Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time is Moving On - The End of January 2015

Well, I'm here again.  It's been a week or two, and I just wanted to keep my readers updated.  Not much changes here in bum town.  If you want something you never had before, you have to do something differently.  Forming habits is a good thing, but what if you want something new?  What if you want more?  At what level do you raise the bar higher?  To answer that question you must really want it.  You must be prepared to fail and that takes a lot of effort.  The amount of effort you put into something is felt by sweat and pain.  There's no way around hard work.  You can't cheat, and if you don't make it you fail.  If you do make it, then great things will follow.

Once in a while, I like to look back and reflect on life.  Why do we always want more?  Is it bad that we want more?  As people, we need to have things.  We need to strive for the most basic of things like water, food, and shelter.  Why can't we appreciate what we have at the moment?  We always want more, because if we don't want we'll get STUCK.  Life is constantly evolving and things change.  We are hunters.  We need things, and we look for it to satisfy our needs.  It's not like we're robots and have a set schedule for everything. Somethings are just completely human in nature like the need to go outside and seek out adventure.  One cannot be hibernating in their house all day.  Setting new goals and accomplishing them is a very human thing to do.

No, we don't live in a super high tech world where everything looks fancy.  In fact, we're still in the dark ages for the most part.  Sure we have TV, cell phones, cars, roads, etc. but there's always that MORE to reach.  New technology, better tasting food, fancier homes, sleek new designs of cars; whatever it is, people are constantly striving for MORE.  Stop and think for a second as to why we need these things in the first place.  Don't we have enough?  The answer is quite simple: No, it's never enough @_@  We want more money, we want better housing; we want better jobs; we want it all!  It's our right as people to get what we want in life!  Whatever the hell it is, wake up in the morning and go for it.

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