Saturday, October 8, 2016

My youtube Misadventures!

Well, here is my most recent video I made about the Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet.
You can watch it.  I can definitely improve on the quality and sound.  Unfortunately, I need to reduce everything just so I can upload it without it taking a day or two.  I'm lacking high speed internet, so I have to do whatever just to keep up with the John's.  Actually, my housing development doesn't support Verizon Fios.  None the less, I continue to try posting something up.

After pledging I would do a better job at youtube, here are my current results!  I have a total estimated review of a whopping 4 cents and a total of 41 cents using Google AdSense!
Okay, this right here explains everything that is wrong.  I just don't care enough to create well, thought out original content for my audience.  This is what happens to the people you don't see on podcasts who make it big.  This is what it looks like when you doubt yourself.  This is what failure looks like!  No, it's not pretty.  We all know what it looks like, yet some of us are continually stuck in this victimization mindset or blame other people.  We know things are hard, but how do we achieve success!?  This is why I am here.  I want to know how to succeed.  No, I'm not anywhere near where I want to be.  You can definitely learn WHAT NOT TO DO from me.  Seriously, I would not be able to survive making youtube videos.  Good Lord, how come some people have it so easy landing a million views their first time around?  Judging by the looks of it, I'm basically stuck in some kind of youtube Hell where no matter what I do, I just can't make enough to earn even a dollar.  I get it universe.  My youtube skills suck.  I need to improve if I want to achieve a greater audience and better revenue.

There is absolutely no need for me to feel paranoid.  I'm probably one of the least watched people on the planet.  I repeat, there is very little or no need for me to be paranoid.  It's perfectly clear that people don't want to watch me.  Even if I'm actually trying to entertain or audition, I've never made money out of it whatsoever.  Whatever it is that I've used to make people laugh, it was out of pure comedy and not money.  I don't make people laugh for money.  Yes, I do make people laugh at times, but I've never made a dollar from it.  One of my hidden talents is that people can burst out of sudden laughter in my presence, but I don't do it for money.  I don't harness money from making people laugh.  Laughing is something I can make people do, but it has nothing to do with money.  It's more of a spiritual thing to make people feel good or loosen up without having to invest in drugs or alcohol.      

As for my ego, I did what I could do.  I'm proud of whatever videos I've got to upload with the time I had.  Unfortunately, I suffer the same problems everyone else has trying to make an income.  No, I didn't spend any real money filming or uploading my videos.  I got to learn a lot, but I still want to learn more.  I want to improve myself.  Someday, I want to find some kind of substantial income making youtube videos.  Am I anywhere near that step?  I still have a long way to go.  I'm glad I have the opportunity, but it's up to me if I continue to act like this is a joke or not.  I want to take responsibility and make something of myself on youtube as though this was as serious as going to school or a job.  Yes, it'll take a lot more work and effort than whatever I'm putting in now.  Yes, I do need better equipment.  It is possible within my reach, but I need to try harder.  Now, I know I'm not delusional.  These things take a lot of time and effort.  Nothing will make you an overnight success unless you win the lottery.  If nothing else works, work harder.

Thank you for reading!  I hope to see you next time!


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