Friday, July 31, 2015

My Creation It's Alive!

My creation it's alive!  I learned how to shoot video, edit it, and shrink it down so it can be "uploadable" real quick!  Now, I can post my crazy videos!  I have the power!

My First Video Introduction

Hello my readers!  This is a start for me.  I made a video today, and I took it back to my place to edit it.  I learned all the basic things I needed off of youtube.  Well, it's not the best of quality because I have to upload it using a DSL line.  Uploading video online usually takes a very long time.  It's a bit ghetto, but it works!  It's only a little less than 1 minute long but gets my message across well enough.  I hope my video gets me motivated into posting more things to come!

As I wait here, I'm realizing just how long it takes to upload video onto my blog page.  It is taking a really long time.  Yup, this is why I never posted much videos on youtube and tried to make money off of advertisements.  Even for one minute, it's just takes too long to upload.  One minute!?  It's taking what seems to be "forever".  There are youtube videos showing you how to download software from an external source to filter out the video so it'll take up less storage space.  The end result is of course a faster uploading speed.  Ego aside, I must learn something new.  How to compress and upload videos faster.  That is an actual skill that's important that they'll never teach you in school like so many other things in life.  Well, I took the time to learn something new, and now I'm redoing the uploading process from old school to new school.  Here goes!

Well, there you have it.  I compressed the video, and it uploaded really fast!  It looked like I sacrificed some quality, but I guess now it's just for testing purposes.  I'll do it over again to make sure something is available to watch.  Great, I dropped my ego and learned something new!

Wow, it worked.  I just tried my video on my blog, and the God damn thing worked!?  I hope to be able to shoot new footage and share the love.  I'm going to post some creative content, keeping in mind to respect the adsense rules and regulations.  I would just like to thank anyone for visiting my page at this time.  No, I don't want your money just yet.  I'm here to learn just like everyone else.  Until next time and have an awesome day!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Google Adsense - Zero

Zero is the amount of clicks I have for Google Adsense.  Zero is the number of annual income I earn. Zero is the number page likes I get.  Binary code is made up of 0 and 1.  Well, someone has to be the zero.  It might as well be me.

I want results more than anyone I know.  I'm going no where and fast.  How could this happen to me? Am I not hard working?  Do I not network with the right people?  Do I not bleed?  Is my content just not interesting enough?

Something about me and how I present myself and/or business is definitely something that should be worked on.  I want the customers, I want the page views, I want the likes, I want it all; but why do I always come out up short handed?  Zero effort and not working enough long, hard hours will do that to just about anyone.  Maybe, I just don't care to do the share force and labor behind it?  Do I ever contact friends/family on the phone to read my stuff for review?  No, never; to my dismay I'm just a closet blogger.  I just post whatever is on my mind, uncaring about who reads it.  I do appreciate whatever little or no views I have, but I would like something a bit more.  If I want more attention, I'd have to go the extra mile.  Maybe add some videos, review some products, and/or create more notable original content or even story line.  What I'm doing now isn't much.  I'm literally forced to change my way of thinking if I ever want to grow and develop further down the road.

It's always "I'll do it tomorrow".  When will I make this video?  When will I post my review online?  When will I right my first book?  It always seems like "tomorrow".  Well, tomorrow never comes for me.  Tomorrow never seems to come.        

Well, I had a fresh bowl of korean ramen the other day.  Korean food loves to be spicy.  Instead of the noodles, I should have chose a more protein based diet.  I saw a girl eating this coming in and thought I should give their noodles a try.  Although noodles seems kind of cheap in comparison to eating a solid meat dish, the bowl was very filling.  I'm surprised that the bowl of ramen full of fresh tofu and tiny bits of "beef" was able to satisfy my incredible hunger.  The "beef" seems to have been a ripoff.  There wasn't much beef inside of it; just small little chunks.  None the less, it's awesome to eat when hungry.  Next time, I'll just go straight for the protein dishes like chicken, pork, and/or beef with a bowl of rice.  Food is definitely something to be enjoyed that's well worth the money.       

