Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time is Moving On - The End of January 2015

Well, I'm here again.  It's been a week or two, and I just wanted to keep my readers updated.  Not much changes here in bum town.  If you want something you never had before, you have to do something differently.  Forming habits is a good thing, but what if you want something new?  What if you want more?  At what level do you raise the bar higher?  To answer that question you must really want it.  You must be prepared to fail and that takes a lot of effort.  The amount of effort you put into something is felt by sweat and pain.  There's no way around hard work.  You can't cheat, and if you don't make it you fail.  If you do make it, then great things will follow.

Once in a while, I like to look back and reflect on life.  Why do we always want more?  Is it bad that we want more?  As people, we need to have things.  We need to strive for the most basic of things like water, food, and shelter.  Why can't we appreciate what we have at the moment?  We always want more, because if we don't want we'll get STUCK.  Life is constantly evolving and things change.  We are hunters.  We need things, and we look for it to satisfy our needs.  It's not like we're robots and have a set schedule for everything. Somethings are just completely human in nature like the need to go outside and seek out adventure.  One cannot be hibernating in their house all day.  Setting new goals and accomplishing them is a very human thing to do.

No, we don't live in a super high tech world where everything looks fancy.  In fact, we're still in the dark ages for the most part.  Sure we have TV, cell phones, cars, roads, etc. but there's always that MORE to reach.  New technology, better tasting food, fancier homes, sleek new designs of cars; whatever it is, people are constantly striving for MORE.  Stop and think for a second as to why we need these things in the first place.  Don't we have enough?  The answer is quite simple: No, it's never enough @_@  We want more money, we want better housing; we want better jobs; we want it all!  It's our right as people to get what we want in life!  Whatever the hell it is, wake up in the morning and go for it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This is how fucking hard I have to work, and it looks like I could lay off a few donuts.  When I feel pain, that is how I know I'm working putting in effort.  If I don't feel the pain train coming, I'm not working hard enough.  One thing I learned is that the human body is very impressive at adapting and recovering.  Like a computer, it can only respond to directions.  Those directions are up to you to put in; much like how coding works.  If you don't use it, you'll lose it.  The only way you can grow is by putting in effort and feeling the pain, like they say "No Pain No Gain".  Pain is there for a reason.  It's not a curse, it's a privilege that only you can feel the joy of.  With hard work, you feel that you can achieve the goals you want and be successful.  Nutrition and eating healthy is equally as important.  Make sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy, drink water, avoid energy/sugar drinks, and make exercise a priority.  It's not possible for normal people to be working out everyday.  If you feel like garbage just rest for the day.  If you feel injured anywhere just take a rest day.  It's that simple.  With the proper amount of sleep, good dieting and nutrition, and water; the body will naturally recover itself from whatever workout - rinse and repeat.

None the less, I have to intern at the hospital tomorrow.  I have these quotas to meet to x-ray different parts of the body.  I don't decide what patients I get.  I just have to grab whatever I can and hope that it counts.  It's a very political process.  You need to meet the quotas, or you don't pass.  It's a scary ass situation.  Working at a hospital is not nice.  It's hell.  Again, if you feel like crap just grab something to eat or rest up.  Well, buckle up!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Solomon's Incubator Fully Explained

This is it:  My Incubator - Where it All Begins!

Yes, I've been doing all of this for years now the last time I can remember.  It's a little bit confusing at first but let me explain.  First and foremost, I need to pay back all the child support money that I owe to my baby mommas.  Second, I need a source of income or revenue so I can pay for such.  Now, I'm sure a lot of us run into this problem, but what was my approach?  How was I ever going to be able to tackle this problem?  Coming out of high school and even college, I had no idea how I was ever going to support anyone else other than myself.  Being young was a scary time.  None the less, I used whatever resources I had to invent something.  I didn't start out with much, and I needed to be as resourceful as possible.  Venture capitalists?  Angel investors?  No one was ever going to give me "free money" for my dumb, beginner ideas.  Whatever, I didn't need any else's free hands outs.  I was going to work for my money.  I would like investors but that always involves a lot of leg work and trust in other people face to face that just didn't roll with me.  I do live in the New York City and New Jersey area where those big movies with fancy business suits always parade around, but I guess the social skills and business savviness just never rubbed off with me.  Unlike a lot of other businesses out there, "other people's money" or latching onto mommy or daddy wasn't going to do it for me.  As a result, I was going to have to work really hard to think up of ideas that would work with my personality type.  I'm not a big believer of people.  I don't think they have money or are willing to spend it on anyone else other than themselves.  I do believe the vast majority of people out there are cheap and will throw a fit if a penny dropped out of their pocket.  Regardless, I watched a lot of homeless outside of the city begging for money growing up.  One day in school, a classmate told me how the average bum would make about $200+ over the weekend in the city just by panhandling.  Surprisingly, it's true; but I didn't want to succumb to such.  I don't think pretending to be a bum and asking people for money was something in my mission statement.  So the weeks continued to fly by, and I was always left with this hunger to make money so I could pay my child support.  Looking around, how was a deadbeat dad like me ever going to pay child support?

