Thursday, July 30, 2015

Google Adsense - Zero

Zero is the amount of clicks I have for Google Adsense.  Zero is the number of annual income I earn. Zero is the number page likes I get.  Binary code is made up of 0 and 1.  Well, someone has to be the zero.  It might as well be me.

I want results more than anyone I know.  I'm going no where and fast.  How could this happen to me? Am I not hard working?  Do I not network with the right people?  Do I not bleed?  Is my content just not interesting enough?

Something about me and how I present myself and/or business is definitely something that should be worked on.  I want the customers, I want the page views, I want the likes, I want it all; but why do I always come out up short handed?  Zero effort and not working enough long, hard hours will do that to just about anyone.  Maybe, I just don't care to do the share force and labor behind it?  Do I ever contact friends/family on the phone to read my stuff for review?  No, never; to my dismay I'm just a closet blogger.  I just post whatever is on my mind, uncaring about who reads it.  I do appreciate whatever little or no views I have, but I would like something a bit more.  If I want more attention, I'd have to go the extra mile.  Maybe add some videos, review some products, and/or create more notable original content or even story line.  What I'm doing now isn't much.  I'm literally forced to change my way of thinking if I ever want to grow and develop further down the road.

It's always "I'll do it tomorrow".  When will I make this video?  When will I post my review online?  When will I right my first book?  It always seems like "tomorrow".  Well, tomorrow never comes for me.  Tomorrow never seems to come.        

Well, I had a fresh bowl of korean ramen the other day.  Korean food loves to be spicy.  Instead of the noodles, I should have chose a more protein based diet.  I saw a girl eating this coming in and thought I should give their noodles a try.  Although noodles seems kind of cheap in comparison to eating a solid meat dish, the bowl was very filling.  I'm surprised that the bowl of ramen full of fresh tofu and tiny bits of "beef" was able to satisfy my incredible hunger.  The "beef" seems to have been a ripoff.  There wasn't much beef inside of it; just small little chunks.  None the less, it's awesome to eat when hungry.  Next time, I'll just go straight for the protein dishes like chicken, pork, and/or beef with a bowl of rice.  Food is definitely something to be enjoyed that's well worth the money.       

Maybe I should have been a chief and cook for others?  Even cooks suffer from low, minimum wage jobs.  Not to mention customers complain a lot about the food.  The other downfall is that the kitchen could be too hot.  I don't know how anyone could be cooking when it feels like a sauna inside.  The rules of life have not changed much.  Yup, this is exactly why we can't have nice things.  Nice things usually come from hard work, good management, patience, and time.  Money isn't necessarily always a factor, because nice things always can come from nature of course.    

Run?  Hide?  Crawl?  How do we get out of this dump?  Tomorrow will be another day.  We need inspiration, desire, hope, creationism, change, love, compassion, something to look forward to.  And so, we tread as fast as we can blindly into the night.    

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