Sunday, July 3, 2016

Where to Put the Blame and How to Be More Productive

Lets face it people, we all have our demons.  We don't need to be told how or the why of things, we just go dive right in whatever it is out of share unexplainable, uncontrollable drive.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the instant game lottery, scratch off tickets.  Much like how some dwell into destructive activities as alcohol consumption or even World of Warcraft, the feeling of hope and desire to play can be found inside of these evil machines.  So what are your chances of winning and how the hell do you win?  Since people are dumb and will rely on their initial animal instinct, you have to do your research.  First, go to the state lottery website and find the game with the most amount of prizes left.  If you take the time to go and read the details of each individual game, you'll have a clear idea of which game to play to increase your chances of winning.  You do not want to play a game where most of the prizes have already been claimed.  No, I'm not saying you'll win millions of dollars; but having a shot of taking home $100+ or so dollars is fair enough.  The best part is you don't even have to wait in a long line just to talk to the cashier, because they have machines now to check your ticket.  


With that being said, you can literally buy the whole book!  For example, a book of $5 tickets would be $300 for 60 tickets.  Is it worth buying the book?  After much research, the answer is no.  You would only get 40%-60% maximum of your money back.  Although you are reducing your chances of losing and narrowing down an actual winner, most people complain about finding way too many losers.  It's hard to justify spending $300 on a book of losing tickets.  Every book contains at least 1-2 big winners.  Unfortunately, the "big winning ticket" may only be $100.  Am I joking?  No, but the only way to find out is by buying books of lottery tickets for yourself.  So that $300 book, may only bring you back $150 (1 $100 big winning ticket and the rest are just scattered scrub prizes for several other pieces of the book of 60 game pieces in total).  To counter act the whole loser scheme dynamic that most people fall under, "experts" suggest playing with a budget. The easiest way is to wait until the end of the month and just buy 10 of the same tickets out of the machine.  Buying only once a month vastly reduces your chances of losing any more of your potential winnings than is necessary.  The idea is to keep as much money you've won as possible.      
So what game should you play exactly?  Like I said, you have to visit the website.  It's just dumb not to.  If you don't want to listen and just have fun that's fine.  But if you want to win, you have to do your research.  I just like the $5 pieces, so I just attack the $5 games.  It's easy to see that the game of Super Cash Spectacular has a lot of $1000 prizes left in comparison to the rest of the games competing in the same arena.  Surprisingly, the machines inside the supermarkets have them.   
So without having to rob a bank or do something outlandish, you can just stumble upon your local supermarket.  For whatever reason this game piece in particular has the best chances out of all the other game pieces, because there's 1000+, $1000 prizes left.  The other games only have a few handful of prizes that don't suck.  The odds of winning those are even less!  On the back of each ticket, they tell you the odds of winning.  Go for the ones with 1:4, but this one in particular has 1:5 of winning.  In any event and long story short, a game like Super Cash Spectacular is the game you should be playing if you want to win.  Yes, there are many other appealing and fun looking game pieces out there; but if you do your research and read this is the one to play.      

So should I be playing.  I have done my research.  I've even registered on the website.  If you don't win, you can still run your losing card numbers for the possibility for the second chance prize.  Some may argue that playing the lottery is tax for the dumb.  Have I ever played?  No, I have not played since forever.  It was until recently I hated my job and needed something entertaining to look forward to.  This was one of many possible solutions and directions to turn towards.  Saving $50 a month or spend it on lottery tickets?  Saving $50 a month is the equivalent of having $600 a year.  With the very same $600, you could spend it elsewhere like starting your own business, LLC using Legalzoom.  Hell, with the kind of money I've been making I can do both.  We'll save Legalzoom for next time.  I need to do more research as to what kind of company I'm launching.  I'm not sure the name "Unemployable" is something that will appeal business wise in America.  Well, why not just do what everyone else does and just slap on "CONSULTANT" on everything.  I definitely should look into researching something that won't sink like the Titanic.  While I'm at it, you can also self publish your book on Amazon.  Yes, you need to write your own book and sell it.  Those who are well capable of writing their own books and do have them sold always seem to have one major hurdle to overcome and that's marketing.  Sales!  You need people to buy your book; and the only way to reach the business world of sales is through marketing.  All together it's too much work; but if it means you'll be heading to a direction of being your own boss it's well worth the journey.      

There you have it people, my desperate plea for life's answer to the dreaded rat race.  Either play the lottery, start your own business,  or write/sell your own books.  It's within the realm of possibility with the wide availability of the internet and other such great handy resources at the reach of your fingertips.  Starting your own business and writing/selling your own books all takes a lot of work.  Obviously, most of us would just dive right into playing the lottery.  I have so many other excuses and bullshit that I'll just stop here and run with whatever I've written thus far.  Thank you for stopping by today and good luck winning the lottery someday!               


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