Monday, July 27, 2015

Google Adsense

Well, making money is hard. "Monetization" refers to the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender.  Today, I'm retrying the Google Adsense program.  Yes, I've tried this before but have failed.  I got up to 10,000 page views on my other account but was quickly black listed.  It didn't work out.  I gave up on Google Adsense for the longest time ever but continued to write anyways simply because I love blogging.  The things I post are a bit controversial about ways of making money that may seem creepy to some people.  Any who, this time around I'll try to be safe.  I know I'll get a lot less views, but it would be worth it knowing that I can keep up with Google Adsense's rules and regulations.  

So I failed to wake up early enough in the morning to drive my friend to the supervisor/director at the nearby hospitals for work.  Do I feel comfortable just presenting myself out there?  "Fake it until you make it" seems to be the only way to describe it.  At some point, you just need to go up to the boss and hand in your resume.  I'm not expecting immediate results, but at least we gave it a try.  Trying to earn an income is really hard.  You have to "be there".  No one will hire you if you just submit everything online.  Everything is through "because I know someone" and "word of mouth".  People will learn quickly that all those years in school is worthless, except for the people that you meet.  There's too much emphasis on books and not on people skills.  The vast majority of employers don't even care about your grades.  They just make sure you have your license and registration.  It's not what you know; it's who you know that gets you through the door.  I'm just as disappointed as everyone else is about school.  I wish it was about working hard and advancing up in the socioeconomic latter, but it's not that easy.  Networking, social skills, standing there and looking pretty all come into play.  Your ability to market and sell yourself is an important skill that no one can ever teach you.  It doesn't matter how much money you paid for tuition:  Some people have it and others don't.  

As for me, I have to keep trying.  It's hard out there.  I may need to inquire a minimum of 100 different places by the end of next month just to get one phone call back from a head hunter.  The competition out there is outrageous, but I'll keep trying.  I don't need to work specifically in a hospital, but it would definitely pay double or up to three times minimum wage.  Being aggressive, confident, and emphasizing initiation will definitely do the trick.  Getting all A's in classes has nothing to do with it.  People don't care about the nerd in class; they want to hire a salesman who can talk to just about anyone from babies, kids, adults, and grandparents to maximize potential sales.  

All those years in school is just a waste of time and to provide teachers with job hours.  I'm not saying it's entirely bad, but there could be a better solution.  America is even trapped in trillions of dollars in debt because of student loans.  No one ever seems to have an answer for the vast unemployment numbers.  What can I say, it's hard out there.  Be ready to sell yourself out there and present yourself with confidence even if you have to fake it.        

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