Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Well, that's me they put on the school's commercial. They had the me sign a waiver stating that posting whatever pictures they took was okay.  Nope, no pay for any pictures I've been in for anything commercial.  Welcome to my ghetto life.  The good news is that I finally graduated.  I've been graduated for almost 3 weeks now.  I've also completed my registration exam!  I mailed my state licenses as soon as all the paper work arrived in the mail.  When I get my license, I'm able to apply to whatever job I want in any of those states that I've applied to.  This is great news for I though I would never complete the radiography program.  It was 2 years of hell.  It was much harder than my Criminal Justice Bachelor's degree, which took a total of 4 years.  By now, I could have been a doctor but . . . there was no money for that nor did I want to be in that much serious debt.

So why couldn't I aim for anything else?  Why these majors in particular?  It was simple economics.  I felt that I would have never graduated anything unless my parents had money.  My parents never had money so I was stuck with whatever was left in the gutter that was more easily obtainable.  Why not computers or engineering or being a lawyer?  Sure, you have $200,000 lined up for me or for any other kids who want to be a good doer in the world?  Sorry, the chances are that you don't have anything except fluff.  I gambled and took my chances with radiography using the unemployment tuition waiver program.  The  "free education" process worked out.  I'm so relieved that the program is complete, because it was painfully challenging.  Money is very hard to earn in a hospital setting or anywhere to be honest.  Of course, I've grown up to be frugal and humble because you never know when your next meal will be.  Seriously, the people are poor with nothing.  I had to work with whatever I had available.  My answer was education, and I went through with it no matter how dumb and/or waste of time I thought the required classes were.  School takes a lot of you.  The next time I have the opportunity to go back to school, I'd have to be loaded or be on unemployment again.  It's just not worth it going back to school.  We started out with 20 students; only 10 graduated.  The fail rate is 50%.  It's tough out there.  

So will I ever get a job with all this education I have under my belt?  We don't know yet, but I'm still trying.  I need all the paper work, all the certifications, etc.  One day, I will have a job . . . some day.        

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