Saturday, March 28, 2015

Last Month of Spring Semester

Well, if I survive this will be the last month of my spring semester.  The hospital looks like hell.  The patients smell worse than cow dung.  It's a miracle I'm refraining from cursing anyone out.  Working in a hospital?  No, it's not fun.  No, it's not what you see on the television shows.  They don't pay us any money, and we have to do work.  There's this one lady there trying to teach me how to be more controlling and alpha male like.  She's so anal about being on top of things every second of the day.  I guess that's why they hired her?  No, it didn't have to do what grades she got in school.  From the start, you can tell she's very socially aggressive.  She knows everyone by name, tells patients exactly what to do, and flirts with other coworkers like it's nothing.  So, success has very little or nothing to do with the equipment or how new the technology is at the ghetto hospital.  It's all about having the right, confident personality type every second of the day.  So forget about working in a hospital if you lack this alpha personality type.  Looking people in the eye, giving commands, and avoiding having to touch anyone for someone to understand to what to do are all important life skills that are not taught in school.  Is this what I'm lacking?  Is this what I need to obtain?  Better human communication skills?  Being able to talk to just about anyone is viable in the working world.  Yeah, I know it sucks; but it's a skill just about everyone can use.

Long story short, it's not about fancy things and expensive facilities; it's about being able to have the correct impact for human communication when under pressure.  Being that aggressive asshole is key in working in such a hostile environment in the hospital.  It's that simple:  Being able to convince people you know what you're doing and being an effective communicator.  It's mean; it's cold; but it works.

When faced with doing 1 more year of schooling to do radiation therapy, I said "No".  I needed to be honest with myself, because I can not deal with the level of stress patients put you through.  It's an emotional environment, and they're afraid.  Sorry, no.  The hospital(s) are very selective about their applicants as well.  They are looking for "the whole package".  Sorry, I don't even believe in paying child support; how could I possibly be this prototype superman who's going to take care of sick people?  The job pays $65,000 - $80,000 starting, 9-5, Mondays - Fridays only.  You get a monopoly of benefits for working in radiation therapy, but the environment takes an emotional toll out of you.

Well, no this hospital gig is not easy.  Stay out of having to work in a hospital.  Nursing is one of the hardest fields out there as well.  Exam after exam; patient after patient; rinse and repeat.  No, it's not fun; it's actually work that no one wants to do.

Well, peace out.

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