Friday, June 24, 2016

Staying Humble

Today was just one of those days.  I wasn't even working.  If you haven't guess it, the stock market pretty much hit rock bottom after the Brexit.  The UK voted to leave the European Union.  What does that mean?  It means there's a whole economic disaster in Europe that's been happening for years now.  Things are economically worse than ever.  There's a lot of issues about allowing immigrants, debt crisis, and money problems with other countries like Greece.  It's a very complicated subject manner, which most of us probably will not understand because we're not from Europe.  Personally, I don't have any ties or connections to any European nations.  Ultimately, my ability or aptitude to care what's happening overseas is at an all time low.  None the less, it has affected the stock market.  Yes, my stock prices has went down.  No, I'm not happy about it.  Stay out of the stock market people.  It's never a good time to pay.  We don't know what's going to happen with the stock prices.  It's a very volatile time.  Does that mean it's a good time to buy?  Yes, it's probably a good time to be buying right about now.  The prices have just come down dramatically but at the same time no one is sure the market will ever go back up.  Who knows if the economy will just go back up like it normally does?  What suggesting is that there's always risk involved.  If you want to take the chance go ahead.  The opportunity is there.  Buy blue chip stocks like Apple and Google.  Their prices went down a few dollars.  You'll be saving about 10%.  It's a good buy.

Regardless of the money problems people always seem to have, I had a Korean lunch today.  For $11 it was super awesome!  They give you a wide variety of fresh ingredients.  All you have to do is mix it with rice on top!  It's a perfect combination.  Why haven't anyone introduced this to me before?  Unlike Chinese food, it doesn't seem loaded with fat, salt, and/or MSG.  There's something not right about Chinese food.  I enjoyed eating a Korean rice lunch today.  It tasted fresh with vegetables and meat with the right combination of being healthy and tasty.  What a great combination of ingredients with a bowl of rice for the finish.  No, it wasn't Japanese food.  It's was Korean food.  I can't believe they've been hiding this from me all this time!

So the highlight of my day seem to have stemmed from what I ate.  Is this what life is to me?  I'm I just a fat foodie?  Do I not care about anything else but eating?  Am I just really fat kid?  It sure seems like it.  Without being forced to work or be in school, I seldomly do much activity without it being apart of some kind of bigger institution where people are watching over my shoulder.  I mean without any society constraints am I really just a fat kid looking forward for his next meal?  Don't I like to do anything else but eat and sleep?  As I continue to question if my true nature is that of a lazy bum, my day off continues to just fly by.  To be honest, it's Friday night and summer.  I'm inside my home playing video games and blogging for God sake.  I'm worst than a crazy cat lady eating Chinese food.  Something about my personality just isn't right.  Is it the spending money thing?  Is it just that I'm not adventurous?  Or is it that I just don't freaking care anymore to the point of doing nothing brings me great satisfaction?

Thank you all for stopping by and reading my post.


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