morning than I have to.  I'm sorry, I just don't want to be that person who overextends themselves for nothing.  I'm sorry, I'm not the kind of quality of a person you are looking for.

Why can't I just appreciate the job I have now?  It only requires that I drive 15 minutes away.  I get paid $21 an hour but is it enough to quench my lust for more taxable dollars?  I also have access to one of the finest gyms, Lifetime Fitness, around.  Who wants to go work in the hospital when they could be hanging out at Lifetime!?  I sure as Hell know I don't want to see anymore trauma patients voluntarily than I have to unless I was making some serious money out of it.  Long story short, someone else in need can go fill my job.  The only thing I'd be missing out for myself is the money.  Yes, I wold also be missing out on making connections with bigger businesses, other professionals, and experience but none of that really means anything to me if all I really, really truly want is more cold, hard cash.  If I just won the lottery and they dumped a million dollars on my lawn, that's exactly all I wanted, the cold hard cash.  All the small talk and people spreading crazy rumors don't mean anything to me.  I hope this experience does not come back biting me in the ass as it is not what you know but who you know. 

Thank you for stopping by.  We all have to make hard decisions in our lives.  This was one of them, but in the end I've chosen the less stressful job that makes less money over the more stressful job that makes more money.  Now, the kids know why they're not richy rich. 

See you next time!