Maybe I should have been a chief and cook for others?  Even cooks suffer from low, minimum wage jobs.  Not to mention customers complain a lot about the food.  The other downfall is that the kitchen could be too hot.  I don't know how anyone could be cooking when it feels like a sauna inside.  The rules of life have not changed much.  Yup, this is exactly why we can't have nice things.  Nice things usually come from hard work, good management, patience, and time.  Money isn't necessarily always a factor, because nice things always can come from nature of course.    

Run?  Hide?  Crawl?  How do we get out of this dump?  Tomorrow will be another day.  We need inspiration, desire, hope, creationism, change, love, compassion, something to look forward to.  And so, we tread as fast as we can blindly into the night.    

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Knowing People

How to know you know people?  Sometimes it just happens.  Even for me, it's the right time and place.  A lot of times it's already the people you know in your neighborhood.  Everyone is in the same boat.  It doesn't have to be far away or some dream vacation islands.  You'll meet someone with the right connections just about anywhere and any place so be sure to keep your cool when an opportunity should arise.  A lot of older adults are connected to doctor's offices or schools where you can find work.  If you believe you've worked hard enough, you'll make sure that both ends will meet.  If you do this enough times, you'll reach out to people.  Sooner or later, you'll have a network going on.  Even if your network is the size of a tiny island, don't burn down any bridges.  If it's a nice day in the park or some random event try and take advantage of talking to familiar faces.  Don't be shy.  Just try and talk to those whom seem to care or have big titles.  I know it might be a big stretch, but some people are genuinely nice and will reach out to you in an appropriate manner.  Maybe, you thought kids were jerks when you were young.  But people grow up and mature.  Trust that other adults are also kind and considerate people as well that are willing to reach out to you.  Not only must you believe in yourself, but a lot of times you have to be able to trust other people as well and believe in them.  As you will notice not everyone is nice, but there are nice people out there.  You just have to catch them at the right time and place.  Be sure to be in a good environment.  Something like a crowded streets or dark alley way may make people seem a bit creepy.  Make sure there's plenty of light and a friendly atmosphere otherwise things could backfire real quick.

The art of getting to know people is not an easy job.  People need time to open up to you as an individual.  If you're trying to sell them a product or try and profile them the second you meet them, it's pretty much game over.  Instead of politely meeting someone and getting to know them, you've just placed judgement on them for whatever xyz.  Give the person a chance.  Don't just label them with some negative connotation.  You won't ever get to know them nor will they ever want to get to know you any better.  If things go down the wrong way, connections won't take place.  Bridges will quickly collapse.  People skills is a very sensitive art but when performed correctly amazing results can take place.  Seriously, it takes skill, practice, hand shakes, and even a smile or two.  No, it's not easy; everyone is just different; and you may rub someone off the wrong way but that's the nature of the game.  Of course some people are a lot easier to meet than others, but some of the hardest people to connect with are the ones with the most control and power.  Call it a skill, a talent, karma, or even a higher power but the ability to connect with others is critical in building rapport, business, social life, a good neighborhood, or just about anything else crazy that goes in life.  Sometimes all people want is a hello, a smile, a handshake, or even a thank you.          


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Keep Trying

Today I was so desperate for a job I applied to the bank as a teller.  No, I don't get immediate responses usually.  If it is an immediate response it's usually to say that I'm not qualified.  Good God, how does anyone have a job these days?  Nothing seems to work for me.  How can I quit?  I'm not even dead yet?  Well, I always wanted to be a cop.  I passed my exam with a 90%, but then my family started verbally attacking me and being all defensive.  Now, they are stressed out that I still don't have a job.  From day one, I told my family that there wasn't much work out there for someone like me to do.  They thought that the world was full of beautiful sunshine and rainbows.  Deep down, I knew the economy would tank and someone like me would never have a chance to be someone else other than a cashier at a grocery store.  My working career is a shame.  I don't want to be buried in student loan debt.  With $345 a credit for more wasteful college courses you have to be dreaming.  Why pay so much money for something that will never pay you back?  There are lawyers out there who owe more than $100,000 in student loan debt with no way to pay it back because of the obviously, horrifying job market.  There's too many people and not enough jobs.  