I needed answers from school, from parents, from family, from friends; but no one had what I was looking for.  Everyone was too busy doing their own thing and that's fine.  I wanted to know what was my thing.  What the hell was my thing!?  "Teacher", "bus driver", "police officer", "doctor", "engineer", "lunch lady", everyone seemed to know who they were EXCEPT ME.  With a lack of faith in myself, I took up jobs in grocery stores and other lower end retails stores.  No, it was not fun having to work with "customers".  "Kill them with kindness" is what I've learned.  Instead of being equally as nasty as the customer is more than willing to be, one must elevate themselves and "kiss ass".  Remain calm, "kill them with kindness" and "kiss ass".  These 3 tips helped me survive my days working retail.  Let me tell you, it was a nightmare.  Thank God, I was fired and qualified for unemployment.  Any who, I understood clearly how money was so hard to make.  As a result, I saved up a vast majority.  I'm not going into the details, but it's enough to survive.  When I was working in retail, I never saw a future for myself.  It was the worst human experience possible.  Regardless, I would continue to work each day to better myself or at least find something productive to do.  Beneath it all, I wanted to find my passion.  Maybe customer service is my thing?  Maybe I was meant to serve others with a nice, friendly tone.  A lot of other people were in the same field; and I was not much different from them.  But, I did not want to stay.  I always felt that I WAS MORE; I WAS MEANT FOR MORE.  "Doctor" or "professor" . . .  something that was MORE.  I never wanted to settle as a cashier or something low on the food chain.  IT'S NEVER ENOUGH.  Looking at the prices of tuition to be someone important pretty much killed it for me.  Again, I was stuck on the bottom of the food chain.  How did I ever manage to step up my game from the bottom?  The answer was Unemployment.  They hooked me up with "free tuition" for my x-ray technician program and that paved the wave for my future!

Back to my incubator, I was saying how I was in retail - I saw and compared prices of toys on clearance and that of which was online.  The earning potentially was what I believed to be phenomenal.  Like out of a movie, I would spend the money I was earning to buyout the store's clearance toys.  I quickly posted them up online and resold them for a profit.  As time went on, I got better at identifying what toys sell and which ones were worth the most.  I also avoided anything that didn't look like it could be resold for profit.  There was a key to all of this - Toys appreciate in value over time.  I'm talking about the good toys with hundreds of likes and reviews.  Unlike stocks or bonds, the return on investment was pretty good over a short period of time, even better over a longer period of time.  When I realized this, I knew what I wanted to do.  I finally knew what "my thing" was!  There was more than enough stores that had seasonal clearance sales.  Every once in a while, I would drive out and start buying out toys that were on clearance.  LEGO, HASBRO, TRANSFORMERS, HALO, MEGABLOCKS, DOMO, whatever it was, I would buy out whatever I could to churn out a profit; and unlike so many other things I've tried it actually worked out to be profitable.  It was the perfect business model for me.  I didn't have to invent anything, I didn't have to call the phone to China and have something mass produced, nor did I need another $100,000 for tuition.  Reselling toys was the perfect game plan and market for me.  Whatever it was going on, I MADE MONEY - rinse and repeat.  With my overdue child support payment plan trying to be the death of me, what else was I going to resort to?  School tuition is overly priced to the point no one wants to go anymore, so what other options were there?  THE SOLUTION:  START YOUR OWN BUSINESS WITH THAT MONEY!  No, I don't want to hear it again with school.  All college was ever good for was ripping young people off with fake dreams and hopes for a future.  Yes, it did work back in the day; but for many of us college is just another money scam.  College is great for people who already have money, but what about those who are always struggling and that life doesn't seem fair?  No more lies for me, I want my own business.  I want to make money by working hard and treating myself right.  When you treat yourself right, everything else will follow.  Your customers will be happy and will thank you for it.

