Friday, June 24, 2016

Staying Humble

Today was just one of those days.  I wasn't even working.  If you haven't guess it, the stock market pretty much hit rock bottom after the Brexit.  The UK voted to leave the European Union.  What does that mean?  It means there's a whole economic disaster in Europe that's been happening for years now.  Things are economically worse than ever.  There's a lot of issues about allowing immigrants, debt crisis, and money problems with other countries like Greece.  It's a very complicated subject manner, which most of us probably will not understand because we're not from Europe.  Personally, I don't have any ties or connections to any European nations.  Ultimately, my ability or aptitude to care what's happening overseas is at an all time low.  None the less, it has affected the stock market.  Yes, my stock prices has went down.  No, I'm not happy about it.  Stay out of the stock market people.  It's never a good time to pay.  We don't know what's going to happen with the stock prices.  It's a very volatile time.  Does that mean it's a good time to buy?  Yes, it's probably a good time to be buying right about now.  The prices have just come down dramatically but at the same time no one is sure the market will ever go back up.  Who knows if the economy will just go back up like it normally does?  What suggesting is that there's always risk involved.  If you want to take the chance go ahead.  The opportunity is there.  Buy blue chip stocks like Apple and Google.  Their prices went down a few dollars.  You'll be saving about 10%.  It's a good buy.

Regardless of the money problems people always seem to have, I had a Korean lunch today.  For $11 it was super awesome!  They give you a wide variety of fresh ingredients.  All you have to do is mix it with rice on top!  It's a perfect combination.  Why haven't anyone introduced this to me before?  Unlike Chinese food, it doesn't seem loaded with fat, salt, and/or MSG.  There's something not right about Chinese food.  I enjoyed eating a Korean rice lunch today.  It tasted fresh with vegetables and meat with the right combination of being healthy and tasty.  What a great combination of ingredients with a bowl of rice for the finish.  No, it wasn't Japanese food.  It's was Korean food.  I can't believe they've been hiding this from me all this time!

So the highlight of my day seem to have stemmed from what I ate.  Is this what life is to me?  I'm I just a fat foodie?  Do I not care about anything else but eating?  Am I just really fat kid?  It sure seems like it.  Without being forced to work or be in school, I seldomly do much activity without it being apart of some kind of bigger institution where people are watching over my shoulder.  I mean without any society constraints am I really just a fat kid looking forward for his next meal?  Don't I like to do anything else but eat and sleep?  As I continue to question if my true nature is that of a lazy bum, my day off continues to just fly by.  To be honest, it's Friday night and summer.  I'm inside my home playing video games and blogging for God sake.  I'm worst than a crazy cat lady eating Chinese food.  Something about my personality just isn't right.  Is it the spending money thing?  Is it just that I'm not adventurous?  Or is it that I just don't freaking care anymore to the point of doing nothing brings me great satisfaction?

Thank you all for stopping by and reading my post.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

I guess this must be it "Father's Day".  This can pretty much explain why we are all here, but none of us ever seem to appreciate it.  I just wanted things to be as least stressful as possible today.  Well, I guess I accomplished that goal by not having to spend money I don't have on things I don't need.  Not having to work today was something very important to me.  I just don't like working on holidays.  It just says something about you like "I'm a robot".  We are not just cogs in the machine.  Some of us really need time off, so we can live our own lives that we choose to.  No, I didn't want to spend a load of money on crap.  No, I didn't want to waste my time chasing around things that seem almost impossible to reach.  No, I didn't want to be in debt.  No, I don't want to owe anyone else huge sums of money.  I know earning an income is difficult.  I just want a work intensive, stress free environment.  All those fancy things you see on television is all Hollywood and other bullshit.  For most people, all you can ask for is a day off from work.  Sometimes, you just have to let your ego go.

So what kind of future do I possibly have?  Go back to school?  Continue to work and stack up more money?  It sure looks like it.  Nothing here can advance without spending more time and money.  What else could someone like me hope for?  Early retirement!?  Winning some scratch off lottery tickets?  Earning more income from work!?  In the end, all we have is time.  Time is all that we really have.  I would like to forget about the money.  I would like to forget about the economy.  I would like to forget about all that is corrupt with the world.  Can't I just live?  Can't I just be happy?