I guess I'm going to go on next. At this point in life, I'm just going to apply everywhere.  I hear that government isn't so bad.  At this point I just feel desperate.  There's no feelings of the future or hope; it's just the ghetto life style.  They tried to educate us with school, even college, but it just doesn't work.  Things are the way they are.  Life is what it is.  Do you have $100,000 lying around?  Sure, become a doctor or lawyer.  If you don't have money or don't have the guts to be buried in $100,000 in student loan debt at a 7% interest rate, you're pretty much screwed like the rest of us.

Tomorrow, I shall repeat the same process.  Apply to more and more jobs and expand my horizons.  I would love to be able to use my x-ray license and earn at least $19 an hour, but I have to lower myself and just work at a front desk doing paper work or something.  After failure, I think I'm going to go back and do SORA training to be a mall cop for $15 an hour.  I don't care what anyone else thinks about me or how little money I earn.  I've always earned a low budget, ghetto salary.  Even with the advancement of the internet, I still don't have the right connections.  Man, the future doesn't look so bright at all.  What do I have to look forward to? $8 an hour?  Are you serious?  No, I'm not joking or lying.  I think my grandma was on welfare and food stamps for quite some time, and she never seemed to care.  My other grandma was rich as hell, but the family lost it all.  It's up to me now to decide what kind of life I want to live.  I don't want anyone else putting their bias views on me.  "Become a doctor or lawyer" is just about the worst thing I've encountered.  Everyone is different, but family cannot accept that.  They always want to control and manipulate who you actually are into something better or something that makes money.  

Ignorance is bliss.  I don't know how I'm still alive, but thank God I live somewhere clean and have food to eat.  Why must life be any more complicated?  Why must I have this burning desire to "become a doctor or layer"?  Why can't people just appreciate who they are and enjoy life?  No, it's not like that all.  Stepping on each others' toes', back stabbing each other, and yelling at each other in a degrading manner seems to be the way it is.  What can I say, but welcome to my ghetto life.                     

Monday, July 27, 2015

Google Adsense

Well, making money is hard. "Monetization" refers to the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender.  Today, I'm retrying the Google Adsense program.  Yes, I've tried this before but have failed.  I got up to 10,000 page views on my other account but was quickly black listed.  It didn't work out.  I gave up on Google Adsense for the longest time ever but continued to write anyways simply because I love blogging.  The things I post are a bit controversial about ways of making money that may seem creepy to some people.  Any who, this time around I'll try to be safe.  I know I'll get a lot less views, but it would be worth it knowing that I can keep up with Google Adsense's rules and regulations.  

So I failed to wake up early enough in the morning to drive my friend to the supervisor/director at the nearby hospitals for work.  Do I feel comfortable just presenting myself out there?  "Fake it until you make it" seems to be the only way to describe it.  At some point, you just need to go up to the boss and hand in your resume.  I'm not expecting immediate results, but at least we gave it a try.  Trying to earn an income is really hard.  You have to "be there".  No one will hire you if you just submit everything online.  Everything is through "because I know someone" and "word of mouth".  People will learn quickly that all those years in school is worthless, except for the people that you meet.  There's too much emphasis on books and not on people skills.  The vast majority of employers don't even care about your grades.  They just make sure you have your license and registration.  It's not what you know; it's who you know that gets you through the door.  I'm just as disappointed as everyone else is about school.  I wish it was about working hard and advancing up in the socioeconomic latter, but it's not that easy.  Networking, social skills, standing there and looking pretty all come into play.  Your ability to market and sell yourself is an important skill that no one can ever teach you.  It doesn't matter how much money you paid for tuition:  Some people have it and others don't.  

As for me, I have to keep trying.  It's hard out there.  I may need to inquire a minimum of 100 different places by the end of next month just to get one phone call back from a head hunter.  The competition out there is outrageous, but I'll keep trying.  I don't need to work specifically in a hospital, but it would definitely pay double or up to three times minimum wage.  Being aggressive, confident, and emphasizing initiation will definitely do the trick.  Getting all A's in classes has nothing to do with it.  People don't care about the nerd in class; they want to hire a salesman who can talk to just about anyone from babies, kids, adults, and grandparents to maximize potential sales.  

