Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life Style and Work

There's just something so empty about not working.  "Arbeit macht frei"work makes (you) free."
What is this mess we've got ourselves into?  I don't care about school loan debt or taking any extra classes to make my resume look good.  I just want to work and earn a decent living.  Is it that much to ask?  Why must people make this so hard?  To my understanding it's exactly what it is . . . that hard.  Yes, it's hard out there.  It seems as though the jobs are primarily given to those whom are either blood related, very connected, or just fall under the category of beautiful woman.  The male in the relationship falls short and is more likely to get the short end of the stick of having to pay child support and/or alimony.  "Everyone else but me has a job" syndrome isn't the right path but is evident in the creation of modern man/woman.  Having good grades and/or test scores won't put you on the top either.  You need to be connected and know people in power positions!  There's no way around it.  Once you step up your game and crawl your way into this pyramid of absolute totem pole of power there's no going back.  It's like a whole other world out there full of sharks ready to bite you if you make a mistake.  School has kept children ignorant of the real world for far too long but this is what happens.  Great standardized testing grades but absolutely zero interpersonal skills and ability to connect with others.  The goal is to get a job that pays well, but they've made it much more complicated.  Feelings get hurt, power trips roar through the elevators, people go nuts.  

Having a job?  It's never that easy.  Going to school?  Not that easy either.  Nothing in life is easy.  With no funding or anyone out there giving a crap, where do we go from here?  Finally, we look towards money for our last and only resort for hope.  We think that money can buy us happiness.  We think that money can buy our health back after we worked all those long hours and years in some hell hole.   Why not just be happy with what we have right now?  Nothing makes us happier than seeing the numbers go up.  We aren't angels.  We are not saints.  We are like gambling addicts in a casino.  To simply put it we just want more.  More hours, more time, more money, more space, more housing, more gold, more video games, more sex, more meat, more french fries, more ice cream, more potato chips, whatever the hell it is people always want more and more.   So we've become excessively fat gluttons wanting more and more.  As we continue to grab off the shelves of self destruction, we are blinded by poor eating habits and dieting.  All I have to say is "Welcome to America".    You are either working 18 hours a day and sleeping for 5 hours or you're absolutely unemployed and/or broke with student loan debt.  That's America for you in a nut shell.  

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