Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good Bye 2016! Happy New Year 2017!

Well, we made it to the end of the year!  To wrap things up, working really sucks and you should be serious about where every second of your day is allocated to achieve your purpose and goals before you end up somewhere you absolutely hate.  No, finding the right job is never easy.  No, finding that talent hidden inside of you that can make you bank isn't all that easy either.  At this level, just be thankful and appreciative you even have a job.  

The only thing I regret that I could have changed is where I was putting my hard earned money into.  Although I have a history of being frugal and save on every penny, I was not fully aware or believed in compound interest!  I know it sounds crazy, but Vanguard is the perfect place to start!  Yes, I knew about dividends and have practiced for quite some time now; but I did not know how much more sophisticated and downright super advanced into the future Vanguard actually was when properly utilized!  Selecting the right model of ETFs and mutual funds will give you such an outstanding portfolio of return you won't believe how easy it is!  Currently, the materials, telecommunications, energy, and financial sectors have been hitting a solid growth of 20%; whereas the other sectors have been averaging much lower.  Why not just skip all the bullshit floating around and start investing in these powerhouse sectors!  Yes, there are growth and value strategies; but why not just invest in an entire ETF sector that's doing the downright best!  I don't want 8-10% growth, I want 20% per year!  Yes, risk plays a large factor but the diversification of ETFs and mutual funds makes it much more easy to handle.  A standard rule that everyone should apply is to contribute the maximum $5500 every year to their IRA/ROTH IRA.  Once again, compound interest will work its magic throughout the years.  If you have doubts and think you're just going to drop dead before reaching retirement age, do it anyways!  You have to make it a priority to save up that $5500, otherwise you'll fall into the trap of being some kind of  antisocial, suicidal, money spending crazy homeless man who has no plans for the future.  I wish I started earlier, but I didn't know I was ever going to make it this far.  Thirty years goes by pretty quick.  However you see it, start investing as early as you can.  

I mean no matter what people hate working, so you better know what to do with your paycheck.  No, you do not want to buy STUFF with your hard earned money.  STUFF will rust, rot, and deappreciate in value overtime that is unless you're a antique/hobby/toy reseller.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  DO NOT BUY STUFF.  Your home will be cluttered in an excessive amount of garbage.  Do not buy sugary energy drinks!  Water is the best drink there is on the market.  Those two things is all you need to know.  If you don't spend money on an excessive amount of STUFF or sugary energy drinks, you'll be okay throughout the year.  Practice and train to be a minimalist everyday.  Cut and throw out whatever is sucking up your time and energy on things you don't need.  For example, I don't even watch television anymore.  There's no reason for me to be spending money on things I don't need.  If you hate working, you'll exclude all these things that cost extra money in your life and start investing into your future.  Basically, I don't want to pay for anything that I don't use.  I'm happy not exceeding my spending limits.  

It's okay to spend a little extra on good food.  The quality of food we eat pretty much determines our health.  No, you don't need that new 3D television; but you probably do need some kind of everyday, low budget healthy food plan.  Yes, you want to throw in as much exercise time you can get on a daily basis.  Do something is always better than doing nothing.  

In any event, the only one, real thing I want to change that I can actually do in 2017 is where I'll be investing my money.  I'm diving head first into the world of Vanguard ETFs and mutual funds.  I don't want my paychecks to be just sitting there.  I WANT TO INVEST!  I WANT TO SEE MY MONEY GROW!  I want to see progress, but what is the value of money if you're not in good health?  It's a balancing act.  Knowing where to invest your money, how to eat right, and figuring out a time you'll be able to get some exercise in each day are all key components worth mastering.  You just need a sense of integrity and trust in yourself that things will workout.  At this point, you don't want to spend the rest of your life working in some job you hate; and you'll do whatever to find a better life.  The journey starts here!  


Sunday, December 18, 2016

+1 Spiritual Awareness

So why do some of us feel so tired all the time?  Is there anything we can do about it?  A lot of us know we're lazy but want to change.  Yes, we want to better ourselves as human beings to enjoy a better quality of life.  No, this is not about earning more money or keeping up with the Jones next door.  It's about feeling good waking up in the morning and enjoying your day in whatever kind of hellish situation you may find yourself in.  Money just doesn't evaporate into thin air.  It's spent gradually over time on the small things in life like putting a roof over your head, food, transportation, electricity, gas, water, clothes, education, and even for small bits of entertainment from time to time.  At the end of the day, you're wondering why you don't have any money left in the bank.  What if there was a simple way to change things around?  Being poor is something that everyone is afraid of.  The solution is fairly simple "orgonite".  What is this you speak of?  Well, there may exist powerful EMF in the air that radiate off of current day technology that has been slowly poisoning without our knowledge, thus making people tired and sluggish.  For example, cell phone towers, power lines, x-rays. CAT scans, nuclear power plants, microwaves, wi-fi, computers, televisions, etc.  All these technologies that have been integrated in our lives have negative consequences and impact on our health.  Although we can choose to ignore such a reality and potential threat to our daily lives, some of us have chosen to educate ourselves and be proactive.

Long story short, "orgonite" can be used to clean up EMF pollution that stem from our blatant abuse of technology.  For example, putting some in your car will vastly improve your health while driving.  All those power lines and cell phone towers have popped up all over.  There is no denying the fact that some of us feel really tired sitting in the car after we've reached our destination.  I'm afraid the culprit are the harmful effects of EMF radiation off the power lines, cell phone towers, wi-fi devices, cell phones, etc.

How does it work:

Forms really weird shapes in water!

It can even cleanup the water of pollutants!

The picture above compares the glasses I used in the experiment.  The one with the orgonite on top is much clearer than the one without the use of orgonite.  The one without the orgonite has a lot more fuzz and pollutants smeared all around inside of the glass.  The water here in our town has a lot of excessive buildup of calcium deposits that often show up in our drinking water, coffee machine, or hot water heater,  I wish I was making this stuff up, but it's clear as day as I'm not hear to make money off of my readers.  I run the google adsense, but that is as far as I go as I'm not a true industrial marketing type.  I hope to use this knew found knowledge and apply it to my rat race of a job, so I don't hate it as much.  Just imagine how loving my job would change my life?  How people who absolutely hate their job and want their boss to die all of the sudden start loving what they do can really impact the world! 

But of all seriousness, I just need to survive my weekly schedule on the job.  I hope this new use of orgonite can help.  The energy derived from this technology is subtle unless you charge it up and run it through with some copper coil and electricity.  I would like to write a piece on crystals, but I just don't have enough substance as of yet.  Feeling the power of crystals is a personal experience without much proof or evidence.  I can't prove crystals do anything.  With orgonite, I have an idea and can show some real evidence of "lab results".  The child support is real, the job is real, the cold freezing air outside is real, life is hard enough as it already is.  People can use a break for a change.

Thank you for reading.  Without you, I wouldn't have any audience.  Yes, you are important.  Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.  I hope to see you next time!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Me, Myself, and Being Fat

After putting in the hours and all the hard work in some rat race grind you feel tired, very tired.  You look around and there's nothing left except enjoying your time off of work.  As an introvert, I do not recharge by being around people.  I tend to stay away from bossholes.  No, I can't do whatever you tell me to do.  No, I'm not easily convinced to be one of your many slaves.  My inherit laziness is on such a magnitude that will far out succeed your need for control.

