Sunday, June 12, 2016

Being Likable

Charisma is the ability of a person to attract others in a nice way.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of it to go around in.  You have to be likable to stay alive in business or at least have a chance to get to know someone.  I know I may not be a very friendly person.  I try to be nice, but it doesn't always work.  We don't exactly live in a world full of rainbows and sunshine all the time, so being nice doesn't guarantee success.  In fact, being a a complete ass may actually work in your favor to get what you want in life.  None the less, you can't please everyone.  Worst of all, some people may just be annoying and you want to stay far, far away from.  Finding the right social group for you to hangout with is a big challenge that is unless you're a social butterfly.  It's not nice out there.  Things like common interest, sports, video games, and even eating can bring everyone together for a brief moment.  After that, it's back to the grind.  It's always goes back to the grind.  Having to work 24/7 may bring some people satisfaction from not having to engage in a social life at all.  Is that what I must do?  Be a workaholic?  If it's not working and making money, I'm pretty much tapped out of energy.  All work and no play makes Billy go mad.

Instead of asking annoying questions to people, try to be likable instead?  Is that so hard?  It seems like a plan to me.  It depends, individuals have different tastes.  Some may like answering to annoying questions, especially if they're going to talk about themselves.  One truth does remain though, people love talking about themselves!  Just ask questions that will lead them to talk more about themselves.  

Finally, we have just not caring.  So you're old, tired, and don't care anymore.  Not giving a f*ck works wonders.  If you don't want anything than don't even bother; you'll just end up annoying the hell out of someone else.  Once you annoy the hell out of someone, it's most likely they'll remember you for all the wrong reasons.  What could have taken days, months, or even years to establish; relationships can end in a heartbeat.  Be careful not to burn bridges that is unless you absolutely don't care than it's completely fine.  Well, it'll probably come back to bite you in the ass as this is really a small world.  Everyone seems to know everybody.  When it comes to who hates who, people are experts.

Yes, I've been being a workaholic.  It was nice to catch up with my readers.  Thank you for visiting.  I hope to see you soon.

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