Saturday, March 28, 2015

Last Month of Spring Semester

Well, if I survive this will be the last month of my spring semester.  The hospital looks like hell.  The patients smell worse than cow dung.  It's a miracle I'm refraining from cursing anyone out.  Working in a hospital?  No, it's not fun.  No, it's not what you see on the television shows.  They don't pay us any money, and we have to do work.  There's this one lady there trying to teach me how to be more controlling and alpha male like.  She's so anal about being on top of things every second of the day.  I guess that's why they hired her?  No, it didn't have to do what grades she got in school.  From the start, you can tell she's very socially aggressive.  She knows everyone by name, tells patients exactly what to do, and flirts with other coworkers like it's nothing.  So, success has very little or nothing to do with the equipment or how new the technology is at the ghetto hospital.  It's all about having the right, confident personality type every second of the day.  So forget about working in a hospital if you lack this alpha personality type.  Looking people in the eye, giving commands, and avoiding having to touch anyone for someone to understand to what to do are all important life skills that are not taught in school.  Is this what I'm lacking?  Is this what I need to obtain?  Better human communication skills?  Being able to talk to just about anyone is viable in the working world.  Yeah, I know it sucks; but it's a skill just about everyone can use.

Long story short, it's not about fancy things and expensive facilities; it's about being able to have the correct impact for human communication when under pressure.  Being that aggressive asshole is key in working in such a hostile environment in the hospital.  It's that simple:  Being able to convince people you know what you're doing and being an effective communicator.  It's mean; it's cold; but it works.

When faced with doing 1 more year of schooling to do radiation therapy, I said "No".  I needed to be honest with myself, because I can not deal with the level of stress patients put you through.  It's an emotional environment, and they're afraid.  Sorry, no.  The hospital(s) are very selective about their applicants as well.  They are looking for "the whole package".  Sorry, I don't even believe in paying child support; how could I possibly be this prototype superman who's going to take care of sick people?  The job pays $65,000 - $80,000 starting, 9-5, Mondays - Fridays only.  You get a monopoly of benefits for working in radiation therapy, but the environment takes an emotional toll out of you.

Well, no this hospital gig is not easy.  Stay out of having to work in a hospital.  Nursing is one of the hardest fields out there as well.  Exam after exam; patient after patient; rinse and repeat.  No, it's not fun; it's actually work that no one wants to do.

Well, peace out.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Unemployability Continues

So what does it take to get a job here?  Intelligence, strength, talent, skill, or all the above?  Well, it takes years of discipline.  If it's not about networking or having connections, it's about spending a large chunk of time in whatever you're drawn to.  There's no easy way.  There are no short cuts.  There is only persistence and moving forward.  There is no going back.  You cannot be paralyzed by fear.  Taking responsibility for your own actions is the key trait to many successful people.

So what's the problem?  Well, school feels like it's a living hell hole.  Interning at the hospital isn't so much fun either.  It's tough out there.  The money is hard to get for real.  I'm not kidding you, money is hard to acquire even if it's just enough for food.  No wonder why there's so many homeless and helpless people trying to mooch the hospital for "free" charity care.  Yes, we're the ones taking their x-rays and whatnot.  Thank God, I'm not a nurse.  Some of these people I've encountered are the definition of ghetto, but my main concern is getting myself work; not judging how messed up whoever is.  Unfortunately, the hospital is not making any money off of taking care of these poor souls.  One of the hospitals I've been interning at is actually closing down.  There are just too many homeless trying to bum off a free ride in the hospitals.  Some of them just pretend to be in need of emergency room care so they can bum off a free meal.  Yes, it's that bad.  A lot of them smell of death and rotting flesh.  Jesus Christ have mercy.  I try my best to wake up early, eat breakfast, shower, and prepare for the day in advanced every step of the way in a progressive manner, but I guess not everyone thinks the same way.  Given the resources would everyone take care of themselves properly and live a healthy lifestyle?  Judging by what I've seen, no.  Not everyone thinks alike.  There's a whole spectrum of diversity.  Some choose to be healthy and others don't even bother to shower for 10 years.  Life is a choice, but we all live on the same planet.  Sure, I want everyone to be benevolent and excellent towards each other and the environment but does that ever happen?   Of course not, you see violence and hate in  America all the time.

I'm just here trying to get a job which seems almost impossible, but I keep trying.  Am I not doing enough with what I have?   I guess when I'm ready to "graduate" I will reach out and find a job that doesn't suck.  I have yet to apply myself in the real world.  Maybe one day, I will be ready.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day!

Congratulations!  The school decided to close for once, because of the ongoing snowstorm.  Yes, the school is stingy when it comes to protecting the lives of their students/faculty.  Hell, if the governor didn't assign a snow day to schools, it would still be opening.  Are they really that uncaring?  Yes, they will run you over for a penny.  It's that bad.  I'm not even mentioning how many additional charges they tax you on other than tuition.  They throw in student fees, computer lab fees, "science lab" fees, and all other kinds of fees that you don't even encounter on a daily basis.  Once again, it's that bad.  The school system just tries to charge you for whatever they can squeeze the life out of you.