With three full days off, I didn't make that video, I didn't write that book, I didn't do anything marketable whatsoever.  Guess what?  I'm the perfect fit for someone looking for passive income.  No, I don't like doing things.  It's hard for me to hot wire myself and start doing something that's outside my comfort zone in the name of making a profit.  I'd rather just invest in a company or a diverse pool of companies who can do all the heavy lifting for me.  After what I've seen in the labor market, WORK IS HARD.  It doesn't matter if you're on the lowest tier picking up garbage or a doctor, all jobs require an investment in time and effort.  So instead of lying to myself and trying to be someone I'm not, why not just go in for the kill?  I INVEST MY FREE TIME AND MONEY TO FIND AND ACQUIRE ADEQUATE SOURCES OF PASSIVE INCOME.  No, I don't want to listen to your parents telling me how I should be a doctor and/or lawyer.  Get over it already!  Stop wasting your breath!  Instead of being that doctor or lawyer, I'm someone who invest directly in the company who they work for through the purchasing power of stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs!  That's what I do!  That's what I've been doing!  And that's what I'm going to continue to do because that's my way of doing things without feeling all jaded about it!  I feel that it's a fair trade of my time and money on this planet without being ripped off by high tuition costs, listening to the wrong people, and getting upset over spilled milk.  I'm aware of the risks involved in the stock market, but at the end of the day I'm the one who made my own decisions.  No, I don't want to waste anymore of my time with people, place, or work I hate!  No, I don't want your baggage!  No, I don't want to pay your bills!  If I'm going to die a homeless, at least I did it my way.

As of now, my goals in life are somewhat hardening:  I want to explore and invest in more venues of passive income, survive my rat race job on a weekly basis to fund my operations, and get as much exercise and healthy greens my body can handle.  With all of life's drama and bullshit aside, these three right here are what I want that are humanly achievable on a daily basis.  This is all that I'm fully capable of.  No, I don't have super powers.  No, I don't have a ton of money I can throw at you.  All I have to offer the world are my feelings of appreciation and gratitude for the everyday normalcy of the grind of life.        

Thank you for reading!  I hope to see you next time!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Welcome Back!

Hello my faithful readers!  I'm back with new experiences and knowledge to share.  Yes, I'm back with lots of money!  I went from zero to hero in just a blink of an eye!  But seriously, this is not a get rich quick scheme whatsoever.  I've literally fostered and invested in myself as best as I possibly could ever since I became self aware as a child.  No, I didn't have any unique talents; but I knew I was very persistent and had the ability to just not giving a crap and keep going whereas some people would just start bitching and complaining.  It's no secret, if you want money all you have to do is work hard and be consistent about it.  Whatever field you find yourself in, all you have to do is put in the time and effort.  Look if you're not making money, it's because you're not spending enough quality time and/or effort into it.  Yes, you need customers.  Yes, you probably even need to find a mentor.  Yes, the teacher that you hate at school even counts as a real person.  I appreciate having a lot of money.  I appreciate the knowledge of investing and earning passive income.  I am grateful for whatever little control and/or self discipline I possess.  No, I do not go around spending cash like it grows off of trees.  I grew up poor and just don't want to give a damn.  I just want the knowledge that comes with growing passive income.  IT'S REALLY HARD OUT THERE.  DO NOT BE FOOLED. Sometimes, I have to drive around in traffic all day.  I have to meet up with customers, clients, patients, and whoever is willing to pay for my goods and/or services.  You have to hustle and continue to hustle until the day you retire!  

Just because you see someone with a ton of cash in their hands doesn't mean that's the end of the story.  In fact, it's like trying to reach and play the endgame of a well programmed video game.  You want a good end gaming.  You want a quality life.  You want a steady stream of love, health, wealth, and happiness.  Most of these things don't come somewhere externally.  IT'S INSIDE OF YOU.  I'm aware I'm fueled and driven by greed.  That's just my thing, and I love it!  Like I said, I don't have much talent in music, song, dance, or anything for that matter that'll raise me up to the stars.  It's kind of like I'm a leprechaun and/or treasure goblin.  It's sad to say that I'm probably the poorest person around here.  Everyone else I see is some kind of a homeowner with a luxury car.  It's me who has this real niggardly attitude about money and treasure.  Like I said, it's not about all the material wealth around us; whoever the person actually is, money will only amplify who they really are.  I don't really care much about anything else.  I really don't.  I like don't value things that rust, rot, or depreciate.  I only enjoy the modesty of investing in passive income for the sake of acquiring more positive net growth assets.  No, I don't like having to work anything manual or driving.  Yes, I have much experience in the field already and don't need anymore.  In fact we're all kind of trapped in this rat race of having to do things to keep our jobs, but the best we can make out of the situation is consider the whole travesty as getting in a workout. 

The bottom line is that I really want to invest in good source of passive income.  Therefore, I don't believe much in buying nice cars and blowing all my money away at VIP clubs.  Logically, my next big business adventure would be in real estate.  Most people who have made it financially did it through real estate.  People find that owning actual property feels much more confident than keeping pieces of paper like stock and bonds.  None the less, wealth is absolutely worthless if you don't have your health.  It's like how kids can have fun with very little or nothing, because they have their wild imaginations.  Their brains are still young and placid, so life seems much more exciting and fun.  When we get older, our minds gradually become more dense and concrete to societal norms and institutions.  No, I don't want to be like everyone else.  I want to have fun.  I want life to be exciting!  
Is that too much to ask?  As work demands us to give up our dreams, our time is exchanged for money.  So no, money is not all that fun and exciting as it seem unless you're some kind of treasure gnome who's overly obsessed with hoarding money all the time.  

With no where else to turn inside the rat race, I prepare for tomorrow as work becomes the very essence of life.

Look, I will even put an ORGONE pyramid on top of a pile of money just to encourage the positive cash flow of my daily life.  I will deploy just about anything that'll give me the leg up just so that I have a small, microscopic chance that I won't have to see the rat race tomorrow.  Unless you absolutely love your job, you're going to go the extra mile to try and get out of the daily grind. Although I appreciate finding and working a job that pays decently for once, I don't entirely love it. I'm prepared to get out and move onto something much more pleasant in the near, distant future. 
There's nothing new under the sun here.  There's probably a ton of things here that have already been discovered, invented, conceptualized, and/or experienced before by many other people.  No, I'm not going to reinvent the wheel.  I'm not here to do anything really big.  At the end of the day, I just want a job that I can enjoy.  I want a job that I feel thankful for.  I want a job that makes me feel happy.  I want a job that I love and can keep doing until the day I retire.     

Thank you for reading!  I hope to post next time!           

Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy Halloween

Well, other than this video I have nothing else much to share but the usual wear and tear of getting up in the morning and toiling a 9-5 job or in my cases 10AM-10PM.  Enjoy the visuals of this haunted house.  It's full of cheap thrills.  Seriously, I don't have anything else lined for up in my arsenal that can be presented this year.  I just feel drained from having to work.  Well, I mean at least I don't have another job or kids at the moment that I absolutely need to make ends meet.  After being depleted of my energy and resources from the work week, I just want to relax.  Yes, I'm enjoying my time right now blogging.  When looking back at this week particularly, I was ravished.  I had to drive to and from an average of 7-9 different nursing homes and house calls a day in two different states, New Jersey and New York, both daytime and nighttime!  If you thought school was unfair, wait until you have a job!  There's nothing more scary than having an actual job.  The stuff they assign you to do can just be unbearable.  I was literally thinking about quitting the whole time when I was on duty.  This is stuff they don't teach you at school, grit.  Grit is your ability to stick with something and finish it.  It's such an important life lesson that one needs to implement each and everyday, especially for work.  The unemployment rate is high, not because there aren't any jobs in America; it's because people don't want to invest their time in those high tech fields that require a lot of education and licensing.  Hell, I don't want to have to lift a finger when dealing with software, coding, and/or programming issues.  I can only make the best of my situation about blogging.  Of course, I've tried to hop on the bandwagon of the technological train, but like most things IT'S HARD.  None the less, I keep striving and reaching for the stars like one day my dreams will come true.

Although there's a whole laundry list anyone can complain about at any given time at work or even at home, I want to make a deep commitment about always being positive and happy.  No, it doesn't take a genius to be positive and happy.  No, you don't need to go anywhere or get a degree from any school.  All you need to do is adjust your attitude, your emotions, your state of awareness, your feelings, your sense of spirit from being down and defeated to being upright, just, uplifting, positive, and happy!

There is so much information out there now at our finger tips to the point we have a very limited amount of time to read everything!  Things I've learned that will change your life!

  • READ
      • You'll get the best results when you get something you're actually interested in
      • Do not waste your time to fake or pretend what you are attracted or interested in because of selfish reasons, like "because it'll earn me money" or "everyone else is doing it"
    • Spend more time at the library or book store if you don't know what you're interested in
    • Make exercise a priority EVERYDAY
    • Stay away from sugary drinks and foods 
    • Having a FLAT STOMACH is what most people wish for in terms of happiness goals
    • Be sure to stock up on vegetables and fruits whenever you get the chance 
    • Be sure to sleep anywhere from 9PM - 11PM every night, as 11PM is the prime time hour when the liver rejuvenates.  
    • Eight hours of sleep is recommended or whenever you wake up naturally
    • Sunlight is the best tool for getting out of bed!  
      • No, you don't need an alarm clock if you don't have something intensive like school or work to worry about  
      • Your body will naturally adjust and regulate itself accordingly without any mechanical, external device 
      • Starring into the sun is actually proven to be a resourceful way of recharging
    • Meditate, meditate, and mediate 
    • Ten deep breaths or twenty minutes of transcendental meditation or whatever you want to call it will work
    • Focus on your breathing
    • To maximize your results for meditation, just clear your mind and focus on your breathing
    • Focus on simplicity 
Well, that's all I have for today.  Time is just flying by.  Today and the rest of the weekend is all I have left, which is really what most people have.  I guess I'm just a little bit spoiled.  It doesn't look like a lot of time for me to just chill and relax.  

Thank you everyone for coming!  Happy Halloween!  I hope it doesn't suck!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

My X-Ray Technician Job

Hello my readers!  Well, this is me at my job.  This is what I do to roll in the dough.  Unfortunately, I'm taxed heavily and don't go home as excited as I should be.  Long story short just watch my video!  Please know that I've always been interested in industry, like human resources and how people earn their income.  I just wanted to make this video to give my audience what I do.  As a kid, I always wanted to know how the adults make their money.  I was always amazed by the power of money.  Being able to put a roof over your head or something as simple as putting food on the table was something that always sparked vast interest in me.  Being a mobile x-ray technician was never my first and foremost career path, but it has to suffice.  I'm a very practical and resourceful person, so this is just something that I saw as an obtainable opportunity.

What is there more to say?  I take people's x-rays for a living.  I do everything from the bottom, up.  I've done skulls, abdomens, hands, feet, arms, legs, chests, patellas, pelvis, shoulders, clavicles, L-spines, C-spines, T-spines, etc.  You name the bone, I've shot x-rays before.  Yes, I do have a life skill that I can offer an employer in exchange for an income.  I owe it all to the unemployment office that I now pay taxes towards.  Community college is just as good as any other college.  It's affordable and will get you a job no differently than a name brand college.  Whoever your boss is or what company is, they really just want you to work and get the job done given the limited time everyone has.  No, I'm not saying this is the ultimate solution for college students who can't find jobs; but it's a good option if you find yourself on the receiving end of the shorter stick.

Thanking you for tuning in.  I hope to post new content for next time!  Have a good week!  As for me, I'm just thankful if I can survive each day of my daily work shifts.  


Saturday, October 8, 2016

My youtube Misadventures!

Well, here is my most recent video I made about the Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet.
You can watch it.  I can definitely improve on the quality and sound.  Unfortunately, I need to reduce everything just so I can upload it without it taking a day or two.  I'm lacking high speed internet, so I have to do whatever just to keep up with the John's.  Actually, my housing development doesn't support Verizon Fios.  None the less, I continue to try posting something up.

After pledging I would do a better job at youtube, here are my current results!  I have a total estimated review of a whopping 4 cents and a total of 41 cents using Google AdSense!
Okay, this right here explains everything that is wrong.  I just don't care enough to create well, thought out original content for my audience.  This is what happens to the people you don't see on podcasts who make it big.  This is what it looks like when you doubt yourself.  This is what failure looks like!  No, it's not pretty.  We all know what it looks like, yet some of us are continually stuck in this victimization mindset or blame other people.  We know things are hard, but how do we achieve success!?  This is why I am here.  I want to know how to succeed.  No, I'm not anywhere near where I want to be.  You can definitely learn WHAT NOT TO DO from me.  Seriously, I would not be able to survive making youtube videos.  Good Lord, how come some people have it so easy landing a million views their first time around?  Judging by the looks of it, I'm basically stuck in some kind of youtube Hell where no matter what I do, I just can't make enough to earn even a dollar.  I get it universe.  My youtube skills suck.  I need to improve if I want to achieve a greater audience and better revenue.

There is absolutely no need for me to feel paranoid.  I'm probably one of the least watched people on the planet.  I repeat, there is very little or no need for me to be paranoid.  It's perfectly clear that people don't want to watch me.  Even if I'm actually trying to entertain or audition, I've never made money out of it whatsoever.  Whatever it is that I've used to make people laugh, it was out of pure comedy and not money.  I don't make people laugh for money.  Yes, I do make people laugh at times, but I've never made a dollar from it.  One of my hidden talents is that people can burst out of sudden laughter in my presence, but I don't do it for money.  I don't harness money from making people laugh.  Laughing is something I can make people do, but it has nothing to do with money.  It's more of a spiritual thing to make people feel good or loosen up without having to invest in drugs or alcohol.      

As for my ego, I did what I could do.  I'm proud of whatever videos I've got to upload with the time I had.  Unfortunately, I suffer the same problems everyone else has trying to make an income.  No, I didn't spend any real money filming or uploading my videos.  I got to learn a lot, but I still want to learn more.  I want to improve myself.  Someday, I want to find some kind of substantial income making youtube videos.  Am I anywhere near that step?  I still have a long way to go.  I'm glad I have the opportunity, but it's up to me if I continue to act like this is a joke or not.  I want to take responsibility and make something of myself on youtube as though this was as serious as going to school or a job.  Yes, it'll take a lot more work and effort than whatever I'm putting in now.  Yes, I do need better equipment.  It is possible within my reach, but I need to try harder.  Now, I know I'm not delusional.  These things take a lot of time and effort.  Nothing will make you an overnight success unless you win the lottery.  If nothing else works, work harder.