As the night dwindles and the Monday morning is soon to set, I realized that a lot of the times I don't care enough about reaching out to people, which is why I'm not as successful as I want to be.  It's always about POLITICS.  I once got an email back after writing to a business company.  They told me that they wanted me, but I never followed up.  The author wrote to me how she wanted to talk more.  I just didn't respond.  I didn't want to relate to her with such a negative impact.  I wrote a blog about how much of a hell hole working a 9-5 retail job was.  Getting a response from a professional lady wasn't something I was intending.  Whatever it was, she fell for it.  She said that it was touching and personal.  She wanted to contact me, but I failed to be more opened with her.  That was the first professional response I ever received.  Surprisingly, she wanted me!?  Speaking to a young lady, I didn't want to corrupt her.  I didn't want her to know.  It wasn't something I wanted to share with her.  She didn't have to know about it.  Deeply, I was ashamed and wanted to present to her a better side of me and not some homeless guy trying to survive.  Instead of dazzling her by being rich or fancy, I did it by being personal and making a connection on an emotional level.  Whatever it was, I felt a connection; and she responded.  Reaching out to someone, huh?  Well, I made out with what I thought was the best choice that actually worked - Unemployment.  The last line of humanity for me was ultimately Unemployment.  There you will find the biggest ghetto and moochers alive.  Living off of welfare, food stamps, and other free government handouts?  Yup, that was the answer I was looking for.  There's no invention or big business, it was just a ghetto welfare line.  Horribly, ugly looking people with no aspirations for a future whatsoever.  It was a chaotic mess of grumpiness, a black cloud of death.  I've never seen such a depressing site.  There was absolutely nothing there except no good bums and lots of them.  Just row after row of bums.  Couldn't anyone do something about this?  Why are there always bums with no jobs lurking around every unemployment office?  Once in a while you get someone respectable looking, but for the vast majority it's a living nightmare out of a horror movie.  With such high taxes, you'd think life would look a lot nicer.  Sorry, no it's a hell hole of a place.  None the less, Unemployment was the answer I was looking for.  This is what four years of college was worth?  What in God's name was going on here!?  Yup, college was a lie - Everyone goes to Unemployment.  In my heart, I knew there was no other place to turn to.  School was never going to help me out of this one.  Unemployment was the bottom line, the end of the road, the matrix of it all, the center of the universe if you will.  All these fancy suits and ties was worth absolutely nothing.  It was just a crummy lie to me.  How could I possibly trust the school system ever again?  Nothing else here, but to retrain and find another 9-5 job . . .  It's a slow and tedious journey, but that's life for The Unemployable.

I am The Unemployable . . . that's what people like me do in life, they feed off the government like leaches; but wait I thought I was hard working?  Nope, I fail to make connections with the right people and haven't amounted to much other than a college education.  I believed in going school everyday, but that wasn't enough.  I had perfect attendance and Straight A's and still turned out to be Unemployed.  Jesus Christ, I guess I'm just not cut out for POLITICS.  Regardless of how hard you work, much to do about money is about POLITICS.  It's not what you know, it's who you know.  As long as you and your company is logging down everyone's name and contact information, you'll be connected with whoever you want to at any given time for business or whatever reason.  Networking is essential at dividing people from the haves and those who have absolutely nothing but the shirts on their backs.  NETWORK, NETWORK, AND NETWORK.  Dressing up sharp and appearing to be friendly can increase your chances of meeting someone, but that's NOT ENOUGH.  You also need a business plan or at least common interest.  You need the whole package.  Don't just rely on one source or one idea.  A wide range of diverse and different ideas need to encompass and surround the whole plot - To be able to see the bigger picture.  You always want to understand the bigger picture of things and not just the little nitpicking niches.  Don't settle for less, always understand the bigger picture of things and why things have to be done right the first time around to get the ball rolling.  Should you fail, you end up like me - You'll be one of thousands of people unemployed, like a zombie in a vast ocean of other mindless zombies with no name or face.  Regardless, I wish to complete my radiology program.  Yes, I know trying to get your foot in the door in the healthcare field is as political as being the first black American president, but I have to do what I need to do to strive for a better future.  Is working in the hospital really that bad?  Yes, it is hot and heavy all the time.  People don't want to hire you unless "you know someone".  It gets pretty repetitive and annoying but that is how it is all the time.  For some it may come naturally, but for others like me, constant improvement and work is always necessary.  Believe in yourself . . . believe, believe, believe.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Turning 30 - Happy Birthday to Me

