Monday, January 12, 2015

Turning 30 - Happy Birthday to Me

Yup, I'm 30 years of age now.  I turned 30 today.  It's cloudy outside and raining.  My whole life I've always tried to be better and make more money.  Whatever it was, things were tough.  After experiencing the ups and downs of life, all I wanted was a simple job.  I didn't want anything too complicated or something I couldn't handle.  Although I was a straight A student in school, I ended up working at local retail stores.  I felt as though there was nothing out there for someone like me.  I even graduated from Rutgers College with  a Criminal Justice degree believing that I could do something in my life, but everyone and everything seemed to deter me away.  Now, I'm just trying to graduate my x-ray program so I can get my foot in the health care industry.  I don't want to regret going to school.  That's something that I don't want.  Why pay all this money for tuition with no job?  It doesn't make sense.  What does make sense is that the school and loan companies are profiting off of innocent students trying to get an education.  I'm sorry, but I've lost much faith in humanity.  Now, I'm more of a Chinese reseller.  I buy things at a cheap price and resell them online.  Whatever school it is or whatever the program is, I probably don't believe in their mission statement or code of ethics in helping students grow and achieve.  What I do believe in is that they want to make money off of people just like in any other business.  The only thing I don't regret is striving to go to the gym everyday or at least three times a week.  "GET TO THE GYM" is the only thing that has never failed me or that I felt was a waste of time or money.  There's always something at the gym you can do.  Yes, I've been to school everyday with perfect attendance and do you think that has made me a better person with a better career outlook?  No, absolutely not.  For me, school was a disaster zone.  It wasn't about school, it was looking outside the box that mattered the most.  It was thinking outside the box.  School was just a nursery or baby sitting program.  The people who got good jobs had connections, knew people, and moved on with their lives.  It wasn't about your GPA; it was about who you knew that got you somewhere.

The only place that has ever respected my college degree was ShopRite.  Yes, some supermarket up the hill acknowledged that I had a college education and paid me $1 more than normal, retail cashiers.  WOW, WHAT AN IMPRESSIVE STORY.  Talk about getting into deep shit.  With very little or no money, I was screwed.  Years later, I looked elsewhere for work.  I got fired enough times that I qualified for unemployment.  Long story short, I'm doing the x-ray program and still trying to graduation.  None the less, selecting your field is very important.  It's something that you have to decided regardless of what anyone or anything else tries to shove in your face.  If there's something you love or are passionate about go for it.  I know that I don't like a lot of things, except making money.  Making money and going to the gym are my biggest goals in life, but these things are by far not easy.  Making money involves having to deal with someone else, because that's where the money is coming from.  It's about networking, people, socializing, being on top of things, communication, exchanging information in a non creepy manner, etc.  The more social you are the better off you'll be making money.  Well, a lot of us are screwed then.  A lot of people are not social and would rather take off with the money.  In the end, there has to be some kind of balance.  The two will eventually meet where an exchange can take place.

Well, the days go on and on just like every other day.  I don't expect to win the lottery overnight anytime soon.  This is life.  I'm thirty years of age now and this is it.  There's no going back.  There's no more reset button.  If school gets to be a pain in the ass, I'm just going to move on to the next day.  If I want to improve, I'd go to the library and go over the things I don't know.  There's no point in me crying over spilled milk.  Sure, I'll probably do something wrong or get into an accident; but taking things one step at a time is a good bet to be prepared for the next time.  

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