Sunday, March 1, 2015

Reaching for the Stars!

Well, hopefully they don't blow this one up like they did the last one.  Yup, this is the new World Trade Center.  Like many others, I pass by this building every so often.  It's an amazing structure.  Regardless of its massive size or amazing structural integrity no one seems to ever bring it up in a conversation.  It's just understood and taken for granted.  That or no one is allowed to talk about what goes inside.  Who the hell knows what goes inside of that building unless you work there.  Much like the last one, one day its there and the next day it's been blown away.  All the sudden, everyone comes out of the closet and has someone they know who works there.  All this time, people were working there and no one knew.  The fact that no one wants to talk about it is kind of disturbing.  I guess you need to be related through blood to find anything out.  I don't know nor do they want me to know . . .

Back to school, I'm still trapped by the vice grips of my crazy x-ray teacher.  Every time we see her, we have yet another exam.  To make matters worse, we even have to be there on snow days.  The school can't afford to miss a single day.  Students have gotten hurt or into accidents, because the school never seems to care.  It's a corrupt and ugly business, but not caring seems to work out for the administration.  Time passes and everyone continues to believe education is this ultimate weapon that can combat the worst of economic down times.  Well, I am in the health field.  It is one of the most stable job markets you can get.  I don't want to care, because there's no money involved at the moment.  Once you pass the schooling and get your registration license, then you can move ahead.  God only knows if I'll ever make it.

Well, that's all I have to give a crap about this week.  There's not much else I can say.  People aren't allowed to talk about what they do for work, or they'll kill them.  Honestly, I never had such a job where anyone actually cared to such an extent.  I wish I did, but I never did; so I really can't say much because I don't know.  Being fat, lazy, and uncaring is what I'm use too.  Well, I feel like I gotta get out of here.  

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