All those years in school is just a waste of time and to provide teachers with job hours.  I'm not saying it's entirely bad, but there could be a better solution.  America is even trapped in trillions of dollars in debt because of student loans.  No one ever seems to have an answer for the vast unemployment numbers.  What can I say, it's hard out there.  Be ready to sell yourself out there and present yourself with confidence even if you have to fake it.        

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another Day another Rejection Letter

Well, I went on to and applied to almost every single x-ray tech job possible in the area (up 1 hour drive).  I maxed out at about thirty different urgent care centers, hospitals, and doctor's offices.  I submitted my resume and cover letter letter.  Do you think I got any results other than oversaturating their computer systems with even more resumes!?  I mean what do people want except jobs?  Don't take it the wrong way but the vast majority of Americans don't have lives.  All they do is work.  European countries take vacations and holidays off, but America forget about it.  Is it as bad as China having kids work from the day they are born?  It's probably not as bad as a slave labor camp from Asia, but it's still pretty bad.  To be living in America means to either constantly work or look for a job.  If you don't have a job, people will tell you to get a job.  Is there anything else much to it than working and money?  For the vast majority of the people, work or school are the only two options.  Has anyone come up with a better way of life?  Well, there is prison and the government pays for it, but no one wants to go there.  Win the lottery or something.  People are constantly over flooding the job market with resumes.  A lot of people are well over educated but don't have the right connections to get the job they want simply because of the lack of opportunities and an overwhelming number of people killing each other over the very few positions that are actually in existence of today.  Consider yourself lucky if you do get a job that doesn't pay minimum, slave labor wages.  Do you think school will help or career fairs?  Nope, they just tell you to go online and send in your resume.  "Keep trying"  is something you'll hear a lot.  

It is desperate out there that even doctors and lawyers have a hard time finding work.  Can you imagine going to school and training for all those years only to find rejection in the working world?  You need customers, you need clients, you need patients.  School can only help you for so much until you have to do all the pulling and pushing on your own.  Get a loan and start your own business? 

I was actually invited to an interview and got the job immediately, I even had 1 hour of training,
but then they told me it was filled 3 days later in an email letter.  Wow, what a low blow.  You get the job, hand in all your private information, but then they tell you it's filled.  What a crazy world?  Well, there's nothing else I can do but repeat the same process of oversaturing the market with my resumes and hopefully getting a response.  It may take a year to get a job or even applying to another state, but one day I will come back with results!               

Monday, July 20, 2015

Enter the Lazy

What if that famous person on TV never did anything?  What if they just slept all day, ate whatever, watched TV, and blamed everyone else for not living a full, promising life?  What can get this bum off the couch and do something?  Most importantly, how does one get out of their comfort zone?  We live in America where it is easy to be fat and lazy.  People can be so judgmental or negative all the time that we just give up on ourselves and our goals.  I can only imagine how many of us just settle to survive or gluttony.  Whatever happens, happens and we just take it, but I don't want to live like that.  I have this feeling like I need to create something, a product or even a sense of inspiration to let my audience know that it's okay to achieve something bigger than themselves.    