Well, thank you all for reading and Happy Father's Day!  It sucks how the work week will just restart all over again tomorrow.  Blessed are those who don't have to work - Amen.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Identifying the Problem

So you've decided to be lazy?  Yes, it's your day off.  It's the weekend, and you just want to relax.  Can't I go out and have fun?  Why do I still have this feeling of getting something done or coming out with this great new product that hasn't been made yet?  Is it so hard to just appreciate life for what it is and not want more all the time?  "APPRECIATE LIFE" is something I need to focus on more rather than being greedy and wanting more all the time.  There's nothing wrong with wanting more and staying hungry, but doing it all the time is just insane!  Don't people need rest and to relax?  Today isn't Monday!  I guess this must be the side effects of being a workaholic.  All work and no play makes you go mad.  "BALANCE" is key.  You can't work all the time.  You can't be so focused on making money all the time that everyone and everything else can go to hell.  So which one is it?  Work or play?  Balance, find balance.

I'm doing myself a favor and just taking off for the weekend.  I may want to read or find a book I like is the greatest extent to which I will "work".  Being a workaholic is for the weekdays, not the weekends.  Finding a balanced life is very important to the individual.  We all want to be healthy or at least mentally sound.  Thank you for reading.  I hope to write again soon.  


Friday, June 17, 2016

The Aftermath

Well, here is a picture of me in what seems to be my man cave.  After all the money is gone from going out and everyone has left to do their own thing, I go downstairs.  My specialty is that I collect toys.  Figuring that I'm much too lazy to get involved into coding and things involving vast knowledge and experience, I just collect toys.  Many of these items have been sold and resold for profit on the market place, chiefly Amazon.  Somewhere in my unconscious, I was waiting patiently to form my own company that would come out one day like a wrecking ball.  Unfortunately, that day never came.  I'm definitely no Bill Gates or Elon Musk.  The only thing I have going for myself at the moment is that I'm self made.  No one gave me sh*t growing up.  I cannot not emphasize this enough "NO ONE GAME ME SH*T GROWING UP".  I became money hungry over the years.  I didn't like being poor.  I didn't like not having options.  Of course I wanted things in life!  I never signed up for some bogus religion that denies you of all Earthly pleasures.  Like many people out there, WE WERE POOR GROWING UP.  If anyone in my family did have money, they probably spent it all on their own lifestyle and business.  They didn't care about giving me the money.  The money was all for their own selves.  What can I say?   I'm not white.  Chinese people are cheap and stingy.  They don't give their kids money except for Chinese New Year.  White people give their kids cars and houses for the love of God.  Giving large sums of money, cars, and homes away to your kids was just not heard of.  I had to work for whatever I got.  Now, people look at me like I'm suppose to help them.  I'm suppose to be some kind of doctor.  I'm suppose to be making big money.  I'm suppose to own my house.  I simply respond with "I don't care".  All of these crazy things society wants me to be FOR THEM.  When were you ever there when I needed funding for school or for books?  Absolutely nowhere!  You were probably watching television and yelling at everyone to get them to do things for you.  Do you know how hard it is to get crowd funding?  Do you know how many hours you need to study to be a doctor?  The hell what anyone else thinks of me.  "I don't care" unless that is I actually do care!

Yes, I would like to be as genuine and sincere about my career path and the decisions I make in life.  No, I don't just want to be or do things because it looks good on paper. or because your friends and family will be proud of me.  I want to do things, because I WANT TO DO THINGS.   Is this simple concept of autonomy so hard for you  to understand?  Parents just want the best for their kids.  Unfortunately, some of are just out of control and go all out Asian on you.  This paragraph pretty much sums up what's wrong with a lot of households these days.  Everyone wants their kids to grow up to be doctors and lawyers, but you know what?  These things cost a lot of money and a lot time that most people DON'T HAVE.  The expectations are just ridiculous to the point of setting yourself on fire.  No Tiger Mom for me, because that woman is CRAZY.  You have to be born.  The individual has to want these things for themselves, not because you yelled at them to do so.  Does this not make sense?  YOU HAVE TO WANT SOMETHING TO OBTAIN THAT SOMETHING.  You can't just tell at someone and expect them to meet your expectations.  I'm going to do something that I absolutely hate just, because your mom knows what's best for me?  Yup, the continual struggle of your parents telling you what to do until you have had it and do your own thing is real.  Hence, I've created my own man cave.  I cannot communicate with people who don't know how to listen and just give out commands.  It's just a bad relationship for me to be in.  Perhaps, it is because they actually care?

