Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lazy Sunday

So there's no school or work schedule today or even tomorrow for President's Day, but what to do now?  Well, I have even maxed out my gym workout days this week.  This week, it says I've only been to the gym twice.  My muscles feel sore, so I'm going to take Sunday as a relaxing day.  I feel that I rested enough for the week, a total of 4 days.  I read in a body building guide that you should rest.  Gaining results is no different than working.  When you work, you expect a paycheck.  The same goes with working out at the gym.  You go to the gym reap the benefits of gaining results.  It's pointless to be going to work and not make any money.  So going to the gym everyday of the week and not seeing any gains is just as bad as going to work and not being paid a dime.  Plus, the time you take off gives you the drive and desire to go back from having stayed out for some time.  Is going to the gym 6 times a week necessary?  For me, I don't think it's necessary unless you need to be more cut; because your body doesn't have time to recover.  I've tried working out continuously, but I never gained size for the longest time ever.  It's like going to work and not getting paid.  I want to see gradual gains, but if you're doing it wrong things will go downhill  or remain static much like the stock market.  So instead of going in circles and repeating my mistakes in the past, I now know that in order to unlock size you have to EAT and rest.  Yes, this new model of mine does sound counter intuitive.  Being fat and lazy might actually be a solution, but there needs to be a balance much like with everything else.  Getting that food into the body and the eight hours of sleep is something I need.  I have added cottage cheese to my diet.  I put it in sandwiches, crackers, or whatever than can use some added protein in it.  The label says about 15 grams of protein (whey) per serving, so it's a perfect super food for macro nutrients.  Being skinny, I really don't have to worry about calories.  I try to avoid sugary or starchy foods because that can lead to diabetes.  Everything else, I can munch down.  It also explains why I needed to flush  the toilet twice in the morning just to get all the leftover bowel down in the toilet.  You're suppose to poop 3 times a day, so I'm on the right track.  I also believe that the body should be able to constantly detoxify itself for healthy liver and kidney function.  Anything that's too weird or crazy that may jeopardize the vital internal organ systems, I stay away from.  So to unlock size or see gains, you need to eat more.  Apparently, I don't eat enough even though I have up to two protein shakes a day.  I've been consistently about 137 pounds throughout the whole year.  Despite of what or how much I eat, I always remain the same weight.  I would be great for a model weight loss program, but my primary goal was to gain muscle mass.  For example, if I gained 8 more pounds to 145 pounds I would know that I've added 8 pounds of muscles mass on my bones.  Unfortunately, that never happened.  Maybe, I just flushed all the nutrients down the toilet? Or, maybe I just don't eat enough.  Everyone suggests that it's always because one does not eat enough.  Jesus Christ, I live in America:  Getting fat and obese is the number one goal here.  I don't know how the hell I can't be gaining weight, even if it's just more added fat tissue.  I live in the most obese country in the world, how's it possible I'm still so skinny @_@  No I'm serious, 137 pounds for an adult male at 5" 9" is light weight.  If I benched or somehow lifted 137 pounds doing whatever exercise, I'd be literally lifting up my own body weight!  I can't go up in weights like I'm 200 pounds.  It only makes sense that the average person can only lift up their own weight, otherwise they would genetically be an animal or something.

Any who, today is Sunday.  So there's no school, no work, no gym today; so what else is there to do for someone like me who has a strong sense for the need to be productive?  I would like to take a walk outside, but it's freezing in the winter season.  Yes, it's colder than hell frozen over outside right now.  My options to life a better life at this current moment is static.  This isn't a movie where I can just drive down the beach and have amazing fun with beach babes.  Everything here is so painfully real.  It takes a lot of effort just to do anything like a pilot up in space.

Absolutely nothing to do today; just another Sunday to relax.  I guess this is what "God" intended for people.  Sundays are reserved for people to relax and not work.  Yes, there have been times I had to work a Sunday shift; and it was hell.  But I guess I should be grateful that I have today off, selfish but grateful.  Sundays . . . be still . . . rest . . . and express gratitude.

Nope, that's definitely not where I live.  A beautiful, absolutely gorgeous place.  Why does everything have to be so hard to obtain?  It's true that such beauty exists in this world, but it's miles away.  In short, nothing is ever just given to you; everything has to be earned.  

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