Yup, I'm 30 years of age now.  I turned 30 today.  It's cloudy outside and raining.  My whole life I've always tried to be better and make more money.  Whatever it was, things were tough.  After experiencing the ups and downs of life, all I wanted was a simple job.  I didn't want anything too complicated or something I couldn't handle.  Although I was a straight A student in school, I ended up working at local retail stores.  I felt as though there was nothing out there for someone like me.  I even graduated from Rutgers College with  a Criminal Justice degree believing that I could do something in my life, but everyone and everything seemed to deter me away.  Now, I'm just trying to graduate my x-ray program so I can get my foot in the health care industry.  I don't want to regret going to school.  That's something that I don't want.  Why pay all this money for tuition with no job?  It doesn't make sense.  What does make sense is that the school and loan companies are profiting off of innocent students trying to get an education.  I'm sorry, but I've lost much faith in humanity.  Now, I'm more of a Chinese reseller.  I buy things at a cheap price and resell them online.  Whatever school it is or whatever the program is, I probably don't believe in their mission statement or code of ethics in helping students grow and achieve.  What I do believe in is that they want to make money off of people just like in any other business.  The only thing I don't regret is striving to go to the gym everyday or at least three times a week.  "GET TO THE GYM" is the only thing that has never failed me or that I felt was a waste of time or money.  There's always something at the gym you can do.  Yes, I've been to school everyday with perfect attendance and do you think that has made me a better person with a better career outlook?  No, absolutely not.  For me, school was a disaster zone.  It wasn't about school, it was looking outside the box that mattered the most.  It was thinking outside the box.  School was just a nursery or baby sitting program.  The people who got good jobs had connections, knew people, and moved on with their lives.  It wasn't about your GPA; it was about who you knew that got you somewhere.

The only place that has ever respected my college degree was ShopRite.  Yes, some supermarket up the hill acknowledged that I had a college education and paid me $1 more than normal, retail cashiers.  WOW, WHAT AN IMPRESSIVE STORY.  Talk about getting into deep shit.  With very little or no money, I was screwed.  Years later, I looked elsewhere for work.  I got fired enough times that I qualified for unemployment.  Long story short, I'm doing the x-ray program and still trying to graduation.  None the less, selecting your field is very important.  It's something that you have to decided regardless of what anyone or anything else tries to shove in your face.  If there's something you love or are passionate about go for it.  I know that I don't like a lot of things, except making money.  Making money and going to the gym are my biggest goals in life, but these things are by far not easy.  Making money involves having to deal with someone else, because that's where the money is coming from.  It's about networking, people, socializing, being on top of things, communication, exchanging information in a non creepy manner, etc.  The more social you are the better off you'll be making money.  Well, a lot of us are screwed then.  A lot of people are not social and would rather take off with the money.  In the end, there has to be some kind of balance.  The two will eventually meet where an exchange can take place.

Well, the days go on and on just like every other day.  I don't expect to win the lottery overnight anytime soon.  This is life.  I'm thirty years of age now and this is it.  There's no going back.  There's no more reset button.  If school gets to be a pain in the ass, I'm just going to move on to the next day.  If I want to improve, I'd go to the library and go over the things I don't know.  There's no point in me crying over spilled milk.  Sure, I'll probably do something wrong or get into an accident; but taking things one step at a time is a good bet to be prepared for the next time.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Back to the Gym

Yup, the secret to working out is taking an entire day off after a fully immersed workout.  I felt lifted and ready to go back to the gym after taking the day off.  Of all honesty, I couldn't make it back to the gym after feeling tired the other day.  The answer was simply to take the entire day off and that's exactly what I did.  Sometimes not doing anything is the key to success.  Everyone needs that day off to relax and recharge.  I also slept a bit early the night before, so I could be ready for the morning.  Sleeping early and taking a day off after working out to my fullest potential is the answer I was looking for.