Thank you for reading!  I hope to see you next time!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Greek Fest 2016

Well, I'm back.  The best thing that happened to me was the Greek Festival.  I finally discovered what was going on in that fancy funny shaped, bronze dome.  It was only $2 for admission!  The choice of food was great.  There was lamb, flounder, chicken, gyros, french fries, and even meat on the stick!  $8 for a sandwich!  $16 for lamb!  These were some hefty charges for food.  For the location, it's well worth it.  It's not cheap at all.  Even the beer was $5!  Good lord, this is not a place to be cheap.  Yes, they need that money to upkeep the beautiful church and community center that it is.  Relative to all the other places I've seen, this is one high maintenance environment.  It is very fancy with lush green and beautiful outdoor scenery.  Surprisingly, I only live about 10 minutes away down the hill!  How can such a great, well kept secret be hiding from me all this time!  

It was truly a beautiful spectacle.  The food is fresh.  The sky is blue.  The trees are green.  Everything is just placed so eloquently.  The people appear to be happy.  Volunteers and workers are more than happy to help and serve.  Music was in the air.  It was truly a great, steady production.  There didn't seem to be any serious issues or problems other than little kids not getting what they wanted from the parents.  People were genuinely happy to be there to chill, eat, dance, sing, face paint, listen, play music, or just do whatever.  

Beneath it all, it's "white people".  Well, the Greek people and its culture has been around since the dawn of time.  Hippocrates, Aristotle, Socrates, and all the ancient greats originated from Greek life way back in the day.  Essentially, a lot of Greek people are doctors or lawyers and most importantly have some serious cash hiding under their pillows at night.  I don't think going out with a Greek girl will go well with their father/family, unless you yourself are Greek or you have lots of gold to offer.  You must get involved in their community that's going on otherwise they'll never have the slightest idea who the hell you are.  Unless you are connected to them in some way, shape, or form through their school, work, or church it's pretty much hopeless.  If you really care, you'd invest time with, not just the girl, but their whole community.  Long story short, it's not easy.  If you just dive in for the girl, they'll know you're a creeper.  You have to play it smart and work  hard if you really want to win her over.  If you're anything like me, you'll just decided that everything is too hard and the best possible solution is to not give a crap and just have a good time with or without the girl. 

Well, next week starts my new work week.  We cannot change the fact that we all must work on Monday, but we can change our attitudes!  We can be positive about it!  We can be thankful that we have jobs!  We can be grateful that there are people who wish they had employment and pay like we do!  We can celebrate that we have made it so far into our careers!  It's about attitude!  Change your attitude!  Change your life!  Change how you look at things!  Girl or no girl, I will make my life that of a positive experience!    

Thank you for reading!  I hope to see you next time!



Sunday, September 4, 2016

Time for the Beach

Well, I finally made it to the beach.  Unfortunately, a hurricane was coming in at the very same time. With all the time I had the whole year, this was my only successful attempt at spending time at the beach.  The weather that day was a bit chilly and definitely windy.  Swimming wasn't even allowed at the time.  As for the water, it continues to maintain that greenish murky color.  It was far from a romantic outing as I went with my family.  As usual, everyone was at each other's throat hole and yelling in some way, shape, or form.  Yelling, complaining, or nagging seems to be the normal means of communication.  It wasn't the most pleasant of trips.  Women get old, and they start nagging like a rundown vacuum cleaner on its last breath.  What do you want me to tell you?  It's unfortunate, but it happens.  No, I don't want to be surrounded by negative people but that's what is in it for me when hanging out together with family.  Crazy Asian parents is a constant theme people talk about.  There are tons of books out there like "Tiger Mom".  Everything is just one big competition full of arguing and yelling for something ridiculously stupid like a trophy or award.  I'm sorry, but I just want to be myself and enjoy life.  So much hate, so much anger, so much history of saltiness behind the Asian culture.  Are Asians any much different than what happened to the Jews, Native Americans, blacks, and/or Hispanics?  Perhaps if we all had fulfilling peaceful histories of love and culture, we wouldn't be arguing and yelling at each other all the time?  Look, the next time I go to the beach, I want to go by myself.  There's no need for yelling.  There's no competition to kill each other.  

I just wanted to have fun on the beach.  I just wanted to spend time enjoying the beach.  Is this to much to ask?  No, crazy orientated Asian parents do not need to be around.  Can't we all just get along?  Nope, the shoe never seems to fit.  I know of no other such life.  People seem to be only good at one thing and that's being at each other's throat with a knife.  What is the solution to this negativity?  Well, the books have suggested the know how of scarcity.  Every time a parent is trying to hurl themselves on you, you simply tell them you have to go somewhere and have no time.  Your shorttime with them will be valued more.  As a result, they'll be a lot nicer.  If you continue to stay with an helicopter parent, they'll just grow to become more controlling and tyrannical.  The law of scarcity is a valuable tool to practice when face such adversary.  

Tomorrow is Labor Day, Happy Labor Day!  Well, guess what?  I'm scheduled to work.  Wow, I'm on duty from 10AM-10PM.  That sounds pretty messed up.  I hope the doctors aren't around.  I'm preying that they get off.  Seriously, do sick people take days off?  Do the elderly reverse the aging process?  Do they just let patients die?  Welcome to the American healthcare system where administering medical exams is just like ordering water that comes out of the tap.  THEY WANT BLOOD.  THEY WANT COLD, HARD CASH.  THEY DON'T CARE IF IT'S LABOR DAY.  Yes, the drive is just that strong.  These people will slit and cut open your throat for the paycheck.  It's their lifeblood on the line!  I look to the ancient wisdom of knowledge to help me.  I can't change the situation, but I can change my attitude.  Instead of looking at work like it's going to be Hell, I should be thankful for the opportunity to work and earn a living.  A lot of people are waiting outside the unemployment line.  A lot of people are waiting outside the welfare office.  Yes, there are real people who line up everyday early in the morning outside government handout buildings all the time.  Some of the waiting lines stretch out as far as football fields.  You just have to appreciate what you have.  

Thank you everyone for coming and reading my blog.  I don't have much in this world, but at least I have you.  Each and everyone of my readers is so important to me.  Without you, I don't know where I would be.  Until next time and keep reading!                         

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Loot Crate August 2016 - Antihero

Well, I tried out Loot Crate for once.  I got it off of Groupon and wanted to be like everyone else doing a review.  The good news is that I edited the sketch.  The bad news is that I continue to have very little or no views at all whatsoever.  Good, unique interesting content usually adds to the view count.  So all you need to do really is have some good footage and the word will spread.  Unfortunately, mediocre work will not cut it.  I guess I just don't promote either.  I really don't feel that this could be the best work I can do, but it works.  I can work on my game but this is all the time I have for at the moment.  I'm just a beginner learning the basics.  None the less, here is my video.  I thought about it and did it!  So, yes I can continue to film and review stuff people may have interest in.

