Friday, July 31, 2015

My First Video Introduction

Hello my readers!  This is a start for me.  I made a video today, and I took it back to my place to edit it.  I learned all the basic things I needed off of youtube.  Well, it's not the best of quality because I have to upload it using a DSL line.  Uploading video online usually takes a very long time.  It's a bit ghetto, but it works!  It's only a little less than 1 minute long but gets my message across well enough.  I hope my video gets me motivated into posting more things to come!

As I wait here, I'm realizing just how long it takes to upload video onto my blog page.  It is taking a really long time.  Yup, this is why I never posted much videos on youtube and tried to make money off of advertisements.  Even for one minute, it's just takes too long to upload.  One minute!?  It's taking what seems to be "forever".  There are youtube videos showing you how to download software from an external source to filter out the video so it'll take up less storage space.  The end result is of course a faster uploading speed.  Ego aside, I must learn something new.  How to compress and upload videos faster.  That is an actual skill that's important that they'll never teach you in school like so many other things in life.  Well, I took the time to learn something new, and now I'm redoing the uploading process from old school to new school.  Here goes!

Well, there you have it.  I compressed the video, and it uploaded really fast!  It looked like I sacrificed some quality, but I guess now it's just for testing purposes.  I'll do it over again to make sure something is available to watch.  Great, I dropped my ego and learned something new!

Wow, it worked.  I just tried my video on my blog, and the God damn thing worked!?  I hope to be able to shoot new footage and share the love.  I'm going to post some creative content, keeping in mind to respect the adsense rules and regulations.  I would just like to thank anyone for visiting my page at this time.  No, I don't want your money just yet.  I'm here to learn just like everyone else.  Until next time and have an awesome day!

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