Sunday, February 1, 2015

What if I Didn't Play Video Games

Okay, people - What would happen if I didn't play video games.  Hell, what would happen if kids didn't play videos and instead did their school work.  Well, nothing really.  You're damned if you do; and you're damned if you don't.  Either way, you're screwed; so I don't have any negative views about kids who can't control themselves over video games.  So what if you don't play video games?  You'll spend time outside where it costs more money $_$.  Yes, a lot of money for gas, travel, food, tickets, passes, suitable clothes, places to stay, or whatever it is.  If you do have tons of money and don't care, going outside and traveling the world would be a fundamentally awesome idea.  But for the vast majority of us who don't have such a luxury, video games is the next best thing.  I'm going to say this only one time, real life costs a lot of money.  If you're not fronting out cash, people will not tag along with you.  Whatever it is that's cool to do, it'll probably cost money.  Money, money, and more money.  It's a vicious cycle of a huge laundry list of spending money.  The less money you spend going outside and pursuing your hobbies with others alike, the more power to you.  Unfortunately, we're only human and that's why the video game industry is huge.  All you need to do is plugin and play.  You don't need any attention from others, and you can just rip straight through the day doing your thing.

I would like to believe the fact that ending video games would somehow magically improve the lives of people but that's just purely bias.  Video games offer a cheap way of psychological stimulation and outlet without spending tons of cash.  It's a perfect drug for the brain and easy on the wallet.  You'd think people would work and study hard, but what is out there really?  There are no jobs available either way; and the only way in those jobs is by knowing someone.  With no jobs and no potential for growth, what else could be a cheap substitute?  "Go to school" but what for?  There aren't many jobs out there for us.  I hear all these stories about people going to school for master degrees; and they do nothing with it; because there is no niche in the market to make money.  It's just like spending a whole bunch of your hard earned dollars on lottery tickets, only to find out they're all losers.  Guess what?  All that money you spent on student loans and tuition has absolutely no impact on your life whatsoever.  Down the road of business life, you quickly learn that you either have it or you don't.  If you do then congratulations you can move on and become successful, but for the vast majority of us we're screwed.  Lack of social skills, no money, no employment opportunities, "you have to know someone", "I have kidz to feed", etc. the list of excuses go on.  As a result, a percentage of the population just resorts to video games for temporary relief from the harsh realities of life.              

As for me, I'm cutting back on the hours I spend on video games.  I record the lectures my professors do, and I play them back to prepare for the upcoming exam(s).  This strategy helps me get A's and B's; but it's very time consuming.  Making video recordings help a lot; but getting good grades doesn't mean much in the real world.  In theory, good grades are your ticket to success; but in reality it always comes down to "It's not what you know; it's who you know".  Instead of grading students all the time, what they should really be doing is networking with people who are currently working in the industry of interest.  Yes, grades are completely useless and a waste of your time and money.  No wonder why Steve Jobs dropped out of college so quickly.  He wasn't being a rebel or bad; he didn't want to waste all of his parent's hard earned money on some fake school that would prepare him for nothing but heart ache in the future.  I don't like how the school is set up either; it' just a mass marketing scheme just like any other business.  Well, there are those students swirling around in the school system somewhere whom get lucky and get a good job; but guess what?  It's probably not you who got the good career going for them, which is why it's so important to make decisions for yourself.  If you feel that school is a bunch of bull, than it's your right to dropout.

I'm almost done with my x-ray program - June 18, 2015 will be my last day.  Our teacher is so nasty that she tried to fail one of the x-ray techs currently working at one of the biggest hospitals in the area.  Even though I feel like I would never want to work in a hospital, I just want to finish my degree.  I only have a few months left and that'll be the end.  I can either pass or just fail out.  My GPA is current 3.8+, but the teacher is nasty as hell and will fail out anyone at any given time, even on the last day.  So, you literally have to be praying to God to save your own ass.  Do you work hard and never give up?  Well, it's so political working in a hospital that they really don't care.  They'll just boot you whenever they feel like, because they have that much power.  One of the older ladies was apparently making too much money, and the hospital had to fire her.  The worst part about it was that she was the heart of the operations.  They had to fire one of their own flesh and blood just because of money woes and that's how nasty the world today has become.  Employers love to call each other family that is until you get fired.  They will lie to you and treat you like family until they throw you out like a dog out on the freezing streets of New York.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and I'm spending my time writing up this blog.  Instead of partying and watching the game, I'm preparing for tomorrow's hospital shift.  Is school really that serious that I can't even go out and have fun?  Well, I'm assuming I have a little bit of workaholic inside of me; but any who I don't care much about football.  It's never been my sport of choice.  After the game, people go back to their 9-5 work.  The Russian roulette game of life is much more real to me to the point that I would rather spend time preparing for tomorrow than watching a football.   I would like to be able to relax and have a good time, but school is a pain.  The teacher is just mental, and the program is demanding us to do unrealistic things with our time.  Sounds impossible?  Yes and that is why I would never want to be a doctor.  My only goal is to continue to make less than $10,000 or so to continue to get "free" Medicaid.  Yes, I get "free" health insurance for being poor.  I tell people I'd rather qualify as poverty level than middle class, so I can get free government handouts.  Of course, most sane people would want to throw a shoe at me; but I have my own beliefs.  I would never want to be middle class.  You make too much money to qualify for government freebies, so what's the point of being middle class?  Paying more taxes and getting nothing in return is not the way I want to go.  Because I'll never be super rich, I'll play it safe by being super poor.    

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