That sums up the end of my weekend.  I don't have to do diddly squat unless I'm fully deployed for work but is that all I want for myself?  I only do stuff when I'm on the job?  Don't I ever go venture out in the world and do something exciting for the soul purpose of enjoying life?  It appears that I don't give a hoot.  I care about trying new and exciting dishes to eat, but when it comes to spending money on travel I think back how hard it was to earn that money.  No matter what anyone tells you MAKING MONEY IS HARD.  I don't enjoy spending so much money on an airplane ticket only to windup back at the same sh*t hole I started at.  There's no real point in me traveling.  I more into being happy on the inside than spending money on frivolously things that'll only last a day or two.  Food is the only exception, but it offers so much nutritional value the body actually needs.

Seriously, here we go again it's Monday tomorrow morning.  Worst of all, it's almost the end of summer.  This is all we have time for!  There's no time machine that can take you back.  Whatever happened, happened.  I worked a minimum of 40 hours a week Monday - Thursday and took the rest of the weekend off only to repeat the same schedule all over again.  I used my time to workout at the gym and swim at the pool.  I also did a little bit of shopping here and there.  I spent very little or no time in traffic trying to head somewhere far away.  Although I wished I could travel far out to California, Florida, or even Hawaii, time and money is always an issue.  I also don't want to feel the dread of having to come back here like a yo-yo.  $1000 on airfare only to fly out and comeback here with nothing much to show for it except a bunch of pictures.  It sounds kind of cliche, but we all do it.  If only I had something with more longevity like a job or visiting friends/family I actually trusted.  We come and go, but the important thing is to enjoy the time we have.  I made sure to squeeze in a lap dance or two.  Yes, it was well worth the money as chasing beautiful women on the streets may take a lot of effort and/or time.  In other words, I'm all about having cheap thrills.

Speaking of which I've been approached by family/friends about being the ripe old age of 31 and not being married yet.  "You should get married and have kids" is what everyone says.  Are you serious?  Marriage and having kids is one of the most expensive things conceivable.  Do you people think before you have children?  I don't want my child to be born in some kind of a ghetto!  I want my child to have their own room at least.  What about their mother?  Everyone seems to know me, but who in the hell knows the mother of my kids?  Who's the mom?  No one knows who the freaking mom is.  I don't even know who the mother of my children is.  How the hell could I possibly have children if I don't even have a grasp on who the mother is?  Jesus Christ, I don't even have my own place yet.  I'm a dude for life.  There's no way in Hell can this all work out without divine intervention of some sorts.  I'm better off spending my hard earned money on booklets of lottery tickets than to waste my time chasing a woman.  They're both equally as bad, but I would rather choose the lottery instead.  You are right, a lot of poor people still get married and have kids.  In fact, that is all you really see here in the ghettos:  Poor people on welfare with too many kids.  Don't insanely rich people ever have kids?  In any event, I'm too down to Earth to know better:  DON'T HAVE KIDS.  No, I can't handle working more hours.  No, I can't handle the woman screaming at me for no particular reason.  No, I can't handle people crying.  No, I don't want to see anymore bloodshed.  I don't want any of that sh*t!  I'm tired of it!  Leave me alone!  I'm happy with whatever I have at the moment.  You think beautiful women just spawn out of the heaves to have kids with men?  Don't make me laugh.

Thank you for visiting, I hope to see you next time!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Well, I finally began my journey to winning the lottery.  After doing my research and dabbling, I resorted to playing scratch offs.  Basically, you are only allowed to play within your budget and buy ten of the same tickets out of the machine.  Without adding anymore fluff or sugar coating anything, I played the $5 game ten times.  As I have noted before the, NJ Lottery website dictates that this has a handful of a prizes left that no one as claimed yet.  Yes, I've done a bit of research before select this game in particular.  No, I didn't want to play a game that everyone has claimed nearly all the prizes already.  In a nutshell, I spent the time to look into the best shot at winning.  Well, guess what?  Even with my cold calculated ways, I only won $5.  Yes, I spent $50 to get $5 back like a chump.  It feels rough.  It feels bad.  It feels like Governor Chris Christie who has his named on the back stabbed me in the back so he can further feed his overwhelming fat self.  In the end, it was no one else's fault but my own to be gambling.  It was my choice.  I did it.  Thank God I limit myself to my budget, so I can keep away any negative side effects.    

So will I continue down this dark road?  If so, how often?  Is this a once a month kind of a thing?  Do I do it every week?  $50 a month for entertainment sounds reasonable.  In one year, $50 a month would translate to $600.  I could be saving up an additional $600 a year in the bank or waste it away on scratch offs.  $600 a year could better be spent on books!  According to the vast majority of wealthy people, books are of the most uttermost importance.  They provide us with knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, imagination, or just something to look forward to doing everyday.  As you can see, I'm rather stingy with my money.  I work hard for it.  We all work hard our money.  Maybe playing the lottery isn't something for me?  Or am I just too weak to stomach my loses and continue playing?  That's how the pros win at just about anything.  Athletes continue to train no matter if they win or lose.  Is it the same kind of mentality that perpetuates people to continue to play the lottery and win?  Do I deviate from my strategy?  Do I doubt my research?  Do I just start changing up things out of fear?  The greats will tell you to just keep doing what you're doing for mastery.  That means to put down more hours, effort, and even money into it!  If it's your thing, you'll continue to practice and train.  You have to train, train, and train.  Yes, this rule of mastery even applies to winning the lottery.  What are your chances of being a top tier singer, song writer, author, actor, computer programmer, doctor, dancer, or anything for that matter?  Winning the lottery is no different.  The chances are slim to none, but you keep trying until you hit it big.  If you give up, forget about it.

Guess what?  I'll be going to work tomorrow working on my trade.  No, I didn't win the lottery.  Yes, I have to continue to tinker and work on my craft.  There's no going back.  Don't you understand?  You can't just walk out.  You have to continue to train and work hard.  I don't want to feel like I'm complaining about having to go to work every Monday.  I want to feel like I'm working on my craft.  I want to feel like I'm being productive.  I don't want to be reminded how I have to work hard everyday so I can keep people on welfare.  I really want something to look forward that I can't obtain by just keep working like everyone else.  There's a price to pay just for giving it a chance.  What's the solution?  Gambling, I bet.  Gambling is my form of entertainment.  Gambling is my drug.  I know it's not pretty, but everyone has their demons.  Mine just happens to be scratch offs.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to see you next time.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ramen in the Summer Time

Other than getting fatter, I don't know what else I can promise down the road for sure.  So yeah, they have this new noodle shop down the road.  It's neat and all, because it's one of the only Japanese noodle shops around in the area without having to drive so much.  For $9.99, you can get a regular bowl with pork.  They also have  vegetable, hot and spicy, and seafood for $14.  Each day of the week, they serve something specialized for that day only.  In other words, you can't always get you want.  For example, they only serve curry and rice on Mondays.  I don't think they're doing customers a favor by limiting their options so much to the point there may only be one choice!?  I've never seen any restaurant limiting their menus so vastly.  For $15, you can get the lunch special!  It's basically the pork soup with a bowl of rice with their choice of meat for the particular day of the week.

 Although everything is quite tasty on the tip of your palate, it's costly for the proportions they serve you.  Some may find the soup a bit salty or even glaze in excessive amounts of MSG.  What makes the noodle bowl pricey is because of the soup.  It takes a whole day just to get the soup ready!  It's kind of odd why MSG would be detected.  It's not like they would use cheap packages of instant noodle for soup broth.  I would like to imagine that they took their time to make their soup as natural and chemical free as possible.