Lately, I was thinking about spending money on food.  How about spending a bit of money on steaks?  Steaks are a good source of protein and will teach me how to cook with actual ingredients.  I love the idea of cooking up a nice, juicy steak.  It's simple and full of protein.  Of course there are things to watch out for when buying steak like it it's been preserved with carbon monoxide and/or radiation treatment.  Yes, buying food in America is not as simple as it seems.  Steak here is not just a steak.  A lot of the meat products have been tampered with steroids, radiation, weird preservative methods, salt, artificial coloring, inbreed farming, and all kinds of other crazy crap.  Of course we should all eat organic and grass fed cow produce but that would just be too costly, and you know how everyone is always trying to save a dollar by tampering with food and adding in extra loads of sugar, salt, fats, steroids, and a wide range of other craziness.  Hell, I'll just stick with buying "organic" eggs if this gets any more complicated.  The problem with meat is that it spoils really fast, so the food industry always tries to trick its customers with weird preservation methods can that make the meat last longer for selling purposes.  Well, the fruits and vegetables are not much different either.  So many new and strange ways they try to keep food fresh with the overuse of pesticides.  Not even buying organic will help, because the soil maybe contaminated with too many preexisting chemicals.  The whole situation is weird, because America.  This isn't like Japan where people take pride and honor in their produce.  Nope, obesity and being fat is America for you.  They don't care as long as they're saving money, and they see food on the table.  It doesn't matter what the food is as long as it is loaded with sugar and tastes good.  In America, it's like no one cares.  They just want food in their stomachs.  Unfortunately, these unorthodox methods of  producing and acquiring these foods is very unhealthy.  Obesity, diabetes, and kinds of unholy pathology results.  It's not like Africa where people are starving either.  America has a choice, but a lot of people choose to live an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle.

As one can see, I'm living in a hell hole.  I can't expect too much, because we're all living in this mess together.  Some people don't ever want to change and that's a huge problem.  My job is to make sure that their shit doesn't splash on me in the meanwhile.  I don't want to get involved.  I'll just continue to mind my own business and keep myself preoccupied with something else.  I don't want anyone else's baggage if it's preventable.  Whatever the hell it is, I need to get ready for school starts back up on Monday!  I have 3 more days off!  God have mercy . . .  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good Morning Snow Day

Yes, it's snowing outside and no there's no work or school for me to go today.  My only safe option is to stay home all day today.  What a perfect day to just sit back and watch a movie.  I don't feel the initiative of doing anything important as of today; just trying to relax.

Have a good day everyone.

Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Day

Yes, I made it though the weekend.  There's not much going on here as expected.  Just a random visiting a friend, a wild snow storm, staying over the night, watching movies, and having random fun.  Whatever I do on the weekends is up in the air.  All I need is some cash to spend on some food and transportation, and I'm good to go.  None the less, the weekend was full of fun.

Regardless, it's Monday morning.  I believe this will be the last Monday I have off until another big holiday calendar event.  Must I always think about having to work and slave away my life?  As humans, we always have to think two steps ahead.  Life just doesn't end after the weekend is over.  There is work that still needs to be done, but why not have fun with it?  Gross, I have to go to school next week starting on my birthday.  Well, I guess I always wanted a job.  That sure came back and bit me in the ass.  Having to go to school on your birthday and on the first day of the semester is not cool.  That's like having to go to work on your birthday.  Well, I'm sure as hell not going to take things seriously that day.  Life is too short to be strapped down to a shit hole of a job.

