Friday, February 13, 2015

Understanding the Bigger Picture

Yup, one day I could be saving somebody's life in the emergency room.  You or I will probably not know this person in any way, shape, or form; but it's my responsibility to save whoever this unfortunate person's life is.  Save someone's life!?  Yes, it's serious.  Well, I'm still a student.  I don't know what life will throw at me, but they're trying to prepare me.  Yes, the education requirements is tough.  Whoever works in the health care field truly deserves to be there or most likely it's because "they know someone".  Regardless, the health care industry is a tough business.  People are as violent and hateful than ever and are more than likely willing to sue you just for about anything.

It's really weird though.  You need to take care of yourself, but the schooling involved in just crazy.  You need that time of day to sleep, eat, and take breaks.  Regardless, like any other business they want you working 24/7.  It doesn't matter what time of day it is; they want "customers" and for you to stack up those billable hours in the name of making money.  Well, what I've learned so far is that school is a living nightmare.  Quiz, exams, homework, lectures, clinical, internships, etc.  It's so much work.  Everything is about working hard.  One day, maybe I'll get paid a dollar for my efforts.  No, nothing in the medical industry has ever paid me for doing so much school work thus far.  Pharmacy technician and/or cashier at a pharmacy was the farthest I got up to in getting actual pay and unemployment benefits.  Everything else has been some kind of nightmare of schoolwork that never seems to add up.

None the less, I also found this guy:  Mega Man.  I got 2 of them, but one of them seems to have been delivered in a damaged box from  They're semi-rare at he moment.  You can't buy them anywhere for the retail price of $12.99.  Of course, I preordered mine 2-3 months ago since December 2014.  I like Mega Man, so I didn't mind spending the extra money for two.  Any who, I just found a buyer at $32.  I'll save the last one for myself.  I love toys and designs.  This one in particular is great to have.  I don't open my purchases, because I resell a lot of things.  Buy low and sell high.  It's a no brainer and doesn't require years of schooling to master.  

Well, I hope to succeed somewhere in life.  Success to me means coming home to a paycheck and having a place to sleep at night.  No, there's not much else I can obtain without losing an arm and/or leg for it.  Yes, I've tried before.  The bottom line is that the world is bankrupt as hell, and the only thing left are basic survival needs for yourself and/or immediate family. I'm not even concerned about making enough money just to compete for middle class anymore.  Once you hit over $15,000/year you lose all your chances of getting medicaid and other free government handouts.  So why bother working so hard if you're just going to have to pay for your own health insurance?  Yes, it's tough out there.  I don't blame anyone.  Times are rough.

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