I hope my work week will go well or at least . . . I hope I won't feel moody?  It's important that I remain patient.  It's important that I don't hulk out.  It's important that I take my time.  It's important that I be nice to people.  It's important that I remain calm.  It's important that I don't flip out.  It's important that I keep my cool.  It's important that I get enough rest and sleep.  

Thank you all for visiting and reading.  I hope you have a good week!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Feeling Down About Having a Job

Well, welcome to the future.  I have my job I've worked so hard for, except it isn't picture perfect like I thought it would be as a kid.  No, I don't make a 6 figure salary, but at least I make as much as a public school teacher.  Instead of having to deal with noisy, annoying kids who look like they're going to throw something at you, I have to drive from nursing home to nursing home.  After a while, the driving wears you down.  Sometimes, you wish you could pull over and take a nap.  Rarely, do I ever see anyone on the side of the road taking a break.  Here, drivers just keep going,  I guess coffee is a fundamental necessity for adults to stay awake.  Life on the road is not easy.  Life sitting inside of a school for hours on end wasn't so satisfying either.  What are we to do?  Both school and work life sucked.  None of it seemed to really matter to me.  Like a psychopath, I gave zero f*cks about school or work.  I didn't have evil intentions; I just never liked anything in the curriculum.  One thing I absolutely knew I liked was girls, but who makes money off of that concept?  If anything, girls are the ones strangling everyone by the throat holes and robbing their money while they sleep, literally.  Unless it's about beautiful looking ladies, how do we handle reporting to WORK everyday?  I sure as hell know I hate it.  Does anyone ever like their day job?  

The nurse advised me to change my attitude and to be positive.  If only if it was that easy?  Making money is not easy, period.  People will only want you if you can offer them something in exchange.  Unfortunately, women don't pay money for men to come over and have sex with them.  It's obvious that I have to refrain from deviating from my x-ray profession as there won't be much opportunity elsewhere of making a decent some of money.  Look, I was never good at math, computer coding, or even picking up languages.  Hell, I don't think I pale in comparison to anyone in most professions.  So what is the average Joe to do?  Customer service?  Trust me, I've hit rock bottom and done a lot of sh*t tier jobs already.  I know I don't get well along with people unless they're naturally friendly or just desperate.  Well, there's my answer:  Prey on the desperate people by offering them medical services, because they need it.  Do you think beautiful women will be calling you and knocking on your door anytime soon?  I guarantee that won't be happening anytime soon unless you've won the lottery or have some Godlike talent to share with the world.  Yup, just stick with your dead end job until they fire you. 

Are things really that bad out there?  Yup, it's brutal out there for just about everyone.  Family members are cheap as hell and will probably make something up just to screw you.  The government doesn't care and will just take everything after you die.  So who can you trust?  Who really gives a damn?  What really matters?  All I know for certain is "Cash is king".  People just want to be able to go to sleep at night without having to worry about all the bullshit.  Do you think running around and buying expensive things will bring you life fulfillment?  At the center of things, people just want to be SAFE.  They don't want to worry about being in debt, or overdue medical bills, or excessive college loans, traffic tickets, or anything that'll cause grief.  Well, at least that's what I care about.  Well, throwing out all my childhood fantasies and being a grownup sure sucks.  

Now, go out there and make that money!  There's not much else to it really?  You're driving.  You're talking on the phone.  You're walking.  You're pushing/pulling a big, heavy machine around.  You're getting yelled at by your boss.  Customers want you now!  You're typing up a storm.  You're cleaning! Whatever it is, they're paying you.  Thousands on welfare are depending on you!  

No matter how much the work week looks like it sucks, always remember:  
Just be thankful.  Just be grateful.  Just express gratitude.   

Thank you for reading.  I hope you join me next time.   

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Getting Fatter


It is clear now what we have here, I am getting fatter:

Yes, I've been eating out a lot more that my job is on the road.  What was meant to buildup more muscle turned out to be nothing more than a fat builder.  I don't think diabetes is a problem at the moment, but cutting down the sugar is definitely important.  What is important is that I stop eating at fast food places or at least order the salad only.  Will one hamburger or taco destroy me?  Ultimately, yes.  Those calories add up if you don't know what you're in for.  You have to know beforehand what you are getting yourself into.  Before I get any fatter, I want to avoid any of the junk foods out there, especially the dollar menu.  Is the dollar menu worth it?  When I was poor, I would always bum rush the dollar menu.  Now that I'm better off, I should definitely consider my options.  To be healthy, you can't be eating junk food.  No french fries; no ice cream Sundays.  Look, I just ate my way through this year believing that I was going to get gains.  Sadly, it doesn't work out unless you don't have a day job and all you do is workout at the gym.  If you have it in you, working out in the morning can help a lot.  Unfortunately, I don't ever wake up that early in the morning to do a workout as I've pleaded before in my blogs.  What motivates me is that I don't want to wake up feeling fat.  I don't like being fat.  I don't like having a belly.  It isn't so much about looks; I just don't like the feel of a gut hanging out.  It doesn't feel comfortable.  It's worth not having a gut hangout.  By not having a guy, I feel much more confident and that my time here is flowing a lot more freely.  It's burdensome and makes me turn the other cheek.  If anything, my goal for 2016 is to get a little less fatter.  I'm much happier not having a gut.  Not having a gut is one of my simplest goals in life.  One of the most important lessons I've learned is that carbohydrates turn into sugar.  Some of these well known foods include rice, noddles, potatoes, pasta, and even bread!  Believe it or not, it all turns into sugar!  So what is out there that you can eat without getting diabetes!?  Eating fruit and vegetables is always a good source.  Milk, cheese, yogurt, whole wheat bread, black beans, avocado, oatmeal, and anything else that taste like cardboard is a good bet it'll fill you up with vitamins and nutrients without getting you bloated.  From now on, I need to watch my diet a bit better!

Yes, people will call me out, nag at me, say mean things, but the point is not to care.  By not caring, you are in control.  You are control of your emotions, you are in control of who you are, you are in control of who you want to be.  Don't let other people's opinion define who you are.  You know who you are.  This is called confidence, the ability to carry yourself despite of what everyone else may think about you.  The more confident you are, the more you can take control of your life and get what you want.  Hopefully, you want to win; so you'll do whatever it is to reach that goal no matter how difficult; or challenging it maybe; or whatever anyone else says.  A lot of times, I just don't want to give a f*ck anymore.  Somehow, my motivation always finds its way back home and that I'm not a lazy fat sack of sh*t.  Believe it or not, like a boomerang my care and concern comes back to me.  Sometimes I just try throwing it out of the window, but it comes back.  No matter how tired or hungry I become, my motivation and drive returns in a magical way.  It's just much easier for me to not give a f*ck, but my humanity returns to me eventually.  I guess it's a spiritual thing?  I would like to give you all the answers, but you have to experience it for yourself to understand otherwise you wouldn't really care.  

