Sunday, October 9, 2016

My X-Ray Technician Job

Hello my readers!  Well, this is me at my job.  This is what I do to roll in the dough.  Unfortunately, I'm taxed heavily and don't go home as excited as I should be.  Long story short just watch my video!  Please know that I've always been interested in industry, like human resources and how people earn their income.  I just wanted to make this video to give my audience what I do.  As a kid, I always wanted to know how the adults make their money.  I was always amazed by the power of money.  Being able to put a roof over your head or something as simple as putting food on the table was something that always sparked vast interest in me.  Being a mobile x-ray technician was never my first and foremost career path, but it has to suffice.  I'm a very practical and resourceful person, so this is just something that I saw as an obtainable opportunity.

What is there more to say?  I take people's x-rays for a living.  I do everything from the bottom, up.  I've done skulls, abdomens, hands, feet, arms, legs, chests, patellas, pelvis, shoulders, clavicles, L-spines, C-spines, T-spines, etc.  You name the bone, I've shot x-rays before.  Yes, I do have a life skill that I can offer an employer in exchange for an income.  I owe it all to the unemployment office that I now pay taxes towards.  Community college is just as good as any other college.  It's affordable and will get you a job no differently than a name brand college.  Whoever your boss is or what company is, they really just want you to work and get the job done given the limited time everyone has.  No, I'm not saying this is the ultimate solution for college students who can't find jobs; but it's a good option if you find yourself on the receiving end of the shorter stick.

Thanking you for tuning in.  I hope to post new content for next time!  Have a good week!  As for me, I'm just thankful if I can survive each day of my daily work shifts.  


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