Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another Day another Rejection Letter

Well, I went on to and applied to almost every single x-ray tech job possible in the area (up 1 hour drive).  I maxed out at about thirty different urgent care centers, hospitals, and doctor's offices.  I submitted my resume and cover letter letter.  Do you think I got any results other than oversaturating their computer systems with even more resumes!?  I mean what do people want except jobs?  Don't take it the wrong way but the vast majority of Americans don't have lives.  All they do is work.  European countries take vacations and holidays off, but America forget about it.  Is it as bad as China having kids work from the day they are born?  It's probably not as bad as a slave labor camp from Asia, but it's still pretty bad.  To be living in America means to either constantly work or look for a job.  If you don't have a job, people will tell you to get a job.  Is there anything else much to it than working and money?  For the vast majority of the people, work or school are the only two options.  Has anyone come up with a better way of life?  Well, there is prison and the government pays for it, but no one wants to go there.  Win the lottery or something.  People are constantly over flooding the job market with resumes.  A lot of people are well over educated but don't have the right connections to get the job they want simply because of the lack of opportunities and an overwhelming number of people killing each other over the very few positions that are actually in existence of today.  Consider yourself lucky if you do get a job that doesn't pay minimum, slave labor wages.  Do you think school will help or career fairs?  Nope, they just tell you to go online and send in your resume.  "Keep trying"  is something you'll hear a lot.  

It is desperate out there that even doctors and lawyers have a hard time finding work.  Can you imagine going to school and training for all those years only to find rejection in the working world?  You need customers, you need clients, you need patients.  School can only help you for so much until you have to do all the pulling and pushing on your own.  Get a loan and start your own business? 

I was actually invited to an interview and got the job immediately, I even had 1 hour of training,
but then they told me it was filled 3 days later in an email letter.  Wow, what a low blow.  You get the job, hand in all your private information, but then they tell you it's filled.  What a crazy world?  Well, there's nothing else I can do but repeat the same process of oversaturing the market with my resumes and hopefully getting a response.  It may take a year to get a job or even applying to another state, but one day I will come back with results!               

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