Thanks for reading!  I hope my workflow goes well this week.  I couldn't ask for anything else.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Where to Put the Blame and How to Be More Productive

Lets face it people, we all have our demons.  We don't need to be told how or the why of things, we just go dive right in whatever it is out of share unexplainable, uncontrollable drive.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the instant game lottery, scratch off tickets.  Much like how some dwell into destructive activities as alcohol consumption or even World of Warcraft, the feeling of hope and desire to play can be found inside of these evil machines.  So what are your chances of winning and how the hell do you win?  Since people are dumb and will rely on their initial animal instinct, you have to do your research.  First, go to the state lottery website and find the game with the most amount of prizes left.  If you take the time to go and read the details of each individual game, you'll have a clear idea of which game to play to increase your chances of winning.  You do not want to play a game where most of the prizes have already been claimed.  No, I'm not saying you'll win millions of dollars; but having a shot of taking home $100+ or so dollars is fair enough.  The best part is you don't even have to wait in a long line just to talk to the cashier, because they have machines now to check your ticket.  


With that being said, you can literally buy the whole book!  For example, a book of $5 tickets would be $300 for 60 tickets.  Is it worth buying the book?  After much research, the answer is no.  You would only get 40%-60% maximum of your money back.  Although you are reducing your chances of losing and narrowing down an actual winner, most people complain about finding way too many losers.  It's hard to justify spending $300 on a book of losing tickets.  Every book contains at least 1-2 big winners.  Unfortunately, the "big winning ticket" may only be $100.  Am I joking?  No, but the only way to find out is by buying books of lottery tickets for yourself.  So that $300 book, may only bring you back $150 (1 $100 big winning ticket and the rest are just scattered scrub prizes for several other pieces of the book of 60 game pieces in total).  To counter act the whole loser scheme dynamic that most people fall under, "experts" suggest playing with a budget. The easiest way is to wait until the end of the month and just buy 10 of the same tickets out of the machine.  Buying only once a month vastly reduces your chances of losing any more of your potential winnings than is necessary.  The idea is to keep as much money you've won as possible.      
So what game should you play exactly?  Like I said, you have to visit the website.  It's just dumb not to.  If you don't want to listen and just have fun that's fine.  But if you want to win, you have to do your research.  I just like the $5 pieces, so I just attack the $5 games.  It's easy to see that the game of Super Cash Spectacular has a lot of $1000 prizes left in comparison to the rest of the games competing in the same arena.  Surprisingly, the machines inside the supermarkets have them.   
So without having to rob a bank or do something outlandish, you can just stumble upon your local supermarket.  For whatever reason this game piece in particular has the best chances out of all the other game pieces, because there's 1000+, $1000 prizes left.  The other games only have a few handful of prizes that don't suck.  The odds of winning those are even less!  On the back of each ticket, they tell you the odds of winning.  Go for the ones with 1:4, but this one in particular has 1:5 of winning.  In any event and long story short, a game like Super Cash Spectacular is the game you should be playing if you want to win.  Yes, there are many other appealing and fun looking game pieces out there; but if you do your research and read this is the one to play.      

So should I be playing.  I have done my research.  I've even registered on the website.  If you don't win, you can still run your losing card numbers for the possibility for the second chance prize.  Some may argue that playing the lottery is tax for the dumb.  Have I ever played?  No, I have not played since forever.  It was until recently I hated my job and needed something entertaining to look forward to.  This was one of many possible solutions and directions to turn towards.  Saving $50 a month or spend it on lottery tickets?  Saving $50 a month is the equivalent of having $600 a year.  With the very same $600, you could spend it elsewhere like starting your own business, LLC using Legalzoom.  Hell, with the kind of money I've been making I can do both.  We'll save Legalzoom for next time.  I need to do more research as to what kind of company I'm launching.  I'm not sure the name "Unemployable" is something that will appeal business wise in America.  Well, why not just do what everyone else does and just slap on "CONSULTANT" on everything.  I definitely should look into researching something that won't sink like the Titanic.  While I'm at it, you can also self publish your book on Amazon.  Yes, you need to write your own book and sell it.  Those who are well capable of writing their own books and do have them sold always seem to have one major hurdle to overcome and that's marketing.  Sales!  You need people to buy your book; and the only way to reach the business world of sales is through marketing.  All together it's too much work; but if it means you'll be heading to a direction of being your own boss it's well worth the journey.      

There you have it people, my desperate plea for life's answer to the dreaded rat race.  Either play the lottery, start your own business,  or write/sell your own books.  It's within the realm of possibility with the wide availability of the internet and other such great handy resources at the reach of your fingertips.  Starting your own business and writing/selling your own books all takes a lot of work.  Obviously, most of us would just dive right into playing the lottery.  I have so many other excuses and bullshit that I'll just stop here and run with whatever I've written thus far.  Thank you for stopping by today and good luck winning the lottery someday!               


Friday, June 24, 2016

Staying Humble

Today was just one of those days.  I wasn't even working.  If you haven't guess it, the stock market pretty much hit rock bottom after the Brexit.  The UK voted to leave the European Union.  What does that mean?  It means there's a whole economic disaster in Europe that's been happening for years now.  Things are economically worse than ever.  There's a lot of issues about allowing immigrants, debt crisis, and money problems with other countries like Greece.  It's a very complicated subject manner, which most of us probably will not understand because we're not from Europe.  Personally, I don't have any ties or connections to any European nations.  Ultimately, my ability or aptitude to care what's happening overseas is at an all time low.  None the less, it has affected the stock market.  Yes, my stock prices has went down.  No, I'm not happy about it.  Stay out of the stock market people.  It's never a good time to pay.  We don't know what's going to happen with the stock prices.  It's a very volatile time.  Does that mean it's a good time to buy?  Yes, it's probably a good time to be buying right about now.  The prices have just come down dramatically but at the same time no one is sure the market will ever go back up.  Who knows if the economy will just go back up like it normally does?  What suggesting is that there's always risk involved.  If you want to take the chance go ahead.  The opportunity is there.  Buy blue chip stocks like Apple and Google.  Their prices went down a few dollars.  You'll be saving about 10%.  It's a good buy.

Regardless of the money problems people always seem to have, I had a Korean lunch today.  For $11 it was super awesome!  They give you a wide variety of fresh ingredients.  All you have to do is mix it with rice on top!  It's a perfect combination.  Why haven't anyone introduced this to me before?  Unlike Chinese food, it doesn't seem loaded with fat, salt, and/or MSG.  There's something not right about Chinese food.  I enjoyed eating a Korean rice lunch today.  It tasted fresh with vegetables and meat with the right combination of being healthy and tasty.  What a great combination of ingredients with a bowl of rice for the finish.  No, it wasn't Japanese food.  It's was Korean food.  I can't believe they've been hiding this from me all this time!

So the highlight of my day seem to have stemmed from what I ate.  Is this what life is to me?  I'm I just a fat foodie?  Do I not care about anything else but eating?  Am I just really fat kid?  It sure seems like it.  Without being forced to work or be in school, I seldomly do much activity without it being apart of some kind of bigger institution where people are watching over my shoulder.  I mean without any society constraints am I really just a fat kid looking forward for his next meal?  Don't I like to do anything else but eat and sleep?  As I continue to question if my true nature is that of a lazy bum, my day off continues to just fly by.  To be honest, it's Friday night and summer.  I'm inside my home playing video games and blogging for God sake.  I'm worst than a crazy cat lady eating Chinese food.  Something about my personality just isn't right.  Is it the spending money thing?  Is it just that I'm not adventurous?  Or is it that I just don't freaking care anymore to the point of doing nothing brings me great satisfaction?