Look at what this blog post has become of?  It's all just a bunch of bullshit.  Still, I'm trying to decide on a goal other than "Make money".  It's like I'm a leprechaun.  I lack the role of leadership and responsibility.  I'll pretend enough or fake it just so that I can EARN CASH.  What the hell happened to being a leader!?  What happened to the "Greater Good"?  After walking through life, all I have left are feelings of greed from rags to riches stories.  Compassion?  Kindness?  Love?  Health?  Family?  Has the demon of greed, Mammon, taken over my life?  All I see is gold!  Gold I tells you!  Gold!

So, the truth of the matter is that I work off of pure greed?  If wealth was reflective of your level of compassion for others, I'd be quite the compassionate person!  Don't you agree?  Unfortunately, this is not how the world really works.  Most of us are just mere wage slaves working for a business owner whom we probably never met before.  Karma or no karma, you put your hours on a time sheet and you get paid biweekly.  It's sad but true.  We are wage slaves and nothing more.  As a result, constant desperation for resources and greed has taken over our lives.  Will things ever be fare?  Life is not fare.  We all know that, and we've all seen it.  People know no shame.  Ruthless individuals are out there on the hunt.  So which one are you going to choose?  Be the hunted or be the hunter?

Thank you for coming and reading my blog.  I don't mean to be nasty or controversial to the point some people may be insulted but this is my authentic take on daily living.  I wish the best for people, I really do, as far as getting good sleep and taking care of yourself.  Anything that is way too complicated is out of my jurisdiction and probably none of my business.   With all that said and done, I hope to see you again!



Sunday, June 12, 2016

Being Likable

Charisma is the ability of a person to attract others in a nice way.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of it to go around in.  You have to be likable to stay alive in business or at least have a chance to get to know someone.  I know I may not be a very friendly person.  I try to be nice, but it doesn't always work.  We don't exactly live in a world full of rainbows and sunshine all the time, so being nice doesn't guarantee success.  In fact, being a a complete ass may actually work in your favor to get what you want in life.  None the less, you can't please everyone.  Worst of all, some people may just be annoying and you want to stay far, far away from.  Finding the right social group for you to hangout with is a big challenge that is unless you're a social butterfly.  It's not nice out there.  Things like common interest, sports, video games, and even eating can bring everyone together for a brief moment.  After that, it's back to the grind.  It's always goes back to the grind.  Having to work 24/7 may bring some people satisfaction from not having to engage in a social life at all.  Is that what I must do?  Be a workaholic?  If it's not working and making money, I'm pretty much tapped out of energy.  All work and no play makes Billy go mad.

Instead of asking annoying questions to people, try to be likable instead?  Is that so hard?  It seems like a plan to me.  It depends, individuals have different tastes.  Some may like answering to annoying questions, especially if they're going to talk about themselves.  One truth does remain though, people love talking about themselves!  Just ask questions that will lead them to talk more about themselves.  

Finally, we have just not caring.  So you're old, tired, and don't care anymore.  Not giving a f*ck works wonders.  If you don't want anything than don't even bother; you'll just end up annoying the hell out of someone else.  Once you annoy the hell out of someone, it's most likely they'll remember you for all the wrong reasons.  What could have taken days, months, or even years to establish; relationships can end in a heartbeat.  Be careful not to burn bridges that is unless you absolutely don't care than it's completely fine.  Well, it'll probably come back to bite you in the ass as this is really a small world.  Everyone seems to know everybody.  When it comes to who hates who, people are experts.

Yes, I've been being a workaholic.  It was nice to catch up with my readers.  Thank you for visiting.  I hope to see you soon.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A New Month! New Beginnings?