Well, where do I start?  Kids always need a teacher or at least a positive role model otherwise they may deviate from reaching their goal(s).  Who do I want to be?  I just want to stop being lazy and lethargic.  I don't look like a lazy person, but I feel that I'm not up and ready like I'm suppose to be.  Let's take Bruce Lee for example.   Everyone loves kung-fu fighting, so here goes my interpretation.  How did Bruce Lee become such a big star?  For one thing, you've never seen him sitting on the couch watching TV with a beer in his hand.  He was only age 24 and so young entering his career. He climbed up to fame so fast in such a short amount of time.  Unfortunately, he also died very young in the process at the age of 32.  I'm 30 years old right now, and I still remember I was 5 and still in kindergarten wandering what I should be when I grow up.  What can I say?  Life is short.      
These exercises are not much different than what I've done.  I cover everything from push ups, pull ups, wrist curls, calf raises, bench press, french press, sit ups, squats, dips, and a variety of other basic exercises.  I don't feel like I'm at where I want to be.  Although I can perform these exercises on a weekly basis, I just feel I NEED MORE.  Sometimes I may even spend up to four or five hours in the gym starting from low to high weights.  When I'm working out I'm also desperately trying to figure out the secrets of the universe like how to be stronger, faster, or smarter.  I feel the power surging through my veins when getting my pump on.  Nothing else seems to matter at the moment except working out.  My mind is completely in the muscle.  By all means this isn't EASY.  It takes sweat, motivation, and just going all out when you feel tired and/or hurt.  I must advise that the lumbar spine area is very sensitive part of the body that needs special care.  When doing exercises that involve the L5-S1 area be sure to take it light.  Anything like squats, dead lifts, or even good mornings can put too much strain on the spine and cause pinching of the nerve.  Avoid lumbar spine injuries by warming up, stretching, and reducing weight.  No, this is not a joke.  Spinal injuries are a pain in the ass.  Again, the lumbar spine area is very sensitive.  Don't do anything they show you in the Olympics.  Yon don't want to be walking around with a cane and/or wheelchair.  Some of the things they show on TV or commercials is just like a stunt.  It's a one hit wonder for the adrenaline junkies out there.  Other than that, it can leave you in serious pain if not performed with the correct education.  Any other exercise that doesn't put pressure on the L-Spine is harder to mess up on.  Sometimes, I just like to do the push up and sit up routine to avoid putting pressure on my L-Spine.  They are great exercises to workout the upper part of the body and the abdomen.  Calf raises are also important to make sure your legs get stronger and more developed as your upper body increases in strength.  Seriously, anything that is near the L1-S1 should be taken with caution.  Don't stack weights up or you can end up with degenerative disk disease or herniated disk.  Running can also hurt your L-Spine.  Use a closed circuit machine, elliptical machine in the gym for running if you want to avoid putting pressure on your spine.  Always be smart about your workouts and don't do what they do on television.  Be sure to warm up, start small, and work your way up from there.

Wow, it sounds like I'm some kind of closet sports couch or something.  I know much about working out to get results.  Some people want to lose weight, some want muscle, some want strength.  Whatever it is, I have a well rounded dispatch of knowledge to help someone reach those goals.  If it's about motivating yourself to be healthier in any way shape or form you've come to the right place!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Laziness is Real

Today is another day in the life of a homeless.  I graduated from all kinds of schools but that clearly wasn't enough for someone like me.  Why do some people have jobs and some people don't?  Maybe early childhood aptitudes test are right.  Although I scored extremely low on each and everyone of them, I did manage to be an avid reader and good test taker later on.  Getting good grades in classes just required studying but when it came to standardized testing I was just mere average.  There's just something different about standardized exams: You can't study for them.  After basic understanding of reading, writing, and math, you need critical thinking skills and to be able to solve things without the help of time spent studying.  It's something that just happens at the moment of time you're taking the exam; much like how people who have jobs learn on the fly.   Most brilliant ideas just come out of thin air after a nice, hot cup of coffee.  There's nothing you can study for.  Some people have it and some don't.  I don't understand, but I'll keep trying to apply to whatever job I can.

Am I just not interested in money making subject matters like computer science, mathematics, or pharmacy?  I'm not easily amused by dense, hard sciences.  It's like walking around in hell for me.  For me, the answer may just be not to care.  Giving up so quickly?  Is ignorance the solution?  The jobs are all math related, so if you don't find interest here then it's pretty much find something else.  Several hours later the TV will be turned on, the eating will begin, and so on.  What's the difference?  The same events will still happen.  I'm in search of my thing to do in life.  Maybe, it's making videos.  I've always been interested in making videos.  What is the point of all this crap if you can't see the bigger picture of things in an easy to view video format?   Or maybe even writing a book?  Whatever it is, I'd have to be very interested in whatever the hell it actually is to be able to anchor me down to the project and keep the interest levels up long enough to see a final product or outcome.  The answer is right there, vision.  You need to be able to visualize your goal clearly so you know what to aim for.
At this point, it wouldn't even be about money because you're loving what you're doing to the point that you just want to get things done.  Eventually, you'll be doing what you love and money wouldn't be  such an issue.  That is the kind of answer I want to hear.  Don't blame it on being fat, lazy, or not caring.  You just have to find what you love to do; either that or keep working at whatever you hate until you love it.          

