Monday, July 20, 2015

Enter the Lazy

What if that famous person on TV never did anything?  What if they just slept all day, ate whatever, watched TV, and blamed everyone else for not living a full, promising life?  What can get this bum off the couch and do something?  Most importantly, how does one get out of their comfort zone?  We live in America where it is easy to be fat and lazy.  People can be so judgmental or negative all the time that we just give up on ourselves and our goals.  I can only imagine how many of us just settle to survive or gluttony.  Whatever happens, happens and we just take it, but I don't want to live like that.  I have this feeling like I need to create something, a product or even a sense of inspiration to let my audience know that it's okay to achieve something bigger than themselves.    

Well, where do I start?  Kids always need a teacher or at least a positive role model otherwise they may deviate from reaching their goal(s).  Who do I want to be?  I just want to stop being lazy and lethargic.  I don't look like a lazy person, but I feel that I'm not up and ready like I'm suppose to be.  Let's take Bruce Lee for example.   Everyone loves kung-fu fighting, so here goes my interpretation.  How did Bruce Lee become such a big star?  For one thing, you've never seen him sitting on the couch watching TV with a beer in his hand.  He was only age 24 and so young entering his career. He climbed up to fame so fast in such a short amount of time.  Unfortunately, he also died very young in the process at the age of 32.  I'm 30 years old right now, and I still remember I was 5 and still in kindergarten wandering what I should be when I grow up.  What can I say?  Life is short.      
These exercises are not much different than what I've done.  I cover everything from push ups, pull ups, wrist curls, calf raises, bench press, french press, sit ups, squats, dips, and a variety of other basic exercises.  I don't feel like I'm at where I want to be.  Although I can perform these exercises on a weekly basis, I just feel I NEED MORE.  Sometimes I may even spend up to four or five hours in the gym starting from low to high weights.  When I'm working out I'm also desperately trying to figure out the secrets of the universe like how to be stronger, faster, or smarter.  I feel the power surging through my veins when getting my pump on.  Nothing else seems to matter at the moment except working out.  My mind is completely in the muscle.  By all means this isn't EASY.  It takes sweat, motivation, and just going all out when you feel tired and/or hurt.  I must advise that the lumbar spine area is very sensitive part of the body that needs special care.  When doing exercises that involve the L5-S1 area be sure to take it light.  Anything like squats, dead lifts, or even good mornings can put too much strain on the spine and cause pinching of the nerve.  Avoid lumbar spine injuries by warming up, stretching, and reducing weight.  No, this is not a joke.  Spinal injuries are a pain in the ass.  Again, the lumbar spine area is very sensitive.  Don't do anything they show you in the Olympics.  Yon don't want to be walking around with a cane and/or wheelchair.  Some of the things they show on TV or commercials is just like a stunt.  It's a one hit wonder for the adrenaline junkies out there.  Other than that, it can leave you in serious pain if not performed with the correct education.  Any other exercise that doesn't put pressure on the L-Spine is harder to mess up on.  Sometimes, I just like to do the push up and sit up routine to avoid putting pressure on my L-Spine.  They are great exercises to workout the upper part of the body and the abdomen.  Calf raises are also important to make sure your legs get stronger and more developed as your upper body increases in strength.  Seriously, anything that is near the L1-S1 should be taken with caution.  Don't stack weights up or you can end up with degenerative disk disease or herniated disk.  Running can also hurt your L-Spine.  Use a closed circuit machine, elliptical machine in the gym for running if you want to avoid putting pressure on your spine.  Always be smart about your workouts and don't do what they do on television.  Be sure to warm up, start small, and work your way up from there.

Wow, it sounds like I'm some kind of closet sports couch or something.  I know much about working out to get results.  Some people want to lose weight, some want muscle, some want strength.  Whatever it is, I have a well rounded dispatch of knowledge to help someone reach those goals.  If it's about motivating yourself to be healthier in any way shape or form you've come to the right place!

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