Well, I went to Gyu-Kaku.  I have been here before.  IT'S EXPENSIVE.  You can get the cheap salad, miso soup, and rice bowl combo for $3.  Surprisingly, the Japanese rice bowl style is kind of big in comparison to the traditional Chinese rice bowl.  If it's not the special lunch special deal, the rice alone is $3.  YOU NEED THE RICE.  You won't be full.  You'll still have an empty stomach after ordering $50 worth of meat.  Japanese cooking is definitely more about quality than quantity.  Yes, we all have had Chinese food before.  In comparison, Chinese food is much more Americanized with fatty oils, sugars, salts, and all kinds of preservatives like MSG.  Realizing how much everything would cost, I ordered $20 worth of meat to be on the safe side.  Each portion costs $5 on the lower end.  I basically purchased the cheapest beef at $5 each.  Sadly, each portion is SMALL.  You would have to order the same beef dish two times, totaling $10 a plate.  Yes, you would have to order something twice to get something of decent size.  This makes the experience so much more expensive.  They have EVERYTHING from Wagyu beef, Kobe beef, and God knows what else.  If you have the money and time, this is definitely the place to be.

 You have to cook your own everything, even the onions.  The tables are kind of small for all the dishes they try to stack on top of you.  I had to discard any excessive baggage like sauce plates.  I even had to get rid of my main dish plate, so I was literally eating out of my rice bowl like a China man.  I was too cheap for any additional add-ons like fancy drinks and deserts.  I'm sure they have a lovely selection of different cocktails and whatnot.  In the end, I just wanted to save some extra bucks by cheaping out on everything humanly possible.  Don't worry, we tipped well enough.  What else more can I say?  If you work your ass off the whole week, you'll get to enjoy your time and money eating out somewhere super nice.  If you don't want to spend your money, you can enjoy your time elsewhere but probably won't be as fancy and nice of an experience.  Look, we all want the good stuff in life; but you have to work for it.  Being cheap and frugal can only get you so far but that's what you have to do if you want to survive.

So what does it mean to go out and have fun?  Well, spending money is easy as all hell; but do you know how to have fun without having to spend of fortune?  Can you find fun working hard?  Sure, we would all love to have dream jobs that are fun and exciting but that's hardly ever the case.  I sure would like to love and have fun at my job.  Why spend your money anywhere else but the place you spend most of your time?  That's right, you will be spending much of your time at your job believe it or not.  If spending a little bit more money eating out at lunch time at your job makes you happy, then go do it.  All of this sounds simple and easy, but it's not.  Without the training, wisdom, or knowledge people are most likely to go out and spend all their money in just one night.  Any fool can do that.  Like I said before "Spending money is easy; making money is hard".  So guess what?  You spend the money to make more money, so the process becomes less of a pain in the ass.  The rich buy assets and continue to buy assets.  Trying to keep up with the Kardashians will only lead to bitter hardship and financial trouble.  At the same time, no one likes a scrooge and you'll probably lose a lot of friends cheaping out on everything which brings up a good point how money plays big in politics.  If you want people to like you, guess what!?  Yes, you have to spend the time and money on them!  There are all kinds of sides to this argument, but I'll just voice my opinion for now.  I'm stingy, cheap, and don't like to spend money.  Yes, I know people won't like me nor do I really give a care at this point.  Things are just too desperate and poor in this current atmosphere I seem to be trapped under.  If Jesus just walked in the room, he would be all like "Go help the poor my son".  What can I really do?  I don't have the funding.  I'm not the one anyone has given the money to.  Don't blame me.  Go blame the guy who has the money.  A lack of leadership?  All these excuses and no action.  There's a whole wide range of problems floating around, but I really feel that it's none of my business to get involved.  What I do know is that having a lot of money or earning a lot of money usually puts you in some kind of place for RESPONSIBILITY.  Do not be fooled by dollar bill signs. A lot of time and effort was taken to ensure those pieces of paper.

Well, that pretty much sums up my experience.  If you want the good stuff in life, you have to really work hard for it.  If you want to cheap out on everything and be frugal, that's also a fundamental option.  There's no right or wrong.  You select what is best for you.  Don't let someone else decide for you.  You have to pick what is going to work out for you, not the other person.  Thank you for visiting and reading.  I hope you come back!