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life Style and Work

There's just something so empty about not working.  "Arbeit macht frei"work makes (you) free."
What is this mess we've got ourselves into?  I don't care about school loan debt or taking any extra classes to make my resume look good.  I just want to work and earn a decent living.  Is it that much to ask?  Why must people make this so hard?  To my understanding it's exactly what it is . . . that hard.  Yes, it's hard out there.  It seems as though the jobs are primarily given to those whom are either blood related, very connected, or just fall under the category of beautiful woman.  The male in the relationship falls short and is more likely to get the short end of the stick of having to pay child support and/or alimony.  "Everyone else but me has a job" syndrome isn't the right path but is evident in the creation of modern man/woman.  Having good grades and/or test scores won't put you on the top either.  You need to be connected and know people in power positions!  There's no way around it.  Once you step up your game and crawl your way into this pyramid of absolute totem pole of power there's no going back.  It's like a whole other world out there full of sharks ready to bite you if you make a mistake.  School has kept children ignorant of the real world for far too long but this is what happens.  Great standardized testing grades but absolutely zero interpersonal skills and ability to connect with others.  The goal is to get a job that pays well, but they've made it much more complicated.  Feelings get hurt, power trips roar through the elevators, people go nuts.  

Having a job?  It's never that easy.  Going to school?  Not that easy either.  Nothing in life is easy.  With no funding or anyone out there giving a crap, where do we go from here?  Finally, we look towards money for our last and only resort for hope.  We think that money can buy us happiness.  We think that money can buy our health back after we worked all those long hours and years in some hell hole.   Why not just be happy with what we have right now?  Nothing makes us happier than seeing the numbers go up.  We aren't angels.  We are not saints.  We are like gambling addicts in a casino.  To simply put it we just want more.  More hours, more time, more money, more space, more housing, more gold, more video games, more sex, more meat, more french fries, more ice cream, more potato chips, whatever the hell it is people always want more and more.   So we've become excessively fat gluttons wanting more and more.  As we continue to grab off the shelves of self destruction, we are blinded by poor eating habits and dieting.  All I have to say is "Welcome to America".    You are either working 18 hours a day and sleeping for 5 hours or you're absolutely unemployed and/or broke with student loan debt.  That's America for you in a nut shell.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Well, that's me they put on the school's commercial. They had the me sign a waiver stating that posting whatever pictures they took was okay.  Nope, no pay for any pictures I've been in for anything commercial.  Welcome to my ghetto life.  The good news is that I finally graduated.  I've been graduated for almost 3 weeks now.  I've also completed my registration exam!  I mailed my state licenses as soon as all the paper work arrived in the mail.  When I get my license, I'm able to apply to whatever job I want in any of those states that I've applied to.  This is great news for I though I would never complete the radiography program.  It was 2 years of hell.  It was much harder than my Criminal Justice Bachelor's degree, which took a total of 4 years.  By now, I could have been a doctor but . . . there was no money for that nor did I want to be in that much serious debt.

So why couldn't I aim for anything else?  Why these majors in particular?  It was simple economics.  I felt that I would have never graduated anything unless my parents had money.  My parents never had money so I was stuck with whatever was left in the gutter that was more easily obtainable.  Why not computers or engineering or being a lawyer?  Sure, you have $200,000 lined up for me or for any other kids who want to be a good doer in the world?  Sorry, the chances are that you don't have anything except fluff.  I gambled and took my chances with radiography using the unemployment tuition waiver program.  The  "free education" process worked out.  I'm so relieved that the program is complete, because it was painfully challenging.  Money is very hard to earn in a hospital setting or anywhere to be honest.  Of course, I've grown up to be frugal and humble because you never know when your next meal will be.  Seriously, the people are poor with nothing.  I had to work with whatever I had available.  My answer was education, and I went through with it no matter how dumb and/or waste of time I thought the required classes were.  School takes a lot of you.  The next time I have the opportunity to go back to school, I'd have to be loaded or be on unemployment again.  It's just not worth it going back to school.  We started out with 20 students; only 10 graduated.  The fail rate is 50%.  It's tough out there.  

So will I ever get a job with all this education I have under my belt?  We don't know yet, but I'm still trying.  I need all the paper work, all the certifications, etc.  One day, I will have a job . . . some day.