Yes, the reality is bleak and daunting but what do I really want that makes me happy?  What I really want is to be in a job and/or career that doesn't suck.  I want to be passionate and motivated about the work I'm doing.  I want to like my job.  I want to like my customers.  I don't want to feel the hatred or the boredom of having to take care of a business.  As one can see, having the right attitude and emotional intelligence is key to succeeding.  What are the obstacles?  Why can't everyone be happy?  Well, no matter what there's always a "Debbie Downer" lurking around.  These types personalities float in and out of people like a ghost in the night.  They drain you of energy and make you disappointed about life.  They will constantly feed off of your disappoint, frustration, and/or anxiety.  They know exactly what to say, what to do, and how to move just to be able to drain you.  Don't believe me?  Go to any job that deals with customer service, and you'll quickly pick up on it.  It can be anyone one; that's why it's so terrifying.  All the sudden you can find out your "friend" is among one of several thousands of them that inhabit this planet.  Regardless of the negative atmosphere one might bring, it's your job to be whoever you want to be.  Only you are in control of yourself.  Yes, there are potential, evil sales people who will try to sell you just about anything; but they're just trying to survive as well.

Whatever bullshit is out there, I want to be able to graduate my radiology program.  I only have until this summer to go.  That's a total of 2 more semesters of hell, and then I'm out to the real world.  $21 an hour, $25 an hour, $32 an hour, all the way up to $50 an hour I've heard x-ray techs make.  Is it all about making money?  Nope, I just want to be in a job that I can't withstand.  All the yelling, screaming, and craziness has to be kept at a minimum for me to be able to withstand the job.  Being a x-ray tech is somewhere in between all the craziness, but I think I can manage if I try hard enough.
So that's my priority for this year of 2015:  Graduate from my radiology program without getting into any side dramas.

With all that said and done, I'm now going to go to my gym and complete one of my workouts.  I need to get myself fit and relaxed.  I just need a time during the day to get the exercise going.  It makes me feel productive and both mentally and physically sound.    


Friday, January 2, 2015

Woke Up In the Morning - 7 AM

So I managed to wake up early in the morning for the hell of it.  No, I don't have school or work today.  I felt hungry and grabbed a bag of peanuts.  I then proceeded to the computer to check my emails and search for some motivational videos.  In all honesty, I was looking up Apocalypse from the X-Men move trailer.  It inspires me that someone can build themselves the way they want things to turn out and favor themselves over every other obstacle either it being something internal or external.  Regardless of being abandoned by his parents and horrible life situation, Apocalypse was capable of growing up and develop as a person.  True, he's evil but the same basic principals of hard work and striving to succeed apply.

Now that it's approaching 8 AM, I feel a bit weary and sleepy.  I always feel like of groggy in the morning.  I want to go out and venture into the world, but I also want to go back to bed.  The regret of the feeling of having done nothing but sleep lingers if I go back to bed, but I feel happy there.   What am I to decide?  Why to I always have this eagerness to go out into the world and do something?  Must I go to the gym this early when there's absolutely no immediate need?  Can't I just be happy in bed for an extra hour or two?  What is this hunger I have all the time to stop being lazy?  Can't I just go along with the laziness?  Why am I even having this argument?  I should just be doing whatever I feel like it on my days off.

So it is settled:  I will go back to bed and do whatever I need to do later in the day.  I idea of being a morning person has been abandoned yet again.  No matter how hard I've tried, I just don't function well in the morning time unless there's an immediate need.  The hell with it, see you guys when I'm up again.  I'm going back to bed where I'm most happy in the morning.  

