Saturday, June 4, 2016

A New Month! New Beginnings?

Well, I went to Gyu-Kaku.  I have been here before.  IT'S EXPENSIVE.  You can get the cheap salad, miso soup, and rice bowl combo for $3.  Surprisingly, the Japanese rice bowl style is kind of big in comparison to the traditional Chinese rice bowl.  If it's not the special lunch special deal, the rice alone is $3.  YOU NEED THE RICE.  You won't be full.  You'll still have an empty stomach after ordering $50 worth of meat.  Japanese cooking is definitely more about quality than quantity.  Yes, we all have had Chinese food before.  In comparison, Chinese food is much more Americanized with fatty oils, sugars, salts, and all kinds of preservatives like MSG.  Realizing how much everything would cost, I ordered $20 worth of meat to be on the safe side.  Each portion costs $5 on the lower end.  I basically purchased the cheapest beef at $5 each.  Sadly, each portion is SMALL.  You would have to order the same beef dish two times, totaling $10 a plate.  Yes, you would have to order something twice to get something of decent size.  This makes the experience so much more expensive.  They have EVERYTHING from Wagyu beef, Kobe beef, and God knows what else.  If you have the money and time, this is definitely the place to be.

 You have to cook your own everything, even the onions.  The tables are kind of small for all the dishes they try to stack on top of you.  I had to discard any excessive baggage like sauce plates.  I even had to get rid of my main dish plate, so I was literally eating out of my rice bowl like a China man.  I was too cheap for any additional add-ons like fancy drinks and deserts.  I'm sure they have a lovely selection of different cocktails and whatnot.  In the end, I just wanted to save some extra bucks by cheaping out on everything humanly possible.  Don't worry, we tipped well enough.  What else more can I say?  If you work your ass off the whole week, you'll get to enjoy your time and money eating out somewhere super nice.  If you don't want to spend your money, you can enjoy your time elsewhere but probably won't be as fancy and nice of an experience.  Look, we all want the good stuff in life; but you have to work for it.  Being cheap and frugal can only get you so far but that's what you have to do if you want to survive.

So what does it mean to go out and have fun?  Well, spending money is easy as all hell; but do you know how to have fun without having to spend of fortune?  Can you find fun working hard?  Sure, we would all love to have dream jobs that are fun and exciting but that's hardly ever the case.  I sure would like to love and have fun at my job.  Why spend your money anywhere else but the place you spend most of your time?  That's right, you will be spending much of your time at your job believe it or not.  If spending a little bit more money eating out at lunch time at your job makes you happy, then go do it.  All of this sounds simple and easy, but it's not.  Without the training, wisdom, or knowledge people are most likely to go out and spend all their money in just one night.  Any fool can do that.  Like I said before "Spending money is easy; making money is hard".  So guess what?  You spend the money to make more money, so the process becomes less of a pain in the ass.  The rich buy assets and continue to buy assets.  Trying to keep up with the Kardashians will only lead to bitter hardship and financial trouble.  At the same time, no one likes a scrooge and you'll probably lose a lot of friends cheaping out on everything which brings up a good point how money plays big in politics.  If you want people to like you, guess what!?  Yes, you have to spend the time and money on them!  There are all kinds of sides to this argument, but I'll just voice my opinion for now.  I'm stingy, cheap, and don't like to spend money.  Yes, I know people won't like me nor do I really give a care at this point.  Things are just too desperate and poor in this current atmosphere I seem to be trapped under.  If Jesus just walked in the room, he would be all like "Go help the poor my son".  What can I really do?  I don't have the funding.  I'm not the one anyone has given the money to.  Don't blame me.  Go blame the guy who has the money.  A lack of leadership?  All these excuses and no action.  There's a whole wide range of problems floating around, but I really feel that it's none of my business to get involved.  What I do know is that having a lot of money or earning a lot of money usually puts you in some kind of place for RESPONSIBILITY.  Do not be fooled by dollar bill signs. A lot of time and effort was taken to ensure those pieces of paper.

Well, that pretty much sums up my experience.  If you want the good stuff in life, you have to really work hard for it.  If you want to cheap out on everything and be frugal, that's also a fundamental option.  There's no right or wrong.  You select what is best for you.  Don't let someone else decide for you.  You have to pick what is going to work out for you, not the other person.  Thank you for visiting and reading.  I hope you come back!


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