Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I got the Job at Amazon!

Oh my God!  I got the job at Amazon!  Congratulations!  
Well that's something I would be saying if we lived in a virtual reality world.  
In fact, I did get the job; but when I called up they don't have hours for you to work.  
Much like a lot of the jobs already taken out there or want in any way, shape, or form; they only want you to work on the weekends!  Long story short, Amazon has very few or a limited amount of hours set for their employees.  The starting pay rate is $12.25/hour although they advertise $13.25/hour.  The videos they displayed at their temp agency all showed honest reviews of employees of what it's like to work at Amazon.  They all said it was a lot of work, and you need the time and commitment.  No, it's not easy.  Some of them have to walk up to 20 miles a day.  If it's not walking than it's standing all day.  They each admitted that it would physically hurt to go home and sleep at night, because it was just so much work.  After three weeks of brutal, slave labor the pain usually subsides and becomes a daily routine.  Amazon has a lot of trusted customers and that's what they want.  They want to retain and attract new customers who'll keep on trusting them for business.  It has very little or nothing to do with school or education.  You just need to put in the time for Amazon as though it was your baby.  IT'S A LOT OF WORK, AND YOU WILL FEEL THE PAIN OF WORKING AT A WAREHOUSE FOR AMAZON!  

Look kids, there's no easy way to tell you this but adults work really hard for whatever life they are holding on to.  In a job market like this you'll see nothing but a large population of blacks and Hispanics.  It's almost like Chinatown:  The ones unloading the carts of grocery food are almost always Mexicans.  It's a lot of labor and not enough pay.  Employers love hiring Mexicans for cheap, slave labor.  Inevitably, you either trap yourself in student debt and continue to go to school; or you become a Mexican.  A few people will find their way around working their way up an already established business.  An even fewer amount of people would be able to start their own business, have their own successful pool of customers, and continue on with their lives running their own show.  Sure we all want to have and make money all the time, but it's really hard.  We want our own businesses and want to be our own bosses, but it all requires a lot of time and money.  If you want something that badly enough in life you have to sacrifice all that you have even if it means you'll be on the edge of self destruction.

Just go out there and work really hard.  Be sure to study something in school that isn't complete and utter bullshit.  Remember, it's the customer that'll ultimately decide how much you're worth.  If your customers don't like whatever the hell it is you're pursing, you probably won't make very much for your efforts.  Someone has to be paying for your goods and/or services.  School is school.  A lot of people feel that academics is bullshit, and they are absolutely right.  In the world of business, you need to possess and deploy a wide range of people skills that just can't be taught in the classroom. 

Thank you for reading!  I'll keep you posted! 

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