Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Knowing People

How to know you know people?  Sometimes it just happens.  Even for me, it's the right time and place.  A lot of times it's already the people you know in your neighborhood.  Everyone is in the same boat.  It doesn't have to be far away or some dream vacation islands.  You'll meet someone with the right connections just about anywhere and any place so be sure to keep your cool when an opportunity should arise.  A lot of older adults are connected to doctor's offices or schools where you can find work.  If you believe you've worked hard enough, you'll make sure that both ends will meet.  If you do this enough times, you'll reach out to people.  Sooner or later, you'll have a network going on.  Even if your network is the size of a tiny island, don't burn down any bridges.  If it's a nice day in the park or some random event try and take advantage of talking to familiar faces.  Don't be shy.  Just try and talk to those whom seem to care or have big titles.  I know it might be a big stretch, but some people are genuinely nice and will reach out to you in an appropriate manner.  Maybe, you thought kids were jerks when you were young.  But people grow up and mature.  Trust that other adults are also kind and considerate people as well that are willing to reach out to you.  Not only must you believe in yourself, but a lot of times you have to be able to trust other people as well and believe in them.  As you will notice not everyone is nice, but there are nice people out there.  You just have to catch them at the right time and place.  Be sure to be in a good environment.  Something like a crowded streets or dark alley way may make people seem a bit creepy.  Make sure there's plenty of light and a friendly atmosphere otherwise things could backfire real quick.

The art of getting to know people is not an easy job.  People need time to open up to you as an individual.  If you're trying to sell them a product or try and profile them the second you meet them, it's pretty much game over.  Instead of politely meeting someone and getting to know them, you've just placed judgement on them for whatever xyz.  Give the person a chance.  Don't just label them with some negative connotation.  You won't ever get to know them nor will they ever want to get to know you any better.  If things go down the wrong way, connections won't take place.  Bridges will quickly collapse.  People skills is a very sensitive art but when performed correctly amazing results can take place.  Seriously, it takes skill, practice, hand shakes, and even a smile or two.  No, it's not easy; everyone is just different; and you may rub someone off the wrong way but that's the nature of the game.  Of course some people are a lot easier to meet than others, but some of the hardest people to connect with are the ones with the most control and power.  Call it a skill, a talent, karma, or even a higher power but the ability to connect with others is critical in building rapport, business, social life, a good neighborhood, or just about anything else crazy that goes in life.  Sometimes all people want is a hello, a smile, a handshake, or even a thank you.          


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