Thursday, October 1, 2015

Go Work at Amazon or Costco?

Well, the results are in.  I want another job, so I'm going to go out into the world and get one.  Sure, I'd like to start my own big business, be my own boss, and earn tons of money on my free time but guess what!?  This is reality and things look grim.  As a result, I have hand picked 2 companies I would like to work for:  Costco or Amazon.  Well, I called Costco up and to no avail all they do is ask you to apply online.  Yes, I've applied online 3 different times already in my life.  Each time you apply there's only a 60 day period that'll it'll stay up.  Basically, every 60 days you have to renew your application to Costco.  It's an easy process and more friendly user than most companies out there.  The first time they told me to speak to "George" when I asked for advice as to how to get hired, just enough to get my foot in the door.  The best time to get in is through seasonal or to "know someone".  Right, the whole "you have to know someone" thing again.  Once again, school proves to be another huge waste of time and money if all you needed to do in real life is "know someone".   Oh right, all that time spent studying and achieving academic excellent was spent in some quiet library where you didn't get to meet NO ONE.  Yes, for some people being a nerd works but for the vast majority of people IT DOESN'T WORK.  You always have to "know someone".  Being female sure helps if you offer the male manager sexual entertainment from time to time.  Back to real life, Costco is rather hard to get in.  Even if you want to be a bag lady or cashier, you need to prove yourself one way or the other.  It doesn't look easy.  They want you to work.  The hardest part is getting through the opening butt cracks of human resources.  Call and ask for the hiring manager, because that online application or college degree isn't going to do you any good. 

Well, my second choice is Amazon warehouse at $13.50/hour.  No, I'm not a coder or computer engineer looking to upgrade fancy robotics and warehouse machines.  Once again, I fall under the average factory worker.  I've tried educating myself on computer science but guess what!?  IT'S REALLY BORING. I fell asleep numerous times trying to learn about basic code, loops, algorithms, Python, Java, Ruby, etc.  I hit the bed after I heard the teacher online trying to explain things.  As much as I wanted to learn, I just fell flat on my face bored and sleepy.  It wasn't exciting or cool.  It was just MORE WORK.  I hope that others find computer science more interesting and fun.  As for me, I've recently applied.  Believe it or not, I have an interview coming up that I scheduled on Monday.  Yes, well everyone gets an interview as long as you fill out the online application.  No, it's not directly though the Amazon warehouse although the temp agency is right next door to it.  It's about a 30 minute drive.  I'd be really excited to work for Amazon, but the job market out there is always so tight.  I get to tell everyone that I work for Amazon!  To be honest, the reviews online say that a vast majority of current employees don't like it at all.  Although the vast majority of grunt work satisfaction at Costco is excellent, Amazon is very poor.  People generally don't like working for Amazon.  They probably suffer from what other big companies have so before; like cutting down hours, minimum wage, lack of benefits, minimum amount of breaks, not letting you go to the bathroom, too many asshole managers looking over your shoulder every 5 minutes, no health insurance, no room for climbing for the cooperate latter.  Yes, you are a machine at Amazon.  You are less of a machine at Costco, because they give benefits and livable wages like Halloween candy.  Amazon is just one of those Indian slave labor camps for children.  Although I know what I would be getting myself into, working for Amazon seems like a good fit for me.  At least I wouldn't have to speak directly to customers.  That'd take a load off of me as I just like to work with my hands, computers, machines, and vehicles.  No, I don't want anyone nagging or screaming at me.  

Well, I ruled out the good and bad about working for either Costco or Amazon.  No, I still don't have experience for working for either company.  How am I to write anymore if I have no experience in either company?  I could be that person writing about how it's like to work for such companies but guess what?  No one ever hired me, therefore you don't get to read any of the juicy details that goes on in these companies.  Basically, I can't help you, your children, or your friends to get a job!  If the big companies don't even give me a chance, then no one else here will probably get a chance either.  You probably have to be really connected to "the system" to get a job anywhere.  None the less, a lot of black people have jobs all over.  They work day in and day out.  Being more economically disadvantaged, if they can do it so can a lot of  other people.     

Well, thank you for reading!  I hope to post again soon!

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