Thank you all for stopping by and reading my post.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

I guess this must be it "Father's Day".  This can pretty much explain why we are all here, but none of us ever seem to appreciate it.  I just wanted things to be as least stressful as possible today.  Well, I guess I accomplished that goal by not having to spend money I don't have on things I don't need.  Not having to work today was something very important to me.  I just don't like working on holidays.  It just says something about you like "I'm a robot".  We are not just cogs in the machine.  Some of us really need time off, so we can live our own lives that we choose to.  No, I didn't want to spend a load of money on crap.  No, I didn't want to waste my time chasing around things that seem almost impossible to reach.  No, I didn't want to be in debt.  No, I don't want to owe anyone else huge sums of money.  I know earning an income is difficult.  I just want a work intensive, stress free environment.  All those fancy things you see on television is all Hollywood and other bullshit.  For most people, all you can ask for is a day off from work.  Sometimes, you just have to let your ego go.

So what kind of future do I possibly have?  Go back to school?  Continue to work and stack up more money?  It sure looks like it.  Nothing here can advance without spending more time and money.  What else could someone like me hope for?  Early retirement!?  Winning some scratch off lottery tickets?  Earning more income from work!?  In the end, all we have is time.  Time is all that we really have.  I would like to forget about the money.  I would like to forget about the economy.  I would like to forget about all that is corrupt with the world.  Can't I just live?  Can't I just be happy?

Well, thank you all for reading and Happy Father's Day!  It sucks how the work week will just restart all over again tomorrow.  Blessed are those who don't have to work - Amen.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Identifying the Problem

So you've decided to be lazy?  Yes, it's your day off.  It's the weekend, and you just want to relax.  Can't I go out and have fun?  Why do I still have this feeling of getting something done or coming out with this great new product that hasn't been made yet?  Is it so hard to just appreciate life for what it is and not want more all the time?  "APPRECIATE LIFE" is something I need to focus on more rather than being greedy and wanting more all the time.  There's nothing wrong with wanting more and staying hungry, but doing it all the time is just insane!  Don't people need rest and to relax?  Today isn't Monday!  I guess this must be the side effects of being a workaholic.  All work and no play makes you go mad.  "BALANCE" is key.  You can't work all the time.  You can't be so focused on making money all the time that everyone and everything else can go to hell.  So which one is it?  Work or play?  Balance, find balance.

I'm doing myself a favor and just taking off for the weekend.  I may want to read or find a book I like is the greatest extent to which I will "work".  Being a workaholic is for the weekdays, not the weekends.  Finding a balanced life is very important to the individual.  We all want to be healthy or at least mentally sound.  Thank you for reading.  I hope to write again soon.  


Friday, June 17, 2016

The Aftermath

Well, here is a picture of me in what seems to be my man cave.  After all the money is gone from going out and everyone has left to do their own thing, I go downstairs.  My specialty is that I collect toys.  Figuring that I'm much too lazy to get involved into coding and things involving vast knowledge and experience, I just collect toys.  Many of these items have been sold and resold for profit on the market place, chiefly Amazon.  Somewhere in my unconscious, I was waiting patiently to form my own company that would come out one day like a wrecking ball.  Unfortunately, that day never came.  I'm definitely no Bill Gates or Elon Musk.  The only thing I have going for myself at the moment is that I'm self made.  No one gave me sh*t growing up.  I cannot not emphasize this enough "NO ONE GAME ME SH*T GROWING UP".  I became money hungry over the years.  I didn't like being poor.  I didn't like not having options.  Of course I wanted things in life!  I never signed up for some bogus religion that denies you of all Earthly pleasures.  Like many people out there, WE WERE POOR GROWING UP.  If anyone in my family did have money, they probably spent it all on their own lifestyle and business.  They didn't care about giving me the money.  The money was all for their own selves.  What can I say?   I'm not white.  Chinese people are cheap and stingy.  They don't give their kids money except for Chinese New Year.  White people give their kids cars and houses for the love of God.  Giving large sums of money, cars, and homes away to your kids was just not heard of.  I had to work for whatever I got.  Now, people look at me like I'm suppose to help them.  I'm suppose to be some kind of doctor.  I'm suppose to be making big money.  I'm suppose to own my house.  I simply respond with "I don't care".  All of these crazy things society wants me to be FOR THEM.  When were you ever there when I needed funding for school or for books?  Absolutely nowhere!  You were probably watching television and yelling at everyone to get them to do things for you.  Do you know how hard it is to get crowd funding?  Do you know how many hours you need to study to be a doctor?  The hell what anyone else thinks of me.  "I don't care" unless that is I actually do care!

Yes, I would like to be as genuine and sincere about my career path and the decisions I make in life.  No, I don't just want to be or do things because it looks good on paper. or because your friends and family will be proud of me.  I want to do things, because I WANT TO DO THINGS.   Is this simple concept of autonomy so hard for you  to understand?  Parents just want the best for their kids.  Unfortunately, some of are just out of control and go all out Asian on you.  This paragraph pretty much sums up what's wrong with a lot of households these days.  Everyone wants their kids to grow up to be doctors and lawyers, but you know what?  These things cost a lot of money and a lot time that most people DON'T HAVE.  The expectations are just ridiculous to the point of setting yourself on fire.  No Tiger Mom for me, because that woman is CRAZY.  You have to be born.  The individual has to want these things for themselves, not because you yelled at them to do so.  Does this not make sense?  YOU HAVE TO WANT SOMETHING TO OBTAIN THAT SOMETHING.  You can't just tell at someone and expect them to meet your expectations.  I'm going to do something that I absolutely hate just, because your mom knows what's best for me?  Yup, the continual struggle of your parents telling you what to do until you have had it and do your own thing is real.  Hence, I've created my own man cave.  I cannot communicate with people who don't know how to listen and just give out commands.  It's just a bad relationship for me to be in.  Perhaps, it is because they actually care?

Look at what this blog post has become of?  It's all just a bunch of bullshit.  Still, I'm trying to decide on a goal other than "Make money".  It's like I'm a leprechaun.  I lack the role of leadership and responsibility.  I'll pretend enough or fake it just so that I can EARN CASH.  What the hell happened to being a leader!?  What happened to the "Greater Good"?  After walking through life, all I have left are feelings of greed from rags to riches stories.  Compassion?  Kindness?  Love?  Health?  Family?  Has the demon of greed, Mammon, taken over my life?  All I see is gold!  Gold I tells you!  Gold!

So, the truth of the matter is that I work off of pure greed?  If wealth was reflective of your level of compassion for others, I'd be quite the compassionate person!  Don't you agree?  Unfortunately, this is not how the world really works.  Most of us are just mere wage slaves working for a business owner whom we probably never met before.  Karma or no karma, you put your hours on a time sheet and you get paid biweekly.  It's sad but true.  We are wage slaves and nothing more.  As a result, constant desperation for resources and greed has taken over our lives.  Will things ever be fare?  Life is not fare.  We all know that, and we've all seen it.  People know no shame.  Ruthless individuals are out there on the hunt.  So which one are you going to choose?  Be the hunted or be the hunter?

Thank you for coming and reading my blog.  I don't mean to be nasty or controversial to the point some people may be insulted but this is my authentic take on daily living.  I wish the best for people, I really do, as far as getting good sleep and taking care of yourself.  Anything that is way too complicated is out of my jurisdiction and probably none of my business.   With all that said and done, I hope to see you again!