So, I actually went back to bed and about 2 hours lapsed into 11 AM.  I woke up just to reach the computer and restart my computer game binge, which I'm so use to by now.  Yes, I've been playing Marvel Heroes online and it's a pretty good game with Juggernaut.  It was fun and the time went by fast.  Fun, yes it was fun, because I wasn't concerned or preoccupied with myself or my thoughts about being self conscious or caring about what others thought about me.  I was living in my own virtual world online where I could be my own self-destructive Juggernaut blowing up cars, people, and super baddies.  Next, I'm playing a game of League of Legends and that'll finish my addictive gaming habit for awhile.  After my ritual of gaming, I will proceed to drive to the post office and deliver my packages for my small company.  While still in the car, I manage to go to the gym for the rest of the day.  Yes, I'll be at the gym for the rest of the day.  After all, it's still Friday.  It's not like it's a Monday.  Could my morning have turned out any differently?  Could I have been more productive?  What am I missing?  Am I just doomed to keep repeating my same habits?  I'm not complaining; I had a great time in bed and surfing the gaming world.  I think I accomplished what everyone needs to do once in a while:  Have fun.  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, I'm just riding the wave of excitement stemming from others.  Great, it is the new year and everyone has new plans and new ideas!  The future is not set in stone!?  You can do whatever you want!  Unfortunately, this is real life and good things just don't happen out of thin air.  Hard work, dedication, patients, initiative, character . . . these are the only things that will ever get you where you want to be.  Having to deal with difficult people still remains at large, which requires all these skills.  I'm not immune to dealing with diversity, communication, networking, working with others, etc.  All these things require constant work and improvement.  Why can't we all just get along?  We can't, period.  People don't get along ever and that's why you always need to work on these things.  People can get easily upset, offended, worry, argue, or fight with just about everyone and everything.  What kind of world am I living in?  There's a lot of fighting and a lot of arguing over the dumbest things and that's has always been the case.  Why?  Are people just a miserable, annoying species?  Why can't we get along?  Doesn't everyone want to be happy?  Doesn't everyone want to get along?  From my experience, everyone is too different from each other.  What makes someone very happy has the consequences of making someone else unhappy.  As a result, there's always different points of view and fighting going around.  Much like a flake of snow, no two people are ever alike.  I can't change why someone wants to complain about whatever.  I can't change someone else's opinion about the whatever I did or didn't do.  That's not my job nor do I need to care.

This year I want to retain my goals of running my small business of reselling toys, working out at the gym on a weekly basis, and of course completing my x-ray program.  All of these goals of mine can be accomplished.  Graduatibg my x-ray program must be the hardest of the bunch, because it involves having to spend money on tuition and collaborating with actual people like teachers, hospital employees, and patients.  All of these life skills come into play each and every second on the job. Let me tell you, it's not easy.  None the less, I still want to graduate my x-ray program.  I don't know if I'm suitable for taking care of others in a hospital, but I do know that I'm hard working.

Waking up in the morning has always been something troublesome to me.  Sleep early?  Drink lots of water?  Turn off the monitor 2 hours early?  Exercise?  What's the best way to get out of bed in morning?  I do all these things to ensure that I wake up in the morning.  I even consider opening the curtain for natural sunlight instead of operating an alarm clock.  Going back to sleep after hitting the snooze button just makes things worse as it only resets the sleep cycle as though you've never slept at all.  Yes, waking up in the morning is a big challenge that I must conquer if I ever want to accomplish anything.  I mean how do you get to where you want to be?  If you stay too long in bed, you'll never have a chance to make it to the gym, school, and/or work place on time.  So what's the best plan of attack?  Have everything set up the night before is something that's always useful.  When the morning sets, just rush out of bed, get into some clothes, grab your bagged lunch, and jet into your car!  But what about food?  Forget about the food and just go!  The hell with breakfast and just stuff some fruit and water into your bag.  There's really no time in the morning to think twice, otherwise you'll get stuck.  Yes, the morning time is very sensitive.  One false move, and it's game over.  Just think about the stuff that'll be in your way if you don't act quick enough:  Going back to sleep, getting stuck in traffic, not finding a parking space, being late, forgetting something at home, etc.  Being prepared to leave your home the night before with everything is imperative to your success.  If you're not planning for your success, you're doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

So instead of working out late at night, thinking that'll I'll magically wake up in the morning and get stuff done is just a plan of failure.  No, people don't just get up like magic.  Instead of working out at night, I'd just relax and plan the next day in advance.  Yes, saving that work out for the morning or afternoon time is much smarter than going all in at the night time.  Sure, I've worked out at night time; but it never felt like a good idea.  The most successful people ever recorded, always work out as early as possible in the morning times like some kind of religious ritual.  Unfortunately, I'm not built like that; so I workout a bit later during the day time.  If we could all be super successful and actually do it that would be great, but I know from experience life is not sweet and perfect like that.  Sure, wake up at 4 AM, go work out for an hour, and make lots of money for the rest of the day.  Sorry, it just doesn't work like that.  Well, given the time I have I hope to make the best of it.  Don't ever be afraid to fail or it'll paralyze you and box you in, limiting your potential to grow and succeed.