Sunday, February 15, 2015

Solomon's Blue Print

Well, with the extra time I have - I will now post my blue print.  What is all this crazy mess!?  What does it all mean!?  Learning does not stop after you graduate.  I learned the hard way.  After you get your diploma, life goes on and will leave you in your tracks to die if you let it.  You have to keep on pressing to pursue new goals and dreams.  The world may look down on you, but it's your job to do what it takes to reach for the stars no matter what anyone else thinks.  I don't want to be unemployed.  I don't want to be a homeless.  I want to have things in my life, and all those things take a lot of hard work.  Things aren't just given to people out of the heavens.  It takes hard work and dedication.  I use to be young and never appreciated the value of life.  Now that I'm older, I understand that things are valuable and take a lot of time and effort to acquire.  Long story short, I want to be more.  Everyone wants more money, sex, power, etc.  But how does one actually do all those things?  What if it's not something so typical?  What if just having appreciation and expressing gratitude is all there is to achieving maximum success in life?  Okay, maybe money and power isn't in my deck of cards; but I can still aim to be a better version of myself that doesn't require sacrificing an arm and leg.  What can I do now that can change things to be "better for me" in the distant future?

People cannot just pretend to be enlightened individuals and be happy.  Bills need to be paid, and you need to take care of yourself.  So how does one balance all these things together and create a functioning life?  I sure as hell hope to graduate by this summer and get my radiology registration completed.  Maybe, I'll never land a job working as an x-ray technician but that's okay.  Whatever happens, I'll work somewhere more tolerable than a hospital setting regardless.  Yes, I feel that there's something I need to do that will push myself from the bottom up.  It's like a stepping stone, and I'm trying my hardest to reach for the next step.  As selfish as it may seem, I need to do what I need to do to ensure my own survival and needs.  Selfishness isn't as bad as it is made out to sound like.  Along with stubbornness, it helps one establish who they are and accomplish their goals in life.  Graduating from x-ray school and getting my license is one of those things I have to do.  Through getting an opportunity from unemployment, I really need to get my act together and accomplish this goal of mine.  Even though the teacher is nasty as hell and trying to drive all the students crazy, I'm dedicated to spending whatever time it takes to graduate.

I can only imagine the things I can achieve once I earn a real income.  I will be able to feed myself with proper nutrition, turn the heat on when it's cold, be able to put a shirt on, take real vacations, be less ghetto to my neighbors, see my relatives without feeling ashamed, be able to donate to charities, etc.  I don't want to be a bum.  I just don't have the financial means of accomplishing anything worth while.  I just want to be better.  I want to be a better person.  I want to have an impact, to be heard by reasonable people, and to be able to make my mark in this world.        

You can almost see myself struggling to try and establish some kind of product for sale going on, but it's not quite there yet.  I can form ideas and thoughts and put them on paper, but there's no such thing as an actual product for marketing yet.  Quite frankly, the situation is far too ghetto here and of course "no money".  We're all just so use to "the no" that no one ever takes any initiative to do anything different to achieve something big.  No matter if you're rich or poor as dirt: YOU ALWAYS NEED A PRODUCT TO BE ABLE TO MARKET TO SURVIVE.  I get the fact that a lot of  different people are negative and only want the easy out but trying to drown everyone else on the way isn't what anyone else ever needs.  None the less, I'm getting there one day.  I know it won't be an overnight miracle, but one day . . . I'll have my own product up for sale.

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