Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, I'm just riding the wave of excitement stemming from others.  Great, it is the new year and everyone has new plans and new ideas!  The future is not set in stone!?  You can do whatever you want!  Unfortunately, this is real life and good things just don't happen out of thin air.  Hard work, dedication, patients, initiative, character . . . these are the only things that will ever get you where you want to be.  Having to deal with difficult people still remains at large, which requires all these skills.  I'm not immune to dealing with diversity, communication, networking, working with others, etc.  All these things require constant work and improvement.  Why can't we all just get along?  We can't, period.  People don't get along ever and that's why you always need to work on these things.  People can get easily upset, offended, worry, argue, or fight with just about everyone and everything.  What kind of world am I living in?  There's a lot of fighting and a lot of arguing over the dumbest things and that's has always been the case.  Why?  Are people just a miserable, annoying species?  Why can't we get along?  Doesn't everyone want to be happy?  Doesn't everyone want to get along?  From my experience, everyone is too different from each other.  What makes someone very happy has the consequences of making someone else unhappy.  As a result, there's always different points of view and fighting going around.  Much like a flake of snow, no two people are ever alike.  I can't change why someone wants to complain about whatever.  I can't change someone else's opinion about the whatever I did or didn't do.  That's not my job nor do I need to care.

This year I want to retain my goals of running my small business of reselling toys, working out at the gym on a weekly basis, and of course completing my x-ray program.  All of these goals of mine can be accomplished.  Graduatibg my x-ray program must be the hardest of the bunch, because it involves having to spend money on tuition and collaborating with actual people like teachers, hospital employees, and patients.  All of these life skills come into play each and every second on the job. Let me tell you, it's not easy.  None the less, I still want to graduate my x-ray program.  I don't know if I'm suitable for taking care of others in a hospital, but I do know that I'm hard working.

Waking up in the morning has always been something troublesome to me.  Sleep early?  Drink lots of water?  Turn off the monitor 2 hours early?  Exercise?  What's the best way to get out of bed in morning?  I do all these things to ensure that I wake up in the morning.  I even consider opening the curtain for natural sunlight instead of operating an alarm clock.  Going back to sleep after hitting the snooze button just makes things worse as it only resets the sleep cycle as though you've never slept at all.  Yes, waking up in the morning is a big challenge that I must conquer if I ever want to accomplish anything.  I mean how do you get to where you want to be?  If you stay too long in bed, you'll never have a chance to make it to the gym, school, and/or work place on time.  So what's the best plan of attack?  Have everything set up the night before is something that's always useful.  When the morning sets, just rush out of bed, get into some clothes, grab your bagged lunch, and jet into your car!  But what about food?  Forget about the food and just go!  The hell with breakfast and just stuff some fruit and water into your bag.  There's really no time in the morning to think twice, otherwise you'll get stuck.  Yes, the morning time is very sensitive.  One false move, and it's game over.  Just think about the stuff that'll be in your way if you don't act quick enough:  Going back to sleep, getting stuck in traffic, not finding a parking space, being late, forgetting something at home, etc.  Being prepared to leave your home the night before with everything is imperative to your success.  If you're not planning for your success, you're doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

So instead of working out late at night, thinking that'll I'll magically wake up in the morning and get stuff done is just a plan of failure.  No, people don't just get up like magic.  Instead of working out at night, I'd just relax and plan the next day in advance.  Yes, saving that work out for the morning or afternoon time is much smarter than going all in at the night time.  Sure, I've worked out at night time; but it never felt like a good idea.  The most successful people ever recorded, always work out as early as possible in the morning times like some kind of religious ritual.  Unfortunately, I'm not built like that; so I workout a bit later during the day time.  If we could all be super successful and actually do it that would be great, but I know from experience life is not sweet and perfect like that.  Sure, wake up at 4 AM, go work out for an hour, and make lots of money for the rest of the day.  Sorry, it just doesn't work like that.  Well, given the time I have I hope to make the best of it.  Don't ever be afraid to fail or it'll paralyze you and box you in, limiting your potential to grow and succeed.                

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