In other news, here's my current selling of my Transformer line.  This is one of my biggest sales!  I hope to reuse the money to grab my hands on the new Devastator, Generations Combiner Wars Devastator!  It's going to cost $150, but I don't even think it's out yet.  I'm yielding about $50 after purchasing this piece about a year ago.  I could be selling it for more, but I need the money for tuition and whatever crazy registration exam they make you pay for.  This year it's $200 just to take the exam.  

To be honest, I don't understand why school takes so long.  By the time you graduate, you're officially old.  Everyone you knew or care about is OLD.  It's such a waste of time and life.  I don't understand the full extent of it, but I know it's not for me.  When I worked as a cashier in the pharmacy, grandpas would come and tell me how their daughter/grand daughter just graduated from law school and couldn't find work.  Four years?  Six years?  Eight years?  Fourteen years of school?  How much is enough?  As long as I'm making in the dough, I don't care about schooling.  The student loan debt in this country is sky rocketing off the charts!  There's no one who can pay for these crazy tuition prices.  I might as well come back down to Earth and just settle for a minimum wage job just to get my foot in the door to whatever industry is left standing in the market.  I won't go back to school after my x-ray education, unless someone is paying me for it.  Would you like to be $50,000?  $100,000 in debt!?  Do you know what it feels like to be in debt!?  You have a negative net profit margin!  It means that you never made money and that your education was full of horse manure, piss, and pee.  How the hell is anyone suppose to survive out there with how the education system is run in this country?  $100,000 of tuition money gone down the toilet, because the school system is just some kind of marketing scheme to make money off of kids?  I want to feel like school is worth a damn, but it really isn't.  You're better off starting from the bottom in some minimum wage job as a stock boy and/or waiter.  This is absolute rubbish.  

In any event, you can see myself trying to progress with my own company.  Every penny I make from whatever job I can grab, I'd put in formulating and growing my own company.  Yes, I want my own company even if it means that it only exists in some kind of dank, stinky garage.  I'd rather spend that $50,000 of fake tuition money in my own endeavors and if I fail; I'd be a lot happier to know that I tried something for real instead of trying to be like everyone else in some cookie cutter, piece of paper degree you just hangup on the wall.  I'm not going to care if you have a piece of paper on the wall.  My customers don't care.  They just want "the product".  Whatever the hell my product is, my job is to sell it!  Sales is what makes money.  If paying for school helps me invent some kind of marketable product that works for me than it's worth the money; but I've never come across such a school before.  The schools they have here are just to suck up your hard, earned cash.  They want the dumbest requirements ever.  Liberal arts?  Religion?  Philosophy?  What the hell are these things? I want to know how to create and sell a God damn product; not learn about Buddha.  What part about "I got kidz to feed" do you not understand!?  Is it so hard to teach people what they need to know to be financially stable?  Unfortunately, school isn't about that.  School is about draining the hell out of you.  Seriously, I wish there was a school that actually taught students finances, product production, market, sales, etc. but that's only found in what's called "industry".  There's a huge disconnect between what goes on in schools and what happens in the real world of business.  I for one am not going to be suckered into signing up for some lying, cheating school program that has nothing to show for itself but lame requirement classes.  I want my own business, do things the way I can manage, and not worry about $100,000 of unnecessary school loans.       

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Reaching for the Stars!

Well, hopefully they don't blow this one up like they did the last one.  Yup, this is the new World Trade Center.  Like many others, I pass by this building every so often.  It's an amazing structure.  Regardless of its massive size or amazing structural integrity no one seems to ever bring it up in a conversation.  It's just understood and taken for granted.  That or no one is allowed to talk about what goes inside.  Who the hell knows what goes inside of that building unless you work there.  Much like the last one, one day its there and the next day it's been blown away.  All the sudden, everyone comes out of the closet and has someone they know who works there.  All this time, people were working there and no one knew.  The fact that no one wants to talk about it is kind of disturbing.  I guess you need to be related through blood to find anything out.  I don't know nor do they want me to know . . .

Back to school, I'm still trapped by the vice grips of my crazy x-ray teacher.  Every time we see her, we have yet another exam.  To make matters worse, we even have to be there on snow days.  The school can't afford to miss a single day.  Students have gotten hurt or into accidents, because the school never seems to care.  It's a corrupt and ugly business, but not caring seems to work out for the administration.  Time passes and everyone continues to believe education is this ultimate weapon that can combat the worst of economic down times.  Well, I am in the health field.  It is one of the most stable job markets you can get.  I don't want to care, because there's no money involved at the moment.  Once you pass the schooling and get your registration license, then you can move ahead.  God only knows if I'll ever make it.

Well, that's all I have to give a crap about this week.  There's not much else I can say.  People aren't allowed to talk about what they do for work, or they'll kill them.  Honestly, I never had such a job where anyone actually cared to such an extent.  I wish I did, but I never did; so I really can't say much because I don't know.  Being fat, lazy, and uncaring is what I'm use too.  Well, I feel like I gotta get out of